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  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
  • Watch the best magic acts on America's Got talent 2019. Checkout the best and the scary magic performance ever and watch Simon Cowell and the judges reactions.
    What did you think a bout their magic auditions?? Let us know in the comments below...
    ▶︎ Dom Chambers
    ▶︎ Sos
    ▶︎ Nicholas Wallace
    ▶︎ Eric Chien
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  • Anshul Kaushik
    Anshul Kaushik 13 hours ago

    You can see people under the table of the beer guy😉

  • K.A.Z
    K.A.Z 15 hours ago

    The last really amazing !!

  • Arham Farid
    Arham Farid 19 hours ago

    How the hell did the 4th guy did it!!!!!! Its a yes for me and a golden buzzer.

  • Fun Facts
    Fun Facts 22 hours ago

    Foster Kittens raised as Own

  • رؤوف ميهوبي
    رؤوف ميهوبي 23 hours ago


  • Zimba Orto
    Zimba Orto Day ago

    All the magicians are great

  • HongYi Fan
    HongYi Fan Day ago

    No golden buzzer for the last magic?

  • Amanda
    Amanda Day ago

    Hong Kong 🆘 Hong Kong 🆘Hong Kong 🆘

  • Smarty Pants
    Smarty Pants Day ago

    Pause the video at 308 3:07 you can see the big cards in his sleeve

  • Yearsik Y&Y
    Yearsik Y&Y Day ago

    Where is Heidi and Mel?

  • Jagruti solanki
    Jagruti solanki 2 days ago


  • anshika purty
    anshika purty 2 days ago

    He is a confirmed witch
    Sorry he is awsome

  • SL Smule
    SL Smule 2 days ago


  • Im a blinkeu Blackpink Is Life


    Before Everything Else I want to Disclaimed myself as a Magician /Magic tricks performer.

    Though on the other hand I know how this things work so.... I'm happy to give you some knowledge about what's going on here.

    For those you guy's doesn't know how magic tricks works will really believe this is real/impossible (the last guy performance) *BUT* the things is... If you just watch how magic looks difficult revealed you'll know what Im talking about here.
    #1 the black cloth isn't just a normal cloth It's a thing where magic tricks performer/ MAGICIAN put thin things such as Card in there and cover it Like comouflage and show the thing underneath it in the perfect time.
    #2 if you put in 0.25 speed On the time he will make 2 cards with holes disappeared on the beggining of his performance you'll see that he just push the card back on the back of his hand and throw it on his lap then revealed the card that already lying on the table from the start.
    #3 If you put in 0.25 speed you'll see what his actually doing is pushing and pulling the red card on the top, then pushing the red card and then pulling the blue card at the bottom, at the same time push back the red card at the top And repeat its process then show the audience that the card on the right is red so the left cards should be red too , but Its blue. (people will believe in awe etc. Etc.)
    But the truth is there red at the top then blue at the bottom.
    Then again, push the red card, pull the blue at the bottom at the same time push back the red card at the Top so that it looks like he really pull the card at the top and pull the red card at the top.
    #4 the blue and red already attached on the vest from the start its just he cover it and when he pretent to catch the red card he lean and remove the cover.
    #5 21:30 You can see he's holding something well thats the red card what he do is he throw the blue card then show the red one in sync.
    #6 the card wasn't ordinary if push it back it will show red and then if u push it in it will show blue.
    #7 he actually pushing the card stealthily at his lap good thing it doesn't fall and outside the cover of the table cause if it does it will ruin the show.
    #8 the cutted card was already there its not normal black cloth/cover remember? Then he throw it then show the whole card on the table.
    #9 that still the tactics push and pull with the use of the finger but with the coins and card its like show the card push it back pull coin in repeatition way.
    #9 he pull the last cover on his front vest. (then do some acting)
    That's all I can explain to y'all.

    • Arham Farid
      Arham Farid 19 hours ago

      Your explanation make me to do magic...Then when i start.......Mom help me!!!!

  • ceminha Marques
    ceminha Marques 2 days ago

    Alguém pode traduzir?

  • Mafi Mafi
    Mafi Mafi 2 days ago


  • Krishna Adil
    Krishna Adil 2 days ago

    very happy and excited for your telent....

  • Daily Junk
    Daily Junk 2 days ago +1

    17:27 Harvey's face PRICELESS...!

  • Rahul Gusain
    Rahul Gusain 2 days ago

    Eric chen > shin lim

  • Sashi Hamal
    Sashi Hamal 2 days ago

    The black man 👨 is carrying the box the down part there is no hole

  • Sashi Hamal
    Sashi Hamal 2 days ago

    No I think the doll is invisible 👻

  • Little Missy
    Little Missy 2 days ago

    That Taiwan guy, how just how how how how how how

  • desi boy
    desi boy 3 days ago

    Erik chain is the 👍💯best

  • Merylle Quijano
    Merylle Quijano 3 days ago

    Why magicians barely gets GOLDEN BUZZER?!?

  • Hansraj Joshi
    Hansraj Joshi 3 days ago


  • Natália Narumi
    Natália Narumi 3 days ago +4

    I would love to see the last magician get the golden buzzer. As Simon said, he is so humble, have no idea of how good amazing is. He is so sweet, truly deserves it.

  • Behzad Khan
    Behzad Khan 3 days ago

  • s l o w e d tunes
    s l o w e d tunes 3 days ago

    ok im sorry but why for a slight second did I think the first person was zane hijazi-

  • lpsHattaraPerse
    lpsHattaraPerse 3 days ago +6

    15:54 look in 0.24x

  • Mdakash Ahmed
    Mdakash Ahmed 3 days ago


  • Mdakash Ahmed
    Mdakash Ahmed 3 days ago


  • Omar Yasser
    Omar Yasser 3 days ago +1

    15:51 i geuss i saw the bottle in the jacket

  • RoMka
    RoMka 4 days ago

    Beer all the sins it was evident,if you look carefully)but still great!

  • Abdul Khalid
    Abdul Khalid 4 days ago

    Wow the Chinese guy is unusual!!! Its like im watching an anime!!!

  • ostir chale Raj Ahammad


  • Chaya Preetham
    Chaya Preetham 4 days ago

    This is amazing

  • شايل جروحي بروحي

    😂شهل سحر التعبان

  • porki 69
    porki 69 4 days ago +2

    He was holding the doll and she doesnt fell it but she feels a touch fake

  • willowlove snow
    willowlove snow 4 days ago +4

    How i get here i was on asmr and now I'm here (°~°)

  • Amerul Shafiz
    Amerul Shafiz 4 days ago

    man who sold their soul

  • Phúc Hồng
    Phúc Hồng 4 days ago +1

    verry good

  • Basil Henry
    Basil Henry 4 days ago

    At 24:41 if look closely under his right fist, you well see that at the bottow of fist the was a hidden door

  • Alicia Jara
    Alicia Jara 4 days ago +4

    6:54 creeeepyyyyyyy

  • Hori Hore
    Hori Hore 4 days ago

    The first is 22 years old, but he is like 35 years old 🤣

  • Ngọc Anh Đỗ
    Ngọc Anh Đỗ 4 days ago +3

    Simon at 3:20 looks so wholesome

  • Will Of The D
    Will Of The D 4 days ago

    Last guy should have gotten golden buzzer

  • Akash Deep
    Akash Deep 4 days ago

    Baki sab theek tha but plz like wali ad mat dikhaya kro bc kya hijdapna hai sala
    Likee = abhi isme se janwar niklega dosto
    Kuch nhi nikalta last m likeapp atta hai bss bc chutiya bnate hai

  • Erika Ira
    Erika Ira 4 days ago

    Eric Chien's is like telling a story. From his black vest at first, with him knowing what he wants. To his vest turning into blue and red, symbolizing the time where he had to give up magic because of what he went through, and the magic that he did with the cards and coins shows his confusion in life. Then the vest turns back to black with the cards and coins missing, symbolizing that when he returned out of the military, he's back but he lost his identity

    • Masterofsparks Hwy6
      Masterofsparks Hwy6 4 days ago +1

      Wow, id not have realized til you pointed out, but, seems right

  • Лена Александрова

    Ето пиздец

  • Лена Александрова

    Ето пиздец

  • Peony the Pinecone
    Peony the Pinecone 5 days ago +1

    Eric Chen: the next Shin Lim

  • Artur Horal
    Artur Horal 5 days ago

    Look at simon's face 11:09 ahahahah

  • Tenon Nashawn
    Tenon Nashawn 5 days ago

    Where Mr.Cubey bohi at

  • Mark Stark
    Mark Stark 5 days ago +4

    about the doll: when the performer touched his chest, Gabrielle felt some vibration, same happened when he touched the doll, not even close to magic. dont thank me

    • Tylerbjj 1995
      Tylerbjj 1995 Day ago

      Mark Stark it’s not that the effect is fooling, or that it’s “horror”. It’s the way he told the story, his stage presence, that’s what was masterful and something that most magicians get wrong.

    • Tylerbjj 1995
      Tylerbjj 1995 Day ago

      You know how to read you think im proud of you? how am I stupid for appreciating good presentation?

    • You know how to read you think im proud of you?
      You know how to read you think im proud of you? 2 days ago

      Tyler how stupid can you be?

    • wolverineiscool
      wolverineiscool 3 days ago

      yeah i saw it a mile away too, i think the vibration was from the "Cushion" she probably felt it as some guy was clicking a remote somewhere , maybe the guy himself had buttons inside the doll

    • Mark Stark
      Mark Stark 4 days ago +1

      At the end of the day those type of magicians gonna entertain us. I want it to be innovative and interesting to watch, if you dont, then keep watching this silly horror stuff

  • Pamela Meadows
    Pamela Meadows 5 days ago +5

    I've never seen the magic color changes right in front of the eye. They were good tricks but needing more of the entertainment part. After reading the comments about the Asian guy I was expecting more. But that was some really good magic he did.

  • Pamela Meadows
    Pamela Meadows 5 days ago +1

    I'm not really entertained by card tricks.

  • John Maiwka
    John Maiwka 5 days ago +2

    The frist guy wasnt really that impressive, lets be honest.

    • Pamela Meadows
      Pamela Meadows 5 days ago

      No he wasn't at all I will end up skipping through the last part of his act.