Throwing a Dart at a Map and Flying Wherever it Lands!

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
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    **Original Video Concept by Julien Solomita & Collin Duddy of Last Minute Trips
    We got fun ideas of what to do in Seattle from Monica Church's 10 things to do in Seattle!
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  • Ryland Adams
    Ryland Adams  Month ago +14252

    I hope you guys enjoy this weeks video! I was all kinds of stressed going with the flow on something like this but we ended up having so much fun. I know the original Video Concept for this was by Julien Solomita & Collin Duddy, I’ve linked their channel in the description above!

    • Ellie May
      Ellie May 13 hours ago

      Ryland Adams you should’ve used an air bnb app and gotten sponsored!!!

    • Jesse Montoya
      Jesse Montoya 2 days ago

      Ryland, this was one of my absolute favorite vlogs of yours! Please do more videos like this. 😁

    • Ciara Lopez
      Ciara Lopez 3 days ago

      I live in arizona :D omg!!!!!

    • Eleanor Pearson
      Eleanor Pearson 4 days ago

      we love a king who gives credit to creators!!!

    • kellie wright
      kellie wright 4 days ago

      I enjoyed it

  • DreamingSkychild
    DreamingSkychild 10 minutes ago

    I love your videos so much! You and Morgan are wonderful people, it was very fun and comforting to watch this ^_^

  • Samantha Boulware
    Samantha Boulware 50 minutes ago

    My dad works in the weird building outside the hotel

  • Leila Roberts
    Leila Roberts 56 minutes ago +1

    You guys should’ve gone to dicks burgers it’s local in Seattle and it’s honestly better than in and out

  • Sarah Anderson
    Sarah Anderson 3 hours ago

    Omg I’m so honoured you went to the PNW

  • p i p p y c h a n
    p i p p y c h a n 3 hours ago

    ryland: boujjjjjj

  • M a d d y m a x x
    M a d d y m a x x 5 hours ago

    I live in Tennessee! :)

  • Kayla Worrell
    Kayla Worrell 6 hours ago

    Where did garret go?

  • Andrea Moore
    Andrea Moore 9 hours ago

    I have been at that market

  • Andrea Moore
    Andrea Moore 9 hours ago

    I have been on that ferris wheel

  • Andrea Moore
    Andrea Moore 9 hours ago

    I have been their and it is awesome

  • Tiff S
    Tiff S 11 hours ago

    Shane: If you die I'm gonna kill myself...
    "An that's very unhealthy, an I'm aware of that..."
    lmaooo That's Marriage.

  • Paige Bowman
    Paige Bowman 12 hours ago

    Shawn is me Everytime my bf leaves my house lol

  • Azumi
    Azumi 13 hours ago

    I can't imagine where Morgan and Trinity would end up if they did this.

  • T-Hive
    T-Hive 14 hours ago

    I sell emojis! You can have some... but it costs a like...

  • Elizabeth Mayo
    Elizabeth Mayo 15 hours ago

    morgan: this is where men come to cheat on their wives for surrree XDXDXD

  • T-Hive
    T-Hive 15 hours ago

    Find the difference!
    Level two!
    Level three

  • Siddo James
    Siddo James 16 hours ago

    Rylands dab made me cringe

  • Skyla Malone
    Skyla Malone 17 hours ago

    Who else just wants to know what that flat long white thing floating in a air is maybe a plane maybe a 🛸

  • MrsSmileysmil
    MrsSmileysmil 20 hours ago

    wow I just watched the video not knowing where you were going and once you got out at Seattle airport I got homesick and started crying it was so beautiful.... I just had to move away from there I lived 5 min from Alki

  • Ayo it's a turtle Yeet
    Ayo it's a turtle Yeet 23 hours ago

    Aw, Morgan wants to go to Georgia:") I'm from Columbus GA

  • Lani T.
    Lani T. Day ago

    _When he said "it's __1:17__", it was actually __1:17__ for me. That scared me_

  • Julia Riojas
    Julia Riojas Day ago +1

    I knew it was Seattle because in the beginning when he was burring our the shirts for about a minute, there was one second where Morgan was sitting down and a saw and Se and I was like SEAtTLe-

  • Alicia Brannen
    Alicia Brannen Day ago

    That looks like the hotel from American horror story

  • Sarah Homan
    Sarah Homan Day ago

    you say it hi-ANN-is Nebraska (-:

  • Kiarra Davenport

    Shane is me whenever my husband is leaving for military related stuff.

  • Alexandra Bellville

    Espresso lol not expresso

    STARFIRE Day ago

    I’m from Idaho and I 100% would love to see y’all come to Idaho 😭 come to Boise you’d love it!

  • Agebqj Abbwq
    Agebqj Abbwq Day ago

    Whos merch ..WHOS MERCH

  • Ally Mascarello
    Ally Mascarello Day ago

    Nebraska isn't so bad! Come to Omaha. :p no cancellation here.

  • Samantha Skenandore

    That hotel lobby looks exactly like American Horror Story...

  • Kenzie Kinnison
    Kenzie Kinnison Day ago +1

    “I didn’t wanna jurt your feelings”

  • Adrienn Bellert
    Adrienn Bellert Day ago

    Ive lived in Seattle my whole. It's insanely beautiful. The depression rate rumor is not true at all. Every state I've gone to people have said that lol. But I'm glad u got to have a good time. Bless u

  • Adrienn Bellert
    Adrienn Bellert Day ago

    Where's ur engangment ring

  • Malissa Seth
    Malissa Seth Day ago

    I lived by Seattle for 5 years while in the military. I absolutely LOVED the area. Sadly, I had to move away after my husband got orders to relocate elsewhere

  • DiscordiasReturn

    do not recommend this in europe, ended up in a tiny little town in finland without cell reception or any idea of the language a couple of years ago :D was fun tho

  • Alaina Novak
    Alaina Novak Day ago

    I saw you hit Nebraska and I was like shit they hit the most empty part of the state because we only have two populated cities and I live in one. The rest of the state is very unpopulated but hell we have a good time lol

  • Jessie Thomas
    Jessie Thomas Day ago

    Omg when Morgan was crying about the beautiful view I was like..." bro! U should come to Australia, we get that every evening!!!

  • FernBotUSA
    FernBotUSA 2 days ago

    Next time you go go out on the ferry boats! The San Juan Islands are beautiful and so much wildlife!

  • Jessica Kothenbeutel

    Morgan is me and Ryland is so my sister.

  • Tatum Pelley
    Tatum Pelley 2 days ago +2

    I’m a Nebraskan and I laughed with you when you landed on Nebraska. There’s nothing to do here!

  • Sarah Fillips
    Sarah Fillips 2 days ago

    That hotel lobby reminds me of the one from AHS Hotel

  • L Elizabeth
    L Elizabeth 2 days ago

    Nebraskans have left the chat

  • Kim B, that's me
    Kim B, that's me 2 days ago

    It only took 6 darts, but "the dart" chose Idaho...and they ended up in Seattle, Washington.

  • Gabby H.
    Gabby H. 2 days ago +2


  • Liliana Tavera
    Liliana Tavera 2 days ago

    Watching these adventures while I just lay in my bed 😂

  • Anthony Loera
    Anthony Loera 2 days ago

    *wet water*

  • Selina Middleton-Bennett

    You are a beautiful person in & out Ryland!

  • Ohema Monay
    Ohema Monay 3 days ago

    What was that second hotel name?

  • cait mcgill
    cait mcgill 3 days ago

    I feel ya shane... my anxiety makes shit hard :(

  • Lexi Luna
    Lexi Luna 3 days ago +1

    While they laughing in bed about demon and ghost all I could think about is Shane popping into the room wearing his robe and you didn’t call me back! Then ryland was like Shane is calling me and I got shocked 🤣🤣 like I made that happen with my mind 😁😁

  • mayasboringlife
    mayasboringlife 3 days ago

    I hope you liked my home town!

  • M B
    M B 3 days ago

    You gotta come to miami and eat at Beacon Bitch. I’m not sure if its any relation though

  • Taylor Hicks-Shahan
    Taylor Hicks-Shahan 3 days ago +1

    The entire reason behind Shane's brand of being a pig is shown in this video! Him gagging at rylands booger sounded like a squalling 🐖!! And of course his iconic ohmygod!!

  • Geni Evanson
    Geni Evanson 3 days ago

    I moved from Seattle a year ago and felt super homesick. This video helped a lot, thank you so much for going to my hometown, I hope the people treated you well!

  • meeohchan
    meeohchan 3 days ago

    30 seconds in and I recognized Alki beach. I'm sad I missed you guys while you were here!

  • Xavier McKissic
    Xavier McKissic 3 days ago

    no one:

    ryland: oh FUCK

  • Karlie Place
    Karlie Place 3 days ago +1

    What is that second hotel they stayed in?! I need to stay there for that view

  • Christina Thunder
    Christina Thunder 3 days ago

    Where you biked to after the beach is where my husband proposed to me. ♥️

  • Jaqueline Rosales
    Jaqueline Rosales 3 days ago

    Shane it’s so cute