• Published on Mar 11, 2017
  • This is the fastest shooting nerf gun...ever! I replaced all of pusher motors with make test battle honey badgers to achieve a maximum rate of fire.
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  • Tyzer Martin
    Tyzer Martin 2 years ago +2839

    I get so excited whenever you have a new nerf mod. This one in particular was just pure awesomeness

    • Foxy GameZ
      Foxy GameZ 18 days ago

      Tyzer Martin I’ll buy it for 1,000 dollars mate

    • Max Brinker
      Max Brinker 2 months ago

      Tyzer Martin I just modded a rapidstrike to fire faster than an IP 6S+ video can record (30fps) which would be 30+ darts per second

    • Megan Fryingpan
      Megan Fryingpan 3 months ago

      I made this and when I shot it at my little brother he had to go to the hospital

    • Cheetah Racer
      Cheetah Racer 4 months ago

      Me to I agree man

    • Padraic Joyce
      Padraic Joyce 6 months ago

      Fuck you

  • Angel Martinez-Plaza
    Angel Martinez-Plaza 21 hour ago

    It's so amazing.

  • OAC_Ninja x J
    OAC_Ninja x J Day ago

    I feel sad for the person to pick all of that up

  • Got to try everything

    I’m so god dam jealous I need it😄

  • Jaydoggy 27
    Jaydoggy 27 2 days ago

    Could I have you make me one? I'll pay you"

  • Toby Cross
    Toby Cross 3 days ago

    you should give that in enventshun to the nerf cumpony

  • Dustotom2007's Gaming

    That hurts my heart that you cut the blasters but then it came out an art.

  • The Inventor28
    The Inventor28 5 days ago

    When they say you have 3 back-to-back life in a nerf war.
    Mag212: Ok.

  • Water Gamer
    Water Gamer 6 days ago +1

    We're going to need a bigger Mag

  • Addicted to Led Zeppelin

    Don't come to school tomorrow...

  • Ikke angivet Ikke angivet Bøg

    who said nerf cant be full auto

    DJVIIIMan 7 days ago

    Holy shit, man...

  • danz409
    danz409 8 days ago

    that is a LOT of darts down range... O.O

  • OG Steve
    OG Steve 9 days ago

    Borderlands 3 legendary gun !!!!

  • Nedyak
    Nedyak 9 days ago

    This gun is my asthetic

  • Jewish gem goblin
    Jewish gem goblin 10 days ago

    this is litterally a complete full auto shot gun thing

  • Rowdy Yuhnke
    Rowdy Yuhnke 10 days ago

    It was kinda hard to tell exactly what he was doing

  • WildKobra
    WildKobra 10 days ago


  • Hana Kamila
    Hana Kamila 10 days ago

    Its the most coolest nerf i ever seen

  • Drakka Fiercetalon
    Drakka Fiercetalon 11 days ago

    i would love to have a weapon like this myself, perhaps a rival variant if at all possible lol

  • Michael Phoenix
    Michael Phoenix 11 days ago

    That's flipping amazing

  • aqua_disfrutar
    aqua_disfrutar 12 days ago

    this looked like a weapon from titanfall.

  • fabian rivera
    fabian rivera 12 days ago

    A borderlands gun? D:

  • Tapan Biswas
    Tapan Biswas 12 days ago

    That's cool

  • Tony Mock
    Tony Mock 13 days ago

    can i buy this gun

  • Jordan Ignao
    Jordan Ignao 13 days ago

    why does it look like a devotion from titanfall 2 or apex legends and HOLY CRAP THAT'S FAST

  • Jack Dunkin
    Jack Dunkin 13 days ago

    That's awesome! Good job

  • The WubMeister
    The WubMeister 13 days ago

    if each nerf dart cost 200 dollars, it would cost $108,000 to fire this weapon for twelve seconds.

  • The WubMeister
    The WubMeister 13 days ago


  • Dakota 67
    Dakota 67 14 days ago

    I will offer you $400 if you sell me the gun I will have the money when I turn 18

  • Loli exterminator
    Loli exterminator 14 days ago +16



  • SirBaconBuster
    SirBaconBuster 14 days ago +1

    Where was this during the Area 51 raid?

  • BargSlarg
    BargSlarg 15 days ago

    when your parents never told you to stop playing with toys

  • Miltiadis 178
    Miltiadis 178 15 days ago +1


  • Miltiadis 178
    Miltiadis 178 15 days ago +1

    Will you ever use it on a Nerf Battle?

  • Jonah Gry
    Jonah Gry 17 days ago

    Can you do scamathics of this blaster

  • Ez DaGamerKid
    Ez DaGamerKid 17 days ago +8

    I’m trying to cop like if you are too.

  • Broccoli Carrots
    Broccoli Carrots 17 days ago

    how much did this cost you?

  • Phillip Steyn
    Phillip Steyn 17 days ago +1

    Dude it's lake a DOOM gun from the game DOOM !!

  • Kian dane Dela Cruz
    Kian dane Dela Cruz 17 days ago


  • yktfgoinon
    yktfgoinon 17 days ago

    Y so slow

  • Jathom Red
    Jathom Red 17 days ago

    A totally awesome Nerf mod

  • Gaius Kremer
    Gaius Kremer 18 days ago

    Nerf Elite is awsome.

  • Foxy GameZ
    Foxy GameZ 18 days ago +2

    I refuse to believe this wasn’t made by nerf

  • L1am Reece
    L1am Reece 19 days ago

    Nerd or nothing

  • Daniel Jimenez
    Daniel Jimenez 19 days ago

    How much would you charge me to make me one of these for my son

  • Deox Gaming
    Deox Gaming 19 days ago

    Looks like black gold MLG in codm

  • Noah West
    Noah West 20 days ago +1

    Is there any way I could pay you to build me one of these?

  • el pinguinux839
    el pinguinux839 20 days ago

    *costs 4000$ dollars to launch on 12 seconds*

  • TheLousyCusion
    TheLousyCusion 20 days ago

    if you watch it in slo-mo it is not fake

  • TheLousyCusion
    TheLousyCusion 20 days ago


  • TheLousyCusion
    TheLousyCusion 20 days ago

    i mean 15 per attachment gun-thingys

  • TheLousyCusion
    TheLousyCusion 20 days ago

    there is no way that this gun can fire 45 rounds per second 5:18

  • Ryan matthew Silva
    Ryan matthew Silva 20 days ago

    I just made the nerf gun

  • Mark Boyle
    Mark Boyle 20 days ago

    Brought to you by hyperion

  • Black Ibis
    Black Ibis 21 day ago

    Some like 3-round burst. This has 15-round burst.

  • HalfDecentGaming
    HalfDecentGaming 21 day ago +4

    I love how nerf tells us to not mod guns and then just kind of lets this be on TVclip without consequence.

  • Kaleb Butcher
    Kaleb Butcher 21 day ago

    You gotta add a huge barrel mag and a stand so that you could turn it into a sentry, like a waaaay better version of the rhino blaster

  • kylo ren
    kylo ren 21 day ago

    Stormtrooper dreamsy

  • Gaboy Macasieb
    Gaboy Macasieb 22 days ago