• Published on Feb 6, 2019
  • Get ready for the ultimate paper cut. Subscribe if you like tacos.
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  • Ripley Benne
    Ripley Benne Hour ago

    I bet you at rock paper scissors

  • Poncho Head
    Poncho Head 2 hours ago

    *OMG* he got every perdition in Rock paper scissors right for me

  • Dab Demon
    Dab Demon 3 hours ago

    Does anyone else hear the backround music from Sonic the Hedgehog?

  • Byron Berk
    Byron Berk 3 hours ago +1

    Um your the wrong mr beast...

  • Micaiah Hall
    Micaiah Hall 4 hours ago

    8:49 If you look closely you can see that it is just photoshop.

  • doge __________
    doge __________ 8 hours ago +1

    I am doge

  • Supreme_ Savage
    Supreme_ Savage 8 hours ago

    Put a little oof into that chop.

    Mr.Beast Quote-2019

  • Jarec Gill
    Jarec Gill 9 hours ago

    10:41 wearing smb shirt hydro city music still in back round

  • Jarec Gill
    Jarec Gill 9 hours ago

    9:29 Hydro City Music from sonic 3 and knuckles

  • Kerstan Guanzon
    Kerstan Guanzon 10 hours ago

    I thought this was mr beast

  • monkhtsog ulziijargal
    monkhtsog ulziijargal 11 hours ago

    I won

  • Smol Jax
    Smol Jax Day ago

    I was like "this guy kinda sounds like Mr Beast" then I read the comments😂😂

  • Andrew Mills
    Andrew Mills Day ago


  • jaynemarie2002
    jaynemarie2002 Day ago

    Omg hahaha the face

  • Ryan Warring Bird

    Rps r1 I choos...

  • z's not here animations

    My pie chart
    Most of it: idiots
    Tiny sliver: people like me who realize half of the more like 90% of it is garbage

  • Max Playz -w-
    Max Playz -w- 2 days ago

    I actually chose scissors-
    I actually chose rock-
    I actually chose paper ;-;

  • The Diamond Knight
    The Diamond Knight 2 days ago +2

    What can you cut with paper

    Your fingers

  • Kian Rivera
    Kian Rivera 2 days ago

    What if we can cut with paper?
    I call it *paper* *cutting*

  • Jay Playz - ROBLOX & More!

    My life \_º__\ \

  • Derpy Boy
    Derpy Boy 2 days ago

    6:00 you can use a knife to cut a pizza

  • William Robertson
    William Robertson 3 days ago +1


    I’m sorry...

  • Articwof 10
    Articwof 10 3 days ago

    I can cut my hand and fingers with paper i already do it

  • XxAKM3 xX
    XxAKM3 xX 3 days ago

    why do you love liquid nitrogen

  • Marco Merlin
    Marco Merlin 3 days ago

    yeah grapes are magical i was seeing a video of memes then it appeared a meme like "The world was created in 1919 by lugi made out nothing but grapes"

  • ISlipperyCedder
    ISlipperyCedder 4 days ago

    Can you cut Maui from big mouth

  • WalkerGT01
    WalkerGT01 4 days ago +1


  • Jorge Morales
    Jorge Morales 4 days ago

    10:41 lol that is so funny you got a mario shirt on meanwhile theirs sonic music in the background like which side r u on dude

  • Le Dran
    Le Dran 4 days ago

    Woooow i won alll last time den now i lost all at rok paper scisor

    JR MCGRIFSTER 4 days ago

    7:52- did he just *drink* liquid nitrogen?!?!?!??!!!!!?!??

  • hunch crusher
    hunch crusher 4 days ago

    how did he get those subs?

  • Aminah Zraika
    Aminah Zraika 4 days ago

    I thought this was mr beast but then he said “my brother mr beast” I was like “ if it isn’t mr beast who is this!?!? Does he have a twin?! 😱😱”

  • Faagalo Collins
    Faagalo Collins 4 days ago

    Wait no that was worded wrong.....

  • josh frazier
    josh frazier 4 days ago

    you said pringles suck jm unsubbing

  • Gavin Gunther
    Gavin Gunther 5 days ago

    if it was truly 1000 degrees then it would be glowing white

  • Sophia B
    Sophia B 5 days ago +2

    Rock Paper Scissors Match:
    You won (You - Rock > Scissors - Me)
    I won ( Me - Rock > Scissors - You)
    Draw (Both Scissors)

  • Robloxian Pro
    Robloxian Pro 5 days ago

    *Can You Cut T-Series Cuz They Racist To PewDiePie*

  • Jzplays !
    Jzplays ! 6 days ago

    For me jimmy:1 me:2

  • Aliya Saleem
    Aliya Saleem 6 days ago

    Patrick swayZ Catrick swayZ

  • FatBoy 101
    FatBoy 101 6 days ago +3


  • Ninja K
    Ninja K 6 days ago

    What is with people heating up things and slices stuff

  • PewDie Pie
    PewDie Pie 7 days ago

    What can you cut with *PEWDIEPIE* paper? It will cut t series for sure

  • Anonymous Boi
    Anonymous Boi 7 days ago

    1. Your skin.

  • Star Girl
    Star Girl 7 days ago


  • IngotFire YT
    IngotFire YT 7 days ago

    10:50 he’s right and it’s makes me sad

  • TheCrazy MouadPlayz
    TheCrazy MouadPlayz 7 days ago


  • Gacha Girls
    Gacha Girls 7 days ago

    What can y’all cut with paper?
    Me: I dunno
    Me in my head: U can get a paper cut

  • GoldenPlays iOS
    GoldenPlays iOS 7 days ago

    What we came for 10:03
    9:29 that’s when they make the cutter

  • Pineapple lemonade
    Pineapple lemonade 7 days ago +1


  • Jackson Hall
    Jackson Hall 7 days ago

    This channel is stupid

  • Timmy AKA Ian Johnson

    he actually beat me in rock, paper,scissors

  • Christian Vanhorn
    Christian Vanhorn 8 days ago

    Pringles are good

    KRAZY BOY 8 days ago

    ᴼᴴ ᵂᴼᵂ

  • mariah yanes one
    mariah yanes one 8 days ago

    Title: what can you cut with paper?
    Me: MY FINGER!!!!!

  • L Cabey
    L Cabey 8 days ago

    It finger

  • Peg Labus
    Peg Labus 9 days ago

    I liked the second one. LOLOLOLOalO

  • Alex Donovan
    Alex Donovan 9 days ago

    Mr beast: liquid nitrogen

  • Jakey Bear
    Jakey Bear 10 days ago

    I actually tied with mr.beast

  • Kim Ebina
    Kim Ebina 10 days ago

    This all looks like they had so much extra liquid nitrogen from a previous serious experiment

  • Meowwz
    Meowwz 10 days ago

    The true question is... Can you cut Article 13 with paper?

  • Matt Keedy
    Matt Keedy 10 days ago

    My god I was playing Rock Paper Scissors and it was completely accurate 🧐. What kind of wizardry is this.

  • Ayden Steelman
    Ayden Steelman 10 days ago


  • Dana Webb
    Dana Webb 10 days ago


  • Helly C
    Helly C 11 days ago +2

    Me:buys a can of coke from wending machine.
    Teacher: what are u doing with all that stuff.
    Me:oh nm i just saw this lifehack on youtube so i am drilling the can

  • Komlosi Tamas
    Komlosi Tamas 11 days ago

    If you pouse qukly enough you van see his face(who makes the " life hacks " )

  • TORO 581
    TORO 581 11 days ago

    Is this actually mr beast

  • Ramiro Leal
    Ramiro Leal 11 days ago

    This whole video was just life hacks lmao lol😹😺😸

  • Josephine Dye
    Josephine Dye 12 days ago

    so there i was... olive oil on my tiddies

  • f96
    f96 12 days ago

    6:33 killed me

  • Nikolas gamer
    Nikolas gamer 12 days ago

    How are there 2 mr beast

  • Matthew Coetzee
    Matthew Coetzee 12 days ago

    Whare is mind

  • Mage Umali
    Mage Umali 12 days ago

    *I know what you can cut with paper, my hand*

  • Artun İsci
    Artun İsci 12 days ago +1


  • Cruncher 86211937
    Cruncher 86211937 12 days ago +1


    Read the first 2 words
    Have a wonderful day!

  • Christian Hernandez
    Christian Hernandez 13 days ago

    What’s up with all the Smash Bros music.

  • lego man1109
    lego man1109 13 days ago

    How dare you disrespect Belgium

  • •Cøøke Mïa & Gäbby! •

    I hv that fortnight shirt

  • Ian Martin
    Ian Martin 13 days ago

    You deserve an f in history

  • Michaelflash123s stuff

    You can saw this boat In half with paper🛥️

  • 🎑
    🎑 13 days ago

    That pizza cutter method is actually 1000 IQ

  • Tabby kitten Liliana
    Tabby kitten Liliana 13 days ago

    The cake is diabetes waiting to happen

  • Usagi Tskuni
    Usagi Tskuni 13 days ago

    I have had frozen grapes and they are delicious

  • Jared Laflamme
    Jared Laflamme 13 days ago +1

    Litterally these hacks are much harder than just doing it normal

  • Fr05t Dof
    Fr05t Dof 14 days ago

    Stop faking mr beast u no life

  • MW Sage
    MW Sage 14 days ago

    1,000 degree paper vs fidget spinner

  • Chipz Ahoy
    Chipz Ahoy 14 days ago


  • STG / SupremeTax Gaming
    STG / SupremeTax Gaming 15 days ago +11

    Hey Mr.Beast you have a lot in common with *Mr Beast*
    You guys should collaborate!

  • Mohammad Alkandary
    Mohammad Alkandary 15 days ago

    Paper Rock Scizzors. 1 on 1 boye

  • Flame Creator
    Flame Creator 15 days ago

    8:31 dieabeatias.... No words.

  • Bureesu Buroon
    Bureesu Buroon 15 days ago


  • Ryan Knight
    Ryan Knight 16 days ago +2

    The pineapple oof oof the human is sponbod are you are you in there

  • Nucular Skittles
    Nucular Skittles 16 days ago

    Shitty jokes I love em all

  • Josiah Stubblefield
    Josiah Stubblefield 16 days ago

    Look 8:54

  • Diane Hnath
    Diane Hnath 16 days ago

    Who just has a 1000 degree ball laying around?

  • Cryptic YouTube Series 2018


  • VEX Flare
    VEX Flare 17 days ago

    Was that a T Series cap ?

  • Kaden Anderson
    Kaden Anderson 17 days ago

    My finger

  • BaconRain41
    BaconRain41 17 days ago

    You like a knockoff of Mr Beast?

  • Bryce Robinson
    Bryce Robinson 18 days ago

    On Rock Paper Scissors I picked pewds