How to Find and Pan for Diamonds


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  • billisherenc
    billisherenc 7 months ago +12

    I just found your videos because I just started to Tumble stones and looking for a channel that really explains what to look for when looking for gemstones and other types of rocks. How do can you tell if it is a diamond and not a clear agate? Really glad I found your channel!!!

    • dirty hippie designs
      dirty hippie designs 25 days ago

      Electric diamond testers are relatively inexpensive. Any reputable jeweler will have one. Most will test a suspect stone for free...

    • I'm The Law
      I'm The Law 3 months ago +4

      take what you think is a diamond , make friends with a X-ray Technician and have it X-rayed.. if its a Diamond it will glow or light up... or do a hardness test

    • Liz Kreate
      Liz Kreate  4 months ago +3

      To test if it's a diamond...First thing I do is do a scratch test on sapphire which has a moh hardness of 9. Diamond being 10 moh hardness should scratch the sapphire. Next I use a Refractometer to determine the refraction index. Cheers, Liz

    • Socialism Sucks
      Socialism Sucks 5 months ago +1

      I'm curious as well please answer


    I love this video Liz your the best rock hound lol Wal kickass to I love diamonds fossicing should be mandatory in high school :)

  • Angel heaven
    Angel heaven 5 days ago

    hello john

  • Andre Browne
    Andre Browne 6 days ago

    Ms Liz might I ask how much are the diamonds worth. I want to start hunting them too.

  • Jarrett LaRochelle
    Jarrett LaRochelle 7 days ago

    Where is this please tell me

    • Liz Kreate
      Liz Kreate  5 days ago

      This is in NSW, Australia Jarrett. Thanks for watching. Cheers, Liz

  • Angel heaven
    Angel heaven 9 days ago

    were can I get my stones cut?

    • Angel heaven
      Angel heaven 7 days ago

      Thanks liz, cool woman.

    • Liz Kreate
      Liz Kreate  7 days ago +1

      Hi Angel, Check out " or Lambert Industries Ltd." online for their gem cutting service. Cheers, Liz

  • Eliaphis Snow
    Eliaphis Snow 14 days ago

    You mentioned that gold and diamond is found when you see heavier specific gravity stones in an area. I was wondering, is there any possible chance you could share some of your geological knowledge on tell tale signs on a landscape or dirt area where crystals would be? Ive heard that red dirt is mineral rich and has gold in it, id love a video talking about what as a prospector you look for in a landscape to narrow down where crystals may be. Thanks liz!

  • Are you sure?
    Are you sure? 23 days ago

    What is the name of the background music? I have searched everywhere for this song. I found it in your video randomly. Please tell me the name of the song.

  • Crackles McFarly
    Crackles McFarly Month ago

    ONLY GOLD!??? That's like ONLY A Victoria's Secret Model, DARN IT!!

  • Ahmed Ayaad
    Ahmed Ayaad Month ago

    thanks Liz. how much I can sell one of these time diamond?

  • Moses Jordan
    Moses Jordan Month ago

    I tjought it was wal n liz ??

  • Jeff Mezzanotte
    Jeff Mezzanotte Month ago

    How do you differentiate between quarts Crystal amethist and diamond?

  • Alex Trujillo
    Alex Trujillo Month ago

    Thank you for explaining all the steps for gold or diamonds.

  • n017kingg
    n017kingg Month ago

    really cool =D

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  • itsme minime
    itsme minime Month ago

    how you cnow that diamond is diamond and not quartz ?

  • Robert Davis
    Robert Davis Month ago

    Interesting videos, love to do what you are doing, good instructions. You don't need the background music, its distracting.

  • GhostCity Shelton
    GhostCity Shelton Month ago

    Really liked the music. Never give up & have fun looking
    Do you know anything about lake rock diamonds? A person said they weren't 'worth much' but I'd just like to see what they look like.
    It still might be fun making jewelry or things for my doll houses. Just a thought.

  • MScience
    MScience 2 months ago

    Diamonds can't panned in the traditional way. Panning works by the individual masses of gold, which has bout a atomic number of 197 g/mol which is heavy. Diamonds would be the first ones to wash away with an amu of 12.011.

  • chris griner
    chris griner 2 months ago

    is that legal

  • Not Here
    Not Here 2 months ago

    How much money/fun do you make/have doing this that I could quit my job and join you folks?

  • Anonymous 101
    Anonymous 101 2 months ago

    Go to a Jeweler, it's easier lol

  • Gigi Cedo
    Gigi Cedo 2 months ago

    Is diamond valuable than gold? Just asking

  • James Espinar
    James Espinar 3 months ago

    Hi was up g0t a j0p

  • SteveMan75
    SteveMan75 3 months ago

    heavy? dense!

  • elainehawk50
    elainehawk50 3 months ago

    why wouldn't you pick that gold out? That's crazy if you ask all adds up !

  • Darth Myrtle
    Darth Myrtle 3 months ago

    “For the river gods” I like it lol, awesome video!

    PIONEER EVO 3 months ago

  • Alex Trujillo
    Alex Trujillo 3 months ago

    You know, their can be gold inside quartz rocks- Milky Quartz Rocks.

    TEAM RAINS 3 months ago

    Did they just throw gold away ?

  • lovepeacenotwar1982
    lovepeacenotwar1982 3 months ago

    Thanks for the tips

  • BigBadDaddy Bob
    BigBadDaddy Bob 3 months ago

    Omg I've been tossing stones like that! I'll save some now and have em checked. I even looked at one once thinking ya know kinda looks like diamond but I was out for gold didn't know about the garnets I was tossing either lol

  • Drew Dinham
    Drew Dinham 3 months ago

    Hi Liz. I live in South Australia and was wondering what you think my chances are finding diamonds or gold or other precious metals / gem stones? I've tried a few rivers here but seem to have no luck (just panning)

  • Alwayne De Dios
    Alwayne De Dios 3 months ago

    Wow thank you i got a diamond!!

  • Mycel
    Mycel 4 months ago

    isn't it interesting how round those diamonds get washed, even though in theory the only thing that abrades them should be other diamonds?

  • Waliullah Bukhari
    Waliullah Bukhari 4 months ago

    again you miss 2 gold pices and the time is 1;40 north side

  • Waliullah Bukhari
    Waliullah Bukhari 4 months ago

    there was gold of 1;53

  • Jtof
    Jtof 4 months ago

    So... When I was a kid paying in sand and saw clear "sand," it could have been diamonds?!?! (I'm from California). I want to go try this, with the kids of course lol ;)

  • johnnyboy lovin life
    johnnyboy lovin life 4 months ago

    Bullshit I'll take gold and dimonds.

  • Jean Taylor
    Jean Taylor 4 months ago

    Why would you find a cut diamond as she showed on her finger near the beginning of the video?

  • Sharlotte Swinton
    Sharlotte Swinton 4 months ago

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  • Chris Harris
    Chris Harris 4 months ago

    "no diamonds...just gold...MEH!" Do you realize people open mines based on those colors? Lady you got your perspective seriously messed up. If you ran a little 6 foot wash plant with that much gold, you'd take an ounce out of that ground pretty damn quickly.

  • X Wolf Gamer
    X Wolf Gamer 4 months ago

    She didn't want the gold

  • Mickey Knox
    Mickey Knox 4 months ago

    Oh my goofness I probably dumped out all sorts of goodies and didn't know it! BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP! Thanks this vid I needed it.

  • Jaydaks rules
    Jaydaks rules 4 months ago

    How do you test it?

    • Liz Kreate
      Liz Kreate  4 months ago +1

      First thing I do is do a scratch test on sapphire which has a moh hardness of 9. Diamond being 10 moh hardness should scratch the sapphire. Next I use a Refractometer to determine the refraction index. Thanks for watching and wishing you all the very best for the new year. Cheers, Liz

  • TypicalWhiteAsianBoy
    TypicalWhiteAsianBoy 4 months ago +4

    You have to be the only person that complains about finding gold lol

    • Liz Kreate
      Liz Kreate  4 months ago

      LOL...I really prefer gemstones. The hubby is the one that's fanatical about gold. Thanks for watching and wishing you all the very best for the New Year. Cheers, Liz

  • kelly martin
    kelly martin 5 months ago

    Does anyone know where I can trade my city girl in for one that likes these kind of things. Nice video.

    • Liz Kreate
      Liz Kreate  4 months ago

      Just have to be in the right environment...say a gem club??? Thanks for watching. Wishing you all the very best for the New Year. Cheers, Liz

  • PinkPlayer
    PinkPlayer 5 months ago

    I tried and I swear I got a diamond which I sold for 3k

  • Indo Aussie
    Indo Aussie 5 months ago

    which part in NSW? so are you been travelling around Australia to find the mine Lize?

    • Liz Kreate
      Liz Kreate  5 months ago

      This is in the Shoalhaven River, NSW. Every chance we get, we are either prospecting or fishing. Cheers, Liz

  • Indo Aussie
    Indo Aussie 5 months ago

    where is it???

  • I'm The Law
    I'm The Law 5 months ago

    there are blue diamonds in California.. but its place is a secret and I know its location.. Gold was the main reason the Diamonds were discovered BUT the diamonds were ignored because people were looking for Gold! Also north of Sparks Nevada is Dog Skin Mountain and in its Vicinity you can find Garnet, Opalized Wood, Gold, Silver and have to be extra careful because of Uranium, one spot can make you sterile.. in less than a minute its so concentrated..

  • Oumaia Rafei
    Oumaia Rafei 5 months ago

    i Love you soooooooo macn and i am 9 #love love love

    • Liz Kreate
      Liz Kreate  5 months ago

      Back at you!!! Thank you for watching and commenting. Cheers, Liz

  • Oumaia Rafei
    Oumaia Rafei 5 months ago

    i Love you soooooooo macn and i am 9 did #love love love

  • Annoymous548
    Annoymous548 5 months ago +5

    Me: sees a rock
    'Meh' throws it away
    The person in the video shows up
    Takes the rock
    Turns out it was diamond with dirt on it

    • Liz Kreate
      Liz Kreate  5 months ago

      Thanks for watching and commenting. Cheers, Liz

  • Pokemonfeak1
    Pokemonfeak1 5 months ago

    How do you know it's a diamond and not a piece of Quartz?

    • Liz Kreate
      Liz Kreate  5 months ago

      I have a basic knowledge on what to look for and nothing is definite until I get home and get to do some test. Thanks for watching. Cheers, Liz

  • groundzero_0506
    groundzero_0506 5 months ago

    Have the same gravity?! What does that mean like weight or density?

    • Liz Kreate
      Liz Kreate  5 months ago

      It will take too long to explain here so please google "Specific Gravity." Thanks for watching. Cheers, Liz

  • Tangy&Cup LG
    Tangy&Cup LG 5 months ago

    Why did she leave her gold I would take it

    • Liz Kreate
      Liz Kreate  5 months ago

      Thanks for watching Lou and hope you enjoyed the video. It's my way of honoring the river Gods who looks after the gold. ;-) Cheers, Liz

  • D. White
    D. White 5 months ago

    Didn't see a diamond... but there was a crocodile eyeing you off.

  • SunnyD
    SunnyD 5 months ago

    wait thats what diamonds can look like... i think i accidentally lost a few i found in my yard @_@

  • Ontario RockHound
    Ontario RockHound 5 months ago

    thanks for the info ! Ive been looking around this area recently , Algoma District , Northshore Lk. Huron . no luck yet tho , plan to try again during the spring . I find plenty of metals . but never ending amounts of copper mainly haha.

  • End_Sensorship
    End_Sensorship 6 months ago

    Dont you just hate that pesky gold?!?!

    • Liz Kreate
      Liz Kreate  6 months ago

      :-) Thanks for watching. Cheers, LIz

  • Ken Tony
    Ken Tony 6 months ago

    Have you tried in WA or NT? Most pink diamonds are from WA nowadays.

    • Liz Kreate
      Liz Kreate  6 months ago

      Hi Ken, I've found some diamond in WA (shhh) but not in NT. Thanks for watching. Cheers, Liz

  • Think Civil
    Think Civil 6 months ago

    At about the 7-minute mark, your camera spans over a large area of translucent rock that runs horizontally in the frame. Agates and other semi-precious stones from your country are some of the most sought-after in the world. While looking for gold/diamonds, you might be overlooking these semi-precious stones that also have a market value. That rock in your video is very interesting and has a lot of promise, as does the area immediately around or attached to it. I have been a rock hound in the Lake Superior area in the U.S. for 40 years. Some of the other stones found with agates are spectacular (including Jasper, Amethyst, Labradorite, and others) and more than one friend I have makes a living from these beautiful stones. It all comes down to whether you would have the additional interest and time to properly take care of the stones that you would also find while looking for gold and diamonds. Since you were throwing back flakes of gold, that probably answers my question. Just a thought. Take care.

    • Liz Kreate
      Liz Kreate  6 months ago +1

      Thanks very much for your comment. We are avid rock hounds ourselves and spend a lot of time looking for semi-precious stones. Some of my other videos would show you this in more detail. Glad to see that you share the same interest and I'm sure your collection from the past 40 years would be breath taking. Good luck with the hunting and all the best from Australia. Cheers, Liz

  • Ken Tony
    Ken Tony 6 months ago

    Any Kimberley pipe there ?

    • Liz Kreate
      Liz Kreate  6 months ago

      I wish...Thanks for watching and commenting Ken and hope you enjoyed the video. Cheers, Liz

  • DarkArachnid
    DarkArachnid 6 months ago

    if diamonds are the hardest natural material, then how do they get waterworn?

    • Liz Kreate
      Liz Kreate  6 months ago

      The term "waterworn" can be a bit misleading. The appearance of the diamonds from this area is due to the fact that some diamond crystallizes with curved and rounded faces. Thanks for watching and commenting. Cheers, Liz

  • ToughAncientSpark
    ToughAncientSpark 6 months ago

    How disappointing, just gold.

  • Vamper Vlad
    Vamper Vlad 6 months ago

    Sounds like you need to look for gold

  • Casey-jae Healy
    Casey-jae Healy 6 months ago

    You are my hero Liz

  • BluYu
    BluYu 6 months ago

    Complaining about gold... XD Interesting.

  • bandari radhakrishna
    bandari radhakrishna 6 months ago

    Wow maind blowing

  • Richard  Evans
    Richard Evans 6 months ago

    Creviceing - now there’s a dirty word !

  • Jordan Thesavage
    Jordan Thesavage 6 months ago

    This reminds me of Minecraft

    RAIN MAYHEM 6 months ago

    Diamond's glow under a black light

  • Dank Cornholio
    Dank Cornholio 7 months ago

    You should make a diamond sword

  • Craig & Kimberly
    Craig & Kimberly 7 months ago

    I saw you drop a diamond from your pan at 2:46

    GLICERIO BELUSO JR 7 months ago

    OMG! I just learned that small ice like rounded crystal were DIAMONDS???? I've seen them. I gotta get back at that river!

  • Fernando Daniel Alvarez

    I can ask you a question can it be true that in the areas of rivers with volcanoes there are diamonds and rubies?

  • Angello Artica
    Angello Artica 7 months ago

    Diamond can be found anywhere beneath layer 16, but is most common in layers 12-16.

  • Gary Pringle
    Gary Pringle 7 months ago +6

    Ok your after diamonds but im dumb founded that your throwing away the gold 😭😨😲

  • gnuibrunst
    gnuibrunst 7 months ago

    pretty boss sounding disappointed saying "no diamonds... just gold" :)

  • SJ's Mixed Adventures
    SJ's Mixed Adventures 7 months ago


  • Rashid Rash
    Rashid Rash 7 months ago

    She missed a massive chunk of gold at 8 : 00

  • Elias Pippenger
    Elias Pippenger 7 months ago

    Hope that watch is water proof

  • Helena Doodnath
    Helena Doodnath 7 months ago

    I would never know one, probably throw it away.

  • desi martinez
    desi martinez 7 months ago

    i see gold

  • User User
    User User 7 months ago

    hello . where is situated this area??? I know in Australia but I need exactly place

  • Timotej Pirnat
    Timotej Pirnat 7 months ago

    You are so rich!!!!!!!!!!

  • Moofy
    Moofy 7 months ago

    Damn only gold

  • GaMer LiAm
    GaMer LiAm 7 months ago

    Im in australia

  • Jomarklee08 Bermudo
    Jomarklee08 Bermudo 8 months ago

    She's found of many rock 😂

  • Thee Unknown
    Thee Unknown 8 months ago +9

    Is she throwing the gold away like it is nothing or am I imagining it?

    • Andre Browne
      Andre Browne 7 days ago

      Thee Unknown I said the same thing

    • Thee Unknown
      Thee Unknown 6 months ago

      Miss Kekistan

    • Fashy Tashy
      Fashy Tashy 6 months ago +1

      Thee Unknown yes there is a lot of that type of gold in Australia. Even at tourist attractions you can pan for gold its guaranteed to get some flakes

  • James Ralston
    James Ralston 8 months ago

    wow I found a diamond like stone I mistook for glass, a sixth the size of a marble I put it back in the rocks by the lake... I know what ill be doin

  • Leonid  Smilevski
    Leonid Smilevski 8 months ago

    So much for if I find gold I will keep it

  • Nathan Tjio
    Nathan Tjio 8 months ago +14

    Diamond Panner: Just gold...

    • Rad Hippie Kid
      Rad Hippie Kid Month ago

      +Tim McHone why the anger?

    • Tim McHone
      Tim McHone 5 months ago

      Because it's a video about diamonds dumbass, not gold.

  • DINOKID360
    DINOKID360 8 months ago

    I found a 2 inch diamond and now we have hanged it up to decorate our house

  • William Kennison
    William Kennison 8 months ago +1

    If I was panning for diamonds, I sure wouldn't pass up on gold as a byproduct.

  • Alison Hasselquist
    Alison Hasselquist 8 months ago

    Ha. If I found gold, I would have kept it. I wonder where you could go panning for stuff like this in Missouri.

  • Supriyam Ingnam
    Supriyam Ingnam 8 months ago +4

    cant you find diamonds in volcanic areas?

    • Ken Tony
      Ken Tony 6 months ago +1

      Unless it's kimberlite rock..

  • a Full Hotpocket Hotpocket

    Diamonds are the 3 rarest materials on earth so it is imposible the moest time

  • ItsPixelPlays
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    Me in minecraft