Brendan Jordan & Shuga Cain at RuPaul's DragCon LA 2019

  • Published on Jun 5, 2019
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    From World of Wonder, the producers of The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Party Monster, The Strange History of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, The Last Beekeeper, RuPaul's Drag Race, Life With La Toya, and Million Dollar Listing.
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Comments • 226

  • Crossover Negro
    Crossover Negro 18 days ago

    So I consider myself a straight cisgender male, but Brendan... what’s good girl? XD

  • Spookay T'is Me
    Spookay T'is Me Month ago

    What a dumb cunt, how old does he think Shuga is!?! He making out like Shuga is in her 70s or even 80s, SHE'S ONLY FORTY FUCKING YEARS OLD DUDE!!
    He needs to grow a brain and instead of pretending that he loves Shuga Cain to death, he should have done some homework or paid better attention to her... Not calling her a fucking ancestor! Better yet ... let Shuga answer properly and stop constantly interrupting!

  • Jonathan O
    Jonathan O Month ago

    What the hell is even that?!

  • Mscotchie90
    Mscotchie90 Month ago

    Kim. Fix your speech impediment now

  • Kells Kraze
    Kells Kraze Month ago

    A little annoying she kept taking the mic away from Shuga while she was still talking. Just saying... Gorgeous as usual Shuga!

  • Andrew Corcoran
    Andrew Corcoran Month ago

    Suga you don't know. That bitch was reading you down for being an "ancestor". Trying to call you old girl

  • Joshua Rodriguez
    Joshua Rodriguez Month ago

    Shuga cain is the perfect name because I am always in the mood for some shuga

  • M O'D
    M O'D Month ago

    Laganjas pretending to be a teen social media influencer now? Hell pic a lane girl and stay in it!!

  • Melissa Frank
    Melissa Frank Month ago

    Brendan's voice is a cross between LaGanja's and Plastique's in the absolute worst way

  • Melissa Frank
    Melissa Frank Month ago

    Please get someone who's not Brendan or anyone who doesn't just start injecting their own opinions, unsolicited, to do interviews.

  • Melissa Frank
    Melissa Frank Month ago

    Brendan: "What was it like back before cable? Aren't you a million years old?"
    Shuga: "Well, I-"
    Brendan: "Wow, you're just SO OLD. I think new drag is SO INTERESTING. I love being YOUNG. How does it feel to be my ancestor, Shuga? Didn't you start doing drag a million years ago?"
    Shuga: "I actually started three years ago, and since then-"
    Brendan: "When *I* started doing drag, it was so great for me, you know? It was just so liberating to me..." *Goes on for the next 4 minutes* "Bye, Shuga! It was so great talking with you."
    Shuga: "Thank you, it was a pleasure."

  • ajh z
    ajh z Month ago

    the most air time shuga cain has gotten

  • Candyce Prince
    Candyce Prince Month ago +2

    Shuga looks fab! So does J! Also, Shuga's only been doing drag for 3 she's said in her Whatcha Packing interview

  • Kitty Nyce
    Kitty Nyce Month ago

    Waiting for the day Brandon is on drag race

  • Cristy
    Cristy Month ago

    Laganja? 😂

  • Kasey Dugan
    Kasey Dugan Month ago +3

    Brendan is a sweetheart but they need to work on their interview skills, girl! Let Shuga speak! XD

  • Valeria Cortez
    Valeria Cortez Month ago

    Can never get enough Shuga😍😍😍

  • Triairius
    Triairius Month ago

    God damnit, I love Shuga.

  • Томми Грейсон

    Shuga is such a sweet person

  • bigcoolboy96
    bigcoolboy96 Month ago +2

    Brendan is literal white noise to me tbh. Shuga is right,drag is all about entertaining the kids.Brendan isn't going anywhere with a personality like that....

  • Anna Go
    Anna Go Month ago

    What a perfect smile of Shuga❤.
    It is sad to read that they are happy that they finally give him time in camera but it is true, they edited his participation a lot, that bad for the production.

  • David Perry
    David Perry Month ago

    I love Brendan!!!!

  • Elizabeth Ramirez
    Elizabeth Ramirez Month ago

    My top five queen miss shuga

  • Javi Trulove
    Javi Trulove Month ago +5

    I didn't knew that Brendan was the Biological Daughter of Laganja Estranja, Work

  • mikeparez
    mikeparez Month ago

    Shuga was not robbed. She was meh in the beginning and flopped hard in the midnwith a couple standout moments. No she did not deserve to go home to Vanjie that week but she was not too 5 material at all.

  • Br D
    Br D Month ago

    Wtf was that at the beginning?

  • Tyler Nason
    Tyler Nason Month ago

    Brendan is amazing!! Live your best life sis

  • Davito Shippuden
    Davito Shippuden Month ago

    A bitch called her ancestors lmfaooooo i kno what miss thang meant tho, i love this kiki i got emotional girl

  • Sean Barry
    Sean Barry Month ago

    Shuga is so gorgeous

  • dmfan dmfan
    dmfan dmfan Month ago +2

    Since when is 40 old tho?? lol I can't

  • Cesar DeFuentes
    Cesar DeFuentes Month ago

    She called Shuga "ancestor" LOL. I love Shuga Cain. WOW and VH1 should take notice that sweet genuine queens like Shuga are popular and loved. It's not always about unnecessary fake drama. Silky, I'm looking at you girl...

  • Dante Ferrise
    Dante Ferrise Month ago

    GOD I MISS THE DAYS OF THE OLD WOW PRESENTS!!! :-( nothing against these two just was a thought in general about this channel nowadays!

  • Eliza Rapsodia
    Eliza Rapsodia Month ago

    More Nana that we had on the entire season 11

  • J.S V
    J.S V Month ago

    Love Shuga! Didn’t know the interviewer but I live!!!!

  • Dennis Peña
    Dennis Peña Month ago

    Bredan needs his own show!

  • MrsBryant Mendoza
    MrsBryant Mendoza Month ago +2

    Remember when sugah cane was edited to be humble and somewhat nice? I didn't like the cocky version from the reunion.

    • Anna Go
      Anna Go Month ago +1

      they took parts of participation in the meeting, bad education to leave badly who never made bad. they left her as nothing in front of Vanjie

    • MrsBryant Mendoza
      MrsBryant Mendoza Month ago

      @Kayla Michelle When she was trying to be aggressive with vanjie. Then, vanjie basically told her she had no personality.

    • Kayla Michelle
      Kayla Michelle Month ago

      MrsBryant Mendoza How did you come to that conclusion with the 10 seconds of airtime she got?😂

  • Ángel Espinoza
    Ángel Espinoza Month ago +1

    Brendan is going to be so good on Drag Race in a couple years.

  • Douglas von Sohsten
    Douglas von Sohsten Month ago +1

    Love Shuga! But the editor of this was on crack... Waaay too much information...

  • ladyblazette
    ladyblazette Month ago

    Shuga is such a multifaceted entertainer, I feel he doesn’t get enough credit.

  • Etienne Marquis
    Etienne Marquis Month ago

    I thought that Suga only started doing drag likea year ago????????

  • youthfulwaters
    youthfulwaters Month ago

    This kid...keep searching for that identity

  • Leonie von Sachsen-Anhalt Preußen

    Shuga is so cool, so cute, so talented. She's just a wonderful Queen and a great entertainer. ❤️

  • Francisco Medina
    Francisco Medina Month ago +1

    Brendan Jordan’s interview game 💘

  • rockstardiaries
    rockstardiaries Month ago

    “Don’t mith an epithode of the new theries werq the world on wow prethenths pluth”

  • potatofan007
    potatofan007 Month ago

    We love Shuga! Glad she’s getting some camera time so everyone can she how wonderful she is 😊

  • InstrumentManiac
    InstrumentManiac Month ago

    LA traffic must be bad with all this honking!

  • truebeautyforever
    truebeautyforever Month ago +4

    World of wonder give Shuga a show! WE STAN

  • yehezkiel nainggolan
    yehezkiel nainggolan Month ago +1

    I was like did she just call her ancestor? Giiiiiiirrrr

  • C-Los Harvey
    C-Los Harvey Month ago

    Lookin beautiful Brendan! Love you Shuga!

  • Brittany S
    Brittany S Month ago +1

    I would love to sit and drink tea with Shuga. Her voice sounds like caramel glaze being slowly poured on a Bundt cake. 🥰😆

  • Woof Woof
    Woof Woof Month ago


  • LookerStenographer
    LookerStenographer Month ago +11

    I'm so conflicted; I love Shuga Cain but can't stand this infant

  • you are the cup to my tae

    *kimchi serving you fat vegetable realness at the intro*

  • Mmery chui
    Mmery chui Month ago

    Omg I love Shuga, she is so sweet and she was gorgeous at the Dragcon

  • polydipsiac
    polydipsiac Month ago

    Yaaaaaas! Serving retro and Victorian!

  • karvoonaki
    karvoonaki Month ago

    Laganja looks so young

  • Kuckaw
    Kuckaw Month ago

    i love you shuga!

  • Eddie G Duran
    Eddie G Duran Month ago +1

    Brendan Jordan look like Laganja Estranja

  • Zak
    Zak Month ago +5

    My ALLSTARS winner Shuga Cain

  • purplechicken
    purplechicken Month ago

    I still don't know who the fuck is Christine, help me

  • 9rass Ng
    9rass Ng Month ago +2

    Shuga is so elegant and classy and Brendan is a pretty good interviewer

  • A VC
    A VC Month ago

    Everyone got that $35.99 mesh rosewholesale corset...

  • hocus pocus
    hocus pocus Month ago +1

    brendan looks so good wow

  • Ronel
    Ronel Month ago +1

    I love Brendan so much. One of the few remaining unproblematic gays in TVclip

  • Kevin Montalvo
    Kevin Montalvo Month ago +2

    Brendan surprised me with his maturity and articulation of words, it is incredible to see such a young person talk like this.

  • Martin Mas
    Martin Mas Month ago +1

    Look! It's young Laganja!

  • Mardhel Ambayec
    Mardhel Ambayec Month ago

    Brenda jordan reminds me of laganja estranja

  • queen luna
    queen luna Month ago +1

    Shuga looks like that old bitter evil lady from mexican telenovelas plotting behind her son's wife.. i love her tho

  • Dima b
    Dima b Month ago


  • BitterSweetCoffee
    BitterSweetCoffee Month ago

    Shuga should come back for all stars.