French Fries Recipe | Crispy French Fries Recipe Cooking by our grandpa for Orphan kids


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  • Kevin De bruyne
    Kevin De bruyne 11 hours ago

    *Grandpa kitchen, you're a Great man*

  • cook smart
    cook smart 12 hours ago

    Age age ki tune terrace kitchen ki h

  • Jenny Ho
    Jenny Ho 12 hours ago

    They look so good and fresh

  • Jenny Ho
    Jenny Ho 13 hours ago

    He has very little yet he does things properly unlike most restaurants today. He makes sure whatever he does he does it properly and thoroughly.

  • Jenny Ho
    Jenny Ho 13 hours ago

    May god bless him and his beautiful pure soul.

  • tyler phil
    tyler phil 13 hours ago

    He is so thoughtful

  • Odin Drzystek
    Odin Drzystek 14 hours ago +1

    He is so nice he should be given 999999999999999999999999 dollars God bless this man.

  • wwwseeyou
    wwwseeyou 14 hours ago

    wish i could win a lottery, this man would have everthing in the world that he could ever want

  • Angie Tung
    Angie Tung 15 hours ago

    People who dislikes his videos are evil 😡😭

  • KennyTheBlackSheep
    KennyTheBlackSheep 15 hours ago

    i wish that he would just teach all of them to grow a potato farm

  • Isabel Reyes
    Isabel Reyes 15 hours ago

    Just imagine this in front of you. 😲

  • Shanty Vargas
    Shanty Vargas 16 hours ago

    Mis respetos para usted de verdad que Dios lo llene de salud y mucha felicidad porque eso que usted hizo no lo hace cualquiera❤️

  • Jason Narciso
    Jason Narciso 17 hours ago

    Ur nice, and better than me at cooking.

  • Batoul Love
    Batoul Love 18 hours ago

    حرام فجعانين الله يعين العالم

  • thang GM
    thang GM 18 hours ago

    This man is so nice and good cook

  • honey fam
    honey fam 18 hours ago

    This nigga is putting his hands too much on the food

  • Yuliana Lemus
    Yuliana Lemus 18 hours ago

    god bless this man god bless him and thank god he has fed all these and again may god bless him😭😘😚😊

  • Manija Rahimi
    Manija Rahimi 19 hours ago

    This guy is a legitimate legend

  • jj_seng979 RBLX
    jj_seng979 RBLX 19 hours ago

    Yummy fries

  • EURY eury
    EURY eury 20 hours ago

    He spelled do wrong

  • William Betts
    William Betts 20 hours ago

    Whoever edits these videos is the truth!!!

  • GTrapz_
    GTrapz_ 21 hour ago

    They add the word crispy to every food they make lol.

  • ItsCourtney Here
    ItsCourtney Here 21 hour ago

    This man deserves to go to heaven🙏

  • tariq hussein
    tariq hussein 21 hour ago


  • Swhetathakur Shalu
    Swhetathakur Shalu 22 hours ago

    Bhot accha sir

  • Елена Квасникова

    wow ur a good preson

  • Müge YETİMl
    Müge YETİMl Day ago


  • Sad Gamer
    Sad Gamer Day ago

    Is he Grandpa ?
    Or a HERO ?

  • Gamer Crystal
    Gamer Crystal Day ago

    who else is Asian?

  • Gamer Crystal
    Gamer Crystal Day ago

    I think this is what happens
    Buys the food
    Give to the children
    Gets views
    Uses the money to buy more food for the children
    And this keeps on happening

  • Razor ͏
    Razor ͏ Day ago

    I hope not

  • Sudarat Pakdeeyothin

    You are a very good person love you

  • Prasannjeet Singh

    slow tears!

  • kris kumar
    kris kumar Day ago

    I love your English grandpa

  • KloeCoco94169
    KloeCoco94169 Day ago

    this melts my heart, good grandpa, i wish him forever happy and healthy!

  • arizanan Jan
    arizanan Jan Day ago

    You are stupid Brandon

  • Alex Haddad
    Alex Haddad Day ago

    This man is saving life’s give this man $1 million

  • One Day
    One Day Day ago

    13,000 dislikes WTF

  • beak1997 _
    beak1997 _ Day ago

    Put some gloves on....nasty fuck

  • Prajwal Prajwal
    Prajwal Prajwal Day ago

    Very good job

  • Cantaloupe _ Hope

    I think 13k people hit the dislike button on accident I hope the figure that out and change it💕

  • Daniel Eison
    Daniel Eison Day ago

    Why does this have 13k dislikes?!?!

  • Milad Parsi
    Milad Parsi Day ago +1

    I love To see Happy Kids

  • Milad Parsi
    Milad Parsi Day ago


  • Rouska_TV
    Rouska_TV Day ago

    Of god help thats kids ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Iconic _
    Iconic _ Day ago

    *and popeyes can't fill up my-- nvm;-;*

  • Latrina Williams

    May this man be blessed by peaceful god and him self

  • ali gamer karahanlı

    This man feeding homeless people god bless you

    • CreeperPlays
      CreeperPlays 21 hour ago

      They're not homeless, they're orphans

  • Kathryn Hire
    Kathryn Hire Day ago

    قليلون من هم مثلك في عالمنا تحية لك ❤❤

  • Gina Hauknes-Kruse

    You making so good food!!!❤️❤️🍟

  • Maliha Zannat
    Maliha Zannat Day ago

    Super grand pa

  • Karthik Katuri
    Karthik Katuri Day ago

    Great work

  • Ana Souza
    Ana Souza Day ago

    Alguém que fala português da o link

  • Justin railey p. Abalos

    I love the video so much

  • Ashraf Shaikh
    Ashraf Shaikh Day ago

    good I like this

  • Lory A
    Lory A 2 days ago


  • Chirine Mangrolia
    Chirine Mangrolia 2 days ago

    Verry good felicitation 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • MikeFizzy
    MikeFizzy 2 days ago

    exalted one

  • Nina Jerald
    Nina Jerald 2 days ago

    Love u grandpa god bless

  • Nina Jerald
    Nina Jerald 2 days ago

    Hard worker even at this age omg he is a great inspiration

  • kysike666
    kysike666 2 days ago

    Who would dislike this?

  • J T
    J T 2 days ago

    Those fries look amazing, keep up the good deeds 🍟 👏👍💞

  • Denise Broussard
    Denise Broussard 2 days ago

    Such a wonderful man. So giving & kind hearted.

  • Seeing is believing
    Seeing is believing 2 days ago

    I want to shake his blessed hands and say thank you for all of your hard work in sake of those in need to be fed !!! I cried watching this video.

  • Thanos Destroyerofworlds

    Lol after playing with the chips with his bare hands he uses a spatula to pack up the tin plates 😁 Looks good though, GB 🙏

    VIK_BODY_BELD 2 days ago

    Tears well up in my eyes on seeing the happiness in these beautiful children. When they are eating. Grandpa is truly a grandpa.

  • Soy Berni M.
    Soy Berni M. 2 days ago


  • flamingpie herman
    flamingpie herman 2 days ago

    I am wondering how they can afford all this food? As I couldn't and I work.

  • Kadan Solomonraj
    Kadan Solomonraj 2 days ago

    May god bless his soul, such a great man! And a great cook!

  • iloveroblox 04
    iloveroblox 04 2 days ago

    I think we can all agree that this man makes better French fries than McDonalds 🍟

  • Droolia_chip 11
    Droolia_chip 11 2 days ago

    This guy is great. I hope you will always be able to cook for the ones you love.

  • Comrade chavakkad
    Comrade chavakkad 2 days ago


  • f. rida
    f. rida 2 days ago

    Do you cook for that people with your youtube money? Wow

  • Eleanor Smith
    Eleanor Smith 2 days ago

    What is the two seasoning he puts on the fries. That is so wonderful that he makes things for the orphans. I know it is overly delicious, you can see that his main ingredient is LOVE , Praise Jah.

    XPERTGAMER599 2 days ago

    This man has a better heart that most people who are 10x richer than him!

  • TLX9thWonder
    TLX9thWonder 2 days ago

    Next day shitting like hell

  • NaomiRoxes
    NaomiRoxes 2 days ago

    I felt heartbroken
    The many things we take for granted is the things that orphans, or the homeless need.
    *Each like a prayer for the two men and the orphans & homeless.
    I wish I was there to help:(

  • HolyGoatOfSteel
    HolyGoatOfSteel 2 days ago

    the ultimate bossman

  • bochu nikhila
    bochu nikhila 3 days ago


  • Yusree Abdulsama
    Yusree Abdulsama 3 days ago

    Ahh i want to cry T-T

  • Jose Mamani
    Jose Mamani 3 days ago

    Que hermoso

  • Illusion Techno
    Illusion Techno 3 days ago

    Jisne bhi dislike kiya hain Wo pagan hain 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Lollipop Sweet
    Lollipop Sweet 3 days ago

    oh my gosh! U so kind.

  • Shashi Kumar
    Shashi Kumar 3 days ago

    I love this grandpaa

  • Jeg Er en fisk
    Jeg Er en fisk 3 days ago

    This is a man with a golden heart

  • kings knight17
    kings knight17 3 days ago

    He is literally a good person

  • Faiza Saleh
    Faiza Saleh 3 days ago

    I was having such a bad day but honestly this video has made me feel 100x better

  • David Lambie
    David Lambie 3 days ago

    good soul.

  • Akash Prajapati
    Akash Prajapati 3 days ago +1

    U are super super grandpa

  • Asad Khan
    Asad Khan 3 days ago

    Allah humien bhe is tarah ki himat day..

  • الشيف ماما
    الشيف ماما 3 days ago

    ياريت الاشتراك فى قناتى لكل اللى مهتم بالطبخ ومردوده
    وبنزل اشهر الاكلات فى قناتى
    قناة الشيف ماما

  • Наталія Талалай

    You are amazing. Thank you. God bless you!

  • Abner Huigor
    Abner Huigor 3 days ago


  • ート ー ス タ
    ート ー ス タ 3 days ago

    *kicks door*
    Did someone say... FRIES?

  • Egg Citement
    Egg Citement 3 days ago

    This needs more recognition. May he live forever

  • Ned Chu
    Ned Chu 3 days ago

    Respect from Taiwan.

  • Lia Pastohrias
    Lia Pastohrias 3 days ago

    I love this😭😭😭

  • Jayhawk 11
    Jayhawk 11 3 days ago

    Those are some good fries

  • Panda Party 3O6
    Panda Party 3O6 3 days ago

    Anyone else get a fortnite ad?

  • Zesty Noodles
    Zesty Noodles 3 days ago

    Have you ever seen something so beautiful that you cry?
    *_me rn sis_*