French Fries Recipe | Crispy French Fries Recipe Cooking by our grandpa for Orphan kids


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  • Ak47ak74 Ak47ak74
    Ak47ak74 Ak47ak74 Hour ago +1

    What a good man he is

  • Kysha May
    Kysha May 2 hours ago

    New Subscriber Here! This is so Beautiful what you do and give away to those in need unselfishly! May God continue to Bless You, Your Family & All of your Endeavors!

  • Jonathan Anguiano
    Jonathan Anguiano 2 hours ago

    This man should get thousands of money just for his kindness and his good fries

  • RaceSt Reek
    RaceSt Reek 3 hours ago

    And I do not want to join y'all and I'm not subscribing

  • RaceSt Reek
    RaceSt Reek 3 hours ago

    Y'all homeless

  • Owen Luo
    Owen Luo 4 hours ago

    3:34 that already is a chinese dish lol

  • Puin's Trains
    Puin's Trains 4 hours ago

    bless you 🙏

  • Laylony Illuminati
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  • Laylony Illuminati
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  • jakeblaze120
    jakeblaze120 4 hours ago

    They don’t have palm trees in india

  • daddy trav
    daddy trav 4 hours ago

    I wish this was my grandpa

  • LiquidBoogi3 TTV TV
    LiquidBoogi3 TTV TV 5 hours ago

    For the 15k who disliked this video, FUCK YOU

  • KirbyGamer 23
    KirbyGamer 23 6 hours ago +1

    A kid had a doraemon shirt

  • Master Guy
    Master Guy 7 hours ago +4

    He should make a restaurant.

    • Aman Singh
      Aman Singh 4 hours ago

      If he make restaurant then who fed this orphans

  • IIAmKinq YT
    IIAmKinq YT 7 hours ago +2

    _Fries Recipe_


    • Lhe Zyl
      Lhe Zyl 2 hours ago

      he put salt already. 🙄

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    Why people giving deslike

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick 9 hours ago +1

    I see flies...

    • Pinapple Vinegar
      Pinapple Vinegar 7 hours ago +1

      Pickle Rick not everyone's as a privileged as you.

  • Alex Diamantis
    Alex Diamantis 9 hours ago +2

    Yes but what did he do with the potato edges?

  • Xochitl Vazquez
    Xochitl Vazquez 9 hours ago

    cuiden que a ese señor no le vaya a dar epoc. siempre cocina con leña

  • sigrid Ramirez Hernandez

    Good job.

    AT KAFALI 10 hours ago +1

    0:16 yemede yanında yat

  • shistar lauren
    shistar lauren 10 hours ago

    at the start where he says 'this is my family' awww my heart❣️

    • James Sunwoo
      James Sunwoo 10 hours ago

      shistar lauren i guess we are family, look at our profile picture

  • Brandon Okkers
    Brandon Okkers 11 hours ago

    I would like to apologize to the Americans I have offended...not all of u are heartless racists.....

  • Sa M
    Sa M 12 hours ago +1

    Who ever disliked this video doe sent have a heart

  • Жыпар Козубаева


  • f Ronald223
    f Ronald223 16 hours ago


  • Lycca Bernal
    Lycca Bernal 16 hours ago

    Thankyou grandpa for loving our people thankyou soomunch i wish you will stay here

  • Lycca Bernal
    Lycca Bernal 16 hours ago

    This man are so loving our people

  • fausto garcia
    fausto garcia 17 hours ago

    god:this grandpa will never die because his helping some kids and people

  • chang siewying
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  • Precious Jay
    Precious Jay 17 hours ago

    I even wanna cry🤧

  • Chung Jared
    Chung Jared 18 hours ago +1

    The 15k people that disliked are flipping a-holes

    • Dester OP
      Dester OP 6 hours ago

      There is more bad people than good people in this world after all.

  • Quinn Collins
    Quinn Collins 18 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsay of Africa

    • THICC
      THICC 4 hours ago

      So what he cooked some fries not saying that I can cook them like him but you're comparing him to one of the best chefs in the world

    • Aesthetic
      Aesthetic 10 hours ago


  • Patcharin Phatrak
    Patcharin Phatrak 19 hours ago

    I'm from Thailand i ❤ grandpa

  • غانم الشيباني

    اول سعودي يعلق

  • ape kao
    ape kao 19 hours ago

    Great grandpa.....🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Feyzanur çetin
    Feyzanur çetin 20 hours ago

    Türk yokmu ya neyse amcam benim ya sen türkiyeye gel

  • Austin Sanders
    Austin Sanders 21 hour ago

    I would love to try All of his food it looks delicious 😋

  • sakunthala s
    sakunthala s 22 hours ago

    அருமை 😋😋😋😋grandpa. ... நூறையுசுக்கு மேல நலமுடன் வாழனும்.

  • Nadeem Qaisar
    Nadeem Qaisar Day ago

    I wanna eat it

  • Emma Hewitt
    Emma Hewitt Day ago +1

    He is so kind and caring

  • Ninja H
    Ninja H Day ago

    This man is going to be one of the Lord's top 10 angels

  • Natali Aparecida

    Muito lindo devia existir mais pessoas como ele mundo faz com tanto carinho 😍

  • Chloe Productions

    McDonald’s is shook

  • Youtubeaholic2
    Youtubeaholic2 Day ago

    And here i am with 1st world equipment and every time i try to make home fries they turn out soggy and limp.

  • Poh Keong
    Poh Keong Day ago

    Matt stonie would've eaten all alone

    GABEON Day ago +2

    *use me as a respect button*

  • 이승현
    이승현 Day ago

    Legend never die

  • Angel Ruiz
    Angel Ruiz Day ago

    does anyone else also skip the intro and get straight into the cooking 😂

  • FattyMcButterPants

    Knowing Indians this channel is probably a scam.

  • Jay Savalia
    Jay Savalia Day ago

    This guy needs to be in like 10 star restarant

  • Jay Savalia
    Jay Savalia Day ago

    Why is mcdonalds a even a thing now

  • Alexander Salgado

    This man is a blessing people should learn from people like this to give back.

  • SlimeRancher_ 5974

    I hope he lives for ever :(

  • Roman
    Roman Day ago

    Now i want to eat some crispy french fries

  • Master Grape
    Master Grape Day ago

    Tbh those fries look better then McDonald’s 😂

  • Mister Fire
    Mister Fire Day ago

    Brasil ?


    Hello,hi in Brazil.
    My name ia Edgard Júnior

  • Tri Nguyen
    Tri Nguyen Day ago

    The man with a heart of gold, prey for this man to never die.

  • Oliver Maletzky
    Oliver Maletzky Day ago

    God bless you

  • Claumy Paz
    Claumy Paz Day ago


  • omarr Elharit
    omarr Elharit Day ago

    Mia nonna versione uomo...

  • Kevin Plays
    Kevin Plays Day ago

    Nicest man ever

  • Gerardo Anton Navarro

    Que lindo abuelo🍟🍟❤❤❤

  • Lady Kay
    Lady Kay Day ago

    To us in the States eating fries is nothing but to this kids it everything matters and grandpa you are a blessing and you are doing a wonderful service bless you

  • Elisha Modest
    Elisha Modest Day ago

    Omg ! He peeled all of those potatoes 🥔 😮 I cant even peel one without given u 😢 🙏 💗

  • Rose Francisca
    Rose Francisca Day ago

    Mcdonalds sempre escravizado as pessoas .. kkkkkkkk

  • Erik Stöcklein
    Erik Stöcklein Day ago

    I dont unterstand how somebody Can dislike this Video!💪

  • June May
    June May Day ago

    Greetings from poland! 🙌😂😘

  • Thaydarin
    Thaydarin Day ago

    Why would anyone down vote this?

  • Simo Haya
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  • Free Fire 007
    Free Fire 007 Day ago +1

    1 Like 1Helpers

  • Bhagyesh Desai
    Bhagyesh Desai Day ago

    You an hero 👍 long live grandpa 👴

  • XxHalconxX 762
    XxHalconxX 762 Day ago

    Solo es un señor que cocina para un orfanato

    Y la verdad sus comidas se ven muy deliciosas

  • XxHalconxX 762
    XxHalconxX 762 Day ago

    Que le pasa a la gente como este videos tiene tantos dislikes

  • gracella eliora
    gracella eliora Day ago

    God Bless You grandpa...wish you long life and good health always...amin...

  • Fortnite Mobile KING

    He's such a good cook

  • Matej Milovanovic

    7:34 RIP french fry

  • The SOBAN Tv
    The SOBAN Tv Day ago

    Want to see magic?
    Press here it will turn blue

  • PewdsDies GT
    PewdsDies GT Day ago

    he should get Billions of Dollars For That Why is he Not Getting Money 😢

  • Jaden Swanson
    Jaden Swanson Day ago

    U Rusty Dusty toe nail

  • Atakan Tatar
    Atakan Tatar Day ago

    Hintli dayının smurfü galiba bu

  • moisesortiz696
    moisesortiz696 Day ago +1

    God bless that man

  • Ja Hay
    Ja Hay Day ago

    Subcribe this cannel pliss

  • maaji
    maaji Day ago

    Seriously who disliked this video... I just don’t get it

  • Sapna bhatia Sapna

    Very nice.... 😊😊

  • Neko Blossom AKA Shamara Limen

    Me:-Drools-I need a potato right away

  • Ton That Cam Bach

    I think that Gordon Ramsay teach him how to cook it

  • Roselinda Idris
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  • scorpio21
    scorpio21 Day ago

    This man is awesome good job grandpa 👍

  • FLiBBerTigiBeT •

    Feeding the hungry. It's the holiest thing to do. 🙏

  • AYUSHMAN's World

    You are doing a great initiative by helping The children of orphanage.
    Keep going on.

  • priya jain
    priya jain Day ago

    Woww soo nice

  • Diesel Johnson
    Diesel Johnson Day ago

    Why do these disgusting people keep having keep kids they cant take care of? They need to be punished severely

  • Flamingblaze
    Flamingblaze Day ago

    I. Want. To. Eeeeeaaat

  • Milkyway Gamer
    Milkyway Gamer Day ago

    Why 15k dislikes wtf

  • Manuel Angel Rodriguez Ticuna

    A jeblox le dio agua a la boca pero lo bueno que va comer en el colegio pq es su ultimo dia de clases :D

  • IzzyOnyx
    IzzyOnyx 2 days ago

    damn legit homemade french fries! nice u can work at mcdonalds lol

  • Spilled family sized lasagna on my shoes

    this is Gordon Ramsay’s dad

  • Daniela Torres :3
    Daniela Torres :3 2 days ago

    I m racist warning
    I'm india I'm terrorist