French Fries Recipe | Crispy French Fries Recipe Cooking by our grandpa for Orphan kids

  • Published on Sep 30, 2017
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    French Fries Recipe | Crispy French Fries Recipe Cooking by our grandpa for Orphan kids

    French Fries Recipe | Crispy French Fries Recipe Cooking by our grandpa for Orphan kids
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  • Ndala Alex
    Ndala Alex 5 minutes ago

    The dislikes are from McDonald's.

  • Juana Rodriguez
    Juana Rodriguez 22 minutes ago

    I just love these guys ^_^^_^\(^o^)/\(^o^)/

  • Tuyen Pham
    Tuyen Pham 23 minutes ago

    Wow! I'm so hungry Gandpa!!!!

  • Black
    Black 58 minutes ago +1


  • febra paler
    febra paler Hour ago

    Your so kind Grandpa🤗...God blessed🤗😇

  • spandana erukulla
    spandana erukulla 2 hours ago

    God blessings meku apudu untae

  • Mayo Aap
    Mayo Aap 2 hours ago

    Number of likes vs dislikes means that theirs a lot of people out there still have a good heart than nothing.

  • Диана Охотница

    как ты можешь помыть картошку если твои руки черные

  • sugz C.
    sugz C. 3 hours ago

    Thank you grandpa💖💖

  • Animesh Choudhary
    Animesh Choudhary 3 hours ago

    TVclip should give add in these videos,so he can earn and help more poor people 😊😊

  • _ SUE
    _ SUE 4 hours ago

    Reminds me of my dearest gradnma, she the best cook in my heart. I miss her so much. :')

  • Nhi Nguyễn
    Nhi Nguyễn 5 hours ago


  • Aurieliy Tml
    Aurieliy Tml 6 hours ago

    What a caring man 😢

  • Maryam Jaber
    Maryam Jaber 6 hours ago

    I am about to cry

  • Mustik Odamanov
    Mustik Odamanov 6 hours ago


  • Pooja Sharma
    Pooja Sharma 7 hours ago


  • Xj Ruh
    Xj Ruh 7 hours ago

    Vietnam điem danh

  • Kasper Plays
    Kasper Plays 8 hours ago +1

    He os the nicest

  • chandrappa h
    chandrappa h 9 hours ago

    For supporting his work we should subcribe and we shouldn't skip add in his video ,God bless Grandpa 🙏🙏🙏🙏🇮🇳

  • Pablo
    Pablo 9 hours ago

    Anyone else think this dude is like the Indian version of Mr. Beast?

  • Anitha Ramesh
    Anitha Ramesh 9 hours ago


  • Rubix Playz
    Rubix Playz 9 hours ago +1

    Grandpa is really nice I wish he never passes away

    EZPZ KZ 10 hours ago


  • Amari Lemus
    Amari Lemus 10 hours ago

    Love you

  • R. Srinath Rengarajan
    R. Srinath Rengarajan 11 hours ago

    U know what in today's society biggest threat is nobody cares about u but this old man and his son cares about so many children and people so glad.great work grandpa....keep doing good deeds

  • Andre Alves
    Andre Alves 11 hours ago

    Anão gente vou chorar quê lindo o sorriso dessas crianças 😍❤😭

    PEDRO ARIASu 11 hours ago

    Damn gramps u a bad ass nigga I hope u don’t leave us man

  • Gavin Pecor
    Gavin Pecor 12 hours ago

    I love grandpa

  • Marce West
    Marce West 12 hours ago

    Grandpa is a sweet humble person i love watching his shows cooking for people God bless him

  • J N
    J N 13 hours ago

    Br??????🤔😐 acho que só oh único aq

  • KewlLade_chicken ?
    KewlLade_chicken ? 13 hours ago

    Me is Indian I EAT poop food yeyeye me so Indian

  • AngryKuak FF
    AngryKuak FF 13 hours ago

    Nmms comen mejor que yo

  • Anthony Flores
    Anthony Flores 13 hours ago


  • suha Khaled
    suha Khaled 13 hours ago

    I break in tears every time I watch a video.... humanity needs more people like grandpa and this nice young man.... now I need to visit that place! Who knows where this is exactly in India?

  • Lu Lu
    Lu Lu 14 hours ago

    Que atitude linda

  • Xzavier Luna
    Xzavier Luna 14 hours ago

    I wish I could be there and feed those people god bless

  • hnr_ dltn
    hnr_ dltn 14 hours ago +1

    Their kitchen is so cozy and nice. It's very calm and peaceful you can hear the birds chirping

  • Twitch Arextz
    Twitch Arextz 14 hours ago

    The frenchfries are so cold

  • Hank Walter
    Hank Walter 14 hours ago +1

    Indians, a nation of people using their hands to wash their ass, pick their feet and nose and eating...

  • Ahmed Elhefny
    Ahmed Elhefny 14 hours ago +1

    يا شباب انا اول مره اطلب في تعليق ان حد يشترك في قناتي اشتركو عشان خطري

  • Miao Miao Miao Miao
    Miao Miao Miao Miao 14 hours ago


  • curtis mcdonald
    curtis mcdonald 14 hours ago +1

    Why do people dislike a old man feeding children in need

  • Diego Estrada
    Diego Estrada 15 hours ago

    **El asco que me da esque todo lo tocan con las puras manos sin usar guantes que asco da esta gente negra**

    • Brixxio
      Brixxio 15 hours ago

      Racismo Level GOD

  • Deividi Martinez
    Deividi Martinez 16 hours ago +1

    Não tem como não se emocionar assistindo seus vídeos, homem de bom coração, que Deus lhe conceda tudo em dobro parabéns 👏👏👏

    ELLI IVANOVA 16 hours ago +2


  • Under_ThE_Turtl e
    Under_ThE_Turtl e 16 hours ago

    I should be sleeping but I keep watching these..

  • Hozana Guilherme
    Hozana Guilherme 17 hours ago

    Eu acho Ásia atitudi muito boa e generosa

  • Kyojin_9
    Kyojin_9 17 hours ago

    Today I will French Fries
    I didn’t know that was a verb

  • ALE Ali
    ALE Ali 17 hours ago


  • Flammable
    Flammable 18 hours ago

    I can’t believe 21k people disliked this video he is one of the only great amazing people in this worst he needs and army by his side to protect him so he can block out the haters and keep on doing what he loves to do Cook and Helping Orphans

  • Рашия Мурзаева

    Да пусть Аллах будет доволен

  • ouadra noéla
    ouadra noéla 18 hours ago

    Verrry gooood :)

  • cachetes0210
    cachetes0210 18 hours ago


  • Janet Echeverria
    Janet Echeverria 19 hours ago +1

    No creo que haya suficiente comida para todos los niños

  • Enzo Faller
    Enzo Faller 20 hours ago

    Longue vie à toi que dieu te préserve toi ainsi que les Gens au grand cœur comme toi 🙏

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando 20 hours ago

    Heroe sin capa

  • Sunanda Ravi
    Sunanda Ravi 20 hours ago

    Luv u grandpa's ,!! U r so hardworking and at this age u help some kids u r great..... Enough grandpa's enough of working be happy with Ur son at home

  • Lorena jamar
    Lorena jamar 21 hour ago +1

    El señor es un buen hombre ...mejor dicho un buen samaritano que les da comida ala gente así debería ser el mundo entero

  • CbX_ iky
    CbX_ iky 21 hour ago

    Suscribe to pewdiepie, plese...

  • ميدو البرنس222

    جزاك •اللّـہ̣̥ خير. يارب يكثر م̷ـــِْن امثالك.

  • Abrar Khan
    Abrar Khan 22 hours ago

    Grandpa se lakdi nhi tuti. 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • enrique el fan
    enrique el fan 22 hours ago

    No hablo ingles pero se que lo que dice es bueno :)

  • 경만최
    경만최 23 hours ago

    I respect grandfafa

  • Ali Aalim
    Ali Aalim 23 hours ago +1

    Is he using a Ruler TO CUT????

  • Mbayang Gueye
    Mbayang Gueye Day ago


  • fransmich13
    fransmich13 Day ago

    Most traditionnal frites

  • savage brothers
    savage brothers Day ago +1

    Respect for you like that video

  • Bla Bla
    Bla Bla Day ago

    Naptol product

  • Kayllany Nogueira


  • Viet Le
    Viet Le Day ago

    Why's the camera guys not helping grandpa? If someone meet the camera guys, plz said:"GO TO HELL!!!!"

  • Brougui Mina
    Brougui Mina Day ago


    ITZ KASPER Day ago

    There is a spider I let him go then he is like I hate grandpas kitchen

  • Rajif Khan
    Rajif Khan Day ago

    is the best grandpa

  • Everton Oliveira

    Vida longa ao senhor

  • pets gone wild
    pets gone wild Day ago +1

    dislikers are from McDonald's 😂😂

  • สหรัถ เต็มกลิ่น


  • simerjeet kaur
    simerjeet kaur Day ago

    Those who unlike they have no fellings

  • Joana may Valdez

    Wow so kind thi grandpa

  • JoBeatz Beatbox
    JoBeatz Beatbox Day ago

    This man is doing great works!
    So much respect..

  • ROSS
    ROSS Day ago

    My grandfather passed away 2 years ago a day before my birthday and it was sorrowful for us😢😢😢. He helped me in my studies and disciplined me. Salute for all grandpas in the world❤❤❤

  • Виталий Должиков

    Живи вечно. Ты нужен планете и людям. Храни тебя Господь.

  • Joshua van Avesaath

    This is the only time that i appreciate the ads on the video 😂

  • Vimalnath Nediyedath

    your done a great job

  • Zach Ary
    Zach Ary Day ago

    grandpa has a million subs?
    still dont have a good knife
    just telling not for offensing

  • {H} YamyaM
    {H} YamyaM Day ago

    Helal olsun dayı

  • tamara
    tamara Day ago

    my nana passed away two months ago but seeing grandpa kitchen and grandpa really warms my heart. THANK YOU SO MUCH

  • Radhakanta Maiti

    Love u grandpa

  • Fortnite loards
    Fortnite loards Day ago

    Grandpa may you live long

  • Vaeh❤
    Vaeh❤ Day ago

    He’s dope has great vibes

  • MrBlackdevil11
    MrBlackdevil11 Day ago +1

    May god bless him what ever was his religion and what ever it was but what he is doing it is a human thing and just u seeing it you feel you are a human ♥️

  • Derick Free fire

    Sou brasileiro nao intendo nada da lingua mais adoro essa canal

  • juan Francisco Pech Be

    This Man deserves yo go to heaven for this


    5:55 It sound like he said butter squad

  • Mario Cesar Arques De Amaral

    Parabéns muitíssimo lindo Deus que abençoar a todos Nois amén senhor gloria a dues

  • Prem Shaik
    Prem Shaik Day ago +1

    Please any one tell me that grandpa is belong to which state

  • Spyro The Epic
    Spyro The Epic Day ago +1

    Oh mAn hEs A mAGiC Man

  • everything wrong with MUKBANGS

    god bless this man for caring for kids

  • عاشقه باسم الكربلائي

    جزاك الله خير يا عم
    ربي يوفقك انشالله

  • Timmy Thick
    Timmy Thick Day ago

    I wonder when his gonna die!

  • Janet Linda
    Janet Linda Day ago

    😭😭😭😭 me dio pena 💓❤💓