tydus got into a fight at school...

  • Published on May 24, 2019
  • I had to sort this out.
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  • Saraly Segundo
    Saraly Segundo 21 minute ago

    sad that this needs a little kid's injury for views

  • lisa stone
    lisa stone 2 hours ago

    14:16 this is were tydus or tydis or tydes or tydas got to with the ball

  • Daniel Reyes
    Daniel Reyes 2 hours ago


  • Wolfgirl Fagerland-Janna

    My name is Janna


    is that man wereing nails

  • Mc Dank
    Mc Dank 2 hours ago

    Jake paul is a hoe himself

  • Catherine Jones
    Catherine Jones 3 hours ago +1

    I thought that tydes mom was going to slap him and make the like button blue if you like puppies

  • Leighton Hart
    Leighton Hart 3 hours ago +1

    OMG that is so bad

  • Carmela Blocker
    Carmela Blocker 4 hours ago


  • Alexis Thompson
    Alexis Thompson 4 hours ago

    Why do ya keep saying u miss erika let Jake be happy move on from it. its annoying let them be

  • lil beaner
    lil beaner 5 hours ago

    Next thing you know tana leaves jake just like the twins😂

  • Meaghan Wolfe
    Meaghan Wolfe 5 hours ago

    My sister used to love you but she hates you now

  • NFO Scampi
    NFO Scampi 6 hours ago

    The next time something really happens they won’t believe it

  • Richard Hicks
    Richard Hicks 7 hours ago

    12:49 I thought he was in a fight at school 🤔🤔🤔

  • Ethan Hilliar
    Ethan Hilliar 8 hours ago

    Tana is annoying Erika would never call Tydus annoying

  • Lacey Jones
    Lacey Jones 9 hours ago

    My sister's name is mukalla

  • Lacey Jones
    Lacey Jones 9 hours ago

    My sister's name is

  • casij22745
    casij22745 10 hours ago

    JoJo siwa has a crush on you Jake Paul JJ arcega is good dancer from Dance Moms she has a really big crush on you she really wants to marry you one day

  • Ayden Houy
    Ayden Houy 10 hours ago +1

    Caption tydus gets in a fight at school vid he hits tydus in the head

  • emmy tofts
    emmy tofts 12 hours ago


  • Logan Harris
    Logan Harris 12 hours ago

    Why do you look like that

  • sandy safar
    sandy safar 14 hours ago

    ship it

  • sandy safar
    sandy safar 14 hours ago


  • Mario Minor
    Mario Minor 15 hours ago

    Why jake paul why

  • Aounil Younan
    Aounil Younan 16 hours ago


  • pru ferguson
    pru ferguson 19 hours ago

    What's up jake Paul

  • pru ferguson
    pru ferguson 19 hours ago

    I love you . Jake. Paul

  • DavisIsDavis
    DavisIsDavis 20 hours ago

    People save lives. People help disabled people. People help the environment. But some people make several clickbait videos for example a clickbait video but what they’re really doing is pretending to hurt their child

  • Nikki Bailey
    Nikki Bailey 21 hour ago


  • Kaylo
    Kaylo 21 hour ago

    How are you Jake

  • Elijah B
    Elijah B 21 hour ago +1

    That thumbnail gives it away that it’s clickbait I’m just being honest

  • Uff JJ
    Uff JJ 21 hour ago

    Wtf is wrong with you your a bad parent

  • pikacu_ pual1214
    pikacu_ pual1214 21 hour ago

    Gacha pikachu: hey tydus i know u smart

  • CookieSwirl 03
    CookieSwirl 03 22 hours ago +1

    You and jojo should be siblings y’all act the same and look alike who agrees?

  • Estarlin Francisco
    Estarlin Francisco 23 hours ago

    Why did u break up with Erika? I don't like your new girlfriend 😿

  • el niño
    el niño Day ago

    I like make and his channel and all but all he does is clickbait I the vid is called tydus got into a fight and the video doesn't mention a thing about tydus getting into a fight. !!!!!!!

  • Mint
    Mint Day ago

    You shouldent legally have a kid

  • Charles Keating
    Charles Keating Day ago

    Don’t profit off a five year old and throw a ball at a child you are an adult.

  • Sophia Black
    Sophia Black Day ago

    I thought he got in a fight at school??

  • Shelby Neitzel
    Shelby Neitzel Day ago

    This is the original team ten all over again. They get new members and they just leave again

  • Tytus Sojourner
    Tytus Sojourner Day ago

    1 like for tusks to get better

  • Danita Parm
    Danita Parm Day ago +1

    I miss jerika

  • Frankie Meza
    Frankie Meza Day ago

    Yes you should have

  • Thomas Johnson
    Thomas Johnson Day ago +1

    Is cole a boy or girl

  • Sam McBride
    Sam McBride Day ago

    Yo wow you lied i wasted my time for nothing THE TITLE WAS TYDUS GOT IN A FIGHT AT SCHOOL LIES!!!

  • hector dejesus
    hector dejesus Day ago

    f*** you

  • Lovely Sunflowers

    My name is Dana ;-;

  • Chong Khang
    Chong Khang Day ago +1

    this is a prank is it

  • Mike C
    Mike C Day ago

    poke mon

  • Constance Burlison


  • 太陽チャンSolar Chan

    Perfect todoroki face cosplay. Ok.

  • Shayan The Yeager
    Shayan The Yeager Day ago +10

    title: tydys got into a fight in school...

  • Shayan The Yeager
    Shayan The Yeager Day ago +4

    Jake: Ari's in the other room
    meh again: oh hes a boy

  • Elvira Emini
    Elvira Emini Day ago +4

    Tydus didnt really get in a school fight it was just a prank and it made me laugh😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Elvira Emini
    Elvira Emini Day ago +2

    Tydus your better than jake paul at vloging

  • E T
    E T Day ago


  • Crestwood Boys magic,frisbee, and gaming

    Me at the first second of the vid (just pretend the emojis are in black and white)✋🏻😦🤚🏻 cause i just threw some crap at his face. Later well that was a good prank

  • Andy's Corner
    Andy's Corner Day ago


  • Andy's Corner
    Andy's Corner Day ago


  • Black Flaming0
    Black Flaming0 Day ago

    Awww cmon man I wanted to see tydus beat some kid up

  • Black Flaming0
    Black Flaming0 Day ago

    2:17:The call of the wild

  • harpreet arora
    harpreet arora Day ago +3

    12:17 you can thank me by turning this button blue

  • Mauricio Acosta
    Mauricio Acosta Day ago


  • Shazia Fnu
    Shazia Fnu Day ago

    They said don't watch ur videos

  • Shazia Fnu
    Shazia Fnu Day ago

    Um hi jake poul I'm a fan and I need to say something there are people in roblox saying that they are haters and they think I'm a kid and I'm watching ur videos i told them to stop

  • Coen Dunlap
    Coen Dunlap Day ago

    Jake you inspired me to make a TVclip channel

  • YouTube Boy
    YouTube Boy Day ago +1

    You live with so much people!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cassie Roner
    Cassie Roner Day ago

    Don't prank us again 😤😫😩

  • Cassie Roner
    Cassie Roner Day ago

    Poor tydus

  • Galaxy _Bear
    Galaxy _Bear 2 days ago +1

    At 4:40 I want that guy to make Fire Flame Shoes

  • Cristina Sosa
    Cristina Sosa 2 days ago +3

    This is how I always say son of a b*

  • Victor Womack
    Victor Womack 2 days ago

    Because he threw a basketball at a five yr old

  • Victor Womack
    Victor Womack 2 days ago

    Jake is a hoe

  • Amari So lit
    Amari So lit 2 days ago


  • fazekong 2019
    fazekong 2019 2 days ago

    Is cole gay

  • Louis Rodriguez
    Louis Rodriguez 2 days ago

    this is so violent

  • Hope Zepeda
    Hope Zepeda 2 days ago

    He clickbaited us again

  • Sheila French
    Sheila French 2 days ago +2

    you are the best

  • Rachel Becker
    Rachel Becker 2 days ago

    Putsj eh SOS crab baiton lol i died at that point😂😂

  • Sam Murray
    Sam Murray 2 days ago

    Click bait because because you said he got bullied at school but you hit him with a basket ball

  • P A Tony
    P A Tony 2 days ago

    Jake you are in bizarvark

  • Naledi Mpanya
    Naledi Mpanya 2 days ago


  • Martha Rojas
    Martha Rojas 2 days ago

    Team 10

  • Jack Hough
    Jack Hough 2 days ago

    best prank lol

  • CJ G
    CJ G 2 days ago


  • Ryan Parker
    Ryan Parker 2 days ago


  • fabjo luku
    fabjo luku 2 days ago

    Ereka is gon

  • Helen Price
    Helen Price 2 days ago

    Connor impermissible onpwx

  • Helen Price
    Helen Price 2 days ago

    C8vo iwconowxonoeciboex

  • Raneceia Thomas
    Raneceia Thomas 2 days ago +1


  • Owen Neilly
    Owen Neilly 2 days ago +1

    Jake Paul call me

  • Erika Lopez
    Erika Lopez 2 days ago +1


  • Accy Clark
    Accy Clark 2 days ago

    Click bait! !!!!!!

  • Bethel Cepeda
    Bethel Cepeda 2 days ago

    That’s makeup

  • jennasolange
    jennasolange 2 days ago


  • jennasolange
    jennasolange 2 days ago

    Hmm cole more like coal

  • jennasolange
    jennasolange 2 days ago


  • Ashley Cooper
    Ashley Cooper 2 days ago

    Cole is GAY

  • Felix Freeman
    Felix Freeman 2 days ago

    Okay first of all, Jake paul is rude after his vids. 2nd of all, I think you should actually care about your fans. 3rd, No wonder why people left your channel.

  • MrJoshy54 !
    MrJoshy54 ! 2 days ago +9

    You said tydus got into a fight at school
    Haha nice job ! I got PRANKED