Conway: Dems have proved the Mueller report is irrelevant

  • Published on Dec 15, 2019
  • Counselor to President Trump Kellyanne Conway sounds off on 'Watters' World' on what's missing from Democrats' impeachment articles.
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Comments • 2 223

  • Joe Ragu
    Joe Ragu 12 days ago

    Where can i get a clone of her?

  • Joni Soma
    Joni Soma 24 days ago

    ....Latinos for Trump.

  • Potus 2020
    Potus 2020 28 days ago +1

    Shes soooo gorgeous 🎁🤶🤶🎅🎅🤠🎄🎄🎀😍😍😍😍😍🤶🤶🎅🎁🎁

  • Brent FU
    Brent FU Month ago

    Jesse's face when Kellyanne said "demand". Priceless.

  • PaulGDextraze
    PaulGDextraze Month ago

    Half the country hates Trump. If you try to reason with the Trump haters, you will be raising your blood pressure for nothing. I refuse to discuss politics with people who are blinded by hatred.

  • Veronica Mascaro
    Veronica Mascaro Month ago

    “Light bathroom reading material” - Kelly Anne is spot on.

  • Curtis Turner
    Curtis Turner Month ago

    Democrats appear to have been duped by Saul Alinsky's, "Rules for Radicals," the primer on community organizing which teaches, accuse your enemy of that of which you are guilty.

  • Steven Cope
    Steven Cope Month ago

    Hey guys, I'm from the UK. Just look what happened to the Labour Party which has gone radical Left under Jeremy Corbyn. This is exactly what is happening to the Democrats. Just wait 'til Nov 2020 and see Trump SMASH them

  • Bon Chance
    Bon Chance Month ago +1

    Ms Kellyanne Conway PATRIOT
    Beautiful , Highly Intelligent ,
    Razor Sharp Mind !
    Brava !!!
    Thankyou Kellyanne !

  • Mathieu van Leeuwen

    Impeachment ...
    When the start-up is UNLAWFUL, the end will be too.

  • Posh panda
    Posh panda Month ago

    KAC looks better day by day, is she happy.. 😯😅

  • Absque Religione
    Absque Religione Month ago

    Actually it was the level of obstruction by Trump that made it impossible to finish a full report. Trump admitted his own crimes in the Ukraine corruption. So that is easy to impeach. A full Mueller report would have impeached him also.
    It’s not the lack of evidence. It is the corruption by Trump and the republicans.

  • Ricardo Fale
    Ricardo Fale Month ago

    The world thanks all Americans who have the courage to defend the United States Constitution. It's time to send away, judge the corrupt man who occupies the White House.

  • Tom Tom
    Tom Tom Month ago

    Bunch of clowns

  • great outdoors
    great outdoors Month ago

    Listen to your husband Kellyanne....Not your perverted boss

  • Lorenzo
    Lorenzo Month ago

    So happy that Trump the destroyer is still in power.. America is on its last legs ... The world is laughing too much to take you seriously.. as Trump spins his fantasy the world positions itself to bypass the new unreliable America.. trade wars are easy to win and Mexico is paying for the wall... Ha!

  • Dan Rode
    Dan Rode Month ago +1

    Moscow Mitch

  • Dan Rode
    Dan Rode Month ago +1

    Kelly the walking talking cadaver...

  • Dan Rode
    Dan Rode Month ago +1

    Redudlicans are cowardly Donnie diaper drones.. Pathetic losers.

  • Paul Butler
    Paul Butler Month ago

    Pelosi should have kept her mouth shut just been thought a fool rather than to have opened her mouth and removed all doubt

  • Dan Rode
    Dan Rode Month ago +1

    Kelly out of her coffin.

  • Dan Rode
    Dan Rode Month ago +1

    Kelly the walking talking cadaver...

  • Terry Hoopes
    Terry Hoopes Month ago

    And Shay Mallory I am very well aware that God places people in power and takes them out of power so I don’t know what you are trying to imply

  • Terry Hoopes
    Terry Hoopes Month ago

    Sorry I meant Mr Pipin

  • Terry Hoopes
    Terry Hoopes Month ago

    Oh by the way Richard Pipkin your the one you who will be conned. I know the final outcome and you are a fool

  • do nothin
    do nothin Month ago


  • Irene Stolz
    Irene Stolz Month ago

    How is it even legally possible for the democrats to have or proceed with a one party, partisan impeachment? ????
    Oh, yes, the democrats are above any law?

  • clark kent
    clark kent Month ago

    Investigations yes

  • clark kent
    clark kent Month ago

    Independents is answer

  • Dan Rode
    Dan Rode Month ago +1

    Kelly the walking talking cadaver

  • Patricia Wilson
    Patricia Wilson Month ago

    MAGA, VOTE BLUE 💙 2020 ! 😀

  • Brandon Greenleaf
    Brandon Greenleaf Month ago

    We need a book written with all of kellyannes snarky quotes. 😂

  • Edward Pike
    Edward Pike Month ago

    The safe district House seats had no problem with impeachment. These are the congressmen/women that have been there for 20 years or so.(the house dem leaders) These leaders will only stay for sure, if they comply with the wishes of promenint radical Dems of their district are fulfilled. Their promise to these radicals was impeachment of Trump. They won't get the chance after Nov 2020. They will have to make half of the new 2018 crop of Dem reps vote for it and probably lose their seats. Even though they will lose, the Dem leadership thinks it will keep their base and donations throughout Trump's remaining 5 years.

  • sickhater380
    sickhater380 Month ago

    Didn't this guy play Ted on how I met your mother.

  • MrGrove0007
    MrGrove0007 Month ago

    laundering russian mob money thanxz illumanatti proof show hiz taxz heez broke

  • Taylor Fox
    Taylor Fox Month ago

    trump has told 13,000+ lies (in public), has cheated on ALL 3 of his wives. trump is no longer allowed to run a charity due to his mishandling of funds (nice way of saying he STOLE money from sick children and VETS.) trump has been sued many times for NOT paying workers for the work they did, and now trump gets caught trying to bribe another country's leader to dig up dirt on an American political rival. Those are just a few of his wrong doings and Americans are suppose to trust that he has our best interest at heart?
    How can any American, a so called Patriot defend a man that STOLE money from Vets?
    “ You don’t even have to be convicted of a crime to lose your job in this constitutional republic if this body determines that your conduct as a public official is clearly out of bounds in your role. Impeachment is not about punishment. Impeachment is about cleansing the office. Impeachment is about restoring honor and integrity to the office.” - Lindsey Graham , January 1999

  • Gilles Roger
    Gilles Roger Month ago +1

    DEMS have proved they don't prove anything, BED 😁

  • tlaloc1525
    tlaloc1525 Month ago

    Since, I'm rich and trump is working for the rich. I ll vote trump.

  • Steven Phan
    Steven Phan Month ago

    Kellyanne is sharp as a tack.

  • Rocket Man
    Rocket Man Month ago

    I’m an independent. I didn’t vote for Trump and I said I never would. However, Democrats’ ridiculous impeachment stunt was the last straw and I changed my mind.

  • Ivor Thomas
    Ivor Thomas Month ago

    I really like when Conway comes on Fox to speak. She's pure entertainment and I reckon in the day would given Gracie Allen a run for her money.
    If you listen to what she has to say it amounts to a diatribe in favour of the man she helped to elect.
    Apart from that who is she.
    An intellect, certainly not; a natural speaker - not when she speaks of alternate facts; mendacious, certainly; defender of corruption most definitely.
    Everyone knows it's going to end badly for Trump, this year or next or whenever.
    Kellyanne, you will have a major role in all those books that demonstrate how Trump was the most corrupt president in US history.
    What a legacy, for you, Trumps is a foregone conclusion.

  • Djm Djm
    Djm Djm Month ago

    I didn’t vote trump in 2016, he has my vote in 2020. Great job dems.

  • sanjuansteve
    sanjuansteve Month ago

    All Democrats everywhere should threaten to begin to do exactly as Drumpf and openly invite foreign countries, corporations and people to help them win their elections and to use their positions and power over others to pay for it and/or bribe/extort it from them until American Republicans think it's not acceptable (even for their cult leader), unconstitutional and maybe even treasonous.

  • Dani G
    Dani G Month ago +1

    how about some toilet paper with Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Nadlerr's picture on it so we can wipe our asses with their faces?? !!!

  • Rachel Monees
    Rachel Monees Month ago

    the demo rats are all liers Trump 2020

  • Joe James
    Joe James Month ago

    We the People want Donald J Trump in 2020 unless your a commie professor from an Ivy League College. Wake up people you are paying these moronic people when you send your kids to these places.

  • Monte Bank
    Monte Bank Month ago

    Reps, Dems, whats the Diff? Give Israel another $700 Billion NOW!. Israel FIRST!

  • barbandrob1
    barbandrob1 Month ago

    Bribery and Q.Q.P. have gone away because that is exactly what Joe Biden and Obama are guilty of doing.....

  • Todd Bellows
    Todd Bellows Month ago

    I used to be a Democrat before the party was hijacked by communists. They use the name "democrat" to keep all the hereditary democrat voters. I'm now a Trump supporting independent.

  • Drac Leirbag
    Drac Leirbag Month ago

    Lie nothing else is irrelevant or that he didnt do it or it wasn't a crime. This is ridiculous lies and minipulation to say that!

  • L F
    L F Month ago +1

    *covington’s jaw got impeached... trump’s next*

  • Alonso Salas
    Alonso Salas Month ago

    For republicans who clearly dont understand English.
    a) inconsistencies and procedural mistakes were made.
    b) however it doesn't change change the fact the conclusion was re stated last week.
    C) for those familiar with fox news. Mueller report says : Under current precedent and case la you cannot indict and charge a SITTING president. However the report said ,Potus should be inducted after he leaves office. Basically Mueller , while doing procedural mistakes still nonetheless played by the book.
    Ok this is what the Mueller report said....

  • Maria A. Gonzalez
    Maria A. Gonzalez Month ago

    Hey laddies and gentleman let's start impeaching every democrat running for president. Trump 2020 God bless the USA 🇺🇸

  • R V A
    R V A Month ago

    Here's a novel idea compromise.

  • Bittersweetbrawl
    Bittersweetbrawl Month ago

    Hi Trumptards..My Question is, "what in God's name does Hunter Biden have to do with the President using our taxes to lean on a foreign leader to investigate his electoral rivals here at home....?"

  • Thin BlueLine
    Thin BlueLine Month ago

    It was all Mueller, all the time for two years ! Is anyone surprised? No !! We were all calling this one months ago !! No nothing. But Schiff, Pelosi and Nadler took the party over the cliff long ago.. there's no going back, and they know that.. so they have no choice but to commit to impeachment. And when it fails, we will ALL be looking for another "Mueller Report" to appear soon.

  • Mark Farley
    Mark Farley Month ago

    I've always respected Kellyanne, but now I find out she's an Iggles fan! Say it ain't so, she has so much potential. Tsk tsk:(

  • Orlando Tourist Traps

    That Kellyanne Conway is so lovely and competent. Trump is so fortunate to have her.

  • John Regan
    John Regan Month ago

    No Democrats will ever see the inside of a jail cell. Just ask jessie Smollett.

  • c103110a
    c103110a Month ago

    I agree, but I'd still like to see Mueller testify once again. Watching Nadler's jaw hit the bench was priceless.