WHEN YOUR DOCTOR IS A FANBOY feat. Anthony Padilla

  • Published on Sep 8, 2019
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    (in order of appearance):
    ANTHONY PADILLA: tvclip.biz/user/AnthonyPadilla
    ADAM NEYLAN: @adamneylan
    SU JAN CHASE: @_su_jan
    Produced by:
    Su Jan Chase @_su_jan
    Morgan Roger@iammorganroger
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 3 979

  • Bearly Alive
    Bearly Alive 12 hours ago

    You should've done one of the celebrities wrong and made their appendix look ass

  • Ricky My Zone
    Ricky My Zone Day ago


  • Dash Barbosa
    Dash Barbosa 2 days ago


  • Shanti Cardoza
    Shanti Cardoza 3 days ago

    Brendan you've won my heart

  • Sakuya Izayoi
    Sakuya Izayoi 3 days ago

    Background music? Please?


    brandon roggers!!!!

  • Karen Grano
    Karen Grano 3 days ago

    I wonder what he took from david dobrik 😅😅😅

  • •Backtofront 78•

    Dolan 1 , Dolan 2 🤣🤣

  • David Specter
    David Specter 4 days ago

    Anthony you FUCKING HIPPY

  • VelocityNinja
    VelocityNinja 4 days ago +1

    "So how do you feel about giving me a shoutout?"
    "I d--I said 'How do you know what the giving tree is about?"
    "I don't think that's what you said--"
    "You *know* that's not what I said."

  • itsjustme !
    itsjustme ! 4 days ago

    Wait....Why is there (some) Famous TVclipr "guts" in Jars. Well never know ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • mr wansburgie
    mr wansburgie 4 days ago +2

    I have a wife and kids that can go away at any moment

  • Terry Tibbs
    Terry Tibbs 5 days ago

    I’m so sorry but Anthony looks like that asshole from Stranger Things and it makes me desperately want to punch him in the face.
    Love him otherwise - but damn boy, I’d like to punch that kisser!

  • MusicRainfield
    MusicRainfield 6 days ago

    Who’s Anthony Padua?

  • Nate Allan
    Nate Allan 8 days ago

    What now you fat fucking uh uh uh Anthony Padilla

  • Adam Lucas
    Adam Lucas 8 days ago

    I love these Brandon Rodgers/Anthony Padilla videos. Keep em coming

  • Matt Motley
    Matt Motley 10 days ago +2

    That shirt, I had one once.

  • Chris Star
    Chris Star 11 days ago

    Dude when I saw Casey Neistat, I died

  • Lea Quartz
    Lea Quartz 12 days ago +1

    I saw pewdiepies name on a jar

  • The boy Yeet
    The boy Yeet 13 days ago +1

    This neds to be a season

  • big boi oof
    big boi oof 16 days ago +1

    Padilla is actually my last name but he isn't in my family. It's strange

  • Badbird Inc
    Badbird Inc 16 days ago

    This is how Joan Rivers died

  • Super Mario Dante
    Super Mario Dante 16 days ago

    When you get a math problem 0:03
    Then teacher 0:04

  • Lps RoseProductions
    Lps RoseProductions 18 days ago +3

    1:45 - 1:57 😂😂😂”don’t watch or you’ll ruin his confidence”😂😭😂😂😂😭😭😂

  • CG Magick
    CG Magick 19 days ago

    My favorite part was all of it. Also, Brandon Rogers is gorgeous. Makes Anthony Padilla look like Jon Snow.

  • sissyunicorn gal24
    sissyunicorn gal24 19 days ago

    0:03 me when Brandon Rogers posts a new video

  • The Only Kaxsky
    The Only Kaxsky 20 days ago

    I love the ending

  • tea !
    tea ! 21 day ago

    did she ever give birth tho?

  • ckaji15
    ckaji15 22 days ago +2

    Show him how friendly you are
    Klaus: 😬

  • Nozzle Loafs Spinel-lancer

    Ur going to Nashville?L?

  • awhnao
    awhnao 22 days ago

    the end
    ima have nightmares

  • Microwave
    Microwave 22 days ago +1

    Did.... Did he just cut his hair??

  • Shmigdanbloo
    Shmigdanbloo 23 days ago


  • Nosre John
    Nosre John 23 days ago

    Pause it at 3:31 look at top left and bottom right there is James Charles and pewdiepie

  • Holy Awesome55
    Holy Awesome55 23 days ago

    0:29 I like how in subtitles he says “you too”
    And she got it right by saying youtube

  • Seiyuōkami Himura
    Seiyuōkami Himura 23 days ago +1

    Anyone else want their organs harvested by Brandon Rogers?

  • Blue Pencil
    Blue Pencil 23 days ago

    Send a search and rescue party, our boi is in trouble..😬

  • Trippy Redd
    Trippy Redd 24 days ago

    Fucking Alaris man

  • xX ᴘɪxɪ-ᴛᴜɴᴇs Xx

    Omg James Charles was in the collection XD

  • Teddy Blaze
    Teddy Blaze 26 days ago

    He took Liza's pancreas

  • C J V
    C J V 26 days ago +1


  • Eva at
    Eva at 27 days ago

    Tom from MySpace is my favourite

  • Nick M
    Nick M 27 days ago

    WAIT HOL UP she says I don’t watch TVclip than how do you know you WATCH stuff on TVclip EXPLAIN THAT BITCH

  • ASMR Meme Central
    ASMR Meme Central 27 days ago +1

    Legend has it that the women is still giving labor

  • Makayla Brooks
    Makayla Brooks 28 days ago


  • Eomma Jin Says Stob It

    The first thing I thought was appendicitis.

  • Eomma Jin Says Stob It

    This is hilarious

  • 唯遥
    唯遥 Month ago +1

    "what a virgo thing to say"
    *remembering that I share Anthony's birthday*

  • TheRealGarfield7
    TheRealGarfield7 Month ago

    Dolan 1 Dolan 2 brings some fun to you the Dolan Twins did you forget about us yet

  • devil ecs
    devil ecs Month ago +1

    My last name is Padilla. 😭😭😭

  • yaoifan 4wife
    yaoifan 4wife Month ago

    'dont look or your going to ruin his confidence'

  • Reapers Winter
    Reapers Winter Month ago

    The lady in labor in the lobby 😂

  • All Vanilla
    All Vanilla Month ago

    God his hair is perfect

  • FYBER Viper
    FYBER Viper Month ago

    Jake Paul

  • Potato Bunny
    Potato Bunny Month ago

    So we just gonna ignore the "when *you* doctor is a fanboy"

  • ᄂ마ura_ Serenity

    Oml James Charles is there!!!??

  • PewDiePie 2
    PewDiePie 2 Month ago

    Ok Boomer

  • Anand dhanola
    Anand dhanola Month ago +1

    Legend says that lady is still in labor

  • yummy C
    yummy C Month ago +1

    The title of the screen play is “you” and supposed to be spelled as “your” 🤣

  • Paddy Kemp
    Paddy Kemp Month ago

    I got my appendix removed a week ago lol