Theo Von's Owl Moment - JRE Toons

  • Published on Jul 16, 2019
  • Another hilarious moment animated by PaulyToon from the Joe Rogan Experience #1225 - Theo Von (

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  • Pimp Stallion
    Pimp Stallion 3 days ago

    Fucking joes face at 3:39 got me good

  • Vincenzo Pollice
    Vincenzo Pollice 4 days ago


  • Rich Nokes
    Rich Nokes 6 days ago +1

    Holy Fuck... This shit is bananas... So impressed...

  • Kudo
    Kudo 13 days ago

    Nice captions youtube

  • ScorpioSoul13 90
    ScorpioSoul13 90 13 days ago

    Joe’s eyes when he says, “you guys ate owl?”

  • April Bumbalough
    April Bumbalough 13 days ago

    These are fucking great! Needs to be the whole fucking show! ?

  • mr. m
    mr. m 17 days ago +1

    love these, they are all good.

  • Robert Gauss
    Robert Gauss 29 days ago

    These are gold.

  • Jess Contreras
    Jess Contreras Month ago

    The animation makes the conversation 10 times better! 😂 theo w/ his bs sometimes hahaha 👍🏽 gang gang

  • Robert Nicholson
    Robert Nicholson Month ago

    "you shouldn't say that on a podcast"
    Proceeds to specifically edit that part out and release it as an animation.
    Classic Joe.

  • G00ober
    G00ober Month ago

    It is illegal to eat owls, even keeping an owl feather is. Shit Von, you fucked up

  • Javed Ahmed
    Javed Ahmed Month ago

    This was the most stoned conversation I've ever heard on this show.

  • BigDH28
    BigDH28 Month ago +3

    Omfg! Is paulytoon still doing these!!!? Holy shit man, im rolling on the bed laughing my ass off.... the man has skills! Hespect! ✊️👍🤣

  • Nick Hansen
    Nick Hansen Month ago

    WTF hahahaha. F that, just hit up little Cesar’s lol 😂

  • Ryan Grondin
    Ryan Grondin Month ago +1

    Please have Devon Larratt on!!!!!

  • Smith Smith
    Smith Smith Month ago

    I read that as owl movement and was waiting for a poop joke. Sadly, that didnt happen.

  • Callum Brown
    Callum Brown Month ago

    Jamie 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • edd meyer
    edd meyer Month ago

    I need more of these in my life.

  • Margot Campos
    Margot Campos Month ago

    Even funnier as a toon…Hilarious!

  • Deckard76
    Deckard76 Month ago


  • Quigon Paj
    Quigon Paj Month ago +2

    Omfg. I remember it at the time, and thought "Theo Von is SOOO not right." Laughed my ass off, but wouldn't have EVER have been turned into THIS. Life is great.

  • Dalton H
    Dalton H Month ago

    Can we get a video mashup of everytime Jamie does that chuckle in the backgroud??? hahaha! Powerful Jamie!

  • Nick Candreva
    Nick Candreva Month ago

    Oh whoa! Did you guys make these in Adobe Animate? Looks so good.

  • Carlos Chavez
    Carlos Chavez Month ago

    Joes big eyes when he says "You guys ate owls?" fucking kills me everytime

  • Vahan Chilian
    Vahan Chilian Month ago

    what program are you guys using to animate these? looks great btw

  • Victor Martinez
    Victor Martinez Month ago

    I hate this lol

  • Fuzzy Trtle
    Fuzzy Trtle Month ago

    I love Joe but he is so slow with picking up on jokes in his pods. Especially when you have someone like Theo who's brain is just off the wall

  • ElegeantFencer
    ElegeantFencer Month ago

    1:33 Joe's dumbfounded expression as a talking owl dlirts with him. Lol.

  • José Rezende
    José Rezende Month ago


  • Luis Araujo
    Luis Araujo Month ago +1

    Please do some with the podcast with Ms. Pat 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • John LeMay
    John LeMay Month ago

    Theo 100.01% ate some owl.

    TICKLE SCHITTZ Month ago

    Joe's sad puppy eyes at :40 lol

  • josh jacobus
    josh jacobus Month ago

    Owl ain’t too bad

  • Honor in Treason
    Honor in Treason Month ago +4

    These cartoons are turning into my favorite part of this channel.

    • Honor in Treason
      Honor in Treason Month ago

      This is That Diaz was hilarious. My favorite was the Alex Jones Toon. That had me laughing so hard tears were streaming down my face. Whoever is drawing these really has a talent in my opinion,

    • This is That
      This is That Month ago +1

      Yeah buddy simple but effective. Still the best was Joey Coco Diaz I can't remember which one it was but oh my God....

  • J. Rayna216
    J. Rayna216 Month ago

    I can’t figure out if Theo is literally just that quick and funny on purpose or if he’s just kind a like a goon. Either way he says some funny shit. “Well........I didn’t have alot!”

  • CoochieObtainer 69
    CoochieObtainer 69 Month ago

    What's ironic is that owls are some of the dumbest animals out there

  • Connor Boone
    Connor Boone Month ago


  • Taylor Ramos
    Taylor Ramos Month ago

    Joe you need to bring some climate scientists on to discuss global warming

  • Georges St-ock Market- Pierre

    “ well , i didnt have alot “

  • Fight Perfect TV
    Fight Perfect TV Month ago

    Pretty sure he mean Quail .... not Owl.... mind fart, too much weed.... Quail = Owl, easy mistake lol hahahha

  • Lola Nola
    Lola Nola Month ago +1

    Joe: Bro I think eating Owls is illegal. Probably shouldn’t say that on air.
    Theo: ......I didn’t have a lot actually I think I even spit it out. 😂😂😂🥴🦉

  • Bob Dobbz
    Bob Dobbz Month ago

    Theo Von needs his own cartoon on Netflix. I'd watch the shit out of that shit.

  • Chris Barrett
    Chris Barrett Month ago +1

    Holy shit this was great.

  • Squeaky McBink
    Squeaky McBink Month ago

    Joe was SO DEFENSIVE around Theo. He is so intimidated by him.

  • Michel Ebisch
    Michel Ebisch Month ago

    Please get Comment Etiquette on your podcast!

  • Matty Shuttleworth
    Matty Shuttleworth Month ago

    Daniel Sloss please

  • Eli Charles
    Eli Charles Month ago

    You should have Michael Reeves on the JRE podcast...

  • Johnny Burke
    Johnny Burke Month ago

    Gang gaaaaang

  • scotiansen
    scotiansen Month ago

    Joe on vacation? Apparently he needs a vacation from the vacation that is his every day life. Talking shit for a living, having a free pass to every UFC event for life, being rich as fuck, getting stoned, going on awesome hunting trips whenever he wants etc. must be too draining on the soul.

    • Jack Banker
      Jack Banker Month ago

      Sounds like he's working all the time

  • [OG] Old Gamers 2M8ER

    Needs to be a cartoon on adult swim! Make it happen pls

  • Sam Sylvain
    Sam Sylvain Month ago

    I got a fever and the only thing to cure it is some Keaunu Reeves...just saying

  • mighty migs
    mighty migs Month ago +2

    Shout out to pauly toon amazing work

  • Declan Dorsey
    Declan Dorsey Month ago +3

    joe rogan disappears when we are getting ready to raid area 51 hmmm

  • Mat Guerra
    Mat Guerra Month ago +2

    Where in the world is JRE?

  • Smokimus Dankimus
    Smokimus Dankimus Month ago +1

    Joe's slipping on these podcasts. He needs to get his ass out of the isolation tank and drop a podcast!

  • Toothless Aggression
    Toothless Aggression Month ago +2

    lets make special edition of jre, while joe is on a vacation

    The Young Jamie Experience

  • Toothless Aggression
    Toothless Aggression Month ago +2

    Is Joe dead???????

  • Chris Machaj
    Chris Machaj Month ago

    “Well... I didn’t have a lot.”

  • optimus seattle
    optimus seattle Month ago

    What happened to Joe did the cia get a hold of him?

  • Here and Now Central intelligence

    I hope you haven't sold us out for your family joe rogan I'm fucking having withdral symptoms jesus man hook a brother up podcast the shit out of something quick