I Didn’t Get My License...

  • Published on Jan 3, 2019
  • Most of you guys probably know that I just turned #16, which means it’s FINALLY time for me to be able to #DRIVE! Getting my #license ended up being A LOT harder than I thought it was going to be… How well do y’all think I did with parallel parking?? 😅
    Learning to drive was actually not that hard for me, and I really enjoyed it for the most part! I’m excited to finally be able to drive myself places (I know my parents are excited for that too). I’ve had my drivers permit for a while now, so I feel like I’ve been able to practice driving a lot. That helped a lot with the nerves leading up to the actual test, because I felt super prepared for it!
    The one thing that my dad insisted on me practicing until I perfected was parallel parking… It’s honestly not that bad, it just takes a second to get a feel for how to do it. Luckily, my dad tested me with different potential “distractions” that may occur in real life situations, so now I’m ready for whatever comes my way. 😂 What do you think of his tests??
    The day came for me to actually take my driving test, and I passed! The next step was waiting for my actual birthday to just go pick up my license, and I would be good to go… WRONG! After waiting in line for over 5 hours on my birthday, I found out that I had to re-take my drivers test as a 16 year old in order to get my license… 🙈 I think I’m the only person in the world that has had to take their driving test twice to get their license… And, I STILL don’t have it! 😅
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  • Kamri Noel
    Kamri Noel  19 days ago +923

    What about driving are you MOST looking forward to?? Comment below! 💕 -Kamri

    • IIToriII
      IIToriII 10 days ago

      Kamri Noel the freedom that comes with it because I’m 17 and only have a permit

    • princess merrell
      princess merrell 12 days ago +1

      I will go to the mall and my friends house and you know🎢🎡

    • Mary Spence
      Mary Spence 15 days ago

      I drive already.

    • Angiedreamworld 101
      Angiedreamworld 101 15 days ago

      I’m also 11 lol

    • Halle Bair
      Halle Bair 16 days ago

      Going to Starbucks after school 😂😂😂

  • Jenna Campbell
    Jenna Campbell Day ago

    Ah,poor Kamri. I failed my driver's test cause of parallel parking too.

  • xuxatoby123
    xuxatoby123 2 days ago

    Jordan Matter sent me😜

  • Jenni Poceros
    Jenni Poceros 3 days ago

  • Paige meaney
    Paige meaney 4 days ago

    Your not the only one because my dad passed in 2008 when I was born in

  • Georgia Morris
    Georgia Morris 5 days ago

    You look so much like Brooklyn❤

  • Scarlett _104
    Scarlett _104 5 days ago

    I’m turning 15 on my next birthday so thanks for the tips!

  • Rampage Cradle
    Rampage Cradle 6 days ago +1

    He looks like Bruce Wayne...

  • Kwi Sook Im
    Kwi Sook Im 6 days ago

    What did the librarian say to the students?

    Read More

  • Dud Adam
    Dud Adam 8 days ago

    I was driving at 13....

  • icantbeweaveit
    icantbeweaveit 8 days ago

    Your family is #youtubegoals. Y’all are so smart with it! I can only image the income$$$$.

  • Cassandra Williams
    Cassandra Williams 9 days ago

    That’s so weird because I took my driving test before I was 16 and they still accepted it when I went in to get my license. Lame, the dmv sucks😂 well hopefully you get it soon!

  • Hadleigh Hilgert
    Hadleigh Hilgert 9 days ago

    "I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who has to take my drivers test again" Brooklyn had to....

  • George Gomez
    George Gomez 9 days ago

    What I,m looking forward to when I start to drive is that I can go to the mall with friends

  • CailynGrace
    CailynGrace 10 days ago

    Your hands should be a 3 and 9 (it’s safer!) and you shouldn’t cross your hand over each other when you turn. But congrats! I just passed my driving test a few weeks ago :)

  • chimchim _
    chimchim _ 10 days ago

    I have my test on Tuesday!! We don’t have to parallel park where I live though.

  • Cosmo Vlog
    Cosmo Vlog 10 days ago

    If you failed it once then okay, but twice!!! Just ride a bycicle

  • yo janet
    yo janet 10 days ago

    omg so stressful!

  • Alicia Maldonado
    Alicia Maldonado 10 days ago

    What was the song that was played in the background when Karmi was talking about how she passed her test?

  • Bailey Buttars
    Bailey Buttars 10 days ago

    In Utah, I'm usually only at the DMV for like... 45 minutes. Also, I did pass my driving test(barely) and I am actually a better driver than my friend who got 100% on her driving test.

  • Dusti Green
    Dusti Green 11 days ago

    Dad: soooooo are there any boys
    Kamri: why are you being so weird? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kaeli Randall
    Kaeli Randall 11 days ago

    Ya they really are

  • Alison Ho
    Alison Ho 11 days ago

    In Canada BC you take your driving test on the actual road and you must parallel and reverse park to pass!

  • littlepinkunicorn
    littlepinkunicorn 11 days ago

    That's crazy! My sister passed at 15 and still got her licence...

  • cheryl norris
    cheryl norris 11 days ago

    for my test you literally drive around the block..

  • Sean _reviews
    Sean _reviews 11 days ago

    Her came is Camry? Do you have a son named corolla😂?

  • Anna Goldstein
    Anna Goldstein 11 days ago

    Oof. I got my license last June. Luckily I only had to take the test once because I took it thru the driving school I was at.

  • acttrammell
    acttrammell 11 days ago

    I took driver's ed in high school because it was required with health and got my yellow card. With the yellow card you go to the DMV and give them the yellow card and take the picture and I got my license. Also got my boat license.

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana 11 days ago

    Dammm girl your so beautiful (;

  • Chiara Groh
    Chiara Groh 11 days ago

    But you do your driving test in real traffic right? We have to do it in real traffic and pass at least 3 basic tasks such as parallel parking, parking backwards, hazard breaking and turning back. Do you also have to do that? Also if I would forget looking into my mirrors and blind spot, I'd fail. If I am too close to a bush or whatever I'd fail too... there is actually a whole protocol with mistakes that will make you fail here.

  • Chiara Groh
    Chiara Groh 11 days ago

    In my country you can only drive alone when you are 18 lol good thing I'm turning 18 on Monday and can finally drive alone :)

  • Lexii Sanchez
    Lexii Sanchez 11 days ago

    You don't have to pass the parallel parking especially in Texas. When i took mine i attempted that portion but he asked if i wanted to deduct those points and i said yes and still passed on the first try.. This was 6 years ago so i'm not sure if they changed it since then.

  • eric leclair
    eric leclair 12 days ago

    Hope You get It Soon!! I Got my license a year ago to this Month. Good Luck to you!!!

  • Saleita Smith
    Saleita Smith 12 days ago +1

    I love ❤️ the way you edit your video on TVclip I am your biggest fan you make an amazing video on TVclip I love 💕 watching your video on TVclip

  • Nerdvana
    Nerdvana 12 days ago

    I wish the driving test was this easy in Ireland 😭

  • Hannah Berkau
    Hannah Berkau 12 days ago

    I have!! think military kid moving states every 18 months and none of the states will except the other states learners permit and drivers ed. It has taken me 4 years to get my license. So I completely understand your frustration!

  • Mrs Cromdubya
    Mrs Cromdubya 12 days ago

    Hey Kamri. It also took me a while to get my permit. I was 15 before Everyone so I got my permit early then it expired and I had to take the test again and it took me 3 times to pass it again. And the DMV is no joke, get ready for a long journey of DMV days. Hopefully you finally got your license. And be careful out on those roads.

  • Chloe Jennings
    Chloe Jennings 12 days ago

    the driving test in my town is crazy difficult. hardly anyone has passed their first time because they always find a way to fail you

  • Brinasnw99
    Brinasnw99 12 days ago

    Our driving tests were taken at my school before we turned 16 then we went to DMV on our birthday or after to get our licenses. My parents wouldn’t let me get mine until 1 month later and they choose a day when I had a tumbling recital practice and my first prom so we were hoping to just go in there and get a license and leave. We got to the DMV and it was a day that they make you take the test regardless of the paperwork you bring. I had to retake my test, then get processed for the license and run home for prom after a recital practice. It was an interesting time. Might be frustrating at the time, but it will make for a good story later on when you can laugh about it.

  • Malia Saez
    Malia Saez 12 days ago

    if it makes you fell better i failed my license test twice and i’m 17

  • Gwen Llewellyn
    Gwen Llewellyn 12 days ago

    In Pennsylvania you have to parallel park before they allow you to go on the road.

  • Ruba Raad
    Ruba Raad 12 days ago

    I failed my test the first time before I could even make it out of the parking spot. Second time around, I passed it a few years ago, but the lady giving me the test scared the heck out of me telling me I failed lol so while we were both walking back in to get my license, she told me “let’s tell your bf you failed” so I played along and we got him good but he was so shocked and happy knowing I actually got it.

  • SouthernSweet
    SouthernSweet 13 days ago

    I took my drivers test and passed several years ago now. I remember it took 12 times for the DMV to get the paperwork to process. Each time different employees would refuse to accept it cause they made up that I didn’t have all the paper when I had everything in a folder ready to go. Then on the last attempt I brought the same amount of paperwork and the man finally passed it🙄

  • Jordan Alexandra
    Jordan Alexandra 13 days ago

    I feel so bad for all of the complications 😂😂

  • Hannie Texting stories

    I'm confused Brooklyn and Bailey are twins right? And their surname is Mckinght? And Kamri looks literally like Brooklyn and Bailey I'm confused they are sisters? Or they are triplets? I LOVE THEM I'M JUST CONFUSED HAHAHAHHA

  • Jaylynn Huff
    Jaylynn Huff 13 days ago

    Took me four tries love, don't sweat it

  • Brianna McD
    Brianna McD 13 days ago

    I turn 16 on the 30th, but I am not taking my test on my birthday. My mom and I both agree that I am not ready yet.

  • S Samantha
    S Samantha 13 days ago

    Yes you can pass without passing your parallel parking 😂 I passed my test yesterday, but completely bombed my parallel parking when usually I always nailed it practicing with my parents 😂

  • hi
    hi 13 days ago

    wait what I can’t even get my permit til i’m 16

  • Alda Guerrero
    Alda Guerrero 13 days ago

    Here in Texas you have to take driver's ed before getting your license (if you aren't 18) Then one you get your permit you have to do 30 hours of driving with an adult. You also have to have your permit for 6 months. Then you actually take you driver's test, but we have restrictions and the restrictions are lifted once you are 18.

  • Jordan Elise
    Jordan Elise 13 days ago

    14?? What state do you get your license at fourteen

  • Elise
    Elise 14 days ago

    I love Kamri way more than Brooklyn and Bailey! She's way more my style

  • Elizabeth El
    Elizabeth El 14 days ago

    Do they take the test in parks ?

  • Abby Smith
    Abby Smith 14 days ago

    Okay, so I took my drive test almost a month before I turned 16 and that was the norm, to get the test done before your birthday and then go to get your license once you are actually 16, that is so weird that you have to take the test when you are actually 16

    CASSANDRA NICOLE 14 days ago

    Here in Australia you can get your licence at age 18 and you can learn how to drive at age 16

  • Layla Gerhard
    Layla Gerhard 14 days ago

    CLICKBAIT!! good job kamri! please be careful tho!!

  • Alexis Trapp
    Alexis Trapp 14 days ago

    A rat ran out in front of my car during my drivers test and I had to slam on my brakes. I still passed and only got marked off because I didn't use my turn signals on the 3-point turn. That was about a year ago but congratulations on your license even if you don't have the piece of plastic lol

  • ThatRandom _Girl
    ThatRandom _Girl 14 days ago

    how old is Kamri

  • marie rivera
    marie rivera 14 days ago +1

    Girl I haven’t even passed my permit test because all I did to study was the dmv genie but they didn’t reach me everything I needed to know. I only needed one more right answer to pass. I try to tell my mom to put me in driving school for I can learn what I need to learn for my permit and then get my drivers license there too but she said she’ll only put me into driving school if I get my permit. I’m slowly becoming the few people without a permit and it’s just sad.

    • TheDisneyactressfan
      TheDisneyactressfan 14 days ago

      marie rivera yea the dmv genie is crap test that really helped me were driving school practice test look on websites for driving schools in your area see if they have free practice test

  • tameka39
    tameka39 14 days ago +13

    I'm 32 years old and I haven't got my license because I'm seriously having a driving phobia I get so scared every time I get in the car to drive. I havey permit just can't bring myself to take this drivers test I get so scared.

    • armywife1-4
      armywife1-4 4 days ago

      Just got my license and I’m 23! I didn’t want to do it either but once I did, it was such a HUGE relief I don’t know why I waited so long because life is so much easier now💕

    • Natalie Rios
      Natalie Rios 8 days ago +2

      I can relate I got my license so that I wouldn’t have to walk to school but I never drive anywhere besides my high school or where I used to work both are extremely close to where I live and I could technically walk to both places. I refuse to drive anywhere else. I’m in college now and I don’t work anywhere right now so I’m currently not driving at all because it gives me anxiety

  • Dorina Biró
    Dorina Biró 15 days ago

    Omg! Is it this easy to get your license in the USA?

  • Kaydence YEUNG [08F]
    Kaydence YEUNG [08F] 15 days ago

    techically you didnt get ur licence so not clickbait but soooo mean.

  • Barbie Queen
    Barbie Queen 15 days ago

    2:16 I thought that was Brooklyn!!

  • Kaitlyn Siqueiros
    Kaitlyn Siqueiros 15 days ago

    Happy birthday

  • Mary Spence
    Mary Spence 15 days ago

    Actually the curb test is like 3 inches when I took the test

  • Natalie Sofia
    Natalie Sofia 15 days ago

    That’s so crazy! But, I’m glad you passed!💕

  • maggie doodle
    maggie doodle 15 days ago

    he got his license at 14? So he practiced driving at 13??

  • It’s Hamilton Boyzzz

    I got my license the 12th of December 🙌🏻

  • Jaylynn Santos
    Jaylynn Santos 15 days ago

    DMV has been “held up” for the past two years and literally Ik so many people who never got their license

  • Naomi D
    Naomi D 15 days ago

    How did Shawn get his license at 14

  • Mya Kacvinsky
    Mya Kacvinsky 15 days ago

    I had to take my driving test 4 times before I got my license, after the 3rd time I got stressed out and gave up and cried and never wanted to drive again. I later got into a car accident that month with my ex boyfriend that couldn’t drive and it gave major anxiety whenever I got in a car with someone. In April of last year my temps expired so I went and retook the permit test and passed with a 97% I bought my own car and drove around with my mom for a good two weeks before I decided to book my next test. When it came to the date where I had to take my test for the fourth time I was extremely panicked and nervous like anyone is on their test day. I did completely fine until it was time to make a left turn into the BMV and I turned at the wrong time into traffic. I failed and I was super stressed out but I re booked my next test date and I took it and passed with an almost perfect score and I was shaking when I found out I ran into the BMV and I was jumping up and down and I finally got it. Don’t be discouraged, people always have worse situations you’ll get it!

  • Angie Nimo
    Angie Nimo 15 days ago

    My driving test story is that when I went to go take the test my right leg (the one used to step on the gas and break) was shaking so hard like I could not control the shakiness. I was also kind of sweating and because my leg was shaking so hard I almost didn't hit the pedal.

  • Nikki Mirhosseyni
    Nikki Mirhosseyni 15 days ago

    I failed my first test. Similar situation to the kid running out and you have to slam your brakes when it wasn't your fault, on my test a car at one intersection ran a red light and I had to slam on my brakes and the person had to fail me because slamming is an automatic fail. She took me through the rest of the course so I could at least find any weak spots.... I would have had a perfect score. Passes the second time with a 99

  • ItsJustMeAllie
    ItsJustMeAllie 15 days ago

    At least you didn't have to do your test in a manual car like me! 😂

  • Grace Reiter
    Grace Reiter 15 days ago

    Man, that really sucks!!

  • Pug Lover
    Pug Lover 15 days ago

    In Norway u have to be 18 to get your license. And when u are 17 u sign up to drive with a driving instructor. U learn stuff from then. And when u turn 17.5 y can take a theoretical test where u get 45 question and u can only have 7 wrong to pass. Then u drive some more and earlier on your 18th birthday u take the driving test. And if u pass u take a picture for your license and u go home. And then u get it in the mail withing a week. So much easier than having to wait for 5 hours...

  • Pug Lover
    Pug Lover 15 days ago

    I used paralell parkins this weekend. Twice!

  • Kaylee Tedder
    Kaylee Tedder 15 days ago

    O my gosh! I feel sooo bad for u! If that happened to me I would be going crazy

  • bea schuchmann
    bea schuchmann 15 days ago

    I lost it at "baby ducklings"! Hahahahahahaha

  • Keri122
    Keri122 16 days ago

    I failed my test the first time because I didn't look over my shoulder backing up.

  • Aashna Belur
    Aashna Belur 16 days ago

    in India you can get a licence without taking a test at that moment but within 6 months you have to clear the driving test or else your licence will be cancelled.

  • Charlotte Andrews
    Charlotte Andrews 16 days ago

    I did the math and I can get my permit in 16 months, I’m only 13

  • gabbee samia
    gabbee samia 16 days ago


  • EmmaLouisexx
    EmmaLouisexx 16 days ago

    In Ireland they don’t test parallel parking just reversing around corners

  • Claire Allen
    Claire Allen 16 days ago +1

    God bless you all

  • adri cavazos
    adri cavazos 16 days ago

    I failed parallel parking during my first test and I still got my license on the first try. 💁🏽‍♀️

  • Joanna Rodriguez
    Joanna Rodriguez 16 days ago

    I’m going to take my test tomorrow for the third time.... hopefully I pass!

  • madie petrou
    madie petrou 16 days ago

    Lol yeah you are supposed to stop behind the white line at a stop sign, that’s why it’s there

  • Anna D
    Anna D 16 days ago +1

    Happy Sweet Sixteen!

  • Tachfa T
    Tachfa T 16 days ago

    I failed twice

  • Regann Fishell
    Regann Fishell 16 days ago

    I had to take my test 3 times because of paperwork issues I feel your pain

  • Sanvi Kulkarni
    Sanvi Kulkarni 16 days ago

    You did awesome Kamri!! I feel bad that you didn't get your license, just know that you tried your BEST!!

  • Alaska Young
    Alaska Young 16 days ago +3

    Its crazy how u look sooooooo much like Brooklyn and Bailey. I thought you guys were triplets at first.

  • Marisol Margarita
    Marisol Margarita 16 days ago

    In May it will be a year that I will have my permit and I haven’t even gone in the main road because I’m scared.

    • TheDisneyactressfan
      TheDisneyactressfan 16 days ago

      Marisol Margarita I did not go on the road for three years after I got my permit and it’s now been nearly 4 years since I got it and I’ll finally be taking my test text month

  • ereese fetner
    ereese fetner 16 days ago

    Updated room tour

  • Kailin Markham
    Kailin Markham 16 days ago

    Ugh I need to get mine ASAP!! I got my permit when I was 16 and I could’ve gotten my license like 6 months ago but I’m nervous to do my road lessons

  • Fluffy Alpaca
    Fluffy Alpaca 16 days ago

    omg i know which dmv she went to! i hate going there because it takes foreverrrrrr, i recommend going to a mega center

  • Autumn Grace
    Autumn Grace 16 days ago

    yes its awful I went to the DMV 5 times before I got my permit its ridiculous

  • Mary-Grace Chirco
    Mary-Grace Chirco 16 days ago

    At least you passed and got urs at 16 I’m 18 and I’m about to get my real license tomorrow the same day my 16 year old sister is probs getting hers so that sucks lol

  • Nalani Patel
    Nalani Patel 16 days ago

    he said blinker fluid so many times