Game of Thrones Season 8 Finale Review: "The Iron Throne" - Dragons on the Wall

  • Published on May 20, 2019
  • Spoilers! Terri, Laura, Jim and Joshua give their finale reactions to THAT death and who ended up being king of Westeros in our Game of Thrones Season 8, episode 6 "The Iron Throne" review, plus lay out our biggest WTF questions that will never be answered.
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Comments • 584

  • 54markl
    54markl 13 days ago

    Benioff and Weiss shall be known for all time as the Show Slayers!

  • 54markl
    54markl 13 days ago

    Weighed, weighed, measured, found lacking. Grey Worm would have killed Jon on the spot. Drogon probably would have beat him to it. Don’t hand me this!

  • michael treu
    michael treu 21 day ago

    A well done death? Are you serious? Cersi and Jaime's death was so comically bad. it is like something a 12 year old would write.

  • michael treu
    michael treu 21 day ago

    Are you guys trying to be nice? This season has been horrible... so damn horrible.

  • Dwight Wallbridge
    Dwight Wallbridge 23 days ago

    But... who closed the gate behind them...

  • Christy Cree
    Christy Cree 24 days ago

    I don’t get it.
    I felt it was decent.

  • Henbot
    Henbot 25 days ago

    All the non-white foreigners (who happened to be non-white got on mass booted out which by the way does qualify as ethnic cleansing) booted out from Westeros by the white folk. If they tried a whole Romeo Juliet with Dany and Jon it doesn't work if one of the pair survives. For me, Drogon was heading to either ruin of Valyria or Shadow Lands and Assai.

  • Henbot
    Henbot 25 days ago

    The line of succession in the show has been non-existent. Bran had no claim to it but with it gone then they could make him. Like Cersei should never be able to become queen without them showing us how much terrible suppression she was doing. Also they literally never mentioned Meereen and Essos again- it deserved mention even if it was that what she built had completely collapsed. Essos was like 6 seasons. Also, Red Keep has magically been rebuilt this episode. It would have been nice a conversation with them saying "no Targaryen anymore"

  • Henbot
    Henbot 25 days ago

    Bronn shouldn't have been rewarded with Highgarden and the Council slot. Piece of trash Bron is. Certainly seemed like Cersei forgot that Bron was meant to kill her bros otherwise be killed.

  • Henbot
    Henbot 25 days ago

    Wiping out Slave Masters that mutilated children and pedos are not the same as targeting children, babies and civilians. The argument that "they chose Cersei" doesn't make sense because she never had the absolutism with civilians and Masters. She didn't exterminate the slaves with that same notion. The whole "War is a drug" makes no sense because she never has shown such addiction. The romance was terrible and never worked with Jon and Daenerys. Though the actors tried to sell it and their performances did to an extent.

  • Henbot
    Henbot 25 days ago

    Well, Arya said in the early season she wanted to sail west. If that was her dream and assassination was just a sidetrack from that dream I wish we had earlier bits leak in about how her real dream is to sail west. I'd like to know if GRRM told the Showrunners that Jon Kills Dany or Dany exterminates King's Landing and Jon kills her. If he just told them that Jon kills Dany then they deliberately contrived the massacre thinking it be enough for people to not care about killing Dany. The episode for me was too Stark-centric, Tyrion had longer time adjusting his chairs then Daenerys got when she died. It was hollow for me. I would have preferred two longer seasons with way better writing. I liked though if they did the Caeser route which was Dany gets betrayed by Westeros Lords rather then her having to be so evil.

  • nonchalantd
    nonchalantd 25 days ago

    In the sequel, Jon goes crazy because he's a Targaryen alone in the world that feels guilty for directly and indirectly killing the only loves of his life. Drogon finds him. Jon goes on a rampage with Drogon and is the new villain.

  • refderer _
    refderer _ 26 days ago

    At least Jon got where he wanted to be! He never wanted the throne so it wouldn't really have been satisfying to see that imo

  • Mluna792
    Mluna792 26 days ago

    The biggest show in history and everyone's who liked the final episode has the same reaction of it's "fine" haha how is that not the biggest tell of all. A mediocre ending for the most epic show ever made. Very disappointing

  • Nora Gonzalez
    Nora Gonzalez 27 days ago

    La host de pelo cafe esta super tronco. Que la quiten y dejen a la güerita, tiene mas capacidad.

  • guitarHero1885
    guitarHero1885 27 days ago

    sellouts about everything huh? smh.

  • PhamNet
    PhamNet 27 days ago

    I couldnt stop observing Laura’s Double Dragons

  • Kille
    Kille 27 days ago

    Sign the petition at:

  • 860anthony
    860anthony 27 days ago

    Dany broke the wheel to have it replaced by.......two wheels. Jon kills Dany and tear. Jon kills Dany. Dothraki and Unsullied go.....meh. Tyrion throws his hand of the queen pin down at Danys feet she goes......take him away. Jon kills Dany. Drogon goes......nooooooo! and doesn't kill Jon but melts the throne instead. Bran is asked if he wants to be king and says.........why do you think I came all this way. What? No further questions.

  • pplr1
    pplr1 27 days ago +6

    Great "overall" means horrible at some point-in this case the end-and abusing the rest to prop it up.
    Dig deeper and many details are bad, also why would the rest of the lords accept Bran if his own sister will not-does anyone smell a civil war coming?

  • DewkChronic
    DewkChronic 27 days ago +1

    Tyrion gave his life to save Jaime and Cersei but they died.

  • Knut Gråskjegg
    Knut Gråskjegg 28 days ago

    It wasn't terribly bad. I just didn't feel anything. Everything happend without building up tension first and without enough character development to lay the foundation for this ending. I could see it working out in the books though.

  • c c
    c c 28 days ago +1

    Jon Snow's vision to defeat the Army of the Dead and Daenery's vision to
    break the wheel of tyranny both happened. Unfortunately, neither were
    able to enjoy their accomplishments. GOT was a saga of sorrow, loss,
    and triumph. It's hard to accept the finality of no more GOT after 8
    seasons. But, I choose to remember the fantastic music, incredible
    story, characters, scale of production, and attention to detail that
    made GOT the epic show it was. The odds of any future prequel, sequel,
    TV series, or movie replicating the GOT experience is extremely
    unlikely. Winter is over and Spring has returned.

  • Yang-It-Yin
    Yang-It-Yin 28 days ago

    At least we learned that Lysa Arryn might have been on to something by breastfeeding Robert Arryn till he was a teen. The seed became strong; thanks to the progressive Lysa Arryn!

    MUDDASIR KHALID 28 days ago

    Dany had nothing and became the most powerful queen by sheer determination. She liberated slaves, liberated women from sexual slavery, civilised the Dothraki, and saved humanity from death by the White Walkers.
    She was betrayed by her trusted advisors and cruelly murdered by her lover. After her death, the wheel of oppression returned. It was back to building ships for conquests and brothels for sexual conquests!
    The fact that millions have rejected Daenerys' transition not only suggests to me that the transition was poorly written (undoubtedly) but that such a transition can never be well written. Perhaps this is because it is a transition that makes little logical sense. Liberators don't turn into tyrants.

  • Kbeezy
    Kbeezy 28 days ago

    I was really hoping Jon would fight Grey worm in a cool cinematic fight and Jon ends up killing him before killing Dany.

  • Dominique Norman
    Dominique Norman 28 days ago

    so basic the writer of game of thrones didn't want keep making game of throne so they rush the whole season they could start writing and working for next star war movie smh and I still mad they a chance to make this whole season a 10 episode

  • SonsOfScotland -
    SonsOfScotland - 28 days ago +1

    Panel of cowards with their ridiculous cowardly reactions for fans. You lost all credibility...

  • Junie Torre
    Junie Torre 28 days ago

    Really enjoyed the discussion here, where all opinions, whichever side of the fence, were intelligent and enlightening.

  • Molda22
    Molda22 28 days ago +2

    What is everyone talking about? What quick and sudden turn with Dany changing to super evil? There was nothing quick or sudden about it. It was evident and coming for many seasons. We all seen the stuff she was doing for a long time and even though she always had her ideals, the things she was doing were slowly getting more and more evil as time passed by in the whole series. This was just the culmination of everything and the final turning point. But nothing that came out of the blue suddenly. Even in this season there were many scenes showing how more and more apart she feels and she starts loosing people she love and at the it she snaps finally. But it was going there from the start almost. And also dont forget her lineage and her beiing Targaryen which in context of this world / books / show IS important factor also because Targaryens were very often like that and because of that there is that famous saying that with Targaryens its always a flip of a coin. Her story arc was great and her ending also. Everyone can have opinions but i hate when people have opinions based on something thats not true or constructed in their minds because they "wished" something was different.

  • JeffTheHokie
    JeffTheHokie 28 days ago

    The unsullied didn't execute Jon out of professional courtesy. He was apparently one of them.

  • S Chochotte
    S Chochotte 28 days ago

    It pains me to see so many people that assume Dragons don't hurt Targaryens. The Dance of Dragons is the story of Targaryen civil war, dragons have killed Targaryens before. It is also weird to me that people never address the huge part that Dany played in saving the world.

  • LordAlisdare
    LordAlisdare 28 days ago

    Bran was the Prince that was promised ,Dany was his Sword

  • Mary Fontenelle
    Mary Fontenelle 28 days ago

    I think Jon got what he wanted the most freedom in the North with the wildlings and Ghost.

  • DavZ NoT HerE
    DavZ NoT HerE 29 days ago

    The internet leans negative...crack reporting there...

  • its. yanniii
    its. yanniii 29 days ago

    D&D will ruin Star Wars next.. 😂

  • chris gledrie
    chris gledrie 29 days ago


  • chris gledrie
    chris gledrie 29 days ago

    Im ok with it, Night king coming back would have been cool , Drop a couple of hidden episodes and Bamm! line up a sequel! this ended too soon!

  • Leonard Jurić
    Leonard Jurić 29 days ago

    dany named grey worm commander of all her forces, dothraki included

  • devildogwhisper
    devildogwhisper 29 days ago

    I couldn't get over how many Dothraki and Unsullied were left. I remember seeing 8.4 where everyone was like, 'we only have half our troops left'. I thought, Half??? The initial Dothraki charge in the Long Night was put out like a candle in the wind! The Unsullied phalanxes crumbled under the droves of wights. It's like they conjured up troops like some kind of GoT version of Age of Empires.

  • Crazy Cool Clips
    Crazy Cool Clips 29 days ago

    Its as if someone who knew nothing about GoT wrote season 8.... it was that awful.

  • Leonard Jurić
    Leonard Jurić 29 days ago +2

    Melisandre's death was awesome and poignant. she had the best season

  • Ryan Dickson
    Ryan Dickson 29 days ago

    soft, diplomatic review -- next

  • michael single
    michael single 29 days ago

    Never thought I would see the day where ign are talking sense and most of the Internet have gone completely nuts

  • mrsxedre
    mrsxedre 29 days ago

    Typical, IGN still giving COD a 10/10.....

  • Owyn Pham
    Owyn Pham 29 days ago

    The show started tanking when they ran out of source material.

  • Number251137
    Number251137 29 days ago +1

    WTF Question: The Golden Company was supposed to be 20,000 strong (with horses, but not elephants!) and we saw a couple of thousand (?) lined up before King's Landing. What happened to the other 18,000?

  • Number251137
    Number251137 29 days ago

    WTF Question: Who was it that the Onion Knight was supposed to have smuggled? And where we they smuggled to?

    • James Vejvoda
      James Vejvoda 29 days ago

      That was pretty clear -- Tyrion was trying to get Jaime and Cersei to safety

  • Bobby Explains It All
    Bobby Explains It All 29 days ago

    They made GoT a punchline. Whether you liked the last season or not. You have to admit that. The poor execution and choices actually ruined the legacy of the show. It is beyond upsetting

  • Lauren Michele
    Lauren Michele 29 days ago

    i was thinking the same thing. this season could have ended wtih danny dying and then had one other season fleshing it out. that way they could spend time fleshing out danny's change in characterization. i also think that the fact that people have had years to speculate the finale was a hinderance. people were going to be disappointed regardless

  • Siari Aiman
    Siari Aiman 29 days ago +3

    I think Breaking Bad last season is better than game of thrones, A'm I Right?

  • No Stress Ent.
    No Stress Ent. 29 days ago

    Get over it ladies! Accept it😂🤣💯 could the season have been better, well yeaahh. But I’m still grateful I got to experience it🤓

    • anita queen
      anita queen 29 days ago

      I'm just glad that those who survived, survived!

  • soris81
    soris81 29 days ago +1

    I LOVED the last episode!!! ❤

    BOBSMITH 29 days ago

    I thought the ending was fine **puts on flame retardant suit**

    • Number251137
      Number251137 29 days ago

      The ending is what it is. I think most people's dissapointment stems from the rushed storytelling, leading to character decisions that seem shockingly out of character because we didn't have time to explore how they came to them. In Seasons 1-7, the show kept pace with the audience, but in Season 8, the pace accelerates and we are just told what the characters did, rather than exploring the why.

  • SadwichPunch2100
    SadwichPunch2100 29 days ago

    The reason The Night's Watch still exists is the same reason they existed for the 10,000 years between White Walker attacks, to protect against Wildlings raids. Yes, Tormund and this generation of Wildlings are nice, but they are returning to their old lives in the harsh environment of the North. Where prior to the White Walker threat raiding was a way of life both part of the culture and as a necessity for survival. The Wildlings raided for food, women, raw materials, weapons, and tools, and did so for thousands of years including this generation of Wildlings. Give it a generation more or less back in the harsh enviornment of the North and some if not most will return to their raiding ways.

  • Subtr3y
    Subtr3y 29 days ago

    Can you stop yelling at me? Jeez

  • Aaron
    Aaron 29 days ago

    After all these years it's a shame they rushed this season.

  • moonking192020
    moonking192020 29 days ago

    If you read the books they mention that the high council and I'll quote "Drink from a bottle made like crystal, that folds at a rough touch" I'm assuming this is what these "bottles" are.

  • RoadtoRed
    RoadtoRed 29 days ago

    dude on the right is so pretentious

  • Mathew Reeves
    Mathew Reeves 29 days ago

    Meera reed should’ve been Jon’s twin sister who was taken by howland reed to protect her Targaryen identity. (They are the SAME AGE in the books)

  • Dj13e36
    Dj13e36 29 days ago

    I wish Littlefinger would've appeared on Arya's ship, put a knife to her throat and said, "you were never one of us".

  • d teo
    d teo 29 days ago

    Why do most Americans shout when speaking?

  • Jayden Blah
    Jayden Blah 29 days ago

    That moment when a Justin Bieber song is better than a song of ice and fire

  • Lapis Lazuli
    Lapis Lazuli 29 days ago

    I'm with you on Meera, Terri. She had a very abrupt and inconclusive departure. Her sole purpose was to aid Bran in his quest to, as we now know, reach higher authority. She should have still been by his side, or at the very least if she's still angry at him, have her show up at Winterfell and get killed at the battle or show her casting doubts about Bran being the most conscionable king considering all of his machinations in order to get to where he is now. Of course, we will see much more of Meera in the next books. They turned the show into a fast food version of GRRM's world.

  • chip The Swarm
    chip The Swarm 29 days ago

    Can tell u never read targaryen history

  • jaysanj152
    jaysanj152 29 days ago

    Remember Dexter ?.
    Yeah Game of thrones just did the same thing.

  • henry jons
    henry jons 29 days ago +1

    I loved how jar jar binks killed King Kong and started a boy band with the Kardashian’s.

  • Dumpy Plumpkin
    Dumpy Plumpkin 29 days ago

    10 years to fall flat on their faces smh

  • VC YT
    VC YT 29 days ago +1

    I predicted who would become king in 2016, in fact I even had Sansa as Queen ~ proof...
    ps- Sansa did a Brexit.

  • iinventedadrian
    iinventedadrian 29 days ago +1

    ...and I'm feeling very relieved I don't have to hear any more of these awfully corny introductions

  • Paul G
    Paul G 29 days ago

    He said fans shouldn't complain. WTF

  • joblagz
    joblagz 29 days ago

    when the final 2 books come out, I DEMAND A REMAKE!!

  • Lapis Lazuli
    Lapis Lazuli 29 days ago +1

    The master maester? Seriously? He's Grand Maester, and it of course doesn't make any sense since Sam would have to forgo his relationship with Gilly and his child, something which he found incredibly important two episodes ago and now he just doesn't give a damn.

  • Gianni Claud
    Gianni Claud 29 days ago +1

    Jon knows nothing, but does everything. Bran knows everything, but does nothing.
    Knowledge is power. Knowledge wins the game of thrones.

  • John Vasgird
    John Vasgird 29 days ago

    Let me get this straight. Probably the biggest plot in the show for the last 3 seasons has been the identity of John Snow, and who he really is. So the whole purpose of that was just so that he would feel icky about sleeping with daenerys and so she would go mad?

  • JamaalSTL
    JamaalSTL 29 days ago +11

    My WTF question is what was up with the random white horse Ayra found? They never explained that.

    • 54markl
      54markl 13 days ago

      The whole finale was like that. It was a lot of things that couldn’t be explained because they had No meaning!

    • Henbot
      Henbot 25 days ago

      was just them trying to be visually poetic? No substance. It why the Red Keep looked less destroyed then it did in Episode 5. Like, be a constant problem with the episodes that continuity isn't present. Just like how we had loads of Dothraki and Unsullied when they were meant to be smashed especially the Dothraki.

  • Drew Lutz
    Drew Lutz 29 days ago

    Aggressively mediocre ending...

  • sean bowman
    sean bowman 29 days ago +1

    In the books Dany is in a cave Young Griff the real Aegon will be sitting on the iron throne by the time Dany gets to westeros.

  • Joseph Henderson
    Joseph Henderson 29 days ago +1

    The wheel was replaced by 2 wheels

  • Joseph Stacy
    Joseph Stacy 29 days ago

    I saw something where there was a rumor that it would end with Jon and Tormund finding new white walker spirals, that would’ve been a pretty cool ending.

  • Alex Tang
    Alex Tang 29 days ago

    America nuked civilians to end WWII

  • Kevin Garrone
    Kevin Garrone Month ago

    The sun rising in the west and setting in the east was Quentyn Martell since he died in Mereen, so I don't think that applied in the show as a specific prophecy

  • LA Clippers
    LA Clippers Month ago +2

    No matter how the show ended, people would've still be pissed because their favorite character or the ones they predicted to win didn't win at all.

  • Mariano Chacon
    Mariano Chacon Month ago +1

    YEAH!!! Roth and Eric are coming back!!!

  • s jack
    s jack Month ago

    Jon did what Ned Stark should have done to Cersei.

  • Jason Vice
    Jason Vice Month ago +2

    The dragon should have ate John Snow, that definitely would have been entertaining.

  • Mastho
    Mastho Month ago

    Bran becoming king makes sense to me. It seems like he is more or less the opposite of the Night King, him being the leader of the living seems logical. Also, i'm not entirely sure but the previous Three eyed raven seemed to have lived for a long time, if Bran can become very old aswell, it'd at least bring stability. And maybe the Kings of Westeros will now always be three eyed ravens? Three eyed raven being passed on to the chosen King or Queen by all the lords and ladies.

  • K- 9
    K- 9 Month ago

    Here are the real problems with the final season.
    1- Knight King was just king for the night.
    2- Arya the no face became Batgirl.
    3- Bran does not know sharing is caring.
    4- John Uzumaki never became Hokage.
    5- Dany’s hormones are everywhere.
    6- Tyrion Neutron lost his calculator.
    7- Jaime child support fees got to expensive.
    8- The Russo Bros gave D&D a fake script.

  • King Kong aintgotshitonme

    Arya went west of West where its rumoured it contains the legendary Grey Forest of Spin Off Potential 😏

    • 54markl
      54markl 13 days ago

      She went to assasinate Benioff and Weiss.

  • SoBanked-
    SoBanked- Month ago

    Going to miss these sitdowns on Sundays, hopefully you guys make a return for the prequels.

  • MegaLaidback
    MegaLaidback Month ago

    Mostly the finale felt hollow.

  • Apokalypz08
    Apokalypz08 Month ago

    Jon Snow never betrayed anyone, until he did.

  • AP
    AP Month ago +1

    I find it interesting that all week I've been saying that killing Daenerys wouldn't feel right, and that she doesn't deserve to die. She definitely didn't deserve to rule but being taken prisoner almost like Negan was at the end of TWD S8. They needed to leave some type of door open for a redemption story. So if they ever wanted to come back a decade or 15 years from now to tell a "Chapter 2" if you will; of this story then the door would still be open for that possibility.
    Then when Tyrion and Jon are talking in the cell Jon says "Did I do the right thing. It didn't feel right." Something I've been saying all week. Then Tyrion says back to him "Ask me again in 10 years." I just found that very interesting.
    Also Drogon taking her off I found very interesting as well. Cause he could have took her back to Mereen sice that's where she spent most of her time. It's like her home almost, and the people love her there. And that High Red Priestess that was supposed to be "serving her" didn't come to Westeros with her. I assumed she stayed back in Mereen. So she could bring her back to life if they ever wanted to do that and give her a redemption arc. That's how they could explain it. I mean, we never actually saw where he took her. I saw that as the writers leaving that possibility open just in case.
    I just found those things interesting because it was almost like they were thinking how I thought all week. Even if they never come back with a "Chapter 2" of this story and a Daenerys redemption arc. They at least kept the door if not fully open, cracked opened; even if only in our minds and it never returns. Never say never though.

  • cableaddict
    cableaddict Month ago

    Espisode Six: "The Porcelain Throne."

  • Rishi Narale
    Rishi Narale Month ago +4

    Wouldn't Jon being exiled mean that he couldn't be in the six kingdoms, meaning he had the option of going back to Winterfell?

    • Ecclesia
      Ecclesia 29 days ago

      No, the punishment was taking the Black. If only Grey Worm realized that for Jon to go to the far North was not an actual punishment for Jon... :)

  • snowball1988
    snowball1988 Month ago +1

    My WTF question is what happened to Arya’s brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes prophecy? Who was green eyes? If it was a random person why make a point of mentioning it in season 2 and then again in season 8 episode 3 (the long night)?

  • Matanel89
    Matanel89 Month ago

    wait! I expected Naymiria to come back with the wolfs pack?? we never saw her again!

    • Matanel89
      Matanel89 26 days ago

      ​@Wtf TVclip at least to the was against the night king! it was in the north..

    • Wtf Youtube
      Wtf Youtube 26 days ago

      That’s the point of Nymeria’s execution of Kings Landing. She never comes back. Wouldn’t make any sense.

  • Rishi Narale
    Rishi Narale Month ago

    I always thought it was called Narth (but in an "English" accent), but I just learned yesterday that it's Naath.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    What if the Night King was right to try and kill the three-eyed raven? I mean an omnipotent, all-seeing king who has the ability to control the minds and dreams of anyone around them sounds more like a police state than a utopia.

  • arkasii
    arkasii Month ago

    Two words: FKING D&D!