King Cobra Gets Bath Time! ☠️


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  • Enigmatic Varan
    Enigmatic Varan 6 hours ago

    Ooh where can I get one?

    Just kidding :)

  • Lindsey Miller
    Lindsey Miller 9 hours ago

    Chandler's Wild Life; do u have texas hognose snakes?

  • AJ Seaman
    AJ Seaman 10 hours ago

    They are beautiful and you're not bad looking either.

  • Damon Reeves
    Damon Reeves 17 hours ago

    Nice kevin is awsome


    Can I buy that for $100,000

  • Joe Bennett
    Joe Bennett Day ago

    i love the big scales on the King Kobras head

  • Taym Jiroudi
    Taym Jiroudi 2 days ago

    Kevin is scary

    C-OPS 4EVER 2 days ago

    So long!

  • Saajid Ibn mohummed
    Saajid Ibn mohummed 2 days ago

    The deadliest things about a king cobra it can constrict a living being, can eat a person whole and has venom and tough scales, I think mongooses will have a long and tough fight

  • Faith Alexis
    Faith Alexis 3 days ago

    The king cobra is my favorite

  • redskull
    redskull 3 days ago

    Anybody want to see this dude become a crazy park owner 😂 I do

  • redskull
    redskull 3 days ago

    How do you sit there and pet him he has enough venom to kill a full grown elephant in 3 hours

    XxXMAXIMUMGAMINGXxX 4 days ago

    Wow Kevin looks so pretty

  • Joseph Tee
    Joseph Tee 4 days ago

    Um the snake can’t even breathe in the dust bin

  • CynicalShadow54
    CynicalShadow54 4 days ago

    Do you make out with your snakes I feel like you do

  • Chairman Meow
    Chairman Meow 4 days ago

    I don't think I'd be able to do this if you paid me thousands of dollars. The fear is just so fucking intense. Even through a TVclip video!

  • nebsr oner
    nebsr oner 4 days ago

    Love the cobra vids. Such a beautiful snake! I can admire them from a distance, but they scare the shit out of me

  • Dane Clark
    Dane Clark 4 days ago

    Bro how tf do u touch snakes like that.’ Fucking that shit gives me the chills

  • Shadow warrior
    Shadow warrior 4 days ago +1


  • Question
    Question 4 days ago

    Kevin may be a nope rope, but he gets free head pats and a spa day every now and again.

  • Sam Tani
    Sam Tani 5 days ago

    Kevin is beautiful. But Keep him alway from me! ahahahaha

  • chin laig
    chin laig 5 days ago

    You don't respect this cobra and the power and danger it has

  • Fizzlefuse
    Fizzlefuse 5 days ago

    Beautiful snake. I can't understand how people find snakes disgusting. Scary? yeah, sure... they're predators and demand respect. But I never thought they're disgusting, they're quite smooth and clean. Mad props for handling "Kevin" like that, you obviously know what you're doing and he seems quite calm. still, I don't think I'd ever have the balls to handle a King Cobra like that.

  • Kerrie Lou
    Kerrie Lou 5 days ago

    Why do u have pet deadly snakes? Real question...ok u answered that...why are you doing something so dangerous, and why does these animals need to be kept in a box?

  • John Paul Seriosa*Oof.

    13:45 Yes! YES!

  • gruesome
    gruesome 6 days ago

    Petting a snake that can kill you hmm

  • Adam Srch
    Adam Srch 6 days ago +1

    4:11 look at his lil eyes he is so cute little badass noodle

  • Adam Srch
    Adam Srch 6 days ago +1

    Chandler: King Cobra Bathtime!
    Chandler: *puts Kevin in a trashcan and closes it*
    Chandler: _Gotta put sometin' heavy on it_
    Kevin: r u serious

  • T M
    T M 7 days ago +1

    I love Kevin so much💖

  • Grace Liu
    Grace Liu 8 days ago

    That is huge!!

  • Bilal Halal Gaming
    Bilal Halal Gaming 8 days ago

    10:20 that scared me

  • Raju Kumaran
    Raju Kumaran 8 days ago

    One moment of carelessness is all it takes chulo, If a king cobra tags you on your upper body, and gets a good wet bite, you have an hour to live man, tops....why the fuck are you playing with Asian reptiles? Like all Americans, settle down in life, listen to Bieber, get a nice bud , fuck your girlfriends on weekends and smoke some weed buddy......
    “Unless the right antivenom is administered quickly, a human bite victim can die within 30 minutes. Their venom is powerful enough that a single bite can kill a 12,000-pound elephant in just three hours.”

  • mindless Magyar
    mindless Magyar 8 days ago

    Kevin gonna sue he paid $50 for a full body massage just to get only a bath.

  • mindless Magyar
    mindless Magyar 8 days ago

    Kevin the cobra here to bite your neck

  • Tearzz
    Tearzz 8 days ago

    Ahhh, the eye part. wtf man

  • alwaysbusiness4
    alwaysbusiness4 9 days ago +1

    I know how they say their jobs out there if this was the last job on Earth I would have to be homeless, I just refuse to work with someone who's bigger than me and wants to bite me or spit Venom in my eyes 2 blind me

  • Overshot Gore56
    Overshot Gore56 9 days ago

    I love 2hat you do keep up the good work and I have a couple snakes of my own and I hope you can comment back

  • DuhInk _
    DuhInk _ 9 days ago

    My neighbor's name is kevin..

  • Jay mere
    Jay mere 9 days ago

    bruh how can yall handle these dangerous snakes

  • Илюха Алтайский

    Паренёк наверняка немного без мозгов, кобра и то умнее его

  • Felix
    Felix 10 days ago

    Steve Irwin 2.0

  • CC Baer
    CC Baer 10 days ago +2

    After watching this video I had a dream that I somehow acquired a King Cobra and he would follow me everywhere, sleep in my bed, and threaten me if I didn't give him snacks.... it was weird.

  • Travis Crowe
    Travis Crowe 10 days ago

    I don't understand if u have a license to own these snakes shouldn't you be required to have anti venom on hand I always hear these stories of people dying because they didn't make it hospital in time duh have it at home someone please help me understand

  • Morgan King
    Morgan King 11 days ago

    He is the bravest guy

  • Awesome Gaming
    Awesome Gaming 12 days ago

    xd being a person who studies and keeps venomous reptiles? wow that would be cool

  • SpectralStar
    SpectralStar 12 days ago

    Sneaky Snek

  • fuknukkle sandwich
    fuknukkle sandwich 12 days ago

    How many times he been bit... more times than Pamela Anderson been F,#€ked.

  • StreetKiDreaMuzik
    StreetKiDreaMuzik 12 days ago

    King Cobra South Africa

  • Sonja Hines
    Sonja Hines 13 days ago +1

    I’m really trying to concentrate on the snake........ 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • robin no u
    robin no u 13 days ago +1

    My corn snake on a good day is more pissy than this cobra

  • Jaylen Brown
    Jaylen Brown 13 days ago +1


  • Zyon Holloway
    Zyon Holloway 14 days ago

    I wanna see you and the real tarazan in the safari

  • Keith nunya
    Keith nunya 14 days ago

    Omg ...there are some cringworthy commenters on here...did every cretin in the world discover this website all at once?

  • Keith Prinkey
    Keith Prinkey 14 days ago

    That thing would destroy a mongoose

  • Bodacious BobCatZJG
    Bodacious BobCatZJG 14 days ago +1

    Friend: Hey man you wanna do something later tonight
    White people: Nah sorry I gotta soak my king cobra

  • NoahPlayzUnreal
    NoahPlayzUnreal 14 days ago +1


  • tungruffel
    tungruffel 14 days ago

    OMG the drama! Put him the tub already!

  • 0123sashalewis23
    0123sashalewis23 15 days ago

    What’s that red thing on your left arm

  • Cutlass Mood
    Cutlass Mood 15 days ago

    I like how you take the Steve Irwin approach to handling snakes where you almost never grab them behind the head. Safer for the snakes, less safe for you. Mad respect

  • Aaron Villafuerte
    Aaron Villafuerte 15 days ago

    I want to touch your "spitting cobra" 😍

  • Boy Jimbo
    Boy Jimbo 15 days ago

    3:23 wait did he say that thing is eating pythons?

    XYDS YT 15 days ago

    He is cute

  • 6120mcghee
    6120mcghee 15 days ago

    Now you need snakes named Stewart and Bob.

  • Doug Pancoast
    Doug Pancoast 16 days ago

    What happened to Chandler’s right bicep. Looks like a snake bit him

  • Mateo Galov
    Mateo Galov 16 days ago

    "We are in a snake proof room", walks to the kitchen (no doors). 😂

  • Pryohelix
    Pryohelix 16 days ago

    Wait is this guy a Floridian.
    That’s cool if he dose cause I live in Florida too.

  • Thot
    Thot 16 days ago

    *It’s a angry hiss hiss noodle*

  • Aella Summers
    Aella Summers 16 days ago

    He low key sounds like Chris Pratt

  • Anthony Labrum
    Anthony Labrum 16 days ago

    Im more interested how hot that dude it 😂😂😂😂

  • Roger Elzenga
    Roger Elzenga 16 days ago

    Subbed for kevin :O

  • Graphite Tail Grace
    Graphite Tail Grace 16 days ago +2

    He may be dangerous, but damn if he isn't a cutie.

  • Damage
    Damage 17 days ago

    Damn kill it

  • Joel Delossantos
    Joel Delossantos 17 days ago

    When I saw the snake I said oh hell nawwww

  • Doomzdayxx
    Doomzdayxx 17 days ago

    this dude's out of his fucking mind

  • Dori-Kate JAMISON
    Dori-Kate JAMISON 18 days ago

    The viperkeeper has said in his videos that he doesn't do that to his animals because it is cruel and pretty much what you said in this video and I couldn't agree of course they have those for reason and to do that to them is wrong i love snakes; my favorite snake is the king Cobra and I would never ever want to mess with these animals I do value my life...they are cool to watch on your TVclip channel, and the viperkeeper's channel and Brian Barczyk channel and even watch on TV but never actually do it my self and I think people are stupid when they act like these animals are pets I mean are they insane

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 18 days ago

    A had a king kobra when i was little 12yo to be exact, it wad made of wood :))

  • MMBNMalternateaccoun
    MMBNMalternateaccoun 18 days ago

    :( i want to pet kevin

  • king mantis
    king mantis 18 days ago

    How scared were u during this video

  • Reyan Jakhro
    Reyan Jakhro 18 days ago

    huh, so snakes do have contacts

  • Odira Ononye
    Odira Ononye 18 days ago

    I'd like to dedicate this video to the MEMORY of chandler

  • Malakai Cipriani
    Malakai Cipriani 18 days ago

    cobra twenty feet away from im gone either in a tree or with a flamethrower

  • Oscar Kay
    Oscar Kay 18 days ago

    I have a ball python named Kevin

  • three sixes
    three sixes 19 days ago

    Kevin is amazingly calm.

  • Storm Hammond
    Storm Hammond 20 days ago

    Chandler your awesome ❤️ tbh I think I'm in love 😂😂😂

  • Peluche070
    Peluche070 20 days ago

    Hi! If you think this is big? India has the biggest King Cobras and they look way more beautiful! check this out in Kerala

  • Tyler Walraven
    Tyler Walraven 20 days ago

    I love my snakes but ain’t no way I could get close to Kevin lol well I could get close but handle him no way

  • Jae Nicole
    Jae Nicole 21 day ago +2

    Chandler: *casually holding cobras*
    Also chandler: *ThiS IS nOt A PeT
    Bertha: *hissing and snapping*
    Chandler: she’s part of my family now :)

    ZUBES 21 day ago

    5:08 what about Steve Irwin

  • straightgoons
    straightgoons 22 days ago

    I love your channel!

  • Nov - kun
    Nov - kun 23 days ago

    Steve Irwin is Proud

  • Genis Bibin
    Genis Bibin 23 days ago

    Man u also Look and Sound exactly like the actor Shia LaBeouf, whose a guy from movie Transformers.

  • JOKER11
    JOKER11 24 days ago

    What if your trained enough to have a snake as a pet

    • JOKER11
      JOKER11 24 days ago

      Fun fact: king cobras can actually shoot venom

  • Monika M ꧁ ꧂
    Monika M ꧁ ꧂ 25 days ago

    He has been eating wild caught burmese from the everglades lmao treating him like a king

  • Sam
    Sam 26 days ago

    da lee

  • Heather Chartier
    Heather Chartier 26 days ago

    I need a chandler in my life ❤️❤️

  • Kevin Moore
    Kevin Moore 27 days ago

    The guy talking in the background is definitely Catch Em All Fishing

    MEME DEMON 27 days ago

    Stave iwin is better

  • JayTheKiD
    JayTheKiD 27 days ago

    Kevin is so cool!

  • Avril Bolt
    Avril Bolt 27 days ago

    Best snake ever

  • The wild Hacker
    The wild Hacker 28 days ago

    Chandler, about how much money a year do you spend on all the reptiles?