King Cobra Gets Bath Time! ☠️


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  • spacey bard
    spacey bard 17 minutes ago

    If these snakes are so dangerous hence has fangs and venom glands why the fk u got no space to move around at all and are so confident I watch viper keeper and he has tons of snakes and is always on guard something just don't feel right here

  • Chey Grimes
    Chey Grimes 49 minutes ago

    That’s deff a bite mark on his arm loll

  • Raif Marshall
    Raif Marshall 3 hours ago

    Of course this is in Florida. Of course.

  • Birdie Plays
    Birdie Plays 4 hours ago

    Kevin is beautiful. His coloring is just gorgeous and I can tell he well cared for.

  • Deez Nutellas
    Deez Nutellas 4 hours ago

    snek hate bath

  • Ketchup Co.
    Ketchup Co. 5 hours ago

    I remember when I was really little, my dad’s friend had 3 baby boa constrictors and he let us let them crawl over our feet

  • Chong Felix
    Chong Felix 5 hours ago

    Was I the only one who notice ur hand, seems like u got biting by a snack

  • Tloppy Sop
    Tloppy Sop 5 hours ago

    King cobras aren’t actually cobras. They are the best snakes being as they actually care for there young, very intelligent, and they actually mind there own business. But obviously not to be trifled with! Fun Fact: the scientific name for them translates to snake killer. They will eat any other snake no matter the size

  • m e o w s
    m e o w s 5 hours ago +1

    Omg he’s actually so cute😂😂💗

  • Larry Holloway
    Larry Holloway 6 hours ago

    The king was smiling

  • Armenv88
    Armenv88 6 hours ago

    1.5k dislikes are vegetarians :P just saying ....

  • Thomas Hazaz
    Thomas Hazaz 6 hours ago

    I hope you reach your goals bud. Here's to your park man, subbed.

  • WarshipSnake777 _
    WarshipSnake777 _ 7 hours ago

    11:24 looks cool with his face in the back and this cobra- reminds me of something like those snake charmer people

  • Jennifer Molloy
    Jennifer Molloy 7 hours ago

    What's the background music?

  • SuPrEmE_BoT
    SuPrEmE_BoT 8 hours ago

    Cameraman got *SHOOK*

  • Avery King
    Avery King 8 hours ago


  • Kayla heisser
    Kayla heisser 8 hours ago

    Whatta nope rope

  • Josh Gameing
    Josh Gameing 9 hours ago

    I new and I already like your channel

  • xEmpty.Abyssx
    xEmpty.Abyssx 10 hours ago

    You didn't watch animal planet back when it was actually about animals?
    RIP, Steve

  • J_esson !!!
    J_esson !!! 10 hours ago


  • Keith Domin
    Keith Domin 10 hours ago

    I agree with the statement about owning these snakes as pets. NEVER OWN THESE SNAKES AS PETS!

  • Jemma Thompson
    Jemma Thompson 10 hours ago

    I like all your snake

    EXPLODI FIER 10 hours ago

    That's a cute nope rope you have there

  • ak kartal
    ak kartal 12 hours ago

    Ohh gawd that is to scary fuck that

  • jacob weber
    jacob weber 12 hours ago

    Kevin is super chill

  • Khan Bhai
    Khan Bhai 13 hours ago

    Hey buddy do u think the snake can hear you 😧😧

  • .
    . 13 hours ago

    His face heminds me of Connor...

  • Khan Bhai
    Khan Bhai 13 hours ago

    This guy is really asking for it , sicko

  • Ja boi Deku
    Ja boi Deku 15 hours ago

    Kevin’s a
    t h I c c
    s n a c c

  • justa nutherklonename
    justa nutherklonename 15 hours ago

    He is insane.

  • ShadingNight
    ShadingNight 15 hours ago

    Can you tell me where you buy your custom fit underwear for the massive baby danglers you have bouncing between your legs?


    You are one with nature my friend! I just love snakes now more than ever after watching this!

  • Slayer
    Slayer 16 hours ago

    Nope, I wouldn't even e in the same room.

  • Addy-Arachne Vmac
    Addy-Arachne Vmac 18 hours ago

    Hi Chandler 🐍. I admire KING COBRAS so much. So much respect to that species. To have such power over humans, makes me wanna be one! This species can literally rule mankind. Cheers 🍻 Adele 🕷️🕸️🦇🦄🦋🇬🇧

  • JDMJustin
    JDMJustin 20 hours ago

    Where did you get the slide boxes

  • Jowdn xxx666
    Jowdn xxx666 20 hours ago

    You sir got randy marsh balls. There is no way i could do that

  • shiny coin
    shiny coin 20 hours ago

    he can touch my snake anytime

  • Austin fly Games

    See if people named there snakes tommy,jimmy,bob, ex. More people would like them

  • J Lau
    J Lau Day ago


  • ULTRA SaVaGe
    ULTRA SaVaGe Day ago +2

    I hope you have anti venom in your pocket. Or your immune to the toxins.

  • Natasha Haddon
    Natasha Haddon Day ago

    Iam by no means a expert on yr boy "but do you let him roam around like in the wild for a bit so he has a stretch sorry if stupid Q

  • Let's get it
    Let's get it Day ago

    I feel so good when the skin is peeled off from eyes

  • Jerico Ricio
    Jerico Ricio Day ago

    What a beatiful cobra😍

  • Jogo
    Jogo Day ago


  • llSantaClaWsll
    llSantaClaWsll Day ago

    rainbow six siege players are more toxic than these cobras

  • Tara Crider
    Tara Crider Day ago

    He is magnificent wow

  • Queen Fan Girl
    Queen Fan Girl Day ago

    I gave my Alligator a bath yesterday cause I haven't bathed him in forever. And my bath was black for a week. RIP. God damit Elvis. Rolling in that mud again. Never letting him play with the other Gators ever again. They get up to so much trouble and get stained. took me forever to clean him. Big Chungus boi.

  • Jolt le Renard
    Jolt le Renard Day ago

    13:43 got the tail caught too

  • Jayonna Edwards
    Jayonna Edwards Day ago

    Oh hell naww I hate snakessss😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jon Louis
    Jon Louis Day ago

    Caution Ramen

  • picassogilamonster

    His ego will get him killed

  • triple star
    triple star Day ago

    Nope nope nope nope nope nope

  • Adventure Ed
    Adventure Ed Day ago

    Dude how does your mom survive when watching these videos lol. I would be surprised to hear she is still alive and hasn’t died of a heart attack

  • Erick Taylor
    Erick Taylor Day ago

    Dude your fucken insane

  • wps626
    wps626 Day ago

    My kids dig on your channel....dude I know you are pro and all but I still think you are crazy!!

  • The AssassinYT
    The AssassinYT Day ago

    Kevin is the Beta of the pack and Chandler is the Alpha so Kevin will have an instinct to respect him and his territory

  • Queen. Frootloop

    We got one nice and clean danger noodle

  • Stonecold8283
    Stonecold8283 Day ago

    What some people don't see is yeah they're are beautiful animals but they're dangerous. I personally love snakes especially Cobras rattlesnakes pythons boas and the misunderstood anaconda.

  • lilcmurf
    lilcmurf Day ago

    My ass cheeks!

  • Faith Mock
    Faith Mock Day ago

    what is that mark on your arm what is it

  • M C
    M C Day ago

    Wow, you are really handsome by the way😍😍🙂

  • Hasib Imam
    Hasib Imam Day ago

    9:21 I pissed my pants

  • Johan Ramirez
    Johan Ramirez Day ago

    *Well we found chandler from friends*

  • Dan Phoenix
    Dan Phoenix Day ago

    How heavy do you think Kevin is

  • nexusM.C.U the assassin

    Nuh uh baby what you doin?!

  • Cory Welborn
    Cory Welborn Day ago

    At 10:47..... WAIT DO I SEE A BITE MARK ON HIS ARM!!!!!!!!!

  • Nikki Jauron
    Nikki Jauron Day ago

    Amazing. Longevity to you bro! ♡

  • drake matula
    drake matula Day ago

    he was talking for 9mins

  • Andi Mochizuki
    Andi Mochizuki Day ago

    of all the badass names you could've given the cobra, you name him Kevin XD LMAO

  • Will K
    Will K Day ago

    Hey man .. stop being so confident with those snakes .. be more intelligent and careful

  • Noname Gamester
    Noname Gamester Day ago

    That is one big danger noodle

  • Bert J
    Bert J Day ago

    I love snakes but this entire video gave me major anxiety.

  • Kelly McMahon
    Kelly McMahon Day ago

    I love your calm approach with these animals

  • German Novotiable

    why do u play with him i can not understand you. You are saying that snake is not a pet, although u continue playing with him

  • Jacques Vermeulen


  • X Xx
    X Xx Day ago

    If I saw him I would do a raj and run fas

  • klooger28
    klooger28 Day ago

    is that a snake bite on his arm?

  • Justin Cox1806
    Justin Cox1806 Day ago

    Just subscribed cause I love reptiles and I turned post notifications on

  • E. L.
    E. L. Day ago

    You know its cool to see videos about animals and all. And I am not tree hugger, snowflake, BUT EVERYTIME I see an amimal, any animal in a enclosure that small, it really pisses me off, that snake can not even strech out his full lengh. And its in there 24/7, except when this asshat wants 20 bucks so he steals some venom for anti venom or when shitface wants to make a youtube video. I kind want to go to this dudes house and throw him in one of those cages, then every month or so, take him out scare the shit out of him with cameras all around peel some dry skin off grab him by the back of the head and make him spit in a fucking cup! I hope the big ass snake sneaks out at night and bites the shit out of this asshole!... ohh btw and this is directly to this asshole on screen. These are your pets dude. Stop making excuses for bad behavior. If you dont have the proper facility then you shouldnt get the animals, your home is not a zoo. Good parents dont have a baby before they build a nursery! (Sorry for the strong language but I really hope this gets your attention, sinks in and you figure it out!)

  • emily sawyers
    emily sawyers Day ago

    U hot as shit dude

  • Christal Raney
    Christal Raney 2 days ago

    The amount of compassion and love you have for these misunderstood creatures is amazing. I love snakes myself I would never keep a cobra as a pet because I feel its not right for the animal to be caged it's kind of like the equivalent of a human being stuck in a jail cell. the fact you want to open a park is amazing to bring more awareness to the public about these creatures I feel they are the most misunderstood of them all those and wolves, spiders, gators etc Keep up the good work my dude!

  • Adrian Stancer
    Adrian Stancer 2 days ago

    i strongly detect a napoleon complex with this guy , wild animal for the wild dude

  • A
    A 2 days ago

    put some respek on the snek

  • Tie'ths Rose
    Tie'ths Rose 2 days ago +1

    I'm new here... Wow, I amazed on how you take care for the snake unbelievable personality, I will follow you every single day! Kisses...

  • Keylan Lewis
    Keylan Lewis 2 days ago

    Are they deranged?

  • Lonnie hand
    Lonnie hand 2 days ago

    I know they deserve to live the same as me so all he needs to do is email me his where about Andi will make dam sure I ant never in the same place

  • Kairos
    Kairos 2 days ago

    Kevin is such a beautiful boy!

  • Jessica Williams
    Jessica Williams 2 days ago

    Love how you handle and care for your reptiles❤❤

  • ghapping
    ghapping 2 days ago +1

    How much do you have to pay your camera man to record this ?

  • Ishan Gami
    Ishan Gami 2 days ago

    Wow Nice fish

  • Nick G
    Nick G 2 days ago

    What makes the room snake proof?

  • Joseph Powell
    Joseph Powell 2 days ago

    Is that king cobra defanged? I've watched a shit ton of shows with people handing venomous snakes and they seem much more cautious lol

  • Codyzigzawsome The best


  • Three Little Mice
    Three Little Mice 2 days ago

    I find it amazing how you handle Kevin. He is absolutely breathtaking

  • albert Zaccone
    albert Zaccone 2 days ago

    respect man.. hope you get your park..

  • bimmerboytripp
    bimmerboytripp 2 days ago

    beautiful snake!

  • 10liberty
    10liberty 2 days ago

    you are playing an odds game and it is a fact you will be bit one way or another.

  • Anton Ray Libo-on
    Anton Ray Libo-on 2 days ago

    ugo but luvo snek

  • Joey C
    Joey C 2 days ago

    Hiiiiiiiii... Keeevvviinnn

  • M K Ultra
    M K Ultra 2 days ago

    They aren't pets but I'm going to take my Cobra out and literally pet it for a video. It's for display only though, for a park that I will have.