NEW WET N WILD Photo Focus Foundation, Concealer + Powder: FIRST IMPRESSION + REVIEW | JuicyJas

  • Published on Dec 21, 2016
  • Hi loves!! Here is another foundation first impression, review, + demo! Have you guys tried these new products out?! Let me know down below! Love you all ❤
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    - Wet N Wild Coverall Face Primer
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    - Wet N Wild Photo Focus Concealer | Light Ivory + Light/Medium Beige
    - Wet N Wild Photo Focus Powder | Warm Light
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    Jasmine ❤ | JuicyJas
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Comments • 874

  • Tabby Smith
    Tabby Smith Month ago +1

    This foundation is BOMB. Just purchased it 2 days ago & honestly, it's better than some high end foundations! LOVE IT! ❤

    • Emily A
      Emily A Month ago

      Tabby Smith what’s your skin type?

  • Erum Ubaid
    Erum Ubaid Month ago

    Hello dear, i am yellow undertone. Nc 15 ( between Nc 10 and 15). Which shade shall i go for in wet and wild foundation? Thanks

  • michele Mcghie
    michele Mcghie Month ago

    Great video love your channel. I think the shade was one shade to light for you but you still look beautiful. Your my favorite beauty blogger

  • Patricia Jones
    Patricia Jones 2 months ago


  • Lalita ch
    Lalita ch 5 months ago

    Which is your shade in mac

  • Harmony Joanna
    Harmony Joanna 5 months ago

    I love your lashes. What brand are they?????????

  • Patricia Hainesworth
    Patricia Hainesworth 6 months ago

    Am going with the baby 👶 I am a good person in this country but it’s so hard for us because you don’t have any more time for us we are just like to

  • Stephanie Paradine
    Stephanie Paradine 6 months ago

    Soft beige is a little dark for me and its not yellow enough on me.. but ivory is too light kind of annoying...

  • Little Kitty
    Little Kitty 7 months ago

    is it a yellow under tone the shades you have?

  • Ameena Tabassum
    Ameena Tabassum 7 months ago

    Hey girl is this a yellow undertoned?

  • Amanda & Jackie
    Amanda & Jackie 8 months ago

    So I decided to get the foundation the wet n wild and I totally love it , there’s no flashbacks 😍😍😍😍 it’s a really good coverage foundation ! Thanks bbyg ❤️

  • Melany V
    Melany V 8 months ago

    Can you please do a tutorial on this eye look? Its so simple for everyday please! Thanks 💕 love your videos!!

  • carmela diaz
    carmela diaz 9 months ago

    She puts on a lot of thick makeup but still no breakouts that’s not fair lol jks

  • Hikmah Kurnia
    Hikmah Kurnia 10 months ago

    what's your undertone?

  • Becca Wagner
    Becca Wagner 10 months ago

    do you feel the shade soft beige runs more pink? :/

  • donna doyle
    donna doyle 10 months ago

    did you feel like it was heavy on your face? I did

  • jang jin
    jang jin 11 months ago


  • Gina Flores
    Gina Flores 11 months ago

    ❤️ Still Always So Gorgeous (:

  • Christina Jana
    Christina Jana 11 months ago

    OMG I thought you already had foundation on until you started priming your face. Girrrl, you're flawless!!!

  • omayra negron
    omayra negron 11 months ago

    Think should gone darker shade like bronze beige or golden beige.

  • Tammy Reyes
    Tammy Reyes 11 months ago

    Hello Jas, I just recently started watching makeup videos and I fell in love with yours! You are amazing!!!! So with that being said, I have a question. As far as concealer and powder, does the shade have to be the same or lighter than my skin tone?

  • Temneat Abebe
    Temneat Abebe Year ago

    it doesn’t match her neck but she still looks pretty

  • Dee & Raboosha
    Dee & Raboosha Year ago

    I’ve watched this video sooo many times deciding whether to get this foundation or not but I finally decided to order it. I love this video very helpful & im similar to your skin tone just a bit lighter so I ordered soft beige aswell, hopefully it matches me. I can’t wait to try this out!!❤️

  • Mariangely
    Mariangely Year ago

    Watching in 2018 and still obsesseddddd with this look! 😌

  • Karen B. Osorio
    Karen B. Osorio Year ago

    Any flashback?

  • Fakhra S
    Fakhra S Year ago

    I have dry skin and I just tried the foundation and the concealer for the sake of trying them and IT WAS BAD!! if you have a dry skin DO NOT try this

  • The Token Vamp
    The Token Vamp Year ago

    What lip gloss are you wearing?

  • Priscila Goicochea

    the foundatikn shade matches her hand but not her neck 😂

  • Linda Cantoni
    Linda Cantoni Year ago

    Flawless on you but it is too light on you...

  • Emily X
    Emily X Year ago

    Someone recommend a foundation brush for me please

  • Vivian Gonzalez
    Vivian Gonzalez Year ago

    Super late lol but what shade are you really? 🙈 barely going to try it but the shade I got is toooo dark

  • Sofia Aponte
    Sofia Aponte Year ago

    What is your color in this foundation? I tried this one and I turned peachy on my skin.

  • nejra
    nejra Year ago

    what shade matches MAC NC25? heeelp :))))) :*

  • Yxsxnix Vega
    Yxsxnix Vega Year ago

    would you prefer la girl or wet n wild foundation???

  • Jocelyn G Ruiz
    Jocelyn G Ruiz Year ago

    Im rewatching this video and omg jasmine you’re so gorgeous 😭❤️

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Found this in Duane reade for $1.76 and love it!!

  • Hana Lutfi
    Hana Lutfi Year ago

    Do they have foundation for dry skin?

  • sandra nienhuis
    sandra nienhuis Year ago

    I just wish you would keep your hands still,and not waving all the time !

    • juicyjas
      juicyjas  Year ago +1

      sandra nienhuis people seriously complain about everything lol. My goodness

  • Samantha Rochefort

    I have the foundation. I like it but it doesn’t seem the same as yours. Like it isn’t really matte finish for me and idk why, thoughts?

  • Sofia Aponte
    Sofia Aponte Year ago

    Did you end up switching the color of the foundation?

  • Kaisha Ruiz
    Kaisha Ruiz Year ago

    I’ve been a subscriber for a few months now and this is the video that’s made me hit the button! Love you Jas 🤗

  • Lin1031
    Lin1031 Year ago

    awesome video thanks for the helpful tips girl!!

  • caitlyn who r u
    caitlyn who r u Year ago

    We have the same skin tone yayy this is gonna be easier for me to shop

  • Lupe Torres
    Lupe Torres Year ago

    U said the foundation color was too light for u, so what color of this brand do u think would match better ur skin tone?? I’m kinda ur color skin n I would like to try it, but I’m confused with the colors

  • Irene Roga
    Irene Roga Year ago

    she applied way to much concealer that's why she looks white

  • Karmae Iman
    Karmae Iman Year ago

    u said soft beige wasn't your shade.. so what was?

  • Varaminta
    Varaminta Year ago

    Bloody hell thats a lot of concealer

  • Angela Rose
    Angela Rose Year ago

    I think that color fits you perfectly. It’s the color I use too lol. Why don’t you think it’s your color?

  • Safa Kintsugi
    Safa Kintsugi Year ago

    What works for NC20?

  • KenyasBeautystyle 100

    What drugstore foundation is near $20????? I haven’t came across one yet

  • pahderella
    pahderella Year ago

    What's your equivalent color in mac?

  • Pet Mama
    Pet Mama Year ago

    I think golden beige would be perfect for you! We’re the same shade in most other foundations and it matches me near perfectly!!

  • olga felix
    olga felix Year ago

    i had the same color and it made my face look orange

  • ava t
    ava t Year ago

    Her eyeshadow is gorgeous, well blended

  • rabit_ bunny
    rabit_ bunny Year ago

    Guys plz suggest me whether should I buy the foundation n concealer cuz some TVcliprs say dat the concealer isn't good whereas some say it's awesome

  • Ally Ram
    Ally Ram Year ago

    I think I'm a few or 1 shade darker than u what shade would u suggest? I'm not sure what my undertone is but a lot of warm foundations make me look a bit orange does that mean I have a pink undertone? Sorry for all the questions I don't usually buy foundation online

  • Alicia Ontiveros
    Alicia Ontiveros Year ago

    What eyelashes are u using?

  • Sindy  Arceo
    Sindy Arceo Year ago

    Will this color match me if I wear Mac nc20? I mix a white foundation with it kinda dark on me.

  • Monica garcia
    Monica garcia Year ago

    hey does this foundation have a peachy undertone? Because we have the same skin color but I'm afraid for it to be on the peachy side .. btw I love you & you're videos 😘

  • Sharmin Jahan
    Sharmin Jahan Year ago

    Hello you are NC25 so soft beige is so light for you.then what is your perfect shade?!!

  • Dee & Raboosha
    Dee & Raboosha Year ago

    Your skin is sooo bomb! I need to try this foundation out 😍

  • Karen Asta
    Karen Asta Year ago

    I love this eye look ❤️❤️ I love the video in general but you should do a makeup tutorial on the eyes 😍

  • BrixoxoSalzr
    BrixoxoSalzr Year ago

    Hey girl what lashes do you use???

  • Miracle Of Angels

    this works for me and I actually have dry skin, and a bit of oily on my nose lol 😂💕

  • Büşra Hilal
    Büşra Hilal Year ago

    there is already foundation in your face

  • Mar
    Mar Year ago +1

    does this foundation reminds you of the maybelline fit me matte and poreless?

  • Ariel Guillen
    Ariel Guillen 2 years ago

    Sooo late to this but finally purchased the foundation and concealer 😂 excited to see what I think!

  • Michelle Wilde
    Michelle Wilde 2 years ago

    when I tried it, it broke during the day and I don't know what to do. I tried different primers, no primers, different setting powders and sprays so what do you recommend?

  • Denise Zhou
    Denise Zhou 2 years ago

    i think that's an ok match for your face but your neck is a bit darker

  • Amanda Avenue
    Amanda Avenue 2 years ago

    Personally, I love this foundation better than my NARS & Lancome. I did a short full review video of the Wet N Wild Photofocus foundation on my channel. Was pretty amazed at high-end results.

  • I cute
    I cute 2 years ago

    Do you use Maybelline Fit me foundation??? I'm confused about the Shade actually :/ My shade in Maybelline Fit me is 220 and L'Oréal infallible pro matte/pro glow is 105/205 . Which shade in wet n wild will suit me. Please help 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️

  • Gisselle Medina
    Gisselle Medina 2 years ago

    I love this foundation 💘💘

  • Emma Flores
    Emma Flores 2 years ago

    the undereye is looking a bit cakey

  • destiel is life
    destiel is life 2 years ago

    your skin is soo perfectt

  • ysera wannabe
    ysera wannabe 2 years ago

    what lashes do u use???

  • Antonia Carmona
    Antonia Carmona 2 years ago

    I have watched several videos saying that Tarte concealer is a dupe to the wetnwild concealer

  • Sydnie Ayy
    Sydnie Ayy 2 years ago

    anyone else not like this foundation? (I haven't found a way I like this)I have combo skin. settles into all my,lines and pores

  • Dulce Ruvalcaba
    Dulce Ruvalcaba 2 years ago

    What lashes are you using?

  • Priscilla Vallejo
    Priscilla Vallejo 2 years ago

    Why two different brushes to set ?

  • Evelyn Carrasco
    Evelyn Carrasco 2 years ago

    What foundation color did you exchange it for ?

  • FaithhBeautyyFitness
    FaithhBeautyyFitness 2 years ago +1

    I think it matches you perfect. I'm the same complexion as you & I have neutral undertones. My face is sun burnt and I just bought this. It matches perfect💕

  • Brianna Falk
    Brianna Falk 2 years ago

    If it makes you feel any better I grabbed the wrong shade too lol

  • Hase Y
    Hase Y 2 years ago

    you're gorgeous❤️ Also your teeth are so white and nice!

  • Ramonita Sadie
    Ramonita Sadie 2 years ago

    My eyes always speak louder whenever Ī am applying an blush using the brush set
    I feel like that brush has made the makeup ritual become much more interesting

    • Ramonita Sadie
      Ramonita Sadie 2 years ago

      Otherwise, this vid also fix a few of my comprise styles xxxo

  • Sa'rai Ray
    Sa'rai Ray 2 years ago

    What's your Mac shade for reference that would be the closest match to this ?

  • Beauty Captivates
    Beauty Captivates 2 years ago

    Which are your top foundations without flash back... I will be a bridesmaid and many pics will be taken. Please help!!!! I feel we have the same skin type. Love your videos.

  • Malia Alesia
    Malia Alesia 2 years ago

    Your skins perfect 😍

  • Kristina Reyes
    Kristina Reyes 2 years ago

    I do have this foundation and I have dry skin and I used the blue clean and clear moisturizer and the becca first light primer before and I love how it applies and lasts😊

  • xvxkarina
    xvxkarina 2 years ago +1

    what can I do if I have oily skin on my t-zone and dry skin around my mouth? I really love this foundation :(

  • Raquel Santos
    Raquel Santos 2 years ago

    I have dry skin and it works perfect

  • nicole richard
    nicole richard 2 years ago +1

    This foundation broke my face out so bad, and I'm not acne prone.

  • Gaby Torres
    Gaby Torres 2 years ago

    I like that you add floating comments! and adding product floating pictures! I think thats really essential for us to follow!!

  • Nukey Allen
    Nukey Allen 2 years ago

    You look so pretty...
    thanow for go right in on the makeup and review and not a bunch of talking about other bull

  • MissAmyLiz
    MissAmyLiz 2 years ago

    Ugh! absolutely love your videos 😩❤️

  • thalia loera
    thalia loera 2 years ago

    help!!! 1st did you end up finding the right shade after this one? funny I bought the same color foundation you have on here I came on here and I'm like oh we're abt the same skin color but was confuse cause you got the same color but kinda glad I notice and you said it wasn't your color so I knew mine wash neither. I need to go get a diff color

  • Autumn Knudsen
    Autumn Knudsen 2 years ago

    excited to find your channel because we use the same foundation color!

  • Christina Reidy
    Christina Reidy 2 years ago

    If you're looking for the wet n wild Photo Focus Foundation I just posted a deal for it:

  • latinarene
    latinarene 2 years ago

    Hey Jasmine, I went out and bought the wet and wild photo focus foundation, concealer, and pressed powder but it gave me a horrible flashback.. any tips on fixing this because I feel like I wasted my money...

  • Denisse Lopez
    Denisse Lopez 2 years ago

    What eyelashes you wearing ??

  • Ruby Ortiz
    Ruby Ortiz 2 years ago

    i know noodie patootie is like a super sand color, so did you just put it on top of bow n arrow ? I feel like if i tried that , the sand color would just cover up what was underneath