• Published on Apr 13, 2019
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    Voice Actors:
    Abigail Turner - abigailturnervo.com/
    Hybrid dreams of ultimate power. Startled, he speaks to Lynx the next morning. Together they decide Hybrid must go on a journey to find the meaning of his dream.
    Hybrid searches far and low, defeating any enemies that come into his path. Eventually he finds a temple with the legendary Golden Hybrid, an ancient being that looks to pass down his powers to our hero Hybrid. After the ritual is complete, Hybrid now is electrified to his full stage. He is now more powerful than he ever thought possible. Perhaps even strong enough to take on the Fire King...
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  • NewScapePro - Fortnite Shorts, Films and Skits

    Sorry we didn't have a lot of uploads this week everyone... : (
    Our whole team is in the process of moving to our new office this week. But as soon as we get down there we have all sorts of ideas for new content, including a live action channel where you can see behind the scenes! Stay tuned! Thanks for watching!

    • Skippy
      Skippy 23 days ago

      Hhhhjbbb hhhh) hhh jujhhjjjjjkjjb I Hmkj. b hi/ hhhPjkjjnn)njjjjbjj he bh(he. B h. Hi h in. Huhub((. Jjjjbj j n jjjjjjj Jen HhastelCorgis Ubuntu.

    • Muntaser Awad
      Muntaser Awad Month ago

      It's ok:)

    • The Almighty Thanos
      The Almighty Thanos Month ago

      +1Clixy1playz YT I'm talking about logic, literally no one on this comment realizes that unusual characters is one of the main voice actors, you can pretty much say he appears in every main story episode

    • FHM Gaming
      FHM Gaming Month ago

      Upload new video I'm waiting for 5 days

    • Oluwaseyi Jamodu
      Oluwaseyi Jamodu Month ago +1

      its ok newscapepro i love your channel so much!

  • Lumpcano G4ming
    Lumpcano G4ming 8 days ago

    This guy is copying ninjago

  • Rime T
    Rime T 12 days ago


  • Jason Harvey
    Jason Harvey 16 days ago

    Little lizard your videos are the best my favorite character is drift

  • Orange Munch
    Orange Munch 16 days ago

    But dragonborn was from skyrim..........

  • Raj Kaur
    Raj Kaur 17 days ago

    When I comment and a subscribe it will always be a kids thank you

  • Raj Kaur
    Raj Kaur 17 days ago


  • Kalia Lashua
    Kalia Lashua 18 days ago

    No more evil lynx

  • Phoenix Markland
    Phoenix Markland 22 days ago

    This was great pleas do more with golden HYBRID

  • Jose Maya
    Jose Maya 23 days ago

    This reminds me the movie Shazam 2019 movie

  • Makoser- Games
    Makoser- Games 23 days ago


  • Jennifer Adjad
    Jennifer Adjad 24 days ago


  • Pulse Clan Official
    Pulse Clan Official 25 days ago

    Ninjago much?

  • T r x s h
    T r x s h 26 days ago

    Love ur vids my man.

    Edit: Where's pink hybrid?

  • Serish Khan
    Serish Khan 27 days ago

    I am a boy this is my sisters acont I wanna now who is that guy ander that mask

  • Prof_ Longbow
    Prof_ Longbow 27 days ago +1

    They should make a gold hybrid color

  • SubToSub
    SubToSub 27 days ago

    Bahamut who is he? I don’t know who is he? What skin?

  • bhawar bhawarlal
    bhawar bhawarlal 27 days ago

    Its freaky first

  • SlewedGem778645
    SlewedGem778645 28 days ago

    I’m exited for when the ultra violet comes out I hope I’m going to see some vids with that.

  • CrazyBeastyBoy 22
    CrazyBeastyBoy 22 28 days ago

    Has anyone noticed that drift is always missing

  • Maydidyoushart xD
    Maydidyoushart xD 29 days ago

    I made a photo with different coloured hybrids and call it “GO GO HYBRID RANGERS”

    NAME GUTTER 29 days ago

    I farted

  • CWE99
    CWE99 29 days ago +1

    And i be here like Visit Haunted hills and tilted in the same match

  • Asher Caslow
    Asher Caslow 29 days ago

    Good job for the new office and the show I subscribed

  • lollo fragments
    lollo fragments Month ago


  • A & S Channel
    A & S Channel Month ago


  • Angela Kasimis
    Angela Kasimis Month ago

    it ok

  • The dumb and cool Crew

    I need more newscapepro 3

  • taniah dekle
    taniah dekle Month ago +2

    Who is better?
    Golden Hybrid=like
    Golden Lynx=comment

  • Erik Jensen
    Erik Jensen Month ago

    Can you make the full movie

  • RealPickleJuice
    RealPickleJuice Month ago

    My manz just surpassed dire!


    Who do you got the golden hybrid (or I is a fake but very good fake)

    I love your video

  • Shaun The meme god
    Shaun The meme god Month ago

    Please bring back Steve back Steve into the main story line

  • Kan Nongsimma
    Kan Nongsimma Month ago

    WTF this is god 👍😼

  • PG_Predator 3:16
    PG_Predator 3:16 Month ago +1

    What happened to the gun fights

  • Kevin Hamilton
    Kevin Hamilton Month ago

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    Este sitio es muy bueno y completo. Muchas de las últimas películas y películas famosas aquí. Debes verlo!

  • Natsu_dragneel 5235
    Natsu_dragneel 5235 Month ago +1

    My hero academia all over again

  • Josue Yanes
    Josue Yanes Month ago

    I don’t want to mean but why is everything golden lately what’s next golden Steve

  • Roderick Spencer Jr.

    8:52 that Hybrid got stunned by Good Hybrid’s power

  • FHM Gaming
    FHM Gaming Month ago

    Upload the new video dude

  • amin mosawi
    amin mosawi Month ago +1

    That hybrid is sick

  • A'moriee amoriee
    A'moriee amoriee Month ago

    Hey can I be in your video I got one again I want to be that character and I got my own voice but I got to tell you an email to buy

  • 58gamer
    58gamer Month ago

    This stuff isn’t even entertaining

  • 58gamer
    58gamer Month ago

    Everything you make is really stupid you guys share

  • Nadia Afaneh
    Nadia Afaneh Month ago

    its ok

  • Tom Byrne
    Tom Byrne Month ago

    Bring back zenith as a hero once again

  • StAwesomeXYT
    StAwesomeXYT Month ago

    Wer dis seriee

  • GhosBoyOhi
    GhosBoyOhi Month ago

    Where are new vids?

    • GhosBoyOhi
      GhosBoyOhi Month ago

      +Breach_StreaK ohh

    • Breach_StreaK
      Breach_StreaK Month ago

      GhosBoyOhi they are moving to a new office so they won’t upload for a while

    LITTLE NINJA245 Month ago

    Can omega be in some more of these videos?
    He is my favourite character

  • Ethan Navarro
    Ethan Navarro Month ago

    Minecraft scp now!!!!!!

  • Dr.Memes21
    Dr.Memes21 Month ago

    I am an OG viewer. I stopped watching because ever since season 6, the humor was becoming stale. Now, it's boring. One suggestion, bring back the OG characters
    (Steve, Rachael5, Omega, Ragnarok, etc.)

  • ES GRIEFER8926
    ES GRIEFER8926 Month ago +1

    Kid: Can I use your credit card
    Mom:sry hunny we don’t have any money

    Mom:(Gose shopping)

    Kid:Care to explain

  • Patience Mcelderry
    Patience Mcelderry Month ago

    make a another part already

  • xd GalaXi
    xd GalaXi Month ago

    Where are Steve and sun strider

  • pksdad 2
    pksdad 2 Month ago

    Is newscapepro pg or pg 13

  • Pushysaiyan jr
    Pushysaiyan jr Month ago

    Why does his voice like that bc it kinda got annoying

  • Mazuki[M.E.] 151
    Mazuki[M.E.] 151 Month ago

    This reminds me how All Might gave one for all to Deku

  • Emm Dee
    Emm Dee Month ago


  • Guadalupe Salinas
    Guadalupe Salinas Month ago

    Anyone know the name of the music at 2:47

  • Σωτήρης Παπα

    Hi, knows what did you can ge k

  • Commando.G. H
    Commando.G. H Month ago

    Your not pointing anywhere why are you saying this way

  • Kingslayer Sf
    Kingslayer Sf Month ago


  • Icarion Icarus
    Icarion Icarus Month ago

    its been a long time i havent watched your series, but im glad to see it again
    btw, im an og

  • The Fallen Prince
    The Fallen Prince Month ago

    Newscapepro use the ruin skin to the fire king so its like his suit pls pin my comment

  • sweepingdenver
    sweepingdenver Month ago

    Why does did the Golden spirit hybrid sound like master key’s dad

  • Mikebrookjr Bear
    Mikebrookjr Bear Month ago


  • Xman Rage
    Xman Rage Month ago

    Do a Twenty Mintue video about ww Fortnite Royalty vs Resistance

  • Xman Rage
    Xman Rage Month ago

    Newscapepro I know this might hurt u but use Code Ceeday two y’s By The Way but most importantly use Code Use Code Newscapepro

  • FlyGoesKyuubi
    FlyGoesKyuubi Month ago

    The awaken of his chi

  • NothingPersonal_YT
    NothingPersonal_YT Month ago

    You literally have no life and this is why popular games die

  • Ali Ait Bihi
    Ali Ait Bihi Month ago

    4:37 the ultimate emote battle

  • Ali Ait Bihi
    Ali Ait Bihi Month ago

    I just want to say one thing

    2 plus 2 is 4

  • Taylor underfell
    Taylor underfell Month ago +1

    Minecraft undertale

  • Ferkles
    Ferkles Month ago

    where is the default dance music and comment reading? I loved that

  • Kevin Winstead
    Kevin Winstead Month ago

    Plz do your Minecraft channel again plz remember it

  • Lidia Rivera
    Lidia Rivera Month ago

    U copied this from movie Shazam?

  • Kash Chermsnok
    Kash Chermsnok Month ago +1

    Hey the new ruin skin looks like black night and omega to me

  • Kelvin Mighty
    Kelvin Mighty Month ago

    You guys have been really lacking on vids

  • Marcin Łachut
    Marcin Łachut Month ago

    Hey I reallly likes your movies and if you need some skins to do a movie with them ask your fans (thats just idea)

  • Phone Gaming!
    Phone Gaming! Month ago +1

    What could win?
    A army of hybrids with some of the strongest characters
    The SSJ Hybrid?
    (I know is the Golden Hybrid but, it remebers me the SSJ becuse of that yellow sparkling)

  • Kristy Hamilton
    Kristy Hamilton Month ago


  • Sid Rudge
    Sid Rudge Month ago

    My favourite skin in fortnite is hybrid

  • lord killers
    lord killers Month ago +1

    i like this channel

  • raffa rafi
    raffa rafi Month ago


  • NOOBMASTER69 lol
    NOOBMASTER69 lol Month ago

    i have to say but great power comes with great responsibillity

  • BoxmanAbdul Fat man


  • Dragon master Potter

    Is they going to be a golden squad

  • Alejandro Angulo
    Alejandro Angulo Month ago

    Are you the same person as NewScapePro 3 ??

  • Isabel Isa
    Isabel Isa Month ago

    Hybrid do you really think your powers could be done Fire King it could but who is the golden hybrid

  • Sanad Zananiri
    Sanad Zananiri Month ago +1

    i used your code newscapepro

  • Jeesa Wood
    Jeesa Wood Month ago

    dang dragon hybrid is thiccc

  • Marissa Ferrer
    Marissa Ferrer Month ago +1

    These shorts are great 👍 but I still miss the original role plays like fallout Cory did on his Minecraft channel a couple years ago, in my opinion the Fortnite shorts can’t beat the original. Cory and nick (SGCbarbarian) made me start playing Minecraft and Fortnite.

  • jivino plays 12
    jivino plays 12 Month ago

    This feels like lego ninjago

  • Call me Spartan
    Call me Spartan Month ago

    Hybrids my favorite character

  • Ale efron Efron
    Ale efron Efron Month ago

    You did the same what linx

  • Eakam Tiwana - SouthFields Village PS (1454)

    Ohhh prisoner has a mother thing coming great work keep it up

    ZWC JSKC Month ago +1

    I miss Steve videos

  • Ana Marroquin
    Ana Marroquin Month ago

    you should atd the new charter like. The new skin in fortnite

  • Andrew Kucera
    Andrew Kucera Month ago

    Question do you do all this is replay mode?