• Published on Apr 10, 2018
  • HI SISTERS! Today's video is a super fun makeup challenge where I let YOU GUYS pick my makeup routine. It started off strong but had a few breakdowns on the way... you guys are gonna love this one! LOL! Check out the video to see if your picks ended up winning! Hope you enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!
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  • Sumitra Biswakarma
    Sumitra Biswakarma 3 hours ago

    Omg he talks too MUCHHHHH

  • Sarah Grant
    Sarah Grant 6 days ago +1

    He is so dramatic

  • Cici Woods
    Cici Woods 7 days ago

    Ok so im new to the channel. I dont really follow beauty gurus (i love makeup i just dont like do it the way im told?) but after i heard about james' receipts i felt so bad i had to give him a sub. ANYWAYS i tried recreating this look with my cheap af makeup and it was so fun and i look so good. Thank you JAMES! Now gtg to work but ya just wanted to let you know james, u bout to make a come back. Forget everyone 💁

  • Sulaiah Netzer
    Sulaiah Netzer 8 days ago

    I wosh you could do a vid with Justinn Beiber (ik this isn't the topic!)

  • GAY duh
    GAY duh 10 days ago +1

    i made the best sister saying while i was cooking ok here we go.... im sister staving so were gonna sister sizzle some sister steak

  • King Slimes
    King Slimes 10 days ago

    Why is that thumbnail nowww true after the tea!!

  • Kill Transgendered Perverts For Fun And Sport

    ...I'm pretty sure you mean you love sucking your dad's cock don't you, thought so...

  • Elijah Fineran
    Elijah Fineran 11 days ago

    Do you not use primer?

  • The I.A.H club
    The I.A.H club 12 days ago

    its so pretty or am i just nice

  • Chloe's Channel
    Chloe's Channel 12 days ago +2

    James you don’t need makeup to look Beautiful

  • Kailie Dean
    Kailie Dean 14 days ago +1

    You’re so brave for wearing white while doing your makeup! Slay sister!!!!!!

  • Vans Squad
    Vans Squad 15 days ago +1

    James:I absolutely hate how this is turning out
    Me: It looks so good I couldn’t do it that good

  • Vans Squad
    Vans Squad 15 days ago

    James:Uh what hello
    Me: LOL love that
    I ❤️ Your videos!!and you!!

  • Ällÿ Mäñgö
    Ällÿ Mäñgö 16 days ago

    I think it looks good

  • Panda Bear158
    Panda Bear158 16 days ago

    I love your videos 💝💖💓💞💗💕💋

  • Carmella Orudzhyan
    Carmella Orudzhyan 16 days ago

    Have a few sec of like silence no hate but it’s a lot of talking

  • Daniela Costanzo
    Daniela Costanzo 17 days ago

    Che palle sulla mia home...sto sorriso Falso che hai è fastidioso

  • BTaeS
    BTaeS 19 days ago +1

    The fact that I’m watching this after the drama between him and Jeffree makes the thumbnail seem very shady...

  • Dominique Botha
    Dominique Botha 21 day ago

    Your one liner is not with the glitter lined

  • Morit Lh
    Morit Lh 22 days ago

    The title should be
    Me using make-up I don't usually use

  • Lclc Jeon
    Lclc Jeon 22 days ago

    For real-I watch makeup tutorials I just skip till the end and just saw the final look😂😂😂💔

  • Alli Schreck
    Alli Schreck 23 days ago

    Me: woah my turn to try

    James: uggghhh I hate this eye look

  • Gracie Smith
    Gracie Smith 24 days ago +1

    Do a video with only markers.......by sistas

  • Gracie Smith
    Gracie Smith 24 days ago

    Has sista

  • Maita Cutler
    Maita Cutler 24 days ago

    your eyebrows are uneven sis!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmaoooooooooooo

  • Penelope Giebel
    Penelope Giebel 24 days ago

    Hey sister!! I love your videos like apathy queen 😗

  • Kase Burton
    Kase Burton 25 days ago +3

    Who’s here after the drama?

  • ` Josefu
    ` Josefu 25 days ago

    Oh my god James skin looks flawless at the start!

  • Kacie Stephenson
    Kacie Stephenson 25 days ago +1

    i like how everybody is hating on how he doesn't do makeup the way u guys want him to and u try giving him tips but he does makeup the way he wants to because it looks good they way he does it on himself that's why its his face and not yours and also when u guys say something about him talking so fast like if he didn't he wouldn't sound like himself that's just the way sister Charles is and if u don't like it don't take your time to post a hate coment and go find u a u tuber u actually like and wont just hate on thanks . sister Achlynne , much love to James

  • Lily S
    Lily S 26 days ago

    How long does it take you to do a full face of makeup?

  • Herry Sampelan
    Herry Sampelan 26 days ago

    James make a herobrine look sister

  • kawaii XD kupkakes :3

    So so DOPE

  • kawaii XD kupkakes :3

    Sister James be like,
    “What should I contour my face with, QUESTION MARK

  • justine. nel
    justine. nel Month ago

    I freakin love you😂❤️

  • MaryAnn Protz
    MaryAnn Protz Month ago

    Looks good.

  • Natalia Mitiaev
    Natalia Mitiaev Month ago

    I would say, "BYE SISTER" but you were NEVER my sister.

  • pamirplays
    pamirplays Month ago +1

    Sorry..... What subscribers?

  • Sia Cookie
    Sia Cookie Month ago +1

    But you have no subs what you talking about

  • Karla Díaz
    Karla Díaz Month ago +1

    He is like Albert Einstine but instead of math and science he is with makup

  • Ëmèly M
    Ëmèly M Month ago +1

    Omg he should have done it recently 😁😁😁😁😁

  • rockcandyfrost maya
    rockcandyfrost maya Month ago +2

    What subs?😂

  • Michelle Yochem
    Michelle Yochem Month ago +1

    U look fabulous in this video. Love ur makeup and the double wings

  • Aurora Armixer
    Aurora Armixer Month ago +1

    Bold of him to assume he has subs...

  • Shiona Curry
    Shiona Curry Month ago +5

    What subscribers 😂

  • robert hrehson
    robert hrehson Month ago +7

    The funny thing is now he’s loosing all of his subscribers lol

  • K A
    K A Month ago +3

    1:00 oh the irony

  • K A
    K A Month ago +5

    Lol remember when James actually had subscribers? 😂

  • Hope
    Hope Month ago +9

    Who else is watching his subs drop?

    • MaryAnn Protz
      MaryAnn Protz Month ago

      James.. come back bigger and stronger.. show them all

  • Mallow
    Mallow Month ago +4


  • The King Robin
    The King Robin Month ago +1

    Why? I know you have 16Million subscribers then why you have 15 Million subscribers. sad😢😢. Go fight sister love ya😀

  • orsi szabo
    orsi szabo Month ago +7

    Coming back here today and seeing only positive comments is weird as fuck

  • Lp Asncion
    Lp Asncion Month ago

    Be yourself

  • little miss vampire
    little miss vampire Month ago +1

    I feel like the fans didn't pick any of it it seems planed

  • Olivia Godfrey
    Olivia Godfrey Month ago

    We should start counting how many times James says "it's been a hot minute" 😂😂
    Btw James ur amazing❤️

  • Android Beast
    Android Beast Month ago

    I think he is not a boy not a girl she is a middle one😂😅

  • Lena Bryant
    Lena Bryant Month ago +4

    James, your teeth are literally PERFECT. Love your vids!!

  • Tania Scott
    Tania Scott Month ago +1

    boo and sisters 😘

  • Tania Scott
    Tania Scott Month ago +1

    Love ya boo 😘😘

  • Olivia Eck
    Olivia Eck Month ago

    Everyone knows that James always uses the concealer that ya’ll voted for because whenever he does a tutorial I always see him use it

  • Rebekah D
    Rebekah D Month ago +2

    I actually love the eyes♥️👁️👁️♥️

  • Vinothkumar Yesodha

    Lv u lots sister James 😘

  • Meadow David
    Meadow David Month ago

    Oh we like her

  • Briana Gore
    Briana Gore Month ago

    This bitch really just said "Subtle" and "Jeffree Star" in the same sentence XD

  • Cookie Kallise
    Cookie Kallise Month ago +1

    Do you lips gold🌟

  • Alan Howe
    Alan Howe Month ago

    your not my sister?

  • Malak Niyaz
    Malak Niyaz Month ago +5

    I literally never wear makeup, but I still love watching James 😁
    Who else can relate?

  • Kristin Gill
    Kristin Gill Month ago

    This title is him saying "I let 5 people choose my makeup.. kinda"

  • It's Aeris '-'
    It's Aeris '-' Month ago +1

    Omg!! Sister! You have perfect skin without makeup!! :)

  • the depressed artist{今のところ}


  • Yana Zam
    Yana Zam Month ago

    I love it❤️

  • Yasmine Babin
    Yasmine Babin Month ago +1


  • Kyutten Videos
    Kyutten Videos Month ago +1

    Me and my friend just had a fight against if it was hi sisters or hey sisters. She won😠😠

  • Tabatha Morley
    Tabatha Morley Month ago

    R u a boy or a girl

  • Rihanna Cookie
    Rihanna Cookie Month ago

    Can you do a colab with Safiya😫🙏?!

  • grace tukuitoga
    grace tukuitoga Month ago

    i love you sister

  • Joss Perez
    Joss Perez Month ago


  • Skrrrttt __•
    Skrrrttt __• Month ago +1

    I just bought ur morphs x James Charles pallets I love it, like if you have one❤️🤠

  • Singers World
    Singers World Month ago

    I think you look sister gorgeous!!😃

  • Lauren Hesslewood
    Lauren Hesslewood Month ago

    instead of half way through doing the least rated ones just take out the pieces of makeup you use in your everyday routine?? because it’s just confusing?

  • Lauren Hesslewood
    Lauren Hesslewood Month ago

    when i try doing eyeshadow even after lashes it just makes my face look DITY and GROSS what’s going on

  • PixelPiez Xx
    PixelPiez Xx Month ago +1

    Can you please do a video for teenagers for school makeup. My school has a rule where your not allowed to wear it. I still do for insecurities and I rlly have trouble making it look like I'm not wearing it. James. Sister. PLZ HELP ME 💜.

  • Queen of Random vids
    Queen of Random vids 2 months ago

    I actually love how the eyes turned out he should do that a lot more ❤️😘

  • Audra Randall
    Audra Randall 2 months ago

    Sister James I am getting g your make up pallet and I am so existed and I love you so much you make my day and I am always supporting and I am also getting g a hi sister hoodie
    _ sister Audra

  • Emma Horn
    Emma Horn 2 months ago

    Me: I wish I could do good makeup like James
    James: I hate this look
    Me: 😍 I love this look

  • Aliana Guzman
    Aliana Guzman 2 months ago


  • Aliana Guzman
    Aliana Guzman 2 months ago


  • Jelena-nicole Boultbee
    Jelena-nicole Boultbee 2 months ago

    5 hours , jeeeezz

  • Shavette
    Shavette 2 months ago

    I like it 😍

  • BillieEilish Cover Fan!

    James Charles I Love Your Song “Never Enough”

  • Kira T
    Kira T 2 months ago

    Ok, i know I'm *superbly* late to the video, but your face looked so good! There was nothing wrong with it and it made you glow! The foundation and concealer looked so clean and fresh. *it was so sister stunning* Wish I could do what you do! keep it up sis!

  • Rosemary AKA: Brassknuckles.o00oTM

    Its beautiful james

  • Kiyah's Channel
    Kiyah's Channel 2 months ago

    6:04 OK JAMES I HEAR YOU😂😭❤❤

  • Verebby
    Verebby 2 months ago

    I love the look 😚 mostly the eyelook❤❤

  • Hannah Faith Lewis
    Hannah Faith Lewis 2 months ago

    James please. You always look good. You can't look bad

  • Sapphi Valtatzis
    Sapphi Valtatzis 2 months ago

    there are rumors that james is marshmello

  • Imogen McKenzie
    Imogen McKenzie 2 months ago

    I hate the fact that people are saying that you speak way to fast I speak soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fast and I don't get why thay are judging you
    Love youuu❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • M and M Sisters
    M and M Sisters 2 months ago

    Sister james, why do you not like the look? It may have a lot of glitter but there’s no such thing as to much glitter. I think all your makeup looks look beautiful

  • Nika's Art
    Nika's Art 2 months ago

    no matter what make up you use you are always beautiful

  • jayda giese
    jayda giese 2 months ago

    what is up with this audio? like fr sis

  • Morgan Allen
    Morgan Allen 2 months ago

    Ummm this look is amazing 😍😍