How to Get Motivated and Find Your Spark - Rule #2

  • Published on Jan 11, 2018
  • How to get motivated and find your spark - rule number 2.
    Rule number two. In the 18th century there was something that spread across Europe and eventually made its way to America called puerperal fever also known as the Black Death of Childbed.
    Basically what was happening is women were giving birth and they would die within 48 hours after giving birth. This Black Death of childbirth was the ravage of Europe and it got worse and worse and worse over the course of over a century.
    In some hospitals it was as high as 70 percent of women who gave birth who would die as a result of giving birth, but this was the Age of Enlightement, this was the time of empirical data and science and we had thrown away things like tradition and mysticism.
    These were men of science, these were doctors and these doctors and men of science wanted to study and try and find the reason for this black death of childbed and so they got to work studying. And they would study the corpses of the women who had died and in the morning they would conduct autopsies and then in the afternoon they would go and deliver babies and finish their rounds.
    And it wasn't until somewhere in the mid-1800s that Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes father of Supreme Court justice Oliver Wendell Holmes realized that all of these doctors who were conducting autopsies in the morning weren't washing their hands before they delivered babies in the afternoon.
    And he pointed it out and said guys you're the problem and they ignored him and called him crazy for 30 years until finally somebody realized that if they simply washed their hands it would go away and that's exactly what happened. When they started sterilizing their instruments and washing their hands, the black death of childbed disappeared.
    My point is the lesson here is sometimes you're the problem. We've seen this happen all too recently with our new men of science and empirical studies and these men of finance who are smarter than the rest of us until the thing collapsed and they blamed everything else except themselves and my point is - is take accountability for your actions.
    You can take all the credit in the world for the things that you do right as long as you also take responsibility for the things you do wrong, it must be a balanced equation.
    You don't get it one way and not the other - you get to take credit when you also take accountability. That's lesson 2.
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