NOCO GB20 Jump Starter Review-12V 400A

  • Published on May 8, 2016
  • This is a review of the NOCO GB20 Jump Starter. You can charge the unit and use it for a variety of things. You can use it to jump start your car by boosting the battery. In addition to being used as a jump starter, it has a built-in flashlight that can be used in emergency situations. You can use it as a portable charger for your cell phone. It also includes a convenient carrying bag to transport and store it in.
    NOCO GB20 Jump Starter:
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  • iPony
    iPony 4 days ago

    *_Charge fairly quickly.✏️>_****_ Helped my car start because it was in the garage where another car could not fit to jump it._*

  • Viktor Voravik
    Viktor Voravik 23 days ago

    how about v12 6 liter engine startup? will this small thing work?

  • Kanon Kulpa
    Kanon Kulpa Month ago

    Here’s my review: JUNK. And the only ones that have anything good to say about them are affiliates getting some type of kickback.

  • TheGP
    TheGP 2 months ago


  • mark p
    mark p 2 months ago

    I cringed when you hooked the cables to the jump box and had the two clips slapping together to create a possible arc, fire, or explosion. Maybe think about hooking up the jumper cables to the battery then plug into the jump box.

  • Mark A
    Mark A 4 months ago

    I purchased one at half price on a clearance aisle. I'm concerned I may get less life out of it if it was in the store a long time. It is rated up to 4.0L engines. Have used it to start a 4.0L Nissan Xterra and 5.9L Dodge truck.

  • Paul Hunt
    Paul Hunt 6 months ago

    RTFM. Connect leads to battery, then leads to jump pack, then turn jump pack on.
    It does what it says. I've tested it on a car with a knackered battery as well as on a good one with knackered jump leads in place of the earth cable to simulate a knackered battery. Which I'm sure will confuse many.

  • Steffen Andersen
    Steffen Andersen 11 months ago +1

    Remove the battery and show it again

    STEVE ORTEZ 11 months ago +1

    The GB70 has a 2 year life span especially if you keep it in your vehicle and is susceptible to large temperature changes it will stop charging the battery

  • Anthony Soldano
    Anthony Soldano Year ago +5

    When does Miss Piggy show up in the video lol.

  • John Yaşar
    John Yaşar 2 years ago

    Hahaha, I got the unit today for my 2015 Si's dead battery. Watching the video and lo and behold, it is another dead Si. That was funny.

  • TheEskimo223
    TheEskimo223 2 years ago +19

    How do i know if youre car battery was even dead and needed a boost? I didnt see you try and start it before hooking up the booster. Pointless. Nothing proved other than it being able to charge a cell phone.

  • DoseofJoseph
    DoseofJoseph 2 years ago +13

    Kermit the frog

  • Edward Johnson
    Edward Johnson 2 years ago +1

    Mine charges my electronic, haven't found anything to boost, or jump start.. I got mine for my Suzuki 1500, it's such a bad ass ride.. I also got fix a flat, in case I come out from shopping and find my tire low... and I bought a arisol can fire extinguisher for emergency.

    • mark p
      mark p 2 months ago

      Tire repair shops hate fix a flat. It's a mess to clean up. Just get a small 12 volt air compressor and hook it to the jump box to pump up a low tire. Most flats take some time to leak down giving you time to get to a repair shop or get back home to patch it yourself.

    • Helpful DIY
      Helpful DIY  2 years ago +1

      Those are all awesome things to keep around!

  • soni purnama
    soni purnama 3 years ago +1

    hi bro I have the gb20 but now it can't use for charging the cell phone and also can't use for boost jumping my car ..
    do you can give me some solutions bro??

    • Mike Andrus
      Mike Andrus 9 months ago

      You need to charge the gb20

    • Erick
      Erick 2 years ago +4

      How bout charging the g20 jump starter 1st to full max then try again to charge other devices