Lewis Hamilton's World Championship Press Conference | 2019 United States Grand Prix

  • Published on Nov 4, 2019
  • The 2019 season has had its ups and downs for its eventual champion Lewis Hamilton. From losing his beloved friend and colleague Niki Lauda to winning his sixth world title with spine-tingling performances, after securing title six he discussed his thoughts in this special press conference...
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  • O K
    O K Month ago +1

    Max vestappen be like DAM THIS GUY DONT WANT TO give me a championship

  • therealturbofanisme

    Pleasantly surprised at all the positive comments here. Used to hate everywhere online, but this was really nice.
    Thanks, all.

  • orcida Orchiede
    orcida Orchiede Month ago

    Lewis Hamilton
    Dont even think go drive doe Ferrari they dont deserve jou bro

  • Tradition
    Tradition Month ago

    Great elder of the sport. F1 will miss him when he shelves his helmet for the last time. On the bright-side, I’m loving the Verstappen, Leclerc story we’re going to be getting, along with some potential future surprises in Norris and Russell.

  • Matthew Pye
    Matthew Pye 2 months ago


  • Marie Rose
    Marie Rose 2 months ago

    My man. Love him what a talent🤩love from Bujumbura

    ARRGHHH 2 months ago

    It's rare to see Hamilton speak so openly and so off the cuff, a lot of his other press conferences feel very... corporate. But this was true and straight from the heart. It was very well spoken, props to one of the greatest drivers one will witnesss.

  • Scuderia_Ferrari_F1_Till_Die

    Imagine Lewis alongside leclerc at Ferrari and vettel alongside bottas at merc or the other way round

  • Scuderia_Ferrari_F1_Till_Die

    Wtf1 be like
    I’m NOt a Fan BOy im JUst PAssiNATE

  • German Cegarra
    German Cegarra 2 months ago

    LH champion again = REBORING!

  • Ryan Fisher
    Ryan Fisher 2 months ago

    I’m british and I’ve got a love hate for Lewis but it’s going to be weird not having him in f1 one day. When he talks about coming downstairs in the morning and watching the Grand Prix with a bacon sandwich. That’s how I grew up. So much respect for the guy and his father for giving him
    The opportunity. Enjoy this Lewis, you’re in your prime.

  • Jean Clarke
    Jean Clarke 2 months ago

    This interview provides a brilliant insight into the characteristics that make the man and the six time world championship. Cool Runnings Lewis. RESPECT

  • Trevor Chrouch aka MR T

    Respect due to Lewis for a black British man to gatecrash Formula One and smash it

  • steve A
    steve A 2 months ago

    Your words are absolutely the best I’ve heard always inspiring to us all to live each day the best we can thank you for another year of your awesomeness and congratulations on another 6th world title.

  • Lloyd Morgan
    Lloyd Morgan 2 months ago +1

    Living legend.

  • Pop Hope
    Pop Hope 2 months ago +2

    Just God bless Lewis I pray for you 🙏🏿

  • Akanit Vithayanivas
    Akanit Vithayanivas 2 months ago

    Luv U Lewis your are my motivation when you said " How you wake up in the morning I look at the mirror you say yes you can do it, yes you are great you can win this race if we do the right step and you continue to believe in your self"

  • Chally Ho
    Chally Ho 2 months ago

    You know you've made it when you get a full press conference all to yourself max and valterri had to leave the room 😂

  • beegee22
    beegee22 2 months ago +1

    He is amazingly level headed.

  • Matthew
    Matthew 2 months ago

    100 F1 Race Wins is goal.

  • ben-jam-in
    ben-jam-in 2 months ago

    I think this interview has helped his public image among Formula-1 fans a ton. He might not be human in a race car but he needs to act like it as he did in this press conference. Im sure if you get interviewed and asked the same silly questions over and over again for as many years as Lewis has then add the training he has probably received from the teams about how to act during an interview it becomes easy to sound a bit robot-ish or uninterested. Im not a Hamilton hater or a fan but I sure tip my hat to the guy for his ability to stay focused and keep his self on the podium and winning championships.

  • Sch Vet
    Sch Vet 2 months ago


  • VC YT
    VC YT 2 months ago

    Its nice that he has a poppy on his shirt in November :-)

  • KickAss
    KickAss 2 months ago

    6-time World cHAMp🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  • ///// AMG
    ///// AMG 2 months ago

    Lewis is a great champion! WTG Lewis! 👏

  • escolopendrapower
    escolopendrapower 2 months ago

    Anyone can name just ONE year while HAMILTON was beating ALONSO at the end of the year driving inferior machinery? I can name you 4 years that was exactly the opposite 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 see constructors Championship results for naming best car, nobody will remember the best driver, but the most succesful

    • escolopendrapower
      escolopendrapower 2 months ago

      In fact since 2003 no driver has outscored Alonso in inferior machinery ever, and with same car only J Button did 1 year, even if Ham fanboys like thinking he did in 2007 but he just tied with all team working for him

  • vanduc996
    vanduc996 2 months ago +1

    Don't know where else to say this so I'll just say congratulations Mr. Hamilton!
    Such an impressive achievement!
    And the manner in which you've won your championships means you're already the far greater champion in my eyes than the man you might be chasing

  • Eli Grant
    Eli Grant 2 months ago +1

    Really impressed with the way he carries himself, not a whif of pretention in that 7 minutes, who the f*&k would down vote this guy?

  • Chris Smart
    Chris Smart 2 months ago +3

    “One day your here and one day your not”
    Amen to that and well done on your achievements.

  • TohirT
    TohirT 2 months ago +1

    Deep and profound. He is an awesome champion. Well deserved. True inspiration.

  • tigerrx
    tigerrx 2 months ago

    Imagine if he had won in rookie year 2007!!? He wasn’t far. Came in and challenged the more experienced drivers from beginning. Now he’s challenging the younger guys to come good or go home.

  • Jordon West
    Jordon West 2 months ago +1

    He's the best ever. Simple as that.

  • satish kumar
    satish kumar 2 months ago

    Donkey nowonder f1 has lost its sheen

  • TheFlailingScott
    TheFlailingScott 2 months ago +2

    lewis hamilton is so humble, and yet im still amazed at how silent the room is when he is talking, just shows how much respect he has gained from everyone. cant wait to see him race some more and i hope he wins his 7th championship.

  • Martin's Travels
    Martin's Travels 2 months ago

    "The masterpiece isn't finished yet" meaning he won't retire till he beats Schumacher's record of 7 titles

  • Robb Phillips
    Robb Phillips 2 months ago

    For me the most impressive was when Lewis and Seb were both 4 x WC, and since then he has absolutely dominated Vettel to the point where Seb has thrown in the towel and should be replaced.Well done Lewis.You are a once in a generation F1 Driver.

  • Muhammad Alkourashi
    Muhammad Alkourashi 2 months ago

    Wtf happened to his accent haha theres like subtle americanisms

  • george machine
    george machine 2 months ago +2

    You can hear the emotion in his voice
    R.I.P Niki You are just one lap ahead of us

  • A_Hopeful
    A_Hopeful 2 months ago

    Thoroughly deserved WDC. Well done to Lewis and Mercedes. I've been his fan since he debuted in 2007, and used to think he'll never win another championship in the RBR days, let alone 6, so this is just beyond words.

    People say this hasn't been his best season, only 4 poles, no particular jaw-dropping qualifying laps, but personally, I think he has been at his best on Sundays. I mean, to think he was outta contention for the win in only 2 races all season - Australia and Austria, is amazing, considering he had damage on his car in both of them.

    Only 1 off weekend all year in Germany when likes of Vettel have made countless mistakes for the last 12-15 months tells you all you need to know.

    As for qualifying, I still feel he hasn't lost his edge yet and we'll see him come back stronger next year if Ferrari is more competitive. Brings out the best in him.

    Bring on 2020 and #7.... And hopefully, win #92 as well... :)

  • hwd71
    hwd71 2 months ago

    If Glock didnt lift, and his engine didn't fail in Malaysia in '16 he'd still have 6 W.D.C's.
    So either way he's a deserving 6 time world champion.

    • hwd71
      hwd71 2 months ago

      @Toro Loco Thanks I'll check it out.

    • Toro Loco
      Toro Loco 2 months ago

      I suggest you watch Glocks onboard. he actually went faster than his teammate trulli on the same tyres

  • SBPilot54
    SBPilot54 2 months ago

    Best speech by a champion.

  • Yeqamyah
    Yeqamyah 2 months ago

    It’s clear that the MB nor Lewis have not failed to maximize their window of dominance. Whatever they are doing to succeed is being etched into everyone’s daily habit and attention to detail... Its wise to enjoy today and breathe a sigh of relief in delivering the apparent constructors championship to a worthy team as well as his 6th. Lewis is a master of channeling all negativity and positivity into his own force of will. Outside of his driving I think that is what I like most about him. Congrats Lewis!!! Enjoy it ....

  • Patricia Alexis
    Patricia Alexis 2 months ago

    Such an incredible man and human being! Congratulations Lewis Hamilton :)

  • Patrick D-tock
    Patrick D-tock 2 months ago

    This man is not from dis world like a big baby getting very tired of him

  • James Williams
    James Williams 2 months ago

    Excellent job Lewis

  • SPL Mixing
    SPL Mixing 2 months ago

    Hard not to like this. I'm not a Hamilton fan, but this is the most genuine I've seen him.

  • KakuS
    KakuS 2 months ago

    oh gosh those usual cheeky remarks from Lewis really make my balls fall to the ground... believing in yourself, look at yourself in the mirror and so on... c'mon cut that crap say some fun shit
    anyway, amazing driver, I'll give you that one ;-) congrats

  • Peter Charles
    Peter Charles 2 months ago +4

    How can there be so much negativity directed to this man who is just doing his job and doing it well ?
    Unfortunately I think that his skin colour has a lot to do with it !
    Should have been knighted by now !

  • drewzenski
    drewzenski 2 months ago

    My favorite F1 driver! Looking forward to next season!

  • harmeet singh
    harmeet singh 2 months ago +1

    Really loved the fact that he starts with Niki.

  • henrik arnstad
    henrik arnstad 2 months ago

    Gentlemen, a short view back to the past. Thirty years ago, Niki Lauda told us ‘take a monkey, place him into the cockpit and he is able to drive the car.’ Thirty years later, Sebastian told us ‘I had to start my car like a computer, it’s very complicated.’ And Nico Rosberg said that during the race - I don’t remember what race - he pressed the wrong button on the wheel. Question for you both: is Formula One driving today too complicated with twenty and more buttons on the wheel, are you too much under effort, under pressure? What are your wishes for the future concerning the technical programme during the race? Less buttons, more? Or less and more communication with your engineers?

  • Fire Up
    Fire Up 2 months ago +1


  • Moon’s gaming
    Moon’s gaming 2 months ago

    Don’t like Lewis? Well this press has changed your mind

  • Bruno Franco
    Bruno Franco 2 months ago

    I like how this guy talks...it reminds me to Senna. He looks a very sensible person, and that makes him even greater on a sometimes "robotic" sport. I'm not a biggest fan of how he drives, but as a South American I can't skip his personality. We are in front of a legend, and who knows, maybe the greatest driver of all times. Congrats Champion!!!

  • Mr Klots
    Mr Klots 2 months ago

    Enjoy each Day!!
    congratulations Lewis.
    From a Max fan.

  • Dick Martino
    Dick Martino 2 months ago

    Lewis is essentially timid and has doubts every morning he wakes up yet is 6 times WDC. Lesson: you can do anything.

  • Carolyn
    Carolyn 2 months ago

    Well Done Lewis! Well Done.♥

  • Savage Mode
    Savage Mode 2 months ago +1

    GOAT 🐐🐐

  • Rosana Marques
    Rosana Marques 2 months ago +1

    Lewis Hamilton muito bem haxacampeão de fórmula 1 🇬🇧🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 o último você eu vou grande prêmio dos estados unidos de fórmula 1 2019 🇺🇸 vivermos vitória do senhor antes de ir corrida de chegará final tô mais aqui melhor por que isso legal para vocês também Hamilton vocês sem antes #F1 #USGP #LewisHamilton #Fórmula1.

  • Raja Ilman Daniel
    Raja Ilman Daniel 2 months ago +2

    people tend to forgot that he moved to Mercedes when they aren't that competitive yet...
    people forgot that he in his rookie year fought Alonso 2x world champion and Kimi at Ferrari at 2007 and almost won it..
    people forgot that he had tug of war with Massa all year for that 1st championship
    people forgot that he still had win with that awful Mclaren that tend to blow up most of the time..
    people forgot that all the championship he had with Mercedes he did fight with someone like Rosberg, Vettel twice and this year Bottas. Mind you some of this year winning he didnt start from the pole.

    But i will never forgot that drive in F2 Istanbul!