How women in Pakistan are creating political change | Shad Begum

  • Published on Mar 8, 2019
  • Activist Shad Begum has spent her life empowering women to live up to their full potential. In a personal talk, she shares her determined struggle to improve the lives of women in her deeply religious and conservative community in northwest Pakistan -- and calls for women around the world to find their political voice. "We must stand up for our own rights -- and not wait for someone else to come and help us," Begum says.
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Comments • 339

  • Fine Haripur
    Fine Haripur 3 months ago

    feeling proud

  • A A
    A A 4 months ago

    women really shouldn't be allowed to drive. statistics people

  • N A
    N A 5 months ago +1

    Men create feminism in pakistan. Islam doesnt stop women working progressing. And niqaab is saudi man made misinterpretation of surah noor. Headscarf is important. Go women speak to imran khan.

  • Rarity DashPie
    Rarity DashPie 5 months ago

    Proud to see her “taboo” mindset. So proud of her struggle. Inshallah, your struggle will prove even more, thousand-fold successful. A wonderful thought process. You deserved that standing ovation 🌺🌺🎀

  • Knowledge of Politics
    Knowledge of Politics 5 months ago

    Very Good

  • Mohammed Ali
    Mohammed Ali 5 months ago +1

    Best wishes from India

  • Unprincipled CHNOPS
    Unprincipled CHNOPS 5 months ago

    Hers' is indeed an inspiring struggle and achievement. I wish her the best.

  • Billy Ray Hopkins jr
    Billy Ray Hopkins jr 5 months ago

    More so All Christian's have the mark of the beast! that is all that have worshiped the father in heaven on Sunday.
    Search the holy book u study and find what the father in heaven,has left for u ,Look for the truth through the book of Enoch,and how to survive in these last days,the father has blessed us with the truth in the last, and study ,most of all root the word of the father in heaven,Amen Beloved.

  • Issa gul
    Issa gul 5 months ago

    The women in the place where you came from need the most of your help... Please give them a helping hand.

  • vKaran12
    vKaran12 6 months ago

    This woman is brave. Pakistan is a barbaric state, and Islam is a poison that shackles everybody, but is worse to women. What she is doing therefore really does mean a lot.

  • muskan sharma
    muskan sharma 6 months ago +1

    Countries where religious law prevails social and political revolutions and revolts go to garbage box , it is good that there are these activists working for changes to be made but if they really want to achieve change they must question the root cause for every problem . In country like Pakistan a lot of people need change along with the women.

    • Kamal Sheikh
      Kamal Sheikh 3 months ago

      @muskan sharma Get your facts straight or keep your half-baked misunderstood bullshit to yourself. And worry about your own hindutva issues.

    • muskan sharma
      muskan sharma 6 months ago +1

      @Nayyera Khan yes it does , evident from the state of your country , what is happening with minorities , What notions of majority of people bear in mind .

    • Nayyera Khan
      Nayyera Khan 6 months ago

      Religious laws do not prevent us from revolutions.

  • salim pinjari
    salim pinjari 6 months ago +2

    Mindblowing speach, I hope all there people learn from her and eradicate terrorism and live peacefully

  • Bruce Cook
    Bruce Cook 6 months ago

    As Christopher Hitchens said, empowerment of women will flip a poverty stricken state upside down for the better. Good for her!

  • Lawlietftw30
    Lawlietftw30 6 months ago +17

    It's inspiring to see someone working so hard and doing so much for those around her.

  • براہمداغ
    براہمداغ 6 months ago

    Keep going Shad!

  • Team Bhojpuri
    Team Bhojpuri 6 months ago +1

    This is so motivational and inspiring video for new generation. Now I was thinking about this video. When will watch all people so definitely will change 20% and in the itself.

    SYED JAFFER IMAM 6 months ago +1

    What's the difference between TED and TEDx??

    • Zunair Qureshi
      Zunair Qureshi 6 months ago

      TED is official and TedX is independent event but there affiliated with Ted.

  • John Legar
    John Legar 6 months ago +2

    Never let the tree of human rights wither, for on those frail boughs we hang our liberty.

  • Hilary Moran
    Hilary Moran 6 months ago

    Brilliant well done. X

    EAGLE EYe 6 months ago +2

    In that whole speech she doesn’t need to insult any gender to speak for female rights, if all the feminist talks like her I believe more and more man will take part in the process and raise their voice for womens rights👍

    EAGLE EYe 6 months ago +1

    During her speech she doesn’t look a little bit of pretentious despite her astounding success and achievement but the whole speech was very influencing, I'm impressed. That's what a feminist should look like, Ema Watson could learn something from this women

  • Would Bang
    Would Bang 6 months ago

    3/10. Would not bang

  • Albin Abraham
    Albin Abraham 6 months ago

    Keep up the good work Shad

  • Ari Marun
    Ari Marun 6 months ago


  • MGTOW Lifestyle
    MGTOW Lifestyle 6 months ago

    Pakistan is a tribal country

  • harshit katyal
    harshit katyal 6 months ago

    Pakistan ki maa ka bhosara

    • Kamal Sheikh
      Kamal Sheikh 3 months ago

      India is Pakistan ki Maa. Remember, it was born from Bharat mata. So . . . .

    • Komal Khan
      Komal Khan 6 months ago


  • tissetatten
    tissetatten 6 months ago

    Well done wishing you the best of luck and future success

  • Zen = Yen 🔴
    Zen = Yen 🔴 6 months ago +4

    for any change to take place, the hijab has to go.
    and without change the hijab cannot go.
    think about it.

    • Asriel BEN
      Asriel BEN Month ago

      How about we focus on the topic at hand about politics rather than reducing her to her religion and what she wears?

    • Nayyera Khan
      Nayyera Khan 6 months ago

      For any change hijab is irrelevant. Hijab doesn't create any problem for us

  • forever0042000
    forever0042000 6 months ago +2

    Supposedly women are oppress yet USA still couldn't elect a woman.

  • dev0n james
    dev0n james 6 months ago +1

    the key is only educating girls and injecting feminism into Islam.

    • d3st88
      d3st88 6 months ago

      Feminism and islam is like splicing ebola and the flu together to create one superbug destroying the planet.

  • DeVouR Playz
    DeVouR Playz 6 months ago

    this women is delusional

    • Faizan A
      Faizan A 6 months ago +1

      Your English is pathetic.

  • 안녕하세여
    안녕하세여 6 months ago +1

    I respect Shed's braveness to make opportunities to woman, not borrowing the power of opportunities that are existing.

  • Daniel TTY
    Daniel TTY 6 months ago +4

    As long as you are still a Moslem, there is no such thing as equality between woman and man. Be brave and leave the religion.

    • vKaran12
      vKaran12 6 months ago

      While you are correct, keep in mind that if she actually chose to leave this evil religion, she'd probably get killed.

    • Haobin Song
      Haobin Song 6 months ago

      Faizan A only Islam does that

    • MGTOW Lifestyle
      MGTOW Lifestyle 6 months ago

      At least Christianity is peAceful

    • Faizan A
      Faizan A 6 months ago +1

      Yes and convert to the all blessed and mighty Christianity where the White Man decides what the woman should and shouldn't do with her body.

  • Lunareon
    Lunareon 6 months ago +6

    You've come so far in such a relatively short period of time. That's amazing! :)

  • nikki.creeps around.on.holidays

    To everyone who disliked:
    Why would you do that? Here in front of you in a little screen stands a woman who deserves your respect. Not only because she's a woman, also because she's a human being like every single one of us and because she tried to change her world into a place she has some rights in. I would really like to know your motives to dislike her speech. If somebody who disliked reads this, please tell me I'm curious. Thank you.

    • Swae Ocean
      Swae Ocean 6 months ago

      Faizan A - obkb surely doo dah silly sexist.

    • Faizan A
      Faizan A 6 months ago +2

      @Swae Ocean What an incredibly ignorant thing to say.

    • forever0042000
      forever0042000 6 months ago +1

      she is not half dressed and showing real struggle. Its unattractive.

    • Swae Ocean
      Swae Ocean 6 months ago

      nikki.creeps around.on.holidays -- Why does a person deserve respect because they were born female?

  • raghav iyer
    raghav iyer 6 months ago

    Why not just reserve position in the local government for women? In India 1/3 seats are reserved for ladies.

  • Waqas Ali
    Waqas Ali 6 months ago

    Pakistan's map is not complete.

    RAJU RAJU 6 months ago +1

    WTF!!! Political change😮 and that too in pakistan 🚫 Are you kidding TED. JUST CHANGE TITLE OF VIDEO🤯

    DURMUŞ BAYSAL 6 months ago +2

    Betty Friedan, (1921-2006) the pioneer of feminism, says:
    "The comfort of a woman is a union with a man based on loyalty."
    Raising a child is less important than building a factory?
    The biggest status and career for women is motherhood.
    Our future depends on mothers raising their children well.
    Capitalism wants you to search the truth in the wrong place.
    Please don't be biased and think deeply.

  • saleem rather
    saleem rather 6 months ago

    Thank God here is a siver linning

  • Nature Boy
    Nature Boy 6 months ago +2


  • premier69
    premier69 6 months ago +5

    drop the religion and start exercising.

    • Faizan A
      Faizan A 6 months ago

      Looked in the mirror lately?

    • Yusuf Noor
      Yusuf Noor 6 months ago +5

      Drop the xenophobia and get a life.

  • Zeeshan amin
    Zeeshan amin 6 months ago +4

    Who else saw the video at the speed of 1.75x

  • rohit patke
    rohit patke 6 months ago +74

    Good to see women working towards change and empowering other women. Great progress. Best wishes for your future projects.

  • Mast Ullah Baig
    Mast Ullah Baig 6 months ago +4

    More power to you Shad Baigum

  • Albin Prem
    Albin Prem 6 months ago +1

    Bharath Mata Ki Jai 💪🏻🇮🇳🔥

  • Khushal Khan
    Khushal Khan 6 months ago +7

    As a pukhtoon i feel really proud of shad begum speaking on such a big platform and working for women empowerment in khyber pukhtoonkhwa. We pukhtoons have had to suffer the most because of terrorism in our country and people like her are the reason we’re still strong and fighting! More power to you mam!

    • Faizan A
      Faizan A 6 months ago

      I'm not Pukhtoon but I know you guys face a lot of discrimination. Pukhtoons should be a protected minority group with more incentives so you can succeed as well.

  • Rameshan Sivapalan
    Rameshan Sivapalan 6 months ago +6

    Her making a speech about Muslim change, while wearing a hijab is like a black person making a speech about freedom, while wearing shackles 😅

    • Mohammed Ali
      Mohammed Ali 5 months ago

      This is because you have a nonsense understanding of hijab and slavery.
      So why don't you just cutting the mangalsutra if your mom and wife.
      Since this rope around their neck is the symbol of oppression

    • Rameshan Sivapalan
      Rameshan Sivapalan 6 months ago

      U could've simply said ...modesty ....but you know what....when you hear of multiple stories of honour killings due to the specific reason that the victim chose not to wear her hijab ....
      Religion of peace alright....if you leave the religion or forget to wear your hijab...its rest in PEACE 😅

    • Ati Sanskari
      Ati Sanskari 6 months ago

      I have seen many Muslims harrassing women on internet just because little bit of the neck was showing throw the can it be empowerment.muslim women are the most oppressed one if not from the home than from the society.its 2019 muslim need to change their mindsets.

    • MGTOW Lifestyle
      MGTOW Lifestyle 6 months ago

      Hijab is sign of slavery

    • Nayyera Khan
      Nayyera Khan 6 months ago +1

      Our hijab IS NOT AN OPPRESSION. It's a liberty to choose that a girl does not want to show her body to everyone. It never hinders in our way to success. It is a protection for us

  • Vaibhav Gupta
    Vaibhav Gupta 6 months ago

    great news.

  • 좆인실
    좆인실 6 months ago

    If you wanna catch cheating evidence or court’s evidence for win of law fighting then tell me and if you know like them then connect to me then when i finish that event when i receive charge from client then i give you 30$ each of event

    • 좆인실
      좆인실 6 months ago

      BRUT-FORCE that is such advertisement comment

  • Mohsin Ali
    Mohsin Ali 6 months ago +6

    We are proud of you Miss Shad Begum.
    Pakistan Zindhabad!

  • eclipse
    eclipse 6 months ago +89

    This is what REAL feminism looks like.

    • Vitor Oliveira
      Vitor Oliveira 6 months ago +1

      @Dr Aidennwitz My fault too, i'm not good explaining stuffs in english

    • Dr Aidennwitz
      Dr Aidennwitz 6 months ago +1

      @Vitor Oliveira
      Sorry, I misunderstood you then; to me, you appeared to share OP's point of view that there is something called "real feminism," implying the existence of "fake feminism," but there's no such thing. We can only talk about more popular or less popular trends, or those with less traction and more traction.
      Of course, radical splinters of any movement are also part of that movement, but the fact is that their importance in politics or anywhere outside the internet/campus is marginal compared to your typical pro-choice, anti-gender-based violence and workplace discrimination crowd.
      In other words, implying that Pakistani feminism is more "real" than western feminism is wrong, not only because there's no way to measure it, but because the implied undertone of such message is that there exists western feminism that does not tackle actual everyday problems, and that it constitutes a significant fraction of western feminist though, which is false.

    • Faizan A
      Faizan A 6 months ago +1

      Dr Aidennwitz I’m agreeing with you. The far right has tried to smear feminism in general by associating them with the most extreme examples of feminism that only exist on the dark corners of the internet.

    • Simona Collins
      Simona Collins 6 months ago +1

      this IS feminism. period.

    • Vitor Oliveira
      Vitor Oliveira 6 months ago +2

      @Dr Aidennwitz I dont know what tumbrl feminist looks like. But of course i didnt said that, i said that if memes are a fair representation of any reality, like tumbrl feminists, its valid representation of the subject "tumbrl feminist". But as i said before, ther eare many forms of expression about feminism, so if a meme refers to tumbrl feminists, this meme wouldnt be a fair represenation of other different feminist groups.
      Like, is very common to see in any form of protest a major pacific group and a small violent group. The small one speaks for itself, not for the whole group. The same aplies to feminism.

  • SergioHerpon
    SergioHerpon 6 months ago +6

    Bye bye, TED.

  • The Muckler
    The Muckler 6 months ago +5

    Why would you leave your children there?

    • Sophia Mason
      Sophia Mason 6 months ago +1

      I think her children wouldn't be safe if they were with her.

    • The Muckler
      The Muckler 6 months ago +1

      Her children's safety trumps her desire to further a political career.

    • Jackie miles
      Jackie miles 6 months ago

      The Muckler 1. because her affiliation with the previous government.
      2. She being a woman
      3. And her views on women’s rights

  • DC
    DC 6 months ago +20

    No mention of Christian women being jailed for blasphemy- how convenient.

    • DC
      DC 6 months ago

      @Khalid Imtiaz Rampant discrimination, murders of Christian lawyers and politicians, and nonsense charges resulting in a mother being locked up for nearly a decade while her family receives death threats is just an misunderstand. And now we have to deal with Muslims in our country is disgusting.

    • Faizan A
      Faizan A 6 months ago +2

      Nice whataboutism right there. How convenient that you posted a passive aggressive, religion baiting comment on this video.

    • Khalid Imtiaz
      Khalid Imtiaz 6 months ago +2

      The origin of it is in a flock of illiterate village ladies fighting over nothing and started dealing low blows using religion. The ones who had numbers won. When it came to Blasphemy, a lot of factors got involved and when the case reached supreme court, she was released while realizing the whole incident.

  • Michael Pisciarino
    Michael Pisciarino 6 months ago +46

    0:12 Change in Pakistan
    0:54 5% of boys, 1% of girls pursued education. Begum and her father.
    2:15 Reconnecting with women and girls
    3:00 Standing up for your own rights 3:36 It was hard
    4:07 Suffering Silently
    4:58 Elected woman. Ladies only room. Fighting to make clean drinking water more accessible
    6:32 Strength in numbers
    7:12 2007: The Taliban
    8:12 Persistence. 2009 Influx of refugees. 8:48 Healthcare units
    9:10 Training
    10:28 Some of the young women Begum worked with
    11:44 Change
    12:25 Building Feminist Leadership. Making Important Decisions.
    13:07 Dark Days passing.

    • Burning Heart
      Burning Heart 6 months ago +1

      good job

    • براہمداغ
      براہمداغ 6 months ago +3

      @Engr. Waleed Khan People do that to section the video for anyone interested in a specific topic

    • Melissa Yes
      Melissa Yes 6 months ago +1

      @Engr. Waleed Khan no clue but i love it?

  • mahabub alam
    mahabub alam 6 months ago +1

    Hope you will work beside PM of your country.

  • AlanhAkk
    AlanhAkk 6 months ago +6

    Sorry, but without watching I'm pretty sure they won't change anything.

  • Şahin yaşar
    Şahin yaşar 6 months ago +5

    She is Proud of Pakistan

    • Şahin yaşar
      Şahin yaşar 6 months ago

      @MGTOW Lifestyle what are you talking about im a man who love strong womens

    • MGTOW Lifestyle
      MGTOW Lifestyle 6 months ago

      @Şahin yaşar r u a girl, what she did is 1 in million, that every girl cannot do or can be succesful, dont take her example n stick to every 1, that is rare 1 in billion, its like you start to sing, what is the chance you suced as a singer 0.0001 %

    • Şahin yaşar
      Şahin yaşar 6 months ago

      @MGTOW Lifestyle tell that to Israel if you were a palestine citizen you sure be killed by or tell that to Saudia arabia if you were a yemeni you sure be killed
      its not close to isolated occur or not dangerous its upon to who you are or where you are
      Sure she had toubled by own family but if she want she can change her country because she is a citizen after all she has that right

    • MGTOW Lifestyle
      MGTOW Lifestyle 6 months ago

      we are not dangerous like taliban or anywhere close to triabls, these things r long gone, although some isolated occur

    • Şahin yaşar
      Şahin yaşar 6 months ago

      @MGTOW Lifestyle That is LIFE but i think this difficulty is the same everywhere in every country

  • Charles Dickens
    Charles Dickens 6 months ago +5

    You're wearing the headscarf that Muslim men force you to wear and you think you are empowering women?

    • Faizan A
      Faizan A 6 months ago

      You don't know if she is forced to wear hijab or not. And obviously she's not since she could've chose not to in the video.

    • Fuad Karar
      Fuad Karar 6 months ago

      Wearing aheadscarf is her culture but i thing you are still not free

    • Sultan Hamza
      Sultan Hamza 6 months ago

      @Charles Dickens Bro this is a very long debate and neither you nor I have the time. I just quoted from Quran that there is no compulsion in islam. And as I recall, That was your question. I will answer just briefly that he waged war on them after tolerating their violence for 13 years. You can read about it in Islamic literature or Hazrat Muhammad's Islamic biography. Before imposing any more questions, first think that whether is your question based on research or Fox news' propaganda.

    • Charles Dickens
      Charles Dickens 6 months ago +3

      @Sultan Hamza So should they be more like Muhammad and the first Caliphs, waging war and conquering land?

    • Sultan Hamza
      Sultan Hamza 6 months ago

      @Charles Dickens As I said before, if they are doing it, its wrong. I just quoted from the most respected literature of Islam.If someone drives a ferrari and has an accident while drunk. It does not mean that ferrari is faulty. same way if muslims are not doing right things, it does not mean that islam tells them to do so.