[955] WordLock “Stor-More” Lockbox Decoded and Opened

  • Published on Sep 11, 2019

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  • Jacques Werey
    Jacques Werey 12 hours ago

    Man, i've been watching this guy open locks for 2hours straight and i've never been so insecure about my bike safety

  • Mikey Blake
    Mikey Blake 10 days ago

    How hilariously ironic that they have their product set on "BEST" to begin with, and just before opening, the necessary wheel positioning is "MISS." 😂

  • 《THUMPER》 Lock Picking

    Great information MR.L.P.L

  • DanieI Joseph
    DanieI Joseph 26 days ago

    Can you pull the lock to tension then feel the gates when turning?

  • Baseera
    Baseera 26 days ago

    "...you can open it with a soda can, or if your really careful WITH A PIECE OF PAPER..."

  • Vintage Electronics
    Vintage Electronics 27 days ago

    When I seen the thumbnail come across in my recommendations I thought this was an old vacuum tube.

  • Kirk Quinlivan
    Kirk Quinlivan 27 days ago

    Could a person get that lock apart and shield the code wheels themselves? That could be a new series “Fix This Lock” how to make your locks better.

  • kennygrandle
    kennygrandle 27 days ago

    Hit or Miss, i guess they never Miss huh?

  • Calvin Grace
    Calvin Grace 27 days ago

    Just subbed! I like your videos.. Theyre very interesting

  • Kevin Rowe
    Kevin Rowe 27 days ago

    Neat looking paper-weight.

  • Meshal Alshehri
    Meshal Alshehri 28 days ago

    Is there any lock you can’t pick?

  • Robert Naegele
    Robert Naegele 28 days ago

    LPL: "Open Says Me..."

  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda 29 days ago

    So...use a piece of paper on my mortal enemies word lock, I can?

  • DarkWr4ith
    DarkWr4ith 29 days ago

    A swing and a "miss" by Wordlock.

  • Matt561
    Matt561 29 days ago

    did my man say a piece of paper

  • Unborn Heretic
    Unborn Heretic 29 days ago

    Withstands hammer, saw, and weather. Doesnt withstand this piece of metal.

  • Justin Carawan
    Justin Carawan Month ago

    Interesting how the original word was "best" and the word you found on your way to the new word was "miss". Are we sure that wasn't planned?
    Also, the new word was one letter away from "why". Are we *sure* this wasn't planned?

  • Kakureru D
    Kakureru D Month ago

    allot of these locks remain bad due to patents.

  • Jasper Janssen
    Jasper Janssen Month ago

    MISS, indeed.
    Shielding the codewheels is not only easy, but I don’t see how it would even cost anything in the manufacturing process?

  • jaime delgado
    jaime delgado Month ago

    The word in the thumbnail is "krap". Nice touch LPL

  • Nao Kimaji
    Nao Kimaji Month ago

    i would really like to see you make a video on which locks you think are the best, in its own price range.

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover Month ago

    “This is the lockpicking lawyer and toda... and it’s already open”

  • Leakd
    Leakd Month ago

    bears are just big angry dogs

  • Aidan Evensen
    Aidan Evensen Month ago

    Good job on getting on Modern Rogue! It was a pleasure to watch!

  • Russell Spencer
    Russell Spencer Month ago

    The scale of that has completely discombobulated my sense of perspective

  • OS10100
    OS10100 Month ago

    Locks are meant to keep honest people honest. You could use bolt cutters to get into this lock easily even if the dials were shielded. Is someone wants your stuff bad enough... no lock on earth can stop them. Even if the lock was 100% perfect, the person that wants your stuff would just wait around until you came and unlocked it. Then put a gun to your head and steal whatever they were after anyway.

  • Joaco El Alumno
    Joaco El Alumno Month ago

    when dafuck are you gonna get an unpickable locker, this starts to get boring

  • ᅚ
     Month ago

    Even if this thing was completely unpickable what do you even put in such a small space? And shat will prevent thieves from running away with the whole thing

  • ronyclau
    ronyclau Month ago

    There is another way to "decode" this lockbox without any tools. You can judge whether the wheel is in the correct position just by listening carefully when you turn the wheel. The sound of a wheel clicking into the correct position is prominently crispier, while the sound is dull when it turns to other position.

  • Mr Weakwill
    Mr Weakwill Month ago

    Nothing ist Safe for you.😂

  • Soylent Green
    Soylent Green Month ago

    You missed a perfectly good chance to make it magically say LPL!

  • Max G
    Max G Month ago

    They should pay you a bonus and sack the engineering department.

  • josh b
    josh b Month ago

    I really need to learn to pick.. at work someone locked the keys for 2 industrial units in the units, I think he eventually managed to just break in by shimming the lock or something after a while

  • e fred
    e fred Month ago

    Dude you're trying too hard with the fake ass narrator's voice. It's cringy as fuck. Just speak normally.

  • Brek Martin
    Brek Martin Month ago

    I got my first pick set and practice lock today. It’s entirely your fault. Been watching for a year, and now ready to join in!

  • norm1124
    norm1124 Month ago

    Your voice is very nice to listen to!

  • Wake up with The Rooster

    I came from Braille skateboarding and subscribed 😊🤘

  • SpeakUp RiseUp
    SpeakUp RiseUp Month ago

    I've given up on locks thanks to you, now I chain my pitbull to my tool box

  • LordCarpenter
    LordCarpenter Month ago +1

    Another great video! Thanks!
    I had an interesting experience at a major hotel earlier this week: The magnetic card reader lock on my room door apparently malfunctioned, and I wasn't able to get into the room. But I was absolutely stunned when the maintenance individual who came to investigate removed a small, round cover plate from the end of the door knob, exposing a standard tumbler lock. One turn of a master key later, and I was in the room, with the knowledge that anyone with LPL's tools could easily gain entrance to any room in the hotel.
    Perhaps hotel locks that use magnetic card readers aren't as secure as we believe they are.

  • UncleDeluxe
    UncleDeluxe Month ago +2

    Saw you on Braille.... subbed.

  • Mr Pisces
    Mr Pisces Month ago

    Hello Mr. Lock Picking Lawyer, I find your video's nicely done and really informative. Some of these makers of these locks must love you dearly. I think this is great. I was really surprised w/some of the gun locks ability to be attacked and defeated in a matter of seconds. Keep up the good work you may just save some lives from doing these:)

  • Will McGuire
    Will McGuire Month ago

    You make me lose faith in all of my security measures

  • ashley michalec
    ashley michalec Month ago

    Following after seeing your Braille skateboards cameo. Please what is the safest lock

  • Uber Anbroid
    Uber Anbroid Month ago

    I guess they never MISS, huh?
    Okay I'll go sit in a corner with one of them since hats on now.

  • Appl314159
    Appl314159 Month ago

    I dont know if this is out of your realm of expertise, but for some of the easy fixes like these ones, could you show us a proof of concept on how you would fix it, ie shearing the wheels?

  • Bob ibn
    Bob ibn Month ago

    Plz make a vid of top 5 locks you couldn't pick

  • Ben Hampton
    Ben Hampton Month ago

    As someone who has warehouses in the industrial part of town. I’m sleeping less these days. Not really but it tells me someone has probably been in the buildings.

  • Callum Goode
    Callum Goode Month ago

    I’m relatively new here and really enjoy the skill required to pick locks. Seems to be a useful skill and I’m wondering if anyone can link me to a good set for a novice. I’m not too fussy on price point but I went through amazon and they all seem really cheap, made with poor quality materials. I preferably want a set with a lot least one training lock, and a set I don’t have to sand down. Needs to be ready right out the box. Thanks in advance for any help :))

  • Young N word
    Young N word Month ago

    Did you kickflip from the braille drop

  • David MacDonald
    David MacDonald Month ago

    Braille has brought me here

  • Randomness channel
    Randomness channel Month ago

    And you didn't MISS this lock 🤣

  • mfbc jambalaya
    mfbc jambalaya Month ago

    Awesome stuff on Braille Skateboarding!

  • a human
    a human Month ago

    When you see your lock on LockPickingLawyer.

  • David Bajayo
    David Bajayo Month ago


  • hugues aufrais
    hugues aufrais Month ago

    Loving the subtle krap on the thumbnail...😂🤣

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago

    how did you figure out to turn the wheels 3 positions after the flat part of the discs were aligned? Just trying to think of the user story where a thief happens upon the lock and can figure out the shim technique.

  • jimzplace
    jimzplace Month ago +1

    I got here From Braille Skateboarding. Nice Job.

  • mescalero
    mescalero Month ago

    Can't wait to see you pick your way through the fabric of reality.

  • Richard -
    Richard - Month ago

    Will you do a video series on the Bolt lock products for trailers and trucks? They make a variety of types of locks that match the key to your vehicle. I would like to see their pick resistance as well as their security vulnerabilities as I use them on my personal and work equipment.

  • Rille högberg
    Rille högberg Month ago

    is there any lock you havent been able to pick? or had real trouble with . would be interesting to see what it takes when the usual tricks dosent work.