the Riverdale season 3 finale was a mess...

  • Published on May 21, 2019
  • riverdale season 3 finale animation
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    The Last Summer is hilariously dumb...
    The Perfect Date is kinda dumb...
    Camp Rock 2 doesn't make any sense...
    Camp Rock doesn't make any sense...
    Kim Possible is kinda dumb...
    Umbrella Academy is kinda weird...

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Comments • 6 762

  • hypnojon32
    hypnojon32 8 hours ago

    LOVED yur song Archie's Abs!! You are a great animator and artist! Also really enjoyed the Umbrella Academy episode

  • glonado 10
    glonado 10 18 hours ago

    I'm I the only one who thinks bettys dad looks like Ben affleck without the beard

  • eee1
    eee1 2 days ago

    The maoa gene doesn’t make you a serial killer, it’s NOT having a maoa gene that makes you one. So basically, every cooper is a serial killer except for betty

  • Mia Peach
    Mia Peach 2 days ago +1

    11:26 I littlerally thought that he's going to say i'm her new husband 😂

  • Mia Peach
    Mia Peach 2 days ago +1

    A middle age man 😂

  • Mia Peach
    Mia Peach 2 days ago +1

    This Song 😂 I can't-

  • Rewan MMM
    Rewan MMM 2 days ago

    I don't watch Any show I mostly come for you 😂❤️

  • Brooke Gascoigne
    Brooke Gascoigne 2 days ago

    When are u reacting to season 4 trailer

  • Maša Lapajne
    Maša Lapajne 2 days ago

    5:25..... That song tho😍😂😂

  • Cecilia Navarro
    Cecilia Navarro 3 days ago

    Archie's Abs > Riverdale

  • Thorn Tail
    Thorn Tail 3 days ago

    Why did his character turn into a midget?

  • Frances Elia
    Frances Elia 3 days ago

    Nothing makes me cringe more than Cheryl and her red hood persona. It literally made my eyes teary from laughter

  • ccUwU
    ccUwU 3 days ago

    Your a mess....

  • Sail Lihou
    Sail Lihou 3 days ago +1

    No one gonna talk about how the Archie's abs song is a bop

    STARBUCKS LPS 3 days ago

    The archie abs song is killing me :O :D

  • Joseph Real
    Joseph Real 4 days ago +1

    It would be good if charles smith is dylan sprouse lol

  • Lizzie Ts
    Lizzie Ts 4 days ago

    You can thank me later

  • Gabby G
    Gabby G 4 days ago

    this is gold.

  • Carralié Alice Whitewood

    Cheryl should consider getting a restraining order against her mother

  • Saraphim
    Saraphim 5 days ago

    "Spend so much time on a Riverdale review... that's what Brian Boitano'd do!"

  • Dakota Kozlowski
    Dakota Kozlowski 5 days ago

    I want archies abs on Spotify

  • Gacha Rey
    Gacha Rey 5 days ago +1

    Me: *listens to the explanation again* ohhh ok I get it. Doesn’t make sense but I get it

  • Gacha Rey
    Gacha Rey 5 days ago

    Me: *understands it at first...but then..????????????*

  • Peggy Hartog
    Peggy Hartog 5 days ago +1

    The season 4 positive themes :
    1. Toni stays at Thistle House (Cheryl 's place)
    2. Another musical episode
    3. Edgar's back
    4. All about Archie's Abs

  • Cutie Daij
    Cutie Daij 5 days ago

    Even through this show is getting more ridiculous each season, it’s still my favorite show to have in the background/binge watch.

  • Urvi Mande
    Urvi Mande 6 days ago

    Stranger things way more sense than riverdale!😑💯💯

  • Hannah Ciaran
    Hannah Ciaran 6 days ago

    Honestly at this point no one hates the writing more than the actors... all these kids had such potential

  • ArtsyMario
    ArtsyMario 6 days ago +1

    I dont watch this show, but by watching your review of this show, I'm still wondering: what the hell is going on??!!!! This is too much stuff for one show. Makes me want to NOT watch it even more.

  • Natalie K
    Natalie K 7 days ago +2

    5:24 watch it you won’t regret it 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Agent Nine
    Agent Nine 7 days ago

    Saw the charles a mile away

  • Aisyah Nassim
    Aisyah Nassim 7 days ago +1


    what is with this show

  • Katherynnicole
    Katherynnicole 7 days ago

    archies abs segment made the whole video.

  • Emeka Ekpendu
    Emeka Ekpendu 7 days ago

    So cringy

  • Rosie Posie
    Rosie Posie 7 days ago +2

    Tbh the main reason I watch this show is because Jughead,, and slowly they are messing up his character

  • leadingstrangeness
    leadingstrangeness 7 days ago

    Was the Archie's abs song done to the tune of the Brian Boytono theme?

  • Kirti Mishra
    Kirti Mishra 8 days ago

    But Betty's mother was loving chic like her son. She protect him from police from murder. When the hell she discover that he is not her child? Wtf

  • Kirti Mishra
    Kirti Mishra 8 days ago

    I stopped watching this shitty💩💩💩 show before second half of 3rd season. And I was just watching it after 2nd season end because I thought it might get better. But it never did.

  • Nimbusstar187
    Nimbusstar187 8 days ago


  • YoungColossus
    YoungColossus 8 days ago +1

    Honestly after everything I’ve heard about Season 3, I straight up believed Archie went back in time and fought dinosaurs for like 5 minutes.

  • Who cares who I am
    Who cares who I am 8 days ago

    I think the only reason anyone is still watching is because they all hope for a miracle

  • biTch
    biTch 8 days ago

    I only watched this( not riverdale bc ew) and i am left with less braincells that the writers
    idk how that is possible but i did

  • Priyanka Patra
    Priyanka Patra 8 days ago

    Riverdale is a crap of crap of crap which makes no sense out of anything in the show at all
    By the way your take on this show is hilariously funny 😂

  • me the whatever
    me the whatever 8 days ago +1

    Alex at last season finale: plot twist: Charles is actually alive
    Season 3 finale: ChArLeS iS aLiVe!
    Everyone: OMG WOW

  • SamanthaJellyCat
    SamanthaJellyCat 9 days ago

    So umm a theory. It was confirmed that in the Halloween episode somebody will be dying. Maybe whoever that will be will not actually die and the gang thinks they did and in spring break the supposed dead person comes back to kill the gang only to actually die this time. Explains the blood.

  • Elisse Johanna Tandyo

    I laughed so hard

  • Meriem El Batoul
    Meriem El Batoul 9 days ago

    The new theme song for the new show "Archie's Abs"!!!

  • Salma Sarih
    Salma Sarih 9 days ago +1

    This is why I watch anime

  • Ali Farris
    Ali Farris 9 days ago

    How did I manage to see all of this coming?!?!?!

  • Catqueen 2107
    Catqueen 2107 9 days ago +1

    Archie's Abs.

  • Lollyxgirl XO
    Lollyxgirl XO 9 days ago

    So i just heard that Riverdale could go on for another 3-4 seasons which would make 6-7 seasons total.. guess that means a lot of videos for us and a lot of weird stuff for Alex

  • Crafty Club
    Crafty Club 9 days ago

    This is freaking hilarious

  • idomusicvideos withseries

    Why am I still watching this show then ?
    It should be my next essay because I dont fucking know

  • Positive Echo
    Positive Echo 9 days ago


    Edit: This is insane!!! I’ve got to watch this show!!!!

    WIZARDNINJA BRO 10 days ago

    Guys jughead is going to die

      WIZARDNINJA BRO 9 days ago

      SamanthaJellyCat He Could become a zombie I wouldn’t be surprised if Riverdale would do that

    • SamanthaJellyCat
      SamanthaJellyCat 9 days ago +1

      ... No he isn't. Cole has a 6 year contract and also Jughead is the narrator. If that isn't evidence I don't know what is.

  • Hope_andbravery
    Hope_andbravery 10 days ago

    The Archie's abs song is the reason why I watch your videos

  • Carie Wiebe
    Carie Wiebe 10 days ago

    This is absolutely hilarious and very necessary

  • Meredith Dicaprio
    Meredith Dicaprio 10 days ago

    everybody will hate me now, BUT I like Hal. I don't know why, but... 🤷

  • duny muhmmady
    duny muhmmady 11 days ago +1

    i mean riverdale is kinda fucked up but i actually really like it

  • Nina Bonina
    Nina Bonina 11 days ago +2

    If Alice was undercover the whole time then why did she expose all her secrets to the Farm? Including the murder she covered up ? Like wahhhh 🥴

  • Kittycatastrify 123
    Kittycatastrify 123 12 days ago +1

    Selling replays
    Like to pay