Harley Morenstein Has His Worst Day of 2016 Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Sep 22, 2016
  • Epic Meal Time honcho Harley Morenstein is a TVclip O.G. and decorated veteran of the "do dumb shit for the Internet" game. But how is he with spicy wings? Hot Ones host Sean Evans found out as he grilled the NSFW fast-food guru about everything from cooking with Arnold Schwarzenegger, to wild nights in Montreal.
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    Season 2
    Episode 28
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    #hotones #spicywings
    #hotones #spicywings
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Comments • 3 824

  • Mc Naulty
    Mc Naulty 2 days ago

    just booked a trip to Montreal

  • Daniel Ludvik
    Daniel Ludvik 3 days ago

    I guess i’m flying to Montreal🤔

  • Brianna Schwindt
    Brianna Schwindt 4 days ago

    How is this dude gonna say that he's an unfuckable ogre?😂 He's gorgeous 😍

  • Keaton's carlott
    Keaton's carlott 9 days ago

    16:55 he gracefully tells him to go f#u@ himself . Love it

  • Miguel S
    Miguel S 12 days ago +3

    I think Sean referring to the trend of super “conscientious healthy eaters” as Gwyneth Paltrow goop ding dong snobby people is the first time I’ve ever heard Sean throw shade at a group of people 😂😂

  • jackal242
    jackal242 15 days ago

    Why is the lighting so bad in this episode?

  • Ben Young
    Ben Young 16 days ago

    talk about muscles glasses more

  • Keeks
    Keeks 18 days ago

    I thought this was the cop from Stranger Things for a second

  • clawtang
    clawtang 20 days ago

    Guy should run the Montreal tourism board.

  • wickedk47
    wickedk47 26 days ago

    Saw this guy at the Waffle on Sunset a few years back. The Waffle on Sunset, the place where magic happens.

  • Shaggy
    Shaggy 28 days ago

    who else is here because of hitler??

  • Ciara s
    Ciara s 28 days ago

    I really wanna come on this show cus I know I can eat all the wings no problem. My spice tolerance is unmatched

  • Paulina Markiewicz
    Paulina Markiewicz 29 days ago

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  • MozeGunner
    MozeGunner Month ago


  • Ryan Deal
    Ryan Deal Month ago

    When he said he wasn't a high enough power level 😅😅😅

    OPTIMA PRIME Month ago

    I'm moving to monkey balls I mean Montreal.

  • Marshy Marsh
    Marshy Marsh Month ago

    Nothing about vghs??? Wtf

  • Alice Cook
    Alice Cook Month ago

    Hahah he’s awesome I would voluntarily kiss him HMU

  • nguyenkh2002
    nguyenkh2002 Month ago

    He needs to come back with the new line-up.

  • ethantwolfe
    ethantwolfe Month ago

    This was subtly confrontational and slightly awkward

  • Bergamote K.
    Bergamote K. Month ago

    idk if it'S me but, man.... i ve watched almost all seasons ep. with various guests but those 2 have magic and solar flares going on when they are together, feeling them in each others presence is giving me a chill like ecstasy high. Not a bromance, neither a gay fantasy feels, just shit tons of sensual hetero awesomeness LOL great chemistry, i have no clue why tho.

  • rwd86
    rwd86 Month ago

    Oh and I forgot Super Sexe is closed now... RIP, free buffet and naked chicks when you buy 2 beers, you can't beat that

  • rwd86
    rwd86 Month ago

    H'es talking about the taco bell / kfc on Sources boulevard in Mtl. Went there once, it tasted like shit, masked the taste with McDonalds from across the street.

  • Dakota Giles
    Dakota Giles Month ago

    As a person who was a kfc/tacobell manager for 10 years, cross beautiful abominations happened daily. My favorite, hands down, was a fiesta colonel original. Guac, pico, lettuce, bacon, fried jalapeno coins( breaded 3x maximum crunch), with fillet on a bun. Most stores charge add ons, I had a deal with the owner. If i sold 10 in a day i could lower the price (within reason). $1.50 upcharge, instead of $3.98.

  • Lady E
    Lady E Month ago

    The thing about Toronto is so true!!

  • Maddy Lee
    Maddy Lee Month ago

    Did Harley create the chaloopa?

  • Cass Grissom
    Cass Grissom 2 months ago

    I’d fuck ya Harley

  • shottingham
    shottingham 2 months ago +1

    "just being fat by myself" -- same dude, same.

  • Justin Scheffler
    Justin Scheffler 2 months ago

    You should do this on ectasy
    Why do you think it would make it better
    No, it will probably make it worse🤣🤣🤣

  • Andrew W
    Andrew W 2 months ago

    Who’s here because of Sean’s and Harley’s fast food mashup?!

  • Sean Barnett
    Sean Barnett 2 months ago

    I need the Chilli klaus treatment

  • Joe D.
    Joe D. 2 months ago

    I clicked this because thumbnail made me think this was Hopper from Stranger Things. =\

  • Richard Brown
    Richard Brown 2 months ago

    This is my favorite episode linked with the Ribs vid on the epic meal time channel, so cool!

  • Gato Villano
    Gato Villano 2 months ago

    I'm front Montreal too and I have to say that what that guy said at 17:00 is absolutely stupid. The way he described Montreal was like a den of prostitution. Obviously, that is where he hangs out.
    But if you want to do what that 7 foot tall moron said, I hope you enjoy all the STDs you are going to bring back home.
    Seriously... what a fucking moron...

  • Larry Sundqvist
    Larry Sundqvist 2 months ago

    Finally someone interesting on this show

  • Makiletsi Segowa
    Makiletsi Segowa 2 months ago

    The light here is bad

  • Isaac Andrews
    Isaac Andrews 2 months ago

    The best one I’ve seen yet! Seen some season 9 episodes and still enjoyed this one more.

  • Golden Pants
    Golden Pants 2 months ago

    Technically you do have to eat until you die.
    If you stop eating, you'll die fairly quickly.

  • Henare McKaa
    Henare McKaa 2 months ago

    need to get him back with the over 1mill scovils lvl because megadeath is boring to watch!

  • Jayvert 11
    Jayvert 11 2 months ago +1

    Oh shit, I’m not a high enough power level to even communicate lol 😂😂😂
    I just thought that was hilarious af

  • starry eyed
    starry eyed 2 months ago

    this show was around in 2016?!

  • ND Junction
    ND Junction 2 months ago

    16:02 - 16:49 *claps like shia labeouf*

  • darkbunny 999
    darkbunny 999 2 months ago

    The chemistry between these two is so natural. It's a great episode. Harley's jokes were on point the whole way through.

  • CrackaZack510
    CrackaZack510 2 months ago +1

    "Why cant you do kfc fries done like..bell grande?"... Harley was ahead of the game! Lol

  • Teh Duragon
    Teh Duragon 2 months ago

    You def. got a seat at the table.

  • Rose Jacqueline
    Rose Jacqueline 2 months ago

    He da best 😂

  • Eoin Murphy Eoin Murphy


  • Marcelo Colin
    Marcelo Colin 3 months ago

    The lighting on this episode was a bit better than the one on the Tony Hawk episode.
    Love you hacks.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Hello It's me.
    Hello It's me. 3 months ago

    The fried chicken taco and nacho fries

  • ILike Hate
    ILike Hate 3 months ago +1

    8:05 with captions on.

  • LadyNyxxNoxx
    LadyNyxxNoxx 3 months ago

    Harley is hot

  • JonTheArtist
    JonTheArtist 3 months ago +3

    Harley should go back on hot ones in 2019 now the last sauce is 2,000,000 scoviles

  • Tim Madsen
    Tim Madsen 3 months ago +2

    I love this guy, he's so real about cooking, and what he says is true, go do it just fucking do it and try out your ideas, that's how you make food....!

  • Politic 1
    Politic 1 3 months ago

    Damn, why is this the first time hearing about "epic meal time". Any recommendations guys? I'm late to the party

    • Politic 1
      Politic 1 3 months ago

      @Michael Coppola that's always on standby

    • Michael Coppola
      Michael Coppola 3 months ago

      Don’t watch when you don’t have food readily available in your proximity

  • Whorror
    Whorror 3 months ago

    That's the McDonald on DesSrouces Boulevard.... easily the nastiest McDoanld i've been to. lol

  • marcos ramos
    marcos ramos 3 months ago

    “You should do this show on ecstasy.”

  • RG_Mystic
    RG_Mystic 3 months ago

    No one:
    Harley: Ghyaah

  • allantoop
    allantoop 3 months ago

    i met Harley at that i heart music festival he was talking about, i was wearing a shirt that said "my wife says i can bang taylor swift" he laughed and we got an awkard pic by the urinals in the bathroom lol That was a good day

  • Francis Cordillo
    Francis Cordillo 3 months ago

    Yeah EPIC!!! 💪

  • Ralph Lauren
    Ralph Lauren 3 months ago +1

    Canada on the Map 🇨🇦💨🔥🔥