Seth Meyers Explains to Seth MacFarlane Why People Resent Him

  • Published on Sep 8, 2017
  • Seth MacFarlane talks about his hour-long sci-fi comedic drama The Orville and his album In Full Swing.
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    Seth Meyers Explains to Seth MacFarlane Why People Resent Him- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 800

  • Tameka P
    Tameka P Day ago

    He’s so gorgeous 😍

  • Steverino
    Steverino Day ago

    3:38 Joel Mcneely composed the Star Wars Shadows Of The Empire CD. I love that album.

  • bernardthedisappointedowl

    "Hasn't been attempted"? Red Dwarf? Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy? Galaxy Quest? I like the Orville, but to claim it is the first comedy drama sci-fi is a bit of a stretch, ^oo^

  • Jeffrey Anderson
    Jeffrey Anderson 8 days ago

    It’s really amazing that the best and most creative person in TV and the best person hosting a late night show are both named Seth!

  • Mady Alvarez
    Mady Alvarez 10 days ago

    Seth drives me crazy and a lot of the stuff he’s done is straight up bad but.... The Orville is legitimately good. It’s funny and sweet and fascinating and is honestly one of the best pieces of sci-fi I’ve ever consumed????

  • RSPainter
    RSPainter 12 days ago

    The way he continuously slaps his leg is irritating.

  • User
    User 14 days ago

    I love Seth.

  • Deep Ghetto
    Deep Ghetto 18 days ago

    What a fucking clickbait title. 15 seconds of what the title describes.

  • Shaun Bowen
    Shaun Bowen 19 days ago

    Fun fact: Seth MacFarlane is nearly always holding a drink in interviews.

  • may day
    may day 20 days ago

    Seth is a good looking man.

  • aRcTiCADOptEd
    aRcTiCADOptEd 24 days ago

    I love this guy! Makes his own star trek type universe and makes himself the captain! LOL LOVE IT!

  • bloody_albatross
    bloody_albatross 25 days ago

    Nobody tried Sci-Fi comedy in an hour (45 minutes without commercials) long format on TV? So he hasn't seen Red Dwarf?

  • Will
    Will 25 days ago

    I don't care if you have Gurkhas or Special Forces or bloody Darth Vader as your security. Nobody puts Cary Elwes in a corner.

  • yep me
    yep me 27 days ago

    Oh yeah and The Blacklist

  • yep me
    yep me 27 days ago

    The show the Orville is my favorite I look forward to it every week especially since I don't have cable

  • Daniel Harper's Consistent Standards

    The Orville is absolutely amazing!

  • Bethlehem
    Bethlehem Month ago

    Why are there so many late night shows in America?

  • S M
    S M Month ago +1

    Why doesn't he just say it: he loves star trek! His show is based on star trek and us star trek fans love it.

  • Jeff Shewmon
    Jeff Shewmon Month ago

    wow, ignore the headline, focus on the bullsihit. Fake News at it's best.

    AMJH 4LAH Month ago


  • Joseph Della Selva
    Joseph Della Selva Month ago

    Seth Myers seemed uncomfortable.

  • NinjaRider777R
    NinjaRider777R Month ago

    Seth Meyers is the resentful one, pissed off that his show and SNL's combined ratings still can't touch anything Seth McFarlane has done.

  • Life is Good
    Life is Good Month ago

    Ex Wife?? He was married?

    • Cathy Smith
      Cathy Smith 22 days ago

      The characters on the show.
      Seth is Captain and the First Officer is his ex-wife.

  • Trusteft
    Trusteft Month ago +1

    I had no idea Seth recorded albums! Fantastic!

  • buzz buzz
    buzz buzz Month ago

    Because south park already did it.

  • Anthony *****
    Anthony ***** Month ago

    Seth Myers is the one who resents him. Its why he brought it up. I've never seen anyone resent Macfarlane.

  • Jonathan Matthews
    Jonathan Matthews Month ago +2

    Watching this in 2019.
    The Orville is one of the most amazing tv shows out there.

  • bluedance lilly
    bluedance lilly Month ago

    I love The Orville! But it's not true that sci fi and comedy have not been combined before. Star Trek uses a lot of humor.

  • non grata entertainment

    why is seth acting like rick and morty doesn't exist?

  • David Hay
    David Hay Month ago

    comedy sci fi hasnt been attempted??/ Red Dwarf !!! have been doing it for years. Galaxy Quest led the way for sci fi comedy movies

    • Tony Rush
      Tony Rush Month ago

      he does say in an hour format I think he knows the backlash of saying that

  • precognation
    precognation Month ago

    Kill yourself you fucking asshole ...... ah ha ha ha......

  • D Ferrise
    D Ferrise 2 months ago

    SETH MACFARLAND IS DADDY. WHAT I WOULD DO WITH AN ENTIRE NIGHT WITH THAT MAN. He would probably need some pain killers, alcohol or drug of choice, Gatorade to replace allllll of that good stuff, and a wheelchair because he probably wouldn’t walk right for at least a day or two...and hey while we’re at it make it 2 wheelchairs one of each of us.

  • Mohamed Kandil
    Mohamed Kandil 2 months ago

    2 seths

  • Saher Imran
    Saher Imran 2 months ago +3

    Wish i hadnt read the comments alongside watching the video (was tryna find the movie's name) now his thigh slapping is realllly becoming apparent.

  • lili4990
    lili4990 2 months ago

    He is the perfect line between charm and duche-baggery

  • J C
    J C 2 months ago

    It’s hilarious how he acts like it’s not a rip off of Star Trek. And doesn’t even mention Star Trek. I bet they tell him not to bring up Star Trek when he talks about it.
    Also it’s better than Star Trek discovery.

  • soloseraphim Heartsong
    soloseraphim Heartsong 2 months ago

    I have known of Norm McDonald since he was on SNL. I have never gotten the appeal. There are so many much funnier people.

  • Nicholas Faith
    Nicholas Faith 2 months ago

    While it's a little more serious, Farscape was an hour long sci-fi/comedic

  • мєяlιαн
    мєяlιαн 2 months ago

    Can someone count how many times Seth slaps his thigh?

  • Yakim Yakim
    Yakim Yakim 2 months ago +2

    ill watch anything with seth in it

  • Chris Davies
    Chris Davies 2 months ago

    When he says "hour-long", of course, what he means is "43 minutes". The other 17 minutes is advertising, which is why you'd have to be retarded to watch television. This is a great show - but watching it on TV? Ha! The very idea is hilarious.

  • transsexual hermaphrodite antifa he-she dyke

    Seth is a legend. Extremely talented guy.

    SPARKY SINN 2 months ago +1

    Seth imagines he is slamming a judges gavel onto his leg.

    SPARKY SINN 2 months ago +1

    My dad slaps the table all the time when he speaks. Seth slaps his leg all the time. I wonder what that is about?
    Like slamming a judges gavel? IDK

  • Mike Sullivan
    Mike Sullivan 2 months ago

    If you wanna get real drunk, drink every time someone in this comment section mentions he slaps his leg a lot

  • purujit parashar
    purujit parashar 2 months ago

    The show is really good. The Orville that is.

  • JiZz2Xtreme
    JiZz2Xtreme 3 months ago

    Both Seth's are way too forced.. They're funny but not that funny to b in the spot light.. you know they sacrificed a child or two to be where they are now

  • sisyphus9787
    sisyphus9787 3 months ago

    Seth is ignoring the show Red Dwarf, a sci-fi comedy that was first aired in 1989 on the BBC, that has 12(?) seasons under its belt.

  • Tomb Stoned
    Tomb Stoned 3 months ago

    Guy probably walking around with a limp after this.

  • Sayak Das
    Sayak Das 4 months ago

    Don't kid yourself, Seth. Under the veneer of comedy, we all know it's a love letter to the Star Trek: The Next Generation and we love it.

  • Pense Bête
    Pense Bête 4 months ago +3

    His true voice sounds like Brian

  • JxxC19
    JxxC19 4 months ago +2

    I respect Seth a lot. He’s resilient, hardworking, talented, down to earth, and stays in his own lane. His success speaks volumes and he’s unbothered by haters.

  • mary hershelman
    mary hershelman 4 months ago

    Seths Speaks....anyone?

  • Liyingbemo
    Liyingbemo 4 months ago

    you close you eyes and it's brian Griffin

  • Lupo A. Janelli
    Lupo A. Janelli 5 months ago

    Is al the thigh slapping morse code for "HELP ME OUTTA HERE - I DONT KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT"?

  • Ghost Killa
    Ghost Killa 5 months ago +1

    He’s he only guest on any talk show that actually drinks the water they give the guests lmao

    B3NNIBEATS 5 months ago

    He obviously never heard of firefly.

  • igotapochahontas
    igotapochahontas 5 months ago

    So he ripped off firefly basically

  • Demon guinea pig studios

    So red dwarf isnt a thing

  • Jill Gonzales
    Jill Gonzales 5 months ago +1

    He could spank me anytime vs. His own thigh bwahahaha...he's so talented it's ridiculous

  • Sujay Raj
    Sujay Raj 5 months ago

    I am here just to hear Brian talking.

  • Efemral
    Efemral 5 months ago

    Comedy Sci-Fi has been a huge hit many times! Red Dwarf is one of my favs of all time.

  • Mr Buchanan
    Mr Buchanan 6 months ago

    he's pretty arrogant .. or at least gives off arrogant vibes

  • Gracie B.
    Gracie B. 6 months ago

    "Buffy" was funny, and yet was also a drama and sci-fi/fantasy. "The Magician's" on the Syfy channel is brilliant in it's mastery of combining all those elements. Not sure that it is really that unusual, but the new show is very good.

  • Lorinda
    Lorinda 6 months ago +3

    Love The Orville!!!

  • gooberweevil
    gooberweevil 6 months ago

    Star Trek style comedy....
    check out Hyperdrive from UK (2006-07).

  • Bill Paxton
    Bill Paxton 6 months ago

    He's got a bad Harvard Stammer.

  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith 6 months ago

    He is 100% drinking some kind of booze out of that mug (check out his interview with James Corden where he doesn't hide it in a mug for reference)

  • Marijn Tak
    Marijn Tak 6 months ago

    I like Seth McFarlane for his dark yet silly random humour... him remaking star-trek episodes verbatim with some overdone sitcom tropes slapped on top makes me irrationally angry however... It's lazy and painful. I would actually be fine with well done star-trek remakes, but the dumb jokes just come off as tone-deaf self-inserts.

  • El Khatib El Khatib
    El Khatib El Khatib 6 months ago

    Seth is not jews woodey alin

  • Nayops 18
    Nayops 18 7 months ago +1

    I'm triggered how I just discover this vid smh lol

  • dave williams
    dave williams 7 months ago

    I struggled to watch the first couple of episodes of The Orville. I'd sooner get a root canal from a proctologist than watch one more minute of that boring tripe.

  • Duarte Mata
    Duarte Mata 7 months ago

    MacFarlane seems so genuine and humble.
    Ps- count how many times he slaps his leg xD

  • nature vlogs
    nature vlogs 7 months ago

    He slapped his thigh 15 times in the first 1 minute 30 ahah

  • fufv fufvv
    fufv fufvv 7 months ago

    Two useless douchbags.

  • Hachiman
    Hachiman 7 months ago

    4:45 Thank me later

  • A Haunter
    A Haunter 8 months ago

    haahaha i just visualize brian the dog talking in my head, when seth is talking in human form. its too funny tbh.
    if he tryed talking to me irl i dont think i could stop lauging

  • A Haunter
    A Haunter 8 months ago


  • José Carlos Moreno Mendoza

    I love you Seth

  • Landon Letterman
    Landon Letterman 8 months ago

    I want a smash cut of all the times Seth slaps his leg at the end of a sentence or statement

  • Melanie Stewart
    Melanie Stewart 8 months ago

    I hope to one day see a late night show hosted by Seth and Rachel MacFarlane. Making jokes, hosting great celebrities, house music in the style of Sinatra.

  • NextWorldVR
    NextWorldVR 8 months ago

    I can say, from this videos future, Orville turned out perfect! I don't have favorite shows in this day and age, I haven't since the 90's. Orville is my favorite show. *I watch every episode on a 50 foot curved screen in VR!*

  • Nida Lloyd
    Nida Lloyd 8 months ago

    I tried watching The Orville, and found the pilot tedious. Another show trying too hard.

  • Princess Nugget
    Princess Nugget 9 months ago

    So is he just intentionally ignoring the more than 50 years of doctor who? The original one hour long sci if comedy.

  • george474747
    george474747 9 months ago

    I wonder whether Seth's seen Red Dwarf. A lot of the show concept he's describing sounds the same as that cult British hit of the '90s.

  • Tickety Blue
    Tickety Blue 9 months ago

    So talented it makes me sick. Lol

  • Joshua Hauser
    Joshua Hauser 9 months ago

    Seth Macfarlane is incredible. He's a genius who knows it and doesn't care what anyone else thinks. He's also such a normal nice guy.

  • Henry Grishashvili
    Henry Grishashvili 9 months ago

    Road House!

  • Grace Gonzalez
    Grace Gonzalez 9 months ago

    I think futurama combined comedy and sci-fi for tv episodes first, right?

  • Thomas Hughes
    Thomas Hughes 10 months ago

    Has he never seen Red Dwarf?

  • Ty Cobb
    Ty Cobb 10 months ago

    5:14 MacFarlane is lying . . . John Steward was pissed about a joke he made

  • Edward Harley
    Edward Harley 10 months ago

    I hated his space show. Orville was stupid and boring and not funny. The public agreed,
    and so did the network.

  • Sarah Bauman
    Sarah Bauman 10 months ago

    Oh heavens, Seth MacFarlane is one sexy man.

  • HI Media
    HI Media 10 months ago

    I want to have sex with Seth MacFarlane's voice

  • Dj Gamez
    Dj Gamez 10 months ago

    "we're trying something new here"
    "it's something that really hasn't been attempted"
    Ever heard of Hitchiker's guide to the Galaxy or Futurama, a show that aired on your network?
    pretentious POS

  • Steverino
    Steverino 10 months ago

    He can write and he can sing, but I wouldn't say he can act. :)

  • ViralTaco
    ViralTaco 10 months ago

    So nice to see a funny guy on this show.

  • charger 98
    charger 98 10 months ago

    Seth MacFarlane isn’t as much of a creator as he is an admirer of creations. He’s a performer, not an innovator. His writers, directors, and music crew are the creators of shows and music that are like such that already exist, which is all he wants.

  • Zoe Wood
    Zoe Wood 11 months ago

    Orville is amazing!!! Everyone should watch it 😁

  • Andrew Parsonson
    Andrew Parsonson 11 months ago

    Am I the only one who hated that he kept slapping his leg???