When the horse is excited

  • Published on Nov 12, 2017
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  • Rrr Zz
    Rrr Zz 9 months ago

    ahh, must be nice to have too much time on yer hands.

  • Patony Brooks
    Patony Brooks 9 months ago +2

    So you got it excited with those sensual touches ,then you poured cold water on it ,and no happy endings ,what have it done to deserve such harsh treatment?

  • t dog
    t dog 9 months ago

    Let's see, should I get a horse or just flush my money down the toilet.

  • R Dean Rasmussen
    R Dean Rasmussen 9 months ago

    What about when I am?

  • D. Smith
    D. Smith 9 months ago +3

    Why is she doing that deliberately? Stroking his erogenous areas? This is abuse. Sick content.

    • Derek Heron
      Derek Heron 7 months ago

      D. Smith I :

    • Tim Johnson
      Tim Johnson 9 months ago

      Nothing she was doing was sexual. She was simply scratching the horse. He was kicking at a fly.

  • Jawbreaker
    Jawbreaker 9 months ago +1

    Im sure most of you were expecting that fifth leg would get dropped out of nowhere, huh

  • David's Favorite Videos

    Georgious horse.

  • Rob Adams
    Rob Adams 10 months ago

    Not what you think.

  • Wonder
    Wonder 10 months ago +1

    Lovely girl and horse.

  • true sacha
    true sacha 11 months ago

    not excited yet

  • WT Farm Girl Videos
    WT Farm Girl Videos 11 months ago +6

    The horse didn't lay down . . .

    • WT Farm Girl Videos
      WT Farm Girl Videos 9 months ago

      I'm guessing the video must have been retitled or edited or something. I had been watching videos on "how to teach a horse to lay down". This has nothing to do with that, so I'm guessing it was since edited because I would never have watched this :)

    • Jawbreaker
      Jawbreaker 9 months ago

      You mean "the horse didn't drop down", tight ?

    • Thaibinh Liu
      Thaibinh Liu 10 months ago


    • Horses Lovers
      Horses Lovers  11 months ago


    • classified259
      classified259 11 months ago

      WTFarm Girl can you get them to