Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Donkey Kong Country Returns | NWC 2017 (Pt. 2) Highlights


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  • Awesome Zilla
    Awesome Zilla 2 months ago

    I like how these really good video game players are still stumped by 4-3 in dkcr

  • MHzJr
    MHzJr 2 months ago


    IZIBOY 5 months ago

    Donkey country returns that level is not hard if u played it

  • Phoenix Conditt
    Phoenix Conditt 7 months ago

    51:10 listen closely. that's all im gonna say.

    did i mention that i still cant find your copy of Chrono Trigger? >:\

  • Selinay Turk
    Selinay Turk 8 months ago


  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 8 months ago

    I'm watching this in June 2018, and Smash Switch has already been revealed.

  • DerpMudkip - Minecraft & More

    the donkey kong game is like country one im not intrested in that but i am in smash

  • TheGreatOrGood Studios
    TheGreatOrGood Studios 8 months ago

    I think I remember a while ago most of the comments were talking about Bird And Beans and how a lot of people remember it from their childhood, but now it's devolved into a bunch of people screaming for the Switch version of Smash Brothers.

  • Phoenix 956321
    Phoenix 956321 9 months ago

    51:10 Rip.

  • RFJ Pizzo
    RFJ Pizzo 9 months ago

    On key Kong country returns is my favorite dk game

  • Peter Haywood
    Peter Haywood 11 months ago

    So the DKC Returns foreshadowed Tropical Freeze coming to Switch and the Smash WiiU foreshadowed Smash Switch so is Mario Kart coming too, or was it a foreshadowing of MK Tour?
    Nitpicking my boys

  • John Andrei
    John Andrei 11 months ago

    That was amazing I want to play and compete

  • Captain Apricorn
    Captain Apricorn 11 months ago +1

    Peach almost won! I'm still happy for her and no one else!

  • Captain Apricorn
    Captain Apricorn 11 months ago +2

    7:02 Peach is actually fighting Bowser!

  • Lloyd Lee
    Lloyd Lee Year ago

    First of all, how are these world champions? My little brother could beat these competitors. Are these announcers the most professional people Nintendo could find? Some of the announcers don't even know how to look at the camera when they are talking. Secondly, it's sad to see Nintendo ran by mostly social party gamers anymore. I wish we could bring back the days of actual competitive gaming on Nintendo. The SNES, and N64 days. The only thing that has gotten better over the years is the graphics. The competive nature of their games have died.

  • Stoned Millennial Kid

    The last 3 Smash games have released 6/7 years apart, Sm4sh has a lot DLC and updates they've been working on to keep the fans interested, and AAA games take a lot more time to develop than they used to, especially since a new Smash game would by nature need more characters and stages than the last
    And people thought this was the announcement for a new one? I get the excitement but come on now, use ya brain

  • Stoned Millennial Kid

    Bay yo ned tah

  • Timothy Tarnowski

    I'm a young gammer

  • Tendo's Historia
    Tendo's Historia Year ago


    • Harry Best
      Harry Best 10 months ago

      I Want A New Zelda And A New Pikmin
      Pikmin Should Really Have A New Game Since Pikmin 4 Hasn't Even Been Announced

  • Mr. ESE
    Mr. ESE Year ago

    I wish Donkey Kong Country returns made it to Nintendo Switch.

  • Jeff Dempsey
    Jeff Dempsey Year ago


  • Jeovane Victor
    Jeovane Victor Year ago

    Mortal kombat no Nintendo👊👌,seria legal uma volta para o nintendo

  • Enzo Dr28
    Enzo Dr28 Year ago

    3:42 Donkey Kong is dabbing 😂

  • 2112austin
    2112austin Year ago

    Bird and beans Nintendo switch port or riot

  • MrGoodgamesgaming

    Filthy Smash casual play, TUBOORON was right to be the only person picking a Top 5 character in the first game.

  • Joseph Shortino
    Joseph Shortino Year ago

    I swear ]Paper Plane Chase from WarioWare, Inc. is going to be back in 2018.

  • Juuso Leinonen
    Juuso Leinonen Year ago

    How are these DK players this bad?!?!?!?

  • Isabelle De Andrade

    Can we have Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch?

  • ppom9
    ppom9 Year ago


  • Anthony Carter
    Anthony Carter Year ago

    Really picked up at the end. Donkey Kong PVE makes for some great competition. Would like to see more back and forth in challenges like this! :)

  • Anthony Carter
    Anthony Carter Year ago

    Be nice to Audrey!!😎😊😍😋😍

  • Got Hurt
    Got Hurt Year ago

    Why does everyone complain about Smash Bros Switch? Sakurai (IDK how to spell his name, not even sure if it was him) wanted the last Smash bros game to be Brawl. He was literally FORCED to make Smash 4. After he was forced to make one game, people are now begging for another. Be real- why do we need another smash game? Was 50 characters and a portable game not enough? Give the developers a break.

    PRETZEL KING Year ago

    I actually laughed at that

  • pancito
    pancito Year ago

    Aww, should've been Tropical Freeze

  • Fortnite is cancer but I still play it

    I'm a Mario Kart racing veteran so 200cc is easy

  • Alex Duran
    Alex Duran Year ago

    I thought it was smash switch D: that would be better than super mario odyssey

  • ThePeacefulYoshi
    ThePeacefulYoshi Year ago

    *items on*
    Also,if the players hit pause, they lose a point? They do know that they could turn off pause right?

  • lil Oofer
    lil Oofer Year ago

    50:53 mad me sad when he dabd

  • FaultyGenome
    FaultyGenome Year ago

    Everybody here's talking about Smash, either begging for a Switch version or sneering at them playing 8-player Timed mode with items on, but I'm just here cringing at the DKC segment.

  • AaronGrooves
    AaronGrooves Year ago

    I would totally have destroyed them on that DK level. And I've never played it before. But I grabbed a controller and buttoned along. I'm at 1.5x speed and did just fine. I have no idea how these people qualified for this competition with such slow!

  • MiksteR_RdY
    MiksteR_RdY Year ago

    Every single "pro" is a weirdo these days. I guess you have to be unsocial and not have any friends to be top league. A sad state of affairs.

  • Edsel Peón
    Edsel Peón Year ago

    Can we have this twice a year?

  • raul ivan machado

    I'm cringing so hard when they died so many times in dkcr

  • Anthony Thomas
    Anthony Thomas Year ago

    41:54 James Franco in a blonde wig?

  • Adrian M
    Adrian M Year ago

    Donkey Kong ❤️

  • josdarklord
    josdarklord Year ago

    cloud win ? no for real.... not even a bit surprised....

  • Taktaagic
    Taktaagic Year ago

    They ruined the smash bros bit. Items?! 8 PLAYER SMASH?! Darn it nintendo

  • exonerative
    exonerative Year ago

    Seriously, no one played Pyoro? Great job totally erasing the WarioWare roots of "Birds and Beans".

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Year ago


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Year ago

    Thought it was gonna be Smash Bros Switch!

  • Jack Flynn
    Jack Flynn Year ago

    He could not get T H E B E A N S

  • Zach Attack
    Zach Attack Year ago

    Donkey Kong Switch

  • Joshua Tu
    Joshua Tu Year ago

    38:51 anyone notice DK dabbing?
    cuz it's a bit overused

    • Harry Best
      Harry Best 10 months ago

      DK Always Dabs, For Example:
      Mario Kart 8 And Super Smash Bros

  • Tyler Jones
    Tyler Jones Year ago

    Add tails to smash switch

  • Tyler Jones
    Tyler Jones Year ago

    Yoshi : yosh yosh Pikachu : pika

  • old gravel
    old gravel Year ago

    I love bird and beans

  • iAlphafox12
    iAlphafox12 Year ago

    these comments ruined by people that want smash 5, go back to the video

  • Marshall Mannella

    Bird and Beans > Smash Bros. don't @ me

    • Daniel David
      Daniel David 7 months ago

      Marshall Mannella @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

  • Shayon Roy
    Shayon Roy Year ago +1

    Where the 🅱️uck is my Nintendo switch smash bros announcement

  • Lagzery
    Lagzery Year ago

    Girthquake, wouldn't be proud about the smash bros matches.

  • Alex Sal979
    Alex Sal979 Year ago +3

    We don’t need smash for switch we need bird and bean for switch

  • YouTubular
    YouTubular Year ago

    Nintendo, why did you remove fire-hopping ;(

  • DaDoc540
    DaDoc540 Year ago

    55:07 Jordan Kent: "yellowkillerbee gonna need some asprin for that headache!"
    Where's Dr. Mario when you need him? Methinks he will be very busy with six patients…

  • Magic_Josiah
    Magic_Josiah Year ago

    i cant wait till smash for switch!!!

  • Disco Reptile
    Disco Reptile Year ago

    aw, thought it said bird & bombs on the thumbnail.

  • Danny Naj
    Danny Naj Year ago

    More confirmation about Smash Switch anybody?

  • Orlando Garcia
    Orlando Garcia Year ago

    It's a proven fact that every time somebody demands a new Smash Bros game, Iwata's corpse obtains yet another growth on another organ of his.

  • DaDoc540
    DaDoc540 Year ago +4

    Stage 2: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U-8-Player Smash, Big Battlefield
    Introduction/Rules: 0:11, First Group: 3:54, Results: 10:03; Second Group: 14:42, Results: 20:55; Final Results: 22:01
    Underground Stage 2: Bird & Beans/Pyoro
    Introduction/Rules: 23:30, Competition: 26:35, Results: 31:27
    Stage 3: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe-Versus Race: 50cc Mount Wario and 200cc Electrodrome
    Introduction/Rules: 33:12, Race 1: 37:53, Results: 42:46; Race 2: 44:06, Results: 46:07; Final Results: 47:57
    Underground Stage 3: Donkey Kong Country Returns-Bombs Away
    Introduction/Rules: 51:06, Competition: 53:31; Overtime Rules: 59:58, Overtime: 1:01:31

  • rainbowyoshi456
    rainbowyoshi456 Year ago

    Shulk using his montenodo art

  • Germ
    Germ Year ago +1

    Loved that dkcr section, hoping for a Switch port of Tropical freeze or a new DKC game

  • melloe
    melloe Year ago

    "Emil's made it through every stage of underground, that's where he likes to live" LOL

  • Mongul Corps
    Mongul Corps Year ago

    It was vey difficult watching these hacks try to play Donkey Kong returns looks like they never played the game ever it was 4-3 lol I would have beat these posers easily @ DK returns

  • Player 2
    Player 2 Year ago

    Actually the fox ditto is one of the worst

  • pjm263
    pjm263 Year ago

    smash confirmed for switch ?

  • BossKirby Reviews

    That minecart level took me SOOOOO long when I was playing

  • little house
    little house Year ago


  • Steel Vendetta
    Steel Vendetta Year ago +1

    Bird and Beans: My first DSi downloaded game. This brings back so many memories.

  • DSXG Plays
    DSXG Plays Year ago

    show us your moves

  • Sean Phommalinh
    Sean Phommalinh Year ago

    51:00 Mother 3!

  • John West IV
    John West IV Year ago +2

    This is the Nintendo World Championships (I am glad they brought this back)... if you thought this was Smash for the Switch, you haven't been paying attention.
    Now shush and enjoy!

  • Abuzar Abdula
    Abuzar Abdula Year ago

    I beg for a Switch NINTENDO!!! pls have mercy... notice me pls..

  • Jagger Guy
    Jagger Guy Year ago

    Trying to watch this on the bus and it's not working, please help

  • Taco King of Gameboy

    Make it on the switch

  • dutch scorpion
    dutch scorpion Year ago

    8 player with items 😷💀

  • Jagger Guy
    Jagger Guy Year ago

    I was originally going to watch it because I have nothing else to do but man! This is crazy!

  • Faisal Alsubaihen

    Just telling’ y’all that smash for switch has been basically confirmed.
    TBH I wouldn’t be surprised if super smash gets revealed on switch, I mean, I would be very excited, but that doesn't mean that I would be surprised. PS Reggie basically confirmed smash for switch, just look up "DID REGGIE ACCIDENTALLY CONFIRM SMASH FOR SWITCH?!?"

  • Luke Nelson
    Luke Nelson Year ago

    Has ANYONE noticed the commentator board is a switch?

  • DJ
    DJ Year ago

    I will forever get goosebumps from the Sm4sh intro

  • Retardo
    Retardo Year ago

    people still play this game?

  • klunsgod
    klunsgod Year ago

    You guys are pretty freaking desperate if you think Nintendo will listen to a TVclip comment section.

  • Wumbo757
    Wumbo757 Year ago

    I'm kinda surprised John Numbers did not opt to go with Wii Fit, but hey, I'm not complaining that he is representing my main out there.

  • Chinyere Udeh
    Chinyere Udeh Year ago +1

    Kirby's final smash should be a Final Weapon Choice, where you can choose between Star Rod, Rainbow Sword, Luv Luv Stick, Starship, and Crystal Gun, and Master Sword/Galaxia, Triple Star as well. Maybe the Power Paintbrush too! (Super Abilities, Hypernova, and Robobot armor does not count) like if you agree with me on Kirby's final smash!

  • Laker Sochaczevski


  • Ren Amamiya
    Ren Amamiya Year ago +2

    this comment section is so stupid lmao

  • Laker Sochaczevski


  • Peach Toadstool
    Peach Toadstool Year ago

    my favorite super smash bros for wii u character is Rosalina and Luma

  • redkid555
    redkid555 Year ago

    That DKC was cringy af...

  • BlackGreninja1
    BlackGreninja1 Year ago +1

    Why is etika one of the commentators?

  • Yuju slips a lot .ω.

    Items on?
    People will be salty.

  • GuiGamer10
    GuiGamer10 Year ago +1

    First we thought there was BOTW DLC 2 and now we thought it was Smash for the Switch. WTF Nintendo