HOW TO GET EASY NUKES IN BO4.. (Best Tips) Black Ops 4 Gameplay

  • Published on Jun 10, 2019
  • Today I'll be giving you guys the BEST TIPS to get a Nuclear (NUKE) Medal in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Enjoy the COD BO4 Gameplay as well!
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Comments • 855

  • Giopronl 38
    Giopronl 38 Day ago +1

    My highest streak is 24 AMD i have 6 relentless

  • TWK-_-LEE
    TWK-_-LEE Day ago

    Saug 22 kills

  • tahana jackson williams

    i was so close to a nuclear it was 29 and 0 😑😑😣😬😧

  • wannascoobysnack


  • Frederik Matheson
    Frederik Matheson 3 days ago

    22 is my Best gun streak

  • Near
    Near 3 days ago

    I got 24-1

  • Vendetta kid
    Vendetta kid 3 days ago

    Minds 15 streak

  • TemmY
    TemmY 4 days ago

    made 29 kills without dying and the game ended!

  • Swazzy /:
    Swazzy /: 4 days ago

    22 is my highest

  • Blnd Ali
    Blnd Ali 6 days ago

    15 ruthless whith paladin

  • Makiah !
    Makiah ! 7 days ago

    I dropped 41-0.

  • SOxICY
    SOxICY 7 days ago

    thank u I needed this👌

  • Elias Törnqvist
    Elias Törnqvist 7 days ago

    My highest is 22 and I hade dark matter prestige 9 level 49

  • Nalyd YT
    Nalyd YT 7 days ago

    16 kill streak but 50 kills over all game and like 3-5 deaths

  • ScreamBoyy
    ScreamBoyy 8 days ago

    If i get 10 likes on this comment i will reset my acc im not joking

  • Avl 101
    Avl 101 9 days ago +1

    Ruthless with 18

  • Oscartron
    Oscartron 9 days ago


  • Jordan Berry
    Jordan Berry 10 days ago +1

    Highest gun streak is 24 kills... even the brutal medal would of satisfied me, but no :(

  • Icysantiago 10
    Icysantiago 10 11 days ago

    Bro im so mad yesterday i was 2 kills off i had 28

  • xd _Swift
    xd _Swift 11 days ago


  • Legit_Mathias
    Legit_Mathias 12 days ago

    My highest gunstreak is 39

  • Montana Black89
    Montana Black89 12 days ago

    Take titan make on it agent Modus and here we go :)

  • Acrd.
    Acrd. 13 days ago

    My highest kill streak is 26

  • Andrew Ashford
    Andrew Ashford 13 days ago

    My highest gun streak is 12, yeah it’s sad

  • Terrance Buckingham
    Terrance Buckingham 13 days ago +2

    i literally went 29-1 ☹️ i ended the game with 42 tho so i was 42-1

    ALLAWI GAMES KILLER 14 days ago


  • Urusai1k
    Urusai1k 14 days ago

    27 w out dying

  • psychomuffin292 plays
    psychomuffin292 plays 14 days ago

    I think mine was a 17 streak but I'm not 100% sure

  • Sarah Lumpkin
    Sarah Lumpkin 15 days ago

    Mine is 20

  • Nicolas Chowdhury
    Nicolas Chowdhury 15 days ago


  • Xlias
    Xlias 16 days ago

    I went on a 28 choked the nuke :(

  • Leyton V.
    Leyton V. 16 days ago

    Lol “I don’t ask for likes a lot”.
    Just wait 2 weeks in the future where every single one of his amazing videos has that stupid spider intro that nobody likes.
    But since there’s no spider in this vid, I’ll like it.

  • BaileyBreaks 1
    BaileyBreaks 1 16 days ago

    53 is my highest gun streak !

  • Mheat_ Baybee
    Mheat_ Baybee 16 days ago

    i play a lot of hardcore, its all i play, my highest streak is 21 with the RK7, it was by complete accident and the game ended. ive been getting a lot better, but my aim and awareness is off and it frustrates me, for how much i play and how much i sweat in each game,i can never get past 15 kills and i can never drop a nuke,i only have 1 relentless medal. i just want my first nuke already

  • Boss gamer
    Boss gamer 17 days ago


  • HA5H Omar
    HA5H Omar 17 days ago

    19 is my Highest

  • Vince Vince
    Vince Vince 17 days ago

    But with score streak is like 20 without dying

  • Vince Vince
    Vince Vince 17 days ago

    My best gunstreak is 11

  • Admare
    Admare 17 days ago

    Nomad’s little annoying ass pet dosent count to the nuclear but still dumwitts still use it in FFA and it’s so godam annoying

  • Closterphobic Wolf
    Closterphobic Wolf 17 days ago

    My highest is 24

  • J1 Knows
    J1 Knows 18 days ago

    I got a ruthless

  • BalsamicGooseYT
    BalsamicGooseYT 18 days ago

    9 is the most I fricking suck 😂😂

    • BalsamicGooseYT
      BalsamicGooseYT 18 days ago

      I’ve never had a merciless and I’m prestige 4 almost 5

  • shaneweightman
    shaneweightman 19 days ago

    I have had several hundred games now on black ops 4 , and I’ve never been in a game were anyone has had a nuke ,,,? Cheers Shane uk 🇬🇧

  • Tek_Spear
    Tek_Spear 19 days ago

    My highest kill streak so far is 23.

  • Ryan Kovacs
    Ryan Kovacs 19 days ago


  • jaylen gittens
    jaylen gittens 19 days ago

    22 and I got killed by the grand slam 8 off😭😂

  • SWR Sheep
    SWR Sheep 20 days ago

    My highest is 29... sad

  • Ben Firth
    Ben Firth 20 days ago

    Highest gun streak is 23 highest kill game was 115 - 4 at Christmas hardpoint insanity

  • Nitxro
    Nitxro 20 days ago


  • wadu hek
    wadu hek 20 days ago

    My highest killstreak is 21 and i have dark matter

  • El Futur0
    El Futur0 21 day ago

    My highest gunstreak is 30 (nuke) and my highest kill game with streaks is 78/5

  • Jose Cosme
    Jose Cosme 21 day ago

    I’ve gotten 24 about 7 times lol

  • Pinez GT
    Pinez GT 21 day ago +1

    My highest streak is like 7😂 it’s my first cod

  • White Bed
    White Bed 22 days ago


  • Anthony gill
    Anthony gill 22 days ago

    21 i die every time. mostly i run into people with armor or war machines mesh mines if i can get a good class to help me that would be awesome.

    • Vietcheese
      Vietcheese 18 days ago

      flak jacket perk and FMJ attachments would help you, my highest gun streak in 21 too rip.

  • TheGamingPotato 1327
    TheGamingPotato 1327 24 days ago

    i've got at least three brutals and i choke them all the time i get way too cocky

  • Kaden R16
    Kaden R16 24 days ago

    25 is mine

  • Andrew Grant
    Andrew Grant 24 days ago

    20 is my highest kd, I've got dark matter also. Still trying to get a nuke!

  • YT_ FaKi3Z
    YT_ FaKi3Z 24 days ago

    25 is my highest

  • H4D3S_PHO3NIX V2
    H4D3S_PHO3NIX V2 24 days ago

    Mines 29 with the ballistic knife

  • RingyDingey 2
    RingyDingey 2 25 days ago

    My highest gun streak is 63. It was in the endurance playlist

  • Armin Rezaiee
    Armin Rezaiee 25 days ago


  • ツCliffo
    ツCliffo 25 days ago

    My was 27 in tdm and I was pissed

  • Journey In Time
    Journey In Time 25 days ago

    My highest streak was 72 but we are all prestige masters and they had a prestige two as their highest

  • pagan min
    pagan min 26 days ago

    i got dark matter and prestige master one month after release but still no nuke or killchain 24 was my highest

  • Disrespecting Women
    Disrespecting Women 26 days ago

    Died on a brutal. I’ve had so many 20+ gun streaks and always choke. Idk why either

  • Kamui
    Kamui 26 days ago

    24 kills and died by dog

  • Shane Hoops
    Shane Hoops 27 days ago

    I got 29 kills like atleast 25 times and I die cause of some bs

  • CreamPie
    CreamPie 27 days ago


  • Gurra Gaming
    Gurra Gaming 27 days ago


  • kingpin here
    kingpin here 27 days ago


  • Christian Kovach
    Christian Kovach 27 days ago

    Aye nick I bet you can't get a nuclear on hardcore free for all!!!💯💯💯

    • TheGhost
      TheGhost 27 days ago

      Hardcore free for all was the closest to get me to a nuke. I went on 27-0, then a guy killed me, and after that, I just kept dying, and managed to win 30-6.

  • Gabriel Bernal
    Gabriel Bernal 28 days ago


  • Gabriel Bernal
    Gabriel Bernal 28 days ago


  • Yung PimperNickel
    Yung PimperNickel 28 days ago +1

    My highest kills is 57 with 8 deaths (idc if you believe it or not)

    • TheGhost
      TheGhost 27 days ago

      @Pwn Yoshi Depends, if it is on Team Deathmatch, it's really good.

    • Pwn Yoshi
      Pwn Yoshi 27 days ago

      not to be a dick but yeah... that isnt good, everyone believes you