Insane Relationship TikToks (w/ Danny Gonzalez & Drew Gooden)

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
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    We're on tour right now and we found some insane relationship TikToks that confused the hell out of us. So, enjoy three boys who separately make fun of TikTok come together to make fun of TikTok some more.
    TikTok cameraman:
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  • LydiaE Harty
    LydiaE Harty 43 minutes ago

    This is trippy I pretty sure I actually thought 2 of you were the same person and I got kinda freaked out for a sec 😲 not memeing

  • Caroline Beck
    Caroline Beck Hour ago

    14:33 FOR THE NORTH

  • pewdiepabl o
    pewdiepabl o Hour ago

    14:32 is me and my 12 year old friends laughing at literally everything oml 😂

  • Awkward Arts
    Awkward Arts 2 hours ago +1

    Tik tok bad, book good

  • You Don't Need To Know Who I Am


  • Kayli Orazio
    Kayli Orazio 5 hours ago

    14:34 reminds me of the evil guy from Mostly Ghostly

  • m o
    m o 5 hours ago


  • No Thank you
    No Thank you 6 hours ago

    i love cvpooot

  • Megan Letto
    Megan Letto 7 hours ago

    I almost peed at 13:54

  • Adonis Vaz
    Adonis Vaz 9 hours ago

    I love cvpooot

  • Antwuan Butler
    Antwuan Butler 12 hours ago

    12:28 he should be charged for aggravated assault what a psycho

  • Young Mando
    Young Mando 15 hours ago

    this whole trend comes from douyin chinese tiktoks are some other level but funny as hell and jeeezuz i know douyin just means tiktok in chinese or some like that chill

  • Jessica Nicole
    Jessica Nicole 16 hours ago

    Also stop choking people you don’t know what they’re into

  • Jessica Nicole
    Jessica Nicole 16 hours ago

    thaaaaaat’s sexual assault :)

  • Gacha Bunny
    Gacha Bunny 16 hours ago

    These guy are like the gods of youtube

  • Elizabeth Hope
    Elizabeth Hope 18 hours ago

    they're wrong. high school now is just AP students crying from stress

  • TheJaySword Gaming
    TheJaySword Gaming 20 hours ago +1

    I pronounce you husband and wi- TAG!

  • Sunday Sunlight
    Sunday Sunlight 21 hour ago

    Cvpoooot means death in portugués or idk

  • Britt Nes
    Britt Nes 23 hours ago +1

    Danny without his hair done takes like 8 years off his age.

  • Mia Price
    Mia Price Day ago +2

    Kurtis: bottom
    Danny: switch
    Drew: top
    Bunks obviously

  • Eugeniа Zaiets
    Eugeniа Zaiets Day ago

    I don like cvpooot

  • Ammarah Azam
    Ammarah Azam Day ago

    8:53 ok whats the song

  • Divya B
    Divya B Day ago

    Kurtis is so cute omg

  • n a z w a !
    n a z w a ! Day ago

    fuck your phone and kiss my face

  • Bailey Lynn Hall

    kurtis's laugh makes me happy

  • A Furret
    A Furret Day ago

    Anyone: aaaah
    Everybody: HAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • Vincent Boi
    Vincent Boi Day ago +1

    I vinny

  • Claire Deloge
    Claire Deloge Day ago

    I laughed so hard, my favorite was 5:39-5:53 😂😂😂

  • Vincent Boi
    Vincent Boi Day ago

    I Vinny

  • PoomBuckGaming
    PoomBuckGaming 2 days ago

    Just enjoying watching three white bois having fun

  • Xap Ete
    Xap Ete 2 days ago +2

    14:34 she disrespected the lord of the apocalypse and paid the price

  • Toomany Francis
    Toomany Francis 2 days ago

    10:18 I was just thinking that the reason the red shirt girl suddenly became his loyal follower was because it was fallout, and in fallout you do one good thing for somebody then suddenly you have complete control over their settlement, they are available as a companion, and will help you with anything you ask them to.

  • Awesome Park
    Awesome Park 2 days ago +1

    3:00 I think it is called Alzheimer’s

  • anxious
    anxious 2 days ago +2

    this is so wholesome. a taurus between a gemini and scorpio

  • Valerie x
    Valerie x 2 days ago

    i got your inkbox ad before this video 😚😚 im so proud and excited for u every time i see it!! no one couldve sold me inkbox better than u kurtis

  • Dog Lover
    Dog Lover 2 days ago

    bruh that was the basilisk not mf voldemort DUM DUM

  • Niilo Selby
    Niilo Selby 2 days ago

    I love cvpooot ❤

  • Brian Bethea
    Brian Bethea 2 days ago

    3:40 That was Sauron from when Frodo puts on the ring in the inn in Bree pitch-shifted up a bit.

  • Aleyna Altun
    Aleyna Altun 2 days ago +2

    “Hey nice to meet you”
    Best part of the whole video

  • Shauna Robertson
    Shauna Robertson 2 days ago

    You guys are such nerds when you get together and I'm here for it ❣

  • Sarah Fadden
    Sarah Fadden 2 days ago

    Anyone know that song at 12:59

  • Kimmy Does YouTube
    Kimmy Does YouTube 2 days ago +1


  • kiky heart
    kiky heart 2 days ago

    worst thing about 13:03 is that, that's an actual greeting like, in Europe we greet eachother like that so it really isn't a big deal

  • Jhoselyn Diaz
    Jhoselyn Diaz 2 days ago

    I love cvpooooot

  • floryzia
    floryzia 2 days ago

    gotta go to the bathroom brb

  • ShadeSlayer
    ShadeSlayer 2 days ago

    im tryna drink my fucking capri-sun but i keep laighing hellp

  • Celeste Cormier
    Celeste Cormier 2 days ago +1

    At 14:16 it sounded like Danny was going to say "If a tik toker fell in a forest, would they still not make a sound?"

  • Kathryn Connolly
    Kathryn Connolly 2 days ago +3

    Kurtis: "He is also growing a beard on his arm" [gesturing to the tattoo]
    Me: [immediately looks at the tattoos on Kurtis' arms]

  • Jacob Vangilder
    Jacob Vangilder 2 days ago

    How many ppl got tiktok ads watching this

  • Ronni
    Ronni 2 days ago

    this proves women don't have rights. you can just go up to some random girl to kiss her, steal her away from her boyfriend, kidnap her and she wont care. why? because they don't have rights. she had it coming to her because she was a female.

  • Lonley Potato :D
    Lonley Potato :D 2 days ago +8

    Plot Twist:
    The intro WAS them just making a Tik Tok.

  • Khadija Karroumi
    Khadija Karroumi 3 days ago +2

    The last tik tok with the girl being picked up had me peeing

  • Tosty skateboarding
    Tosty skateboarding 3 days ago +1

    14:00 when your mom walks in on you doin the nasty

    CRAFTASTIC DIY 3 days ago +4

    Does anyone else remember when the official TikTok account commented on Danny’s video *”could be better”* or is that just a weird dream i had

  • BigExplosionX
    BigExplosionX 3 days ago +2

    ah yes, the holy trinity is back

  • Wolfieee!!!
    Wolfieee!!! 3 days ago

    Who else ships all of them

  • Brooke Becker
    Brooke Becker 3 days ago

    I can’t believe Karen tiktokids

  • Mimi A
    Mimi A 3 days ago +1

    Meanwhile Danny has a Tiktok account that he posts on

  • •Chilli Flake•
    •Chilli Flake• 3 days ago +1

    3:32 some girl on instagram just sent me that and was like 'This is my favourite video, block out the haters!'

    So I blocked her

    ETUMELENG SILELA 3 days ago

    tik tok bad yay