Inside Tommy Hilfiger’s $50 Million Plaza Hotel Penthouse | Open Door | Architectural Digest

  • Published on Apr 25, 2018
  • In this episode of Open Door, iconic fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger and his wife Dee take us on a home tour of their duplex penthouse apartment at the Plaza Hotel overlooking Central Park. Hilfiger's NYC penthouse suite has been home to The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Marilyn Monroe. His office even features an authentic New York Times sign.

    See the photos and read the full interview here:
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    Inside Tommy Hilfiger’s $50 Million Plaza Hotel Penthouse | Open Door | Architectural Digest
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  • Missditabomb
    Missditabomb Day ago

    I only liked three things in the apartment: The living room nook/niche with the loveseat and Elizabeth Taylor photo, (it looks like a great little place to read or unwind), the master bedroom was done in calming, restful colours and the ceiling height gave the illusion of fresh air and more space, and I liked the tea room. I do not like how they decorated it, but I would have a lovely little set-up in there for tea, or little tasty snacks. Looking out of the windows at the world around and below you, would be quite nice. Other than that, it was a narrow place, (I know they all are in New York City), and a little too cluttered with "things" for my liking.

  • Gilian Geschiere

    50 mil for the ugliest house i've ever seen.

  • mdooms76
    mdooms76 Day ago

    This place looks horrible and not cozy or homelike at all. Clearly he had $50mil to burn.

  • pardal902
    pardal902 Day ago

    Empty house... My guess. Lenny Kravitz lives the life.

  • Juliann l
    Juliann l Day ago +1

    Tacky af

  • nocentarr
    nocentarr Day ago

    These kids lucky

  • Klebber Bezerra
    Klebber Bezerra Day ago +1

    Horrible home. Horrible people. Tacky. Stupid.

  • Johanny
    Johanny 2 days ago +1

    I wish I could parade around my kitchen yelling “Oh darling, that’s what restaurants are for”... 💁🏽‍♀️🥴

  • Meike Schulte
    Meike Schulte 2 days ago

    I LOVEEEE IT! SO Much Style and LOVE!

  • Narsil1794
    Narsil1794 2 days ago

    Soulless museum

  • Vivian Lima
    Vivian Lima 3 days ago

    Isso q é bom gosto. Que lindo lugar! De vez em quando vejo casas, mansões, hotéis, etc. que são feios pra caramba, mesmo sendo caríssimos XD

  • Dirt Pool
    Dirt Pool 3 days ago +1

    gloomy house...

  • Belén Venero
    Belén Venero 3 days ago

    i though Tommy was discovering his own house kkkk

  • jonyD143
    jonyD143 3 days ago +1

    "here we see basically our living room". BASICALLY?! WTF IS SO BASIC ABOUT THAT LIVING ROOM? 👀

  • Alex H
    Alex H 4 days ago


  • Christina Luscious
    Christina Luscious 4 days ago +1

    “One of the kids”, then ignores the phone call 😂😂😂

  • Lana Škrjanec
    Lana Škrjanec 4 days ago

    It's funny how they don't realize Hilary Knight's painting on the wall portaits the wife in a golden cage shaped like a circus tent. Some next level comedy from the illustrator

  • marga p
    marga p 4 days ago

    I would go totally miserable if I had to stay there for the night. what a deafening noice of colors, styles and objects in a space that feels so cramped up.

  • Amy Quinn
    Amy Quinn 4 days ago

    When Tommy’s bedroom is bigger than your house

  • Karan Vagadia
    Karan Vagadia 4 days ago

    I think it's overpriced.

  • Kim Fuller
    Kim Fuller 5 days ago +14

    Number one take away from video. The master bedroom mini coffee/bar. I am going to do that!

  • An Ta
    An Ta 5 days ago


  • Bubble Wrap
    Bubble Wrap 5 days ago

    That central park view looks like Florida after the hurricane.

  • Bubble Wrap
    Bubble Wrap 5 days ago

    These people trying to cover up their insecurities and depression with $50 million. lmao

  • Amelia Soetjianto
    Amelia Soetjianto 5 days ago +12

    This man is rich but humble. I love it and he looks like he’s not arrogant!

  • Pussy Cat
    Pussy Cat 5 days ago

    Fantastic that you mentioned that you DO NOT Harm the Animals

  • Kattad Babbu Maan Fan
    Kattad Babbu Maan Fan 5 days ago +3

    Now modern but luxury. Older people like it more.

  • livininjtown
    livininjtown 5 days ago

    Ugliest house I've seen in a long time. All that money, this is just criminal.

  • Silvana Vizcarra
    Silvana Vizcarra 5 days ago

    For being a billionaire, they had an awful taste

  • Stasia M
    Stasia M 5 days ago

    Why is her closet empty?? And it’s an apartment??? Are they sure??

  • IloveyoulikeXO
    IloveyoulikeXO 6 days ago

    I cant imagine myself living in this. Its too extra and so magazine like. But my younger self would be ecstatic coz growing up with Eloise at the Plaza! But now Nope

  • Tara Dixon
    Tara Dixon 6 days ago

    There was literally no food or appliances in that kitchen haha

  • Roman Schlutz
    Roman Schlutz 6 days ago

    I like how they showed us the door number plus already knowing the location because even though we know precisely where to find them, they are are so rich and secure that no regular person would be able to make it to their penthouse, with all that Info... must be nice

  • TOXIC Life
    TOXIC Life 6 days ago +4

    If u guys ever have a question ask Tommy Hilfiger it out :)

    • RY
      RY 4 days ago +1


  • Joy De
    Joy De 6 days ago

    Not a kind of house I would dream of.

  • Ariya Josheghani
    Ariya Josheghani 6 days ago

    I feel bad saying this but I think they have a very superficial relationship, mirror’s for tv’s, having a fight because she had to have the dogs, kitchen/dining room they don’t use. Eating at home isn’t just about the food it’s also about spending quality time in with their family every once in a while. ✌🏾#plasticcouple

  • Anudeep Nayak
    Anudeep Nayak 6 days ago +8

    It may be just me but I like modernity more than royalty

  • Ngee Woon Quek
    Ngee Woon Quek 6 days ago +1

    0:21 I need to get one of those library corners...but a bigger one

  • david taylor
    david taylor 7 days ago

    I wonder if they have sold this because they've been trying to sell it for a decade now... Nobody wants to pay 50 million bucks for it though

  • First Last
    First Last 7 days ago

    It all appears too cluttered and cheesy. Opulence without warmth.

  • 16F16G
    16F16G 7 days ago

    Gaudy extravagances like these are definitely worth immiserating billions of people through systematic wage theft.

  • Regina Marie
    Regina Marie 7 days ago +3

    Absolutely beautiful! God bless !! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Zoe Dawkins
    Zoe Dawkins 7 days ago

    this was surprisingly pleasant to watch theyre quite nice

  • Pastor Thuli Ndlovu
    Pastor Thuli Ndlovu 7 days ago

    Umm the master bedroom, lovely

  • Saturday Shah
    Saturday Shah 7 days ago +2

    Pls go to mukesh ambani's house ANTILLA worth 1 billion dollars with 21 story building

    KIN NAO 7 days ago

    2:52 Sevan Bıçakçı :) Nice :)

  • cuteblackberry1
    cuteblackberry1 7 days ago

    Comment from London, we are buying a castle, so going to pitch some of these ideas.

  • cora raelynn
    cora raelynn 7 days ago

    I genuinely love their style! Such a beautiful place to live

  • weirdo thats me
    weirdo thats me 8 days ago +8

    "we have our own little Minnie bar wich I think everbody should have" you know what everbody should have? Everybody should have fresh air and clean water. Everybody should have a good health insurance. Everybody should even have a home!

  • Chelsea C
    Chelsea C 8 days ago

    he was born in my hometown :o

  • Delly Atlasia
    Delly Atlasia 8 days ago

    I just realized I'm wearing a shirt from this man and I'm totally shook that Tommy Hilfiger was an actuall name. I thought that it was just made up cause it sounded great as a designer brand

  • Daniela Eraso
    Daniela Eraso 8 days ago

    i am so poor damn

  • Daniela Eraso
    Daniela Eraso 8 days ago

    mini bar in your room? that mini bar is my complete room.

  • tish M
    tish M 8 days ago

    they're stupid

  • Agile Fast
    Agile Fast 8 days ago

    Surprisingly dull.

  • Tadeusz Zasepa
    Tadeusz Zasepa 8 days ago

    What's wrong with upper parts of arms of his jacket?

  • SuperSW20
    SuperSW20 8 days ago

    I used to work at The Plaza Hotel, and by far Tommy always had a smile on him and would stop by to say hi. Super nice guy in public!

    • Ram
      Ram 8 days ago

      So they actually live on top of a hotel? Like they bought the top part?

  • Yesica J
    Yesica J 9 days ago

    Decearia tener una cocina asi para cocinar pollos con tajadas jajaajjaja

  • Fabio Giccario
    Fabio Giccario 9 days ago

    His wife is sooo daaamn sexy

  • Hx is my god
    Hx is my god 9 days ago

    Honestly although it's sad and ridiculous that they probably never use 90% of that condo, it totally screams that its owned by a designer and honestly it's very beautiful. If I had a fully family I'd live there.

  • Richard Bourn
    Richard Bourn 9 days ago +3

    Ayy I just got a Tommy Hilfiger tee today 🤣

  • Jessica
    Jessica 9 days ago


  • Sean Gaughan
    Sean Gaughan 9 days ago

    I live in a small stone cottage on the west coast of Ireland surrounded by nature, wouldn't change it for the world.

  • CyLo
    CyLo 9 days ago

    I immetiatelly saw who's wearing pants in this house...

    WALANG FOREVER 9 days ago

    Thats $50 M.. What bunch of fools

  • daniella441133
    daniella441133 9 days ago

    read more

  • Eva MV
    Eva MV 10 days ago +1

    A messy kitchen is a happy kitchen in my house 😂, I love my little kitchen!

  • gphillimo
    gphillimo 10 days ago

    Rich mfs

  • Skyler Mark
    Skyler Mark 10 days ago

    When they were abt to walk into the master bedroom u could tell all the maids were scared of getting fired

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 10 days ago +7

    Guy has a whole store in his closet

  • OT Pie Flipper
    OT Pie Flipper 10 days ago +4

    0:44 Tommy flexin’ his knowledge of contemporary slang.

  • herecliche zur
    herecliche zur 10 days ago

    Why does she address like "Tommy's daughter"? Is she not the mother?

  • Joe Ramos
    Joe Ramos 10 days ago

    You people are idiots !

  • Susan Harkema
    Susan Harkema 10 days ago

    Ok, master bedroom suite is the best! Coffee nook, terrace and bathroom. Who needs to leave? Ok...have to edit my comment...the pizza/tea room is the BEST nook in the world!

  • Matías V
    Matías V 10 days ago

    A little overdone...

  • Karl Hungus
    Karl Hungus 11 days ago

    Personally, I find it gaudy. But, if they're happy, that's great. I just looked up his website, to see how much things cost. I found a t-shirt for $49.50 USD. Sell a million of those and you can afford a $50MM home. Keep selling them, though, so you can pay the taxes. Crazy.

  • marco o
    marco o 11 days ago


  • Hit the road Jack
    Hit the road Jack 11 days ago

    how old is his wife

  • Zak Daniell
    Zak Daniell 11 days ago


  • Marianne Rousseau
    Marianne Rousseau 11 days ago


  • Suada Chuna
    Suada Chuna 11 days ago +2

    I will never buy Hilfiger again!
    This ppl cant cook!!!

  • Dana Benson
    Dana Benson 11 days ago +13

    It reminds me of Serena and Blair's houses on Gossip Girl.

  • LivingMyLife
    LivingMyLife 11 days ago

    Seems like such a waste not using that dining room, cause it`s so beautiful. I imagine you could just use it to have your family meals there. I am not impressed. This is more of a design showcase home rather than a place where people live.

  • Ronald Dumb
    Ronald Dumb 11 days ago

    How much such people pay for PR?

  • dos350
    dos350 11 days ago +1

    all the buildings in the area are LIT 🔥🔥👌🏿

  • 33'er
    33'er 11 days ago

    this is not his crip.. he would know how to turn off the fcking tv

  • The D35[ALT] Man
    The D35[ALT] Man 11 days ago +98

    If their kids tried to run away, they would still be at home.

  • Shaz b.ali.
    Shaz b.ali. 12 days ago +1

    Nice architecture but not felt like home n lived in

  • emilythequeen1
    emilythequeen1 12 days ago

    Fun of them to share their private space. It’s beautiful!

  • Karl Joseph
    Karl Joseph 12 days ago

    Very beautiful appartement and they are a lovely couple beautiful video 👌

  • Daniel Murray
    Daniel Murray 12 days ago

    It's almost as if they don't live in that house. They just exist there. Very odd.

  • Leon J
    Leon J 12 days ago

    Two people with absolutely no substance or character to them. Every second sentence was a name drop of some kind to brag about their own existence.

  • jessica inhofe
    jessica inhofe 12 days ago

    Love the dome room, very Wes Anderson.

  • myg hannah
    myg hannah 12 days ago

    having an own library must be so cool

  • Tsambika
    Tsambika 12 days ago


  • Gail Nelson
    Gail Nelson 12 days ago

    1942 Don Julio wonder what that cost$$

  • Trina Thompson
    Trina Thompson 12 days ago

    I’m thankful and grateful for my $475 a month rent in Mississippi. And it’s gated. I got a 1 bedroom apartment with nice furniture. My apartment looks better and they make more than me. I don’t need to pay 12k a month to nobody.

  • miris
    miris 12 days ago

    They have 7 kids and a million penthouse? Goals.

  • Bruh
    Bruh 12 days ago

    rich people "that's what restaurants are for"

  • The Chefette
    The Chefette 12 days ago

    This house is so not homey