Inside Tommy Hilfiger’s $50 Million Plaza Hotel Penthouse | Open Door | Architectural Digest

  • Published on Apr 25, 2018
  • In this episode of Open Door, iconic fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger and his wife Dee take us on a home tour of their duplex penthouse apartment at the Plaza Hotel overlooking Central Park. Hilfiger's NYC penthouse suite has been home to The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Marilyn Monroe. His office even features an authentic New York Times sign.

    See the photos and read the full interview here:
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    Inside Tommy Hilfiger’s $50 Million Plaza Hotel Penthouse | Open Door | Architectural Digest
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  • Nikki Eggers
    Nikki Eggers 47 minutes ago

    to to much! I'm tired just watching.

  • JKL
    JKL Hour ago

    Oh I hate it when I have to go all the way to the kitchen for my coffee.

  • Diana Herron
    Diana Herron 3 hours ago

    I love how she glowed when he told her that the kitchen she designed was his favorite room. They love each 0ther

  • thevioisme
    thevioisme 3 hours ago

    Their apartment fits them. It’s very regal. Not my taste personally.

  • Takako Assavamorakul
    Takako Assavamorakul 3 hours ago


  • GlamwithT
    GlamwithT 3 hours ago

    I looooovvvvveeeee their home

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer 5 hours ago

    this house is not for claustrophobic people. also it looks like a museum instead of an actual house. it's good sure but $50M? yea no.

  • Jamie Totten
    Jamie Totten 6 hours ago

    A little above my budget I'll be in touch

  • H Z
    H Z 6 hours ago

    Wait a little confused...they live at the Plaza Hotel permanently???

  • Judith Valdez
    Judith Valdez 8 hours ago

    Wonderful apartment !

  • Mulan 121
    Mulan 121 10 hours ago

    I hate it.

  • Rita Biletsky
    Rita Biletsky 11 hours ago

    “We have our own mini bar, so when you wake up you don’t have to go to the kitchen”, I usually prefer eggs and bacon at the crack of dawn but that’s just me.

  • Alisa Barac
    Alisa Barac 12 hours ago

    I love it. Love all the art.

  • Adipeto GG
    Adipeto GG 12 hours ago

    The Rich People will stay hier in this Earth Planet, the rich People they don´t go where God are in heaven, the rich People are so arrogant and Pur people as human. tommy are Racist too.

  • Fingerlickingood -
    Fingerlickingood - 13 hours ago +1

    So fuckinh rich and big they don’t know where to go

  • ارزو ها
    ارزو ها 14 hours ago

    I wish I was there daughter lovely people♥️

  • Nur Alisya Nizarrozani
    Nur Alisya Nizarrozani 15 hours ago

    Why would you have a kitchen if you don't even cook

  • Pablo Horteg
    Pablo Horteg 16 hours ago


  • Gleuza Rodrigues
    Gleuza Rodrigues 17 hours ago

    Até agora gostei da casa da Jessica Alba,não gosto de casa muito rústica mas não tô dizendo que é feia "ok povo"

  • e c
    e c 17 hours ago

    This house makes me feel claustrophobic

  • Elizabeth Stewart
    Elizabeth Stewart 18 hours ago +1

    At least tommy is not gay like MK

  • MsDimsta
    MsDimsta 19 hours ago +1

    like living in a museum, feels nothing like home..

  • Antonio Chiappetta
    Antonio Chiappetta 23 hours ago

    What a couple of pretentious Botox filled frauds

  • Olivia Rogers
    Olivia Rogers 23 hours ago

    By far my favorite celebrity home tour. Every room was stunning and out of a dream.

  • Mia Bradley
    Mia Bradley Day ago +1

    It has a comfy more Rustin/modern vibe to it. Really dark but some light shining through.

  • Gina Brathwaite
    Gina Brathwaite Day ago

    Nice couple.. Still going strong after SEVEN CHILDREN??!!!

  • Lord Jade
    Lord Jade Day ago

    So 50 millions apartments is worth it?
    My answer :NO
    It's better to have a nice cozy big house with nice view mountain large yard and trees
    This apartment is small u cnt move around and no nice view it's kinda boring and air is suffocating for 50million

  • liza agra
    liza agra Day ago

    i love the lilac room...very cool...

  • Ifk 1899
    Ifk 1899 Day ago

    Gold digger...

  • BeedleNeedle
    BeedleNeedle Day ago

    4:58 honestly those kind of overthemed rooms are so ugly and weird

  • Michelle Carl
    Michelle Carl Day ago

    Seen on another sight they are trying to sell this home n it has dropped down to 50 mill now. It's funny how the wife didn't really know what choice of drink Tommy's loved when She was talking in the small bar.

  • Melisa Nimani
    Melisa Nimani Day ago

    She's annoying

  • Macayla andela gonzales

    4:12 everything looks so dead......where's the green?

  • Vivian Vlogs
    Vivian Vlogs Day ago

    Can we please get Mark Francis and Victoria Baker-Harber to do a tour of their home too please! :)

  • Niraj Tanti
    Niraj Tanti Day ago

    Doesn't look homely at all, Sorry!

  • Mariah P
    Mariah P Day ago

    I wanna be their kid

  • PersonMan1
    PersonMan1 Day ago

    Tommy Hilfiger is a real person?

  • Claire McElhaney

    Putting your pinky up while you are drinking tea ☕️ is improper

  • Merl Lee
    Merl Lee Day ago


  • Ajay T
    Ajay T Day ago

    Living fake big time !

  • Netsanet Alelegn
    Netsanet Alelegn Day ago +3

    We don't harm animals making of this house Bravo the Hilfiger's 👏👏 appreciate..more abundance to you...

  • Names KC
    Names KC Day ago

    Central park looks dead

  • meow
    meow Day ago

    the dome room is beautiful

  • Dennis
    Dennis Day ago

    1:24 wow!

  • meow
    meow Day ago

    7 kids wow...beautiful house but most things seem he doesnt know to switch off the tv..the kitchen is not used much as they admitted

  • Agnes Lazo
    Agnes Lazo Day ago


  • abdul agung Wijaya
    abdul agung Wijaya 2 days ago

    Too expensive for $50 M XD im dead

  • adam young X
    adam young X 2 days ago

    I love how he pronounce the plaza

  • Nyumi1998
    Nyumi1998 2 days ago

    I want my future house to be as eccentrically designed as their house! It’s so beautiful!

  • Clara K. Mallah
    Clara K. Mallah 2 days ago

    Your produce clothes, I'm not surprised.

  • Clara K. Mallah
    Clara K. Mallah 2 days ago

    This woman gave birth to seven children?

  • Clara K. Mallah
    Clara K. Mallah 2 days ago

    Over decorated!

  • Nekii
    Nekii 2 days ago

    That’s a shame they don’t use that beautiful kitchen

  • Elann Suvat
    Elann Suvat 2 days ago +1

    This home has a lot of character.

  • Itz Monsta
    Itz Monsta 2 days ago

    This almost makes me want to stop buying Tommy.

  • Servant Mobile YT
    Servant Mobile YT 2 days ago

    They dont use or know they own house

  • Haya S
    Haya S 2 days ago

    It’s good but I wouldn’t buy this house I would look for a spacious one not for a cave

  • nick nickerson
    nick nickerson 3 days ago


  • Brown Cup
    Brown Cup 3 days ago +2

    I like how she says cooking is for restaurants. 😂 Well, why cook when you have restaurant, right?

  • Kammii Kaze
    Kammii Kaze 3 days ago +4

    Anyone else think the weirdest part was NOT seeing the wife's wardrobe? I mean.... I was kinda hoping for that the most.... and she said there is barely anything in there.... WEIRD AF 💄💖

  • Sharron C
    Sharron C 4 days ago +3


  • BahamianLily
    BahamianLily 4 days ago

    Soooooo, where's her REAL closet?

  • rob robi
    rob robi 5 days ago

    Wow, as i watch from my small living space i know that i would be overcome with a feeling of calm and dreamstate if i spent time there at 0:47 for example.
    It is no doubt a breathtaking place , the life of very wealthy successful people. Not all the same taste that i'd have inside, but it's quite amazing.

  • Azteca
    Azteca 6 days ago

    Now I know why his clothes are overpriced.

  • Samantha Nope
    Samantha Nope 6 days ago

    As soon as they made a disclaimer about the elephant tusks I felt like they was lyingggggg😭😭😭😭😭😢😂😂😂

  • Gary Scott
    Gary Scott 6 days ago

    Awful video!! Kinda makes you want to kill them both !!

  • darkspuad 2002
    darkspuad 2002 6 days ago

    ,, This Elefantusks are fake''


  • Bruce Crawford
    Bruce Crawford 7 days ago

    look at that, a wife that's never worked a day in her life, has that botoxed joan rivers monster look, and she doesn't good, or clean. useless

  • faster thanu
    faster thanu 7 days ago

    needs remodeling

  • Grebanche
    Grebanche 7 days ago

    50 Million other homes posted located in Beverly Hills cost 50 Million less.

  • Tay Cummings
    Tay Cummings 7 days ago


  • H P
    H P 7 days ago +10

    Beautiful home. They seem very humble as well, good vibes come from them!

  • benjain ruiz
    benjain ruiz 7 days ago

    That house must be scary during the night with no lights on.

  • Mesut
    Mesut 7 days ago +1

    3:39 Masturbate room ? 😂

  • Jared Bullock
    Jared Bullock 8 days ago +1

    Overdone, pretentious, bad taste. So much money spent to create ugliness.

  • Outdoor Eng
    Outdoor Eng 8 days ago

    i ve never feel is there some thing make me happy in this house ,, except the terrace view

  • Nga Ngas
    Nga Ngas 8 days ago

    Karl Lagerfeld perfumes r like 💖 Andy Warhol art is like 💗 edited Tommy Hilfiger fashion is like 💓 😁 Heyo 🤗

  • Trey Flow
    Trey Flow 8 days ago


  • Vicki Ross Tudor
    Vicki Ross Tudor 9 days ago

    It’s hideously decorated.

  • rp hz
    rp hz 9 days ago

    If this doesn't look like a home to you lol you are as poor as me to think that way

  • rp hz
    rp hz 9 days ago

    Wait.. is that a couch where bts suga took a photo??????????

  • kinster02
    kinster02 9 days ago +2

    I would have to redecorate because I'm not feeling anything in that place.

  • Nurazianie Abdullah
    Nurazianie Abdullah 11 days ago +2

    "How do u want this to be".. 😊Full load signature Tommy Hilfiger 🤣😄

  • Renter Complaint
    Renter Complaint 11 days ago +23

    All I ever wanted, a small bar in my bedroom.
    Oh wait I live in a studio I have a whole kitchen in my bedroom.

  • Renter Complaint
    Renter Complaint 11 days ago

    She is his daughter right?

  • Panther X
    Panther X 11 days ago

    Marvellous but seems little or too dark.... Ummm feels like everything thing is just compressing....

  • vlad marius
    vlad marius 11 days ago

    This one looks like Mortdecai's apartment

  • Antdoggeh
    Antdoggeh 12 days ago

    this is an apartment??

  • Alexandra Golovenko
    Alexandra Golovenko 12 days ago

    Love the apartment so classy and gorgeous! The only comment I have is a small pet peeve of mine. Considering this couple is part of the elite socialite group in the echelons of American society, ettiquette is perhaps the most important thing to master. The pinky sticking out or as Dee refers to as "ding" is actually a HUGE faux pas!

  • Alper M, Gueney
    Alper M, Gueney 12 days ago

    so ugly decoration

  • Queenly Queenly
    Queenly Queenly 13 days ago

    Heartbreaking how so many rich humans in USA have the most beautiful kitchens and NEVER use them, they never cook in them, they just stand there for decoration, I would LOVE to have a huge amazing kitchen, wow. WHAT IS THE POINT TO HAVE A NICE HUGE KITCHEN AND NEVER USE IT?

  • Dee Watson
    Dee Watson 13 days ago

    He seems so nice.

  • 2ndrwkng
    2ndrwkng 13 days ago +1

    Wow people dream of such a kitchen and she probably can't make some eggs.

  • eazy14
    eazy14 14 days ago +1

    this home looks awful ! its full of dark colors and negative energy, depressing like hell

  • Leonie  Weimer
    Leonie Weimer 14 days ago

    Gee I wonder wat the poor people are doing

  • 9rass Ng
    9rass Ng 14 days ago +1

    I love his closet, very dark

  • Josh
    Josh 14 days ago

    Jesus loves you.

  • Ettah Kariuki
    Ettah Kariuki 14 days ago

    What is this 🙄🙄🙄🙄 a MUSEUM PERIOD!!

  • Kejsi Nuredini
    Kejsi Nuredini 14 days ago

    5:45 no Queen??!

  • Jayla’s World
    Jayla’s World 14 days ago

    Lets be honest I don’t like him I like his clothes and house and quote him “ I don’t make clothes for black people ‘’ now I’m mixed my dad is Brazilian and my is black but I still felt affended