Could You Be Immune To Everything?

  • Published on Mar 7, 2018
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    Do you remember having a cold in 5th grade? Or the flu a couple years ago? Your immune system does. Our bodies hold many levels of immune defense.Physical barriers like skin, the innate immune system, and our body’s most powerful defender, the adaptive immune system. Millions of B cells and T cells and antibodies are constantly on patrol for germs and antigen invaders. As scientists learn more about how this system works and how to engineer it, could we ever actually be immune to everything?
    Special thanks to Dr. James Crowe (Vanderbilt University)

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    Hi, great channel, love the content. So a while ago you made a clip about plants, and if they can feel. In the end you said plants don't react to music, but i watched a documentary on water and how music changes the structure of the water molecule, and since plants as well as humans are made of so much water, music actually affects both us and the plants. And this shows in the way the plant grows or in the mood swings we have. Is that true and if so can you do some kind of explanation about how this is possible. I think the documentary is called "Water: The great mystery"

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    I have a question but it is not related to this topic
    Can we increase the height to which we can suck water through straw by making the base diameter of straw larger
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      They are bad, but having them allows us to make advancements in science.
      If an alien bacteria came from space, we will be more prepared because of them.

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    Hey guys, I made a science video about Newton's canon for a contest and I was wondering if you could give it a thumb up, please show some support😘

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    BOSS VJ BEAST 13 days ago

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    BOSS VJ BEAST 13 days ago

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  • Galaxis
    Galaxis 13 days ago

    There has to be a cost though. Like, if you have antibodies to 1000 things, for them to be effective, don't they have to be quite numerous in your body? Something has to be there where the virus or whatever is if it's going to detect it. So, with all that running around, is your adaptive portion of your immune system weaker? I mean, you can only have just so many immunity cells running around in your blood, right?

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    Spooferish 13 days ago

    Information was good but animations were great and fun to watch.

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    TypicalEgg 13 days ago

    Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

  • 42x3
    42x3 13 days ago

    Aww.. cute for a basic understanding of virus to immune system response. If genetically we were the same, universal jabs would work. Unfortunately, your responses to a virus are based on how healthy your system was working in the first place and who your parents were and who their parents were all the back to the mitochondrial eve. You may have heard the terms genetically susceptible to a virus or a disease.
    Let’s use allergies as an example of a foreign body invasion. For some, a Bee Sting can be fatal and for others it will not be. When the venom enters the body, the body reacts and for those allergic, it means your body cannot handle the venom. It does not know how to deal with the bee’s venom correctly. However, the body can potentially learn the defense, but it can take from one more sting to an infinite amount for the body to catch on. You can see this in people who “grow” out of an allergy either by lessening or completely.
    The same thing happens with viral illness. You may be quick to fight it off, or you may forever fail because your body cannot cope.
    There a several virus in the world ranging from HSV-1 (which almost 50% of the population has) all the way to and beyond AITD. It is impossible for the body to fight these viruses without outside assistance.
    Now regarding a “universal” one shot deal. I am thinking if it ever happens, the cost would be limited to those will substantial funds. As it would put pharmaceutical companies out of business. As a point of reference, in 2014 a treatment for someone with HEB-C cost $84,000 for a 12 week supply. Imagine if it doesn’t work and you have to do it again. Gesh.
    The best course of action is to keep your body physically strong (good food, and all that blah blah that we all know we should be doing)
    Plus be vaccinated for everything we possibly can. Not just for yourself, but for the herd effect.
    Anyway, that’s my thoughts. 😂

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    I wonder if a person got subjected to a flu worst case scenario and survived, then his descendant gets the same thing, then the descendant's offspring, then so on, would they're cells carry the same genetic bluprint to create a Super Anti-Flu Cell (designed specifically to fight the flu and future adaptations of it)? Could that be possible? If yes, Virologist, or Vaccinologist (or whatever) work on that now.

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    You forgot to mention the cell mediated adaptive response, the T lymphocytes (CD8+ or CD4+), not to mention antigen presenting cells with MHC class 1 or 2 complexes that work in combination with them. B lymphocytes is the humoral adaptive response side of the adaptive immune system. There are just far too many intricacies this video skips over entirely.

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