Could You Be Immune To Everything?

  • Published on Mar 7, 2018
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    Do you remember having a cold in 5th grade? Or the flu a couple years ago? Your immune system does. Our bodies hold many levels of immune defense.Physical barriers like skin, the innate immune system, and our body’s most powerful defender, the adaptive immune system. Millions of B cells and T cells and antibodies are constantly on patrol for germs and antigen invaders. As scientists learn more about how this system works and how to engineer it, could we ever actually be immune to everything?
    Special thanks to Dr. James Crowe (Vanderbilt University)

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  • It's Okay To Be Smart
    It's Okay To Be Smart  3 months ago +354

    I've got a fever, and the only prescription is… that you watch this video and share it with your friends and let us know what you think in the comments!

    • Mauricio alvarez
      Mauricio alvarez Month ago

      Funny, my doctor told me the same thing.🤔

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      Phoenix Uprising 3 months ago

      I love your cheesy jokes

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      Lowes Gaming 3 months ago

      someone already exists like that and its me.

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      Aelita Andre 3 months ago

      I’m watching this video to make you better and because I love It’s Ok To Be Smart channel!!!

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    Unknown. 3 hours ago

    This is my first comment i'm from egypt and I'd like to say that i like watching your videos as i benefit much from them. thanks a lot for your great videos.

  • Salted Sea
    Salted Sea Day ago

    im immune of getting dark or getting sunburn

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    iDrakeZz ِ 2 days ago

    well if u got sick enough

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  • vishal raj
    vishal raj 4 days ago

    How did immune system evolve?

  • Matthew Martel
    Matthew Martel 4 days ago +1

    I'm disappointed. There was no clever pun at the end of the video...

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    Game Reaction 9 days ago +1

    l have not gotten cold for 3 years 🤔🤔

  • Alexandru Bucur Dan
    Alexandru Bucur Dan 10 days ago

    Nice animation i love them :)

  • Non Ridiculous Adjective

    White blood cell: You're not Garry

  • David  Lucey
    David Lucey 12 days ago

    I hate to say it, but I’m not too impressed with the immune system. Case in point Black Death and AIDS

  • Rick S.
    Rick S. 12 days ago

    But then youre not immune to being not immune...

  • GinkaV
    GinkaV 16 days ago

    I work in Immunohistochemistry, I remember when I learned about it, I was static for a few days. Please talk about it! #question

  • patryn36
    patryn36 21 day ago

    they forgot or deliberately choose not to mention the main reason why one may or may noy get affected by a virus. a virus can only affect one if they have the protein receptor needed by the virus. bacteria just need favorable conditions.

  • Aldrin Miles Partosa
    Aldrin Miles Partosa 26 days ago

    Like the vid

  • Indie Development Labs

    What if trying to be immune to everything makes the germs and viruses adapt to all our immune system has to offer leading to many deaths?

  • The Weewoo Wombat
    The Weewoo Wombat Month ago

    What if antibodies were unspeacilised?

  • Mr. Right
    Mr. Right Month ago

    But you can't be immune to bullshit

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    Ashley Sam Month ago

    I'm watching this and I think I'm sick

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    whn your sick

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    Silver Bronze Month ago

    Could would be immune to anything? Aren’t we already immune to a lot of things?

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    Lily Hults Month ago

    I love animation in this video

  • ColtaineCrows
    ColtaineCrows Month ago

    I feel like I'm pretty much immune to everything already. I don't really get sick. Well, I get colds occasionally, but I don't really feel like that counts as being sick.

  • Mirrored {} Chaos
    Mirrored {} Chaos Month ago

    some guy on outragious acts of science gets bit by his snake everyday, he builds an immunity towards the venom to the point were a full on bite doesnt affect him. we should do something like that to more serious things that kill people everyday, just enough exposure to not kill you and so your immune system can make enough antibodies to fight it off. maybe this can benifit us in some way idk.

  • Steven Cherry
    Steven Cherry Month ago

    Why couldn't you also just take blood donations from a huge pile of people, mix it and give a whole lot of people a few drops of a variety of those b cells?

  • life is great with kool-aid

    Humans get killed everyday by microscopic circles, how can we ever hope to be to immune to anything, lol.

  • Sigourney Alden
    Sigourney Alden Month ago

    Could we make the key from cancer survivors?

  • Gottkönig
    Gottkönig Month ago

    Everytime when it´s fluseason most of the people around me get it but I never got it in 22 Years of my Life. sometimes i get a bronchitis of it, what last for a weak when i go to work or school, when i stay home its gone after 2 days xD expect of that i never get sick :D Ok i get a running nose in winter, but that is more of the climate in Germany i think. And now hold on: I didn´t vaccinate since Ten Years or so, is that a God-like immunesystem or not? :D

  • KittyMeow56
    KittyMeow56 Month ago

    Am I the only person to never have gotten a flu shot and to only have gotten the flu once?

    PREPFORIT Month ago

    I want Rare Antibodies NOW ! ( checks amazon ) DAM !


    I guess not, after watching this video I found out I wasn't immune to boredom.

  • scott hough
    scott hough Month ago

    Your body cant hold that many antibody shapes but a computer could if you programed it to store them and come up with them.

  • Ryan yuan
    Ryan yuan Month ago

    In a helicopter and random blood cells float ABOVE by like a mile.

  • James Deininger
    James Deininger Month ago

    Speed 2: Cruise Control!! Sandra Bullock probably doesn’t even remember it. I bet half your audience wasn’t even born yet 😂😂😂

  • Shane Scott
    Shane Scott Month ago

    About a quarter of people in my area are immune to Hepatitis C, there are even people immune to HIV, I live in South Africa, and I've come across this. Very rare, but yes.

  • Dragon GamerGirl
    Dragon GamerGirl Month ago

    I wish we started using these videos in class.

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    These animations XD

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    Brent Holmes Month ago

    interesting new facts but personally I like Kurzgesagt's Immune video more.
    worth a look

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    My Body: It's a freakin war in here.

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    DinoRex Animations 2 months ago

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    Rodolphe Fouquet 2 months ago

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    GothamCity 2 months ago

    I'm immune to those bad puns you make Joe... BORN TO NOT LAUGH TO BAD PUNS

  • KarlasinC
    KarlasinC 2 months ago

    I have a question! o/ Why is some people's immune system weaker than other's?

  • June Bug π
    June Bug π 2 months ago

    what are some of the rare antibodies that are immune to almost everything?

  • ashleyhouseworth
    ashleyhouseworth 2 months ago

    Can you tell us what the body is doing if you have an autoimmune disorder?

  • DemBoyz 7
    DemBoyz 7 2 months ago

    thank you it is okay to be smart

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    robb99 2 months ago

    born to kill immune system

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    Rishabh Singh Kushwaha 2 months ago

    Animation was just too much funny😂😂😂

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    Georgia Burns 2 months ago

    Why does our body twitch or shiver, why can't we just hold up our hand without shaking?

  • Liam Colbert
    Liam Colbert 2 months ago +2

    Science: hey one day we might be able to cure the flu and stop people getting sick
    Me: great no more shitty days on the couch feeling sick
    Boss: great no more people calling in sick, we can actually get some work done
    Me: ... science has come too far we must stop it

  • Abstract Russian
    Abstract Russian 2 months ago

    These antibodies look like fried eggs... God I am so hungry. I am ill and lazy to walk 2 mins to get food... Maybe it is the time.

    TRINITY GADGET 2 months ago

    I was really impressed by this video. Really really Awesome 👏

  • Top Secret
    Top Secret 2 months ago

    I’m lucky to be born from a mother who survived Gulleon Burré, which means I have an early form of Universal immunity- by simply having a mutated gene which dictates the number of T cells and B cells, I have ridiculous numerical advantage, thus I am immune to all common diseases. Even though I have habits like picking skin and thus having dozens of infected scabs, picking nose and ear, it seems that I haven’t have had anything viral longer than I can remember. It’s like how the Soviet Union had lower quality troops while sending them to the death in Stalingrad, while coming out as ultimately victorious, because I have such a unusually strong immune system, I end up being affected by others’ high expectations of me and since I am not sick and cannot be out of school, it causes psychological tears because I cannot bleed the stress that others can by taking a day off. Being born with it allows me to find many disadvantages to being sick, because people are inclined towards laziness and that without an excusable reason, I find it a bad thing sometimes, even if I survive a epidemic apocalypse.

  • Reborned Entity
    Reborned Entity 2 months ago

    If I drank alcohol basically I would, I dunno end me xd

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    Christian Lang 2 months ago

    No. You couldn't.

    ONXONE 3 months ago


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    lolipop draws 3 months ago

    Vaccines are the answer

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    Andrew Vanhooser 3 months ago

    Can the total immunity an adult has acquired be passed to their offspring so the immunity builds up with each generation?

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    Is this the animator that did Ren and Stimpy?

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    This is for ask joe anything but how did blue eyes come about

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    RaVen McCraig 3 months ago

    You're videos are so cool. You're narration and the video animatioms make Science more fun.

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    George Carpenter 3 months ago

    I never get sick, not even the flu, never had a flu shot either.

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    Patrik Rasch 3 months ago

    The animation and editing in this video is so incredibly well done!

  • Hello - I'm the LUCA
    Hello - I'm the LUCA 3 months ago

    I don't like that smart ass way of saying stay curious.

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    I would love to see a video on the Mpemba effect.

  • codeman7055
    codeman7055 3 months ago

    I already know I'm immune to anything that is consumable and dangerous. Can't count how many times I've overdosed and yet I'm still here yay me.

  • Porcelain Doll
    Porcelain Doll 3 months ago

    My immune system is USELESS!! I've always gotten sick a lot since I was little, I feel like my immune system is lazy -.-

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    Put Esuna in your blood stream.

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    Captain Hindsight 3 months ago

    Binary Fusion

  • Captain Hindsight
    Captain Hindsight 3 months ago

    Impossible to be immune to everything, because there is to much everything...

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    19billdong96 3 months ago

    How does resistance to poison work? How does introducing micro doses repeatedly create resistance? Would love to learn!

  • Alex Thompson
    Alex Thompson 3 months ago

    I'd be super interested in an animated video like this about autoimmune issues/diseases.

  • Ergo Nomic
    Ergo Nomic 3 months ago

    Sadly there is no money to medicine business if everybody will stay healthy :/

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    workinghoustonian 3 months ago

    Colds, problem....however i was not and still am not immune to Speed2 :(

  • Марибел Кръстева

    Please do a tribute to Stephen Hawking and his work as he sadly passed away this morning 😔 R.I.P.

  • Stavri Stavrev
    Stavri Stavrev 3 months ago

    Hi, great channel, love the content. So a while ago you made a clip about plants, and if they can feel. In the end you said plants don't react to music, but i watched a documentary on water and how music changes the structure of the water molecule, and since plants as well as humans are made of so much water, music actually affects both us and the plants. And this shows in the way the plant grows or in the mood swings we have. Is that true and if so can you do some kind of explanation about how this is possible. I think the documentary is called "Water: The great mystery"

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    Can we increase the height to which we can suck water through straw by making the base diameter of straw larger
    I mean that if we make a straw that base diameter is larger then top diameter then can we increase the height to which the water can be sucked

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    xtreme494 3 months ago

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  • The Exoplanets Channel
    The Exoplanets Channel 3 months ago +21

    *i wish there were no diseases on Earth*

    • ismail Cem Eroglu
      ismail Cem Eroglu 18 hours ago

      Captain Hindsight and devoloping antibodies to diseases actually makes people more healthy people that got infected with very hiğh amount of different diseases actually live longer and live healthier it works like a harsh muscle training for body that pays of because body it self modifies its own biology to adapt diseases consequently improving your biology and health
      If you are going to ask how am I knowing this biology and genetics are my main studying subject I am one of the closest things you can find in place of a doctor in youtube

      PREPFORIT Month ago +2

      Sorry "god" loves watching people suffer.

    • Somite
      Somite 2 months ago

      yea, we will never know what will happen, probably robots will take over the world

    • Captain Hindsight
      Captain Hindsight 3 months ago +8

      They are bad, but having them allows us to make advancements in science.
      If an alien bacteria came from space, we will be more prepared because of them.

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    Hey guys, I made a science video about Newton's canon for a contest and I was wondering if you could give it a thumb up, please show some support😘

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