• Published on Apr 2, 2019
  • Best wholesome memes for a bad day - watch with your family or friends at school or work to brighten up your day :D
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  • Clumsy
    Clumsy  4 months ago +2857

    *_happiness noises_*

  • Mr Galaxy
    Mr Galaxy Day ago

    9:10 what breed??? Does anybody know

  • Katie Brown
    Katie Brown Day ago

    I. Love. It

  • unicorn puppy
    unicorn puppy Day ago

    Has anyone ever watch Phineas and Ferb and so when Vanessa rub and she went to college with Ferb she's like two times his age I think how old is she when they did the college episode

  • vanhende
    vanhende 2 days ago

    the wounded sheepdog..
    -me, sitting up teary eyed and whisper under my breath,
    "A warrior.."

  • Blue Yeti
    Blue Yeti 3 days ago

    The Background music sounds deadass like fucking Olive Garden music, dat just me or?

    ALEXIS DURHAM 4 days ago +1

    9:12-9:23 omg this made my day way better thank you soooo much mr chamelion 😃
    Edit:please click on 9:12

  • Eijiro Kirishima
    Eijiro Kirishima 4 days ago

    He smol
    He brawl
    But most importantly
    He fall off the stage in smash

  • Clash with Cade
    Clash with Cade 4 days ago

    My mom is from Bakersfield 😮😮

  • Westyn Rodgers
    Westyn Rodgers 4 days ago

    #garli the garlic bread

  • Popcornman1212
    Popcornman1212 4 days ago

    Cant argue with the outro

  • Brock Stremmell
    Brock Stremmell 5 days ago

    When there’s videos of animals at the end
    *Happiness noise*

  • Donald.J Trump
    Donald.J Trump 5 days ago

    What happened to America

  • Francesco Giavarini
    Francesco Giavarini 6 days ago

    2:18 just BE.LIKE.THE ONION

  • Gretchen Schaible
    Gretchen Schaible 6 days ago

    3:02 I literally started crying.. Thank u so much garlic bread💛💛💛

  • Aalie Vander Plaats
    Aalie Vander Plaats 6 days ago

    9:05 the doggo army! oh my heart!

  • Panda Candies
    Panda Candies 6 days ago

    7:50 I believe dat is a hippo

  • WolfGirl 123
    WolfGirl 123 7 days ago +1

    Bro I think I’m messed up,the garlic bread post almost had me in tears.

  • Christopher Mousiz
    Christopher Mousiz 8 days ago

    Do t do another ending without the word doggo

  • toppop poptop
    toppop poptop 9 days ago

    9:38 one of the very rare good tiktok videos

  • • INK SANS •
    • INK SANS • 9 days ago

    Thank You For This Super Wholesome Meme In The Beggining.

  • Aesthetics_ Missy
    Aesthetics_ Missy 9 days ago

    **sad macaroni noise**

  • Kieran Alkyer
    Kieran Alkyer 9 days ago

    For the post by Cabbage facts maybe gravity is actually returning the thing you threw because it thinks you dropped it

  • Alfie Claborn
    Alfie Claborn 10 days ago

    This vid makes my day :)

  • The Devon rail Fan
    The Devon rail Fan 10 days ago

    5:25 so he’s saying he lives on a plane?

  • pengun_ space_YT
    pengun_ space_YT 10 days ago

    know wonder keanu reeves is so kind he is from canada

  • Bella Campbell
    Bella Campbell 10 days ago

    Whenever I inhale I hear Papyrus’ noise when he talks in UT. Same thing when I breathe out but with sans

  • NarwhalGuy!
    NarwhalGuy! 11 days ago

    *whenever I be sad I come here to se hap doggo*

  • Zach Batsford
    Zach Batsford 11 days ago

    8:08 rip the dog

  • Nickolas Dawson
    Nickolas Dawson 11 days ago

    did any won els see the fallout 4 boy in the background 6:11

  • Gus Bus
    Gus Bus 11 days ago

    9:09 happiness noises

  • Home Phone
    Home Phone 12 days ago

    i only watch these wholesome meme vids so i can say "aww" i dont watch them when im having a bad day

    am i the only one who does this?

  • DIO Brando
    DIO Brando 12 days ago

    Banana dog kinda looks like me...

  • jjrodgers
    jjrodgers 12 days ago

    I don’t like garlic bread or donuts idk why

  • payton champney
    payton champney 12 days ago

    7:50 that's a hippo

  • blacklightning 7099
    blacklightning 7099 13 days ago

    Clumsy:makes memes that make u feel good about yourself.
    The world:suicide rate drops to 0%

  • Kids Arthur
    Kids Arthur 13 days ago

    I like and subscribed but still got sick...

  • Life is Anime & Anime is Life

    They Had Us In the First Part Not gonna Lie

  • JDOG 6 420 9
    JDOG 6 420 9 13 days ago

    I'm crying

  • Eden Dripps
    Eden Dripps 13 days ago +1

    Roses are red violets are blue this dog loves bananas!! And protecting you!

  • Eden Dripps
    Eden Dripps 13 days ago +1

    Me: *tries to make the dogs face on the front screen before you click the vid* Me: I DID IT IMMA BOOTIFUL DOGGO!!

  • XxHollyARTxX
    XxHollyARTxX 14 days ago +1

    So wholesome and lovable.

  • Iceboss
    Iceboss 14 days ago

    7:48 I fell like that's not a dog but instead a very cute hippo

  • Hank Frank
    Hank Frank 14 days ago

    7:52 btw that dog might be a hippo just saying

  • GALAXY Games
    GALAXY Games 14 days ago

    0:27 luv yourself.,accept yourself

  • MaddyKe
    MaddyKe 15 days ago +1

    That is a baby hippopotamus not exactly a dog. But I'll go with it.

  • •tr x sh•
    •tr x sh• 15 days ago

    When I was like, 5 I was on a walk with my mom and brother.
    It was dark, and near a stop light, there was a neighborhood sign and some bushes.
    I saw a really skinny stray dog (or some sort, I’m not so sure)
    And my mom pulled me away from the dog, and said, “Don’t touch *it* he or she might be dirty and will get you sick.”
    I clearly remember this, because my brain likes remembering weird things from my childhood.
    But about three days ago, we drove into our neighborhood and I saw a “lost dog” sign taped on a mailbox.
    And my mom looked, (before she drove away)
    And she agreed, saying, “I hope they find the dog.”
    I said, “If we maybe see the dog, could we maybe return it?”
    My mom replied, “yeah.”
    So i said, “oh, so If I find the dog, I can bring her/him back to the owner?”
    And my mom said, *”no it’s dirty.”*
    *”you’ll get sick”*

  • Bekzhan Yessengeldy
    Bekzhan Yessengeldy 15 days ago

    bruh this means that she had the kid when she was 18

  • TravisFilmsTDM
    TravisFilmsTDM 15 days ago

    0:37 now whenever i see a porcupine i can't help myself but to say "is ouch mouse". Thank you clumsy.

  • Rosario Alvarez
    Rosario Alvarez 16 days ago

    9:02 for anyone reading this the background shows an ad for a series of super sentai called kyuranger an super sentai is the Japanese power rangers which sometimes has darker tones so go watch it please

  • Pix3lWarrior YT
    Pix3lWarrior YT 16 days ago

    Okay, either I'm high or this is a hippo.

  • oh seokjin.
    oh seokjin. 16 days ago

    7:50 sir thats a hippo

  • The arty One
    The arty One 17 days ago

    9:24 this is what it looks like every day if you own a dog

  • Aiden Remshard
    Aiden Remshard 17 days ago


  • Sans_Papyrus x
    Sans_Papyrus x 17 days ago

    My cat is sleeping with me

  • Robert Koeller
    Robert Koeller 18 days ago

    Me: ooh, memes
    Also me: **hears that stupid voice** ARE YOU KIDDING ME

  • Anthony Genolio
    Anthony Genolio 18 days ago

    Me:there is a new wholesome memes
    Also me:happy noise

  • Silly Goose
    Silly Goose 19 days ago

    These always make me cry because how wholesome they are

  • malachi Bisset
    malachi Bisset 19 days ago

    does no one notice that at 7:15 it is a hippo in stead of a doggo

  • N U T
    N U T 19 days ago

    Anyone going to say anything about 8:07

  • Acebushmaster 42
    Acebushmaster 42 20 days ago

    7:50 that looks like a hippo

  • Issa Hsid
    Issa Hsid 20 days ago

    Keanu Reaves is my favorite movie star

  • Zachary Yarnall
    Zachary Yarnall 20 days ago

    I love these vids I've started watching you cause I've been on TVclip more. And in all honesty these videos have been the very reason I smile some day. I just want to say thanks for making me smile in a time where I really thought I couldn't.

  • Thinks Cool
    Thinks Cool 20 days ago

    That was a hippo not a dog

  • Pilotpup 7
    Pilotpup 7 20 days ago

    4:20 if the mother is 98 and the son is 80 that means the mother gave birth to him when she was 12

  • Sarah Roberts
    Sarah Roberts 21 day ago

    Keano reeves 😂😂😂

  • Vincent W
    Vincent W 21 day ago

    the end:
    such cute

  • MeowP12
    MeowP12 21 day ago

    4:24 wait.... if his mom is 98 and he’s 80..... she was 18 when she had him then?! Yeash

  • Wild Royal
    Wild Royal 21 day ago +1

    There is a book series called Dog Diaries and it goes through life in a dog's perspective.
    There is Buddy the first Seeing Eye dog, Stubby and many many more.

  • Vandana Jain
    Vandana Jain 22 days ago

    i went to the the bathroom, and my dog went from the living room to the bathroom looking so tired, but he followed me and jumped on my bed and mind u that bed is TALL

  • Zeke Harris
    Zeke Harris 22 days ago

    Man this Chanel means so much to me I have always wanted a place to go whether it digital or not where whenever I doubt the strength of the community around me I can review the fact that no matter where I go there is some one who care for every one they no

  • Kenny Unicorn
    Kenny Unicorn 22 days ago

    Hey do you wanna help me okay first step give clumsy 1 billion likes second step do a backflip off a roof first stop go to heaven

  • Anne Sky
    Anne Sky 22 days ago +1

    N:the kids

  • Snowy And Me
    Snowy And Me 22 days ago +1

    What’s the name of the Pokémon at 3:32

  • Red Panda
    Red Panda 23 days ago

    6:08 so dam cute😍