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  • Published on Nov 19, 2018
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    This week I've been really poorly so sorry for my quiet voice.
    If your country isn't on here it's just as I didn't have the DATA so please do add to the comments section and if I get enough new names I'd love to do a follow up list!
    I looked up the Most Popular Names from around the World this year and there are some unique names, pretty names, similarities and names I've never heard before! I hope you enjoy it and if so please subscribe and join my live next week!!
    SJ x

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  • Amazing Jack
    Amazing Jack 24 days ago +1

    Im using your names in my sims 4 hahahahhhvavaha

  • Nuna Vlogs
    Nuna Vlogs Month ago


  • A Wife In Her Youth

    I love that you included Brazil! ❤️ and yes haha. Maria is VERY common

  • Sigrún Arna
    Sigrún Arna Month ago

    I know this is an old video but I love that you mentioned Iceland, since I am from there, and live there. Love watching your baby name videos, and love so many of the names that you mention.

    • Sigrún Arna
      Sigrún Arna Month ago

      and just for an update, the most common names in iceland the past year has been Aron for boys and Embla and Hekla for girls, which I love. Hekla is an old name, and actually the name of an active volcano here in iceland. So very strong and powerful.

  • Gina Fourie
    Gina Fourie Month ago

    I find it so cool that you talked about South Africa 🇿🇦!!! I’m South African and the names that are popular at my school is: Abby, Isabella, erin, Jess, Jenna, Sarah, josh, David

  • Matilda PALMER
    Matilda PALMER Month ago

    I’m Australian and there are SO many Charlottes but also lots of Matildas, my name, but also our soccer team is called the Matildas, so that might have something to do with it.

    NICOWANNA Month ago

    Im obsessed with your channel !! Id call you the baby name fairy ! ❤️

  • Hannah Golightly
    Hannah Golightly Month ago

    Can you do an Arabic names video please for girls and boys?

  • vilmathealien
    vilmathealien Month ago

    Finland 2018:
    1. Eevi
    2. Sofia
    3. Venla
    4. Ella
    5. Aino
    6. Aada
    7. Helmi
    8. Emma
    9. Olivia
    10. Isla
    1. Eeli
    2. Elias
    3. Leo
    4. Oliver
    5. Eino
    6. Väinö
    7. Onni
    8. Leevi
    9. Niilo
    10. Noel
    Really a mix of traditional and international and some newer Finnish names.

  • Socially Awkward Fangurrl

    In Australia, I would say it’s fair to say Oliver as a top name, but I personally would go towards more of the names Ryan, Jacob and Jayden for boys, I have met two Charlottes and Two Oliver’s, but for a girl, I would say, more towards the names, Lily, Ella, Bailey (that would actually be gender neutral cos I’ve met multiple baileys of both genders) and probably Maddison or a name on the lines towards Maddison.
    But in the end, I do have to take into consideration of when the names were or are popular, but yeah, I think that’s pretty accurate.
    But,....for New Zealand, I have not met anyone, with any of those names in New Zealand. Typically in NZ or the areas I’ve been, they have more traditional names of there culture, and not really the names you said, but in the end, I will say again, it really does depend on the year and so on.

    In no way was I saying or disagree that the names on the list weren’t popular or hating on what you said, I will say again, I do believe it is because of the years and such. Love your videos btw

  • Dannielle Lovell
    Dannielle Lovell 2 months ago

    Rita and Maria are very common in Italy 🇮🇹

  • Madelief
    Madelief 2 months ago +1

    South Africa
    Boys: Junior
    Girls: Precious
    Boys: Hiroshi
    Girls: Nozomi
    Boys: Gabriel
    Girls: Louise
    Boys: Benjamin
    Girls: Olivia
    Boys: Liam
    Girls: Emma
    Boys: Oliver
    Girls: Charlotte
    Boys: Hugo
    Girls: Lucia
    Boys: Alexander
    Girls: Emilia
    Boys: Francesco
    Girls: Sofia
    Boys: Noah
    Girls: Sofia
    Boys: Jakob
    Girls: Sofie
    Boys: William
    Girls: Alice
    Boys: Jose
    Girls: Maria
    Middle East
    Boys: Mohammed
    Girls: Ayesha
    Boys: Jack
    Girls: Olivia
    Boys: James
    Girl: Emily

  • PunkyBrewster 54
    PunkyBrewster 54 2 months ago

    I’m am pretty sure for Ireland that the name Seamus (shay-mus) means James it is in reference to king James of Ireland

  • Lucia Fernandez
    Lucia Fernandez 2 months ago +1

    In Uruguay (where I’m from) top baby names are:
    1. Juan
    2. Thiago
    3. Santino
    1. Julieta
    2. Martina

  • Millie Sunshinie
    Millie Sunshinie 3 months ago

    I want to name my future daughter Lucia! But since I live in Sweden, she would be teased all December because of the Saint Lucia celebration!

  • NJ E
    NJ E 3 months ago +2

    Anna (for girls)
    Bence (for boys)

    OLIVER SHIKOKOTI 3 months ago

    Kindly do swahili names i am kenya

  • Andrea Taylor
    Andrea Taylor 3 months ago +5

    Charlotte is super popular in Australia, I know like 20! It is understandable why it ranked the most popular 😂

  • Andrea Taylor
    Andrea Taylor 3 months ago +1

    Yeah.... I’m just watching this for sims 4......

  • SE01
    SE01 3 months ago +1

    Sarah is/was definitely the top girl name in the US. I have 5 just in one of my classes!

  • Emma Sollenne
    Emma Sollenne 4 months ago

    My name is Emma and my nickname is Emi

  • brandy hall
    brandy hall 4 months ago

    I got cove from u my son name

  • brandy hall
    brandy hall 4 months ago

    I want to do love cove or pronounce cov'e

  • Melissa Lynn
    Melissa Lynn 4 months ago

    Liam is short for William which is perfect for me since that's my dads name ❤

  • Fidget Spinner king I’m also gay ;-;

    Most of Brazilians are actually Christians and you pronounce Jose like hose and Maria it is like a roaring sound and actually Bàrbara is a very popular name as well

  • Rainbow Glitter
    Rainbow Glitter 4 months ago

    I'm from South Africa and I have known as few Junior(their Middle name is usually dads name) never known a precious,a few other popular south African names: boy:Jaco(my brothers name)Marco/Marko,Tiaan,Ruan,Franco,Johan and a lot of surname names
    Girls:Ané,Suné,Danél, Anna-Mart,Kara,Anri,Marli/Marlie

  • PispBuff
    PispBuff 4 months ago +1

    Alessandro is not shorted as "Leandro", but "Ale" 😶

  • ColorMeBurgendi Hardy
    ColorMeBurgendi Hardy 4 months ago

    Can you do a video on African baby names. They are so beautiful and don’t get enough attention!!

  • Julia A
    Julia A 4 months ago +1

    in brazil:
    girls: helena, alice, laura, manuela, valentina, sophia/sofia, julia (my name!)
    boys: miguel, arthur, bernardo, davi, gabriel, enzo, lucas
    we also pronounce josé differently, you pronounced it like they do in spanish. the j has a different sound.

  • Katiebells
    Katiebells 4 months ago +1

    My precious...

  • Ella Bay
    Ella Bay 4 months ago +1

    The top girls name for Spain Lucia, is actually pronounced: loo-fee-a. One of my friends is called Lucia. (When I first met her I was very surprised as well.) I loved all the names though all were very pretty. 😊

  • Compassion 21
    Compassion 21 4 months ago

    Please I need your help! I need a girl name. Something very unique mabey an older name. I like names that have nature meanings. I do like willow for a 1st name mabey something for a middle name? Or a whole new name set in the style of the above mentioned

  • Madyson Reed
    Madyson Reed 4 months ago

    God I love baby names. I can’t wait to have kids some day

  • Bethany McKenzie
    Bethany McKenzie 4 months ago

    My middle name is Louise

  • Ashley Scott
    Ashley Scott 4 months ago

    I coached a girl that was named Legacy and fell in love with it we called her legs because she was so fast! But I love the name Odette from swan princess. My other favorites are Kaisa, Vayda and Faye

  • Beka Phillips
    Beka Phillips 5 months ago

    I'm sure nobody cares because I'm a nobody

  • Beka Phillips
    Beka Phillips 5 months ago

    I'm wondering my crush gave me a stuffed animal bunny and it's pink.I'm wondering if any one likes the name Olivia sage harlow.

  • Gabrielle Connelly
    Gabrielle Connelly 5 months ago

    Can you do a 3 syllable name list for boys and girls?!

  • Roo doodle
    Roo doodle 5 months ago

    Apparently Mohammed is the most popular name in the world

  • Marika Helen
    Marika Helen 5 months ago +2

    that's how you say it in Norway
    I'm Norwegian ofc

  • Lara
    Lara 5 months ago +3

    In Turkey top 10
    Girls; Pelin, Ayça, Mira, Defne, İlayda, Duru, Bilge, Tuğba, Duygu, Ceren, Aslı
    Boys; Kaan, Tuğrul, Hakan, Kıvanç, Uras, Mete, Kuzey, Mehmet, Berke, Can

  • Lucia Kathryn
    Lucia Kathryn 6 months ago

    My names Lucia and it made me laugh how you said it was quirky as my last names quirke😂💓

  • TammyZ
    TammyZ 6 months ago +2

    what about new Zealand girls names and boys

  • Eurídece Cachimbombo
    Eurídece Cachimbombo 6 months ago

    I’m Angolan🇦🇴🇦🇴 we’re a portuguese speaking country.I’d say the names I hear the most for girls are: Sofia, Bruna, Maria(usually Maria Imaculada, Maria Victória or other compound names with Maria) , Alexandra, Érica, Aline, Nala, Laura, Daniela, and Aisha.
    For boys I’ve heard a lot of: Alexandre, Daniel, Hugo, Enzo, Jorge, João, Hivanilson, Rui, Geovanny, William, Adjany (which is an African name) and Eduardo.

  • aestheticbby x
    aestheticbby x 6 months ago

    My parents liked the name Francesco as he is a motorcyclist so they swapped o for an a so I’m francesca 😘😘

  • KakaoSchoki
    KakaoSchoki 6 months ago

    In Germany the most popular names right now are Emma and Ben.

  • Jagjit Bajaj
    Jagjit Bajaj 6 months ago

    I know some names from countires and cities about Indiana hope, Nevada, India., London, and paris

  • Elli 04
    Elli 04 6 months ago

    In Germany:
    -Emma, Mia, Hannah, Emilia, Sophia, Lina
    -Ben, Leon, Paul, Jonas, Felix, Noah

  • IslandTraveller
    IslandTraveller 6 months ago +1

    popular girls names in Australia are: Amelia, Olivia, Isla, Ava, charlotte

  • fiffi honeyblossom
    fiffi honeyblossom 6 months ago

    African names tend to have very literal meanings. I had a boy in my class names "lucky seven" because he was the 7th pregnancy , the mother had a few miscarriages. Beauty, lucky, joyful....all popular names. And naming a child after the mother's maiden surname as a first name is popular among black, white and brown Africans. My own son has my maiden name as his first name to honour my father and if I ever have a 3rd son,I'll probably name him after my mother's maiden name.

  • Camilla Cecilie Larsen
    Camilla Cecilie Larsen 6 months ago +2

    In Denmark the most popular names right now is...
    For boys:
    William (Veel-yam)
    Alfred (Al-freth)
    Emil (E-meel)
    Elias (E-lee-as)
    Magnus (Mau-nus)
    Frederik (Freth-er-rik)
    Malthe (Mal-tay)
    For girls:
    Ida (Ee-da)
    Alberte (Al-bear-tay)
    Agnes (Au-naes)
    Laura (Lau-ra)
    Isabella (Ee-sa-bel-la)

  • RaisingMy McCains
    RaisingMy McCains 6 months ago

    The friends reference is amazing!!! We are major friends fans! Love all your videos!

  • Majo Atmetlla
    Majo Atmetlla 6 months ago

    my name is Maria Jose 😬

  • Niamh Oconnor
    Niamh Oconnor 7 months ago

    my family have a few unique names . my niece is called valentine-alba and my cousin is called constontinos-thanasi

  • Nessawr
    Nessawr 7 months ago

    Such a cutie!

  • Lou Warmé
    Lou Warmé 7 months ago

    My name is Louise, my sister's name is Jade and we're French haha! how fun!

  • Kate go
    Kate go 7 months ago +1

    I'm from Belgium. We have two main regions; Flanders where they speak Flemish, a Dutch dialect and Wallonia where they speak French. Then there's Brussels where it's mixed but mostly French and there are way more people with international backgrounds there. So the name trends vary due to the language but we do adopt names from the other regions. In Flanders which is where I come from, the most popular names in 2018 were:
    1. Olivia 2. Mila 3. Marie 4. Ella 5. Emma
    1. Arthur 2. Noah 3. Lucas 4. Leon 5. Liam
    I couldn't really find an official source for the other regions. I'm not a mum so I don't really know how to search for it but I know Arabic names like Abdellah, Mohammed, Fatima, Sarah are very popullar and in Wallonia you'll find names like Océanne, Chloé, Léa, Camille, Louis, Hugo, Jules, Théo and so on.
    My name is actually Katoo. Around English speakers, I just use Kate because English speakers really mess up the pronounciation. It's derived from Katarina, just like Katya, Katherine, Kat, Katryn, Kathy, Ekatarina and so on. The usual spelling of my name is Cato but my parents liked it better spelled like Katoo because it's more unique. It's pronounced "Kat-oh".

  • Iris Dunifin
    Iris Dunifin 7 months ago

    I am only 9 but I love this I write the names in my notes for the futrue

  • Skylah Blanda
    Skylah Blanda 7 months ago

    Tf oliver and Charlotte are not popular names in Australia 😂😂😂

  • mariapao 13
    mariapao 13 7 months ago

    Maria is the most popular girl name in Greece also! 🇬🇷

  • Crazy101 Crazy101
    Crazy101 Crazy101 7 months ago

    Please do Irish names

  • Emma Blyth
    Emma Blyth 7 months ago

    My name is Emma

  • Talisiana Burnett
    Talisiana Burnett 7 months ago

    U don't hear Liam in the u.s so that's wrong it's rare to here that name u do hear Emma but I only met one Emma but I do here alot of Skylar's or Emily

    • Sheila Higgins
      Sheila Higgins 6 months ago

      Talisiana Burnett according to the social security website from the USA Liam is the number one boys name.

  • Paula S
    Paula S 7 months ago

    In Germany it's Leon for boys & Mia for girls❤

  • Maria R
    Maria R 7 months ago +30

    Please do a video on your favourites Irish baby names 🇮🇪🍀

  • Guðný Bjarnadóttir
    Guðný Bjarnadóttir 7 months ago

    Just saying Alexander and Emilía are not the most popular names in Iceland. Im Icelandic and the most popular names are Jón for a boy and Guðrún for a girl.

  • Forgetful Know-It-All
    Forgetful Know-It-All 7 months ago

    I know two girls named Emma and Olivia and they are best friends, I’m Canadian so it makes sense

  • Abigail MacDonald
    Abigail MacDonald 7 months ago +3

    What do you think of my name (Abigail) I know it’s really common but idk I just wanna know what you think about it 😂

  • Lila
    Lila 7 months ago +1

    Your accent is so soothing

  • Avaloncado
    Avaloncado 7 months ago

    I love these videos so much and now that I’m finally pregnant myself I’m looking for beautiful Hawaiian names! Any suggestions? (I’m Half native Hawaiian myself and my middle name is Kanani!)

  • Manon Ifans
    Manon Ifans 7 months ago

    The most popular names in Wales in 2018 were Olivia, Sophia, Amelia, Lily and Ava & for boys Muhammad, Oliver, Noah, Harry & Leo (Similar to England) but the most popular Welsh names were Erin, seren, Ffion, Megan & Alys (Alice) & for boys Dylan, Harri, Osian, Tomos & Rhys

  • Kacee Gibbs
    Kacee Gibbs 7 months ago

    Can you do a baby Casey baby name plz?

  • Lily Groenewald
    Lily Groenewald 7 months ago

    My family are from South Africa and Italy (and England). Lots of my family and friends from SA have names that end with an -i (ee) sound like Yolandi or an -e (pronounced like the -a in soda) like Anke or Hyneke (unsure of the spelling, sorry), Hyneke of which is a male name! Love your videos! :)

  • Sally229 H
    Sally229 H 7 months ago +155

    I use this channel to name my sims baby’s

    • Crazy Cat
      Crazy Cat Month ago

      I thought it was just me lol😂

    • K Far
      K Far Month ago

      Me too

    • Matilda PALMER
      Matilda PALMER Month ago

      Lol same

    • Nadle Sks
      Nadle Sks 3 months ago +3

      Sally229 H lol good idea, I’m a teenager that doesn’t want kids soon and loves sims

    • Eurídece Cachimbombo
      Eurídece Cachimbombo 6 months ago

      Sally229 H 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • László Mercédesz
    László Mercédesz 7 months ago

    Girl names: Hanna, Zoé, Luca
    Boy names: Bence, Máté, Levente