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  • Published on Nov 19, 2018
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    This week I've been really poorly so sorry for my quiet voice.
    If your country isn't on here it's just as I didn't have the DATA so please do add to the comments section and if I get enough new names I'd love to do a follow up list!
    I looked up the Most Popular Names from around the World this year and there are some unique names, pretty names, similarities and names I've never heard before! I hope you enjoy it and if so please subscribe and join my live next week!!
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  • Amberr Hk
    Amberr Hk Day ago

    I really thought that Sakura would have been the most popular in Japan. Or something with Natsu (like Natsume or Natsuki. Or just Natsu for the fans out there who know who I’m talking about😉)

  • Olivia
    Olivia 3 days ago

    I would definitely not say "Lutchia" in Swedish for "Lucia", it's just an s sound. The way you said it sounds more like Italian ;)

  • Kendra Gross
    Kendra Gross 3 days ago

    Hungarian names are really beautiful

  • Camilla Walsh
    Camilla Walsh 4 days ago

    In France it’s actually Leo and Emma at least that’s what is written on every French website
    I think Gabriel isn’t that popular these days
    Anyway I really love your videos

  • Dina Fecher
    Dina Fecher 5 days ago +2

    I‘d love to see a egyptian names video 😊

  • LunaBianca1805
    LunaBianca1805 5 days ago

    Those are popular in Germany, list's dating back to 1977 :3

  • Molly Wright
    Molly Wright 5 days ago

    In Brazil, Jose is not pronounced with a H like Spanish speaking countries. My husband is Brazilian and Jose is pronounced (Jo-zey)

  • Chelcie Harman
    Chelcie Harman 6 days ago +1

    thank you for doing New Zealand!!! Normally whenever Australia is mentioned that normally counts for both of us so thanks for acknowledging!! Love your vids x

  • Mariana Gaspar
    Mariana Gaspar 6 days ago

    that´s problably not the top for Brasil, but for Portugal, they are far more common in Portugal than in Brasil. And nope, that´s not how it´s pronounced ahah, that´s the pronouciation in spanish :)

  • Lucy Kingston
    Lucy Kingston 7 days ago

    Some more Irish names (and pronunciations)
    Aoife (eefa)
    Sadhbh (sive)
    Saoirse (seersha) means freedom
    Gráinne (grawnya) the Irish translation of Grace
    Ciara (keera) hugely popular
    Roisín/ Róisín (ro-sheen) translation of Rosie
    Cara - means friend
    Ciarán (keer-awn)
    Evan - hugely popular
    Eoghan or Oghan or Eoin (owen) translation of John
    Jack - also huge
    Oisín (usheen)
    Seán (shawn) one of the most popular
    Liam (leem) short for William

  • Chetty Spaghetti
    Chetty Spaghetti 7 days ago

    In Canada I would say Emma every year for the last decade or more

  • Jaide Pretorius
    Jaide Pretorius 7 days ago

    My name is jaide Emma Louise 🥺🥺

  • Logan Lemonslice
    Logan Lemonslice 8 days ago

    I'm from South Africa and Junior is not a typical/comman name. It all depends on what province you're in and what the traditional language is there.

  • Cécile G.M.
    Cécile G.M. 8 days ago +5

    You talked about Jose being mispronounced around the world and the way you pronounced it is actually the Spanish way, in Portuguese we would say the « j » just like in English 😉

  • Elsie Cloete
    Elsie Cloete 8 days ago +8

    I'm from South Africa and have met tons of Precious's but never ever ever heard of any Junior 😂

    • Wenda Nyanda
      Wenda Nyanda 2 days ago

      What I've met so many juniors my baby brother was almost a junior but my mother hated the name. Don't know how these are the names that made the list though :(

    • Thalia Carstens
      Thalia Carstens 6 days ago

      Same here!

  • Naomi B
    Naomi B 9 days ago

    Japanese names don’t have meaning like our European names have, the meaning depends and changes depending on the kanji (character) it is spelled with. My Name (Naomi) could mean beautiful sea or serious/true woman, and about 20 more meanings. There is a list of about 850 kanji that may be used for names with different sounds and meanings, additionally many of these have archaic versions which can be used... it’s called 人名用漢字 (jinmeiyou kanji), basically as long as the sound of the kanji fits the name, parents can build the meaning of their children’s name. Thus not only the name itself is a topic of discussion but also the kanji spelling :) it’s a really interesting topic,!!

  • anna
    anna 10 days ago +2

    Germany 🇩🇪

  • Diana
    Diana 10 days ago

    I feel that foreign names cannot work in Romania :( they just sound weird put next to our family names. They sound like they don't belong.

  • Dashka TochkaCom
    Dashka TochkaCom 10 days ago

    In Ukraine name Solomia is popular for a girl. Sounds like Italian Sole Mio)))))

  • AJ •
    AJ • 10 days ago

    My name is Alia pronounced just like you did at 10:30 - not named from the Middle East though. I love my name and the spelling

  • Little Panda Chef
    Little Panda Chef 11 days ago

    I love your videos but if you do a Japanese list then please check the pronunciation of the names first because they were pretty off here! xx

  • Areen K
    Areen K 11 days ago +1

    Ayesha is actually pronounced like eye-sha
    Also Mohammed is the most common boy name in the world at the moment

  • akirin1128
    akirin1128 11 days ago

    Please come visit us in Japan!! You always can stay with us!!

  • Jennifer Schiller
    Jennifer Schiller 11 days ago +1

    In Germany it's Emma and Ben. I know that my name (Jennifer) was in the top 5 in 1988. And my son's name (Fynn) was in the top 5 in 2012.

  • NanaKnowsBest
    NanaKnowsBest 11 days ago

    i live in america so of course my country is listed but my name is D'aja (dee-ahh-juh) and ive never met someone with my name and dont quite know what it means

  • linguisty
    linguisty 12 days ago

    i actually wasn't even surprised that brazil's top girl name is maria. it's my birthname and deadname and it's so awful when you're in a room full of people, someone says maria and like 15 girls look over. i hate it so much. don't really know any marias here that actually like to be called maria, to be quite honest.

  • Kathryn Rose
    Kathryn Rose 12 days ago +1

    I just found your channel and I’m in love.

  • Melanie Deysenroth
    Melanie Deysenroth 12 days ago +2

    I always wanted to have twin boys. I would name them Wil and Liam so that when you put them together, they would spell Liam, lol.

  • Kelly Diaz
    Kelly Diaz 13 days ago

    Santiago (M) and Ximena (F) in Mexico :)

  • Ricky
    Ricky 14 days ago +2

    Me and my sister all thought one of my cousins names was Liam. But instead his name was Leon.

  • giulia antonelli
    giulia antonelli 24 days ago

    I am Italian, but I honestly never heard of the name Liandro

  • d is for dumbass
    d is for dumbass 25 days ago +7

    I loved the canadian and spanish ones!
    Here's Romania:
    And boys:

  • Moonlight ASMR
    Moonlight ASMR Month ago

    My name is Olivia but my siblings are called Quinton Savannah And Hanifah -_-

  • LoryMeows Gacha
    LoryMeows Gacha Month ago

    Every irish human knows adult names such as, Mary, Joe, Bridget, paddy and you add on

  • Érika Plante-Jean
    Érika Plante-Jean Month ago

    Watching this a year later! In Québec, the most popular names are Emma and William. William has been the most popular til 1996 (the year my brother William was born!)

  • phantomvampyress shadowkissed

    Here in my state in usa the most popular names are

  • Brittany 2H
    Brittany 2H 2 months ago

    Liam has been my top boys name list for basically my entire life. There were almost no Liam's when I was a child and growing up in the 90s as Brittany I was always one of many as it was the top girls name the year I was born. I always swore I would never "Brittany" my child because I hated having to go by my last name or forever be Brittany h. Fast forward to this year and we are expecting our first child and what is top of the boy's name list?! Liam! Drat! Good thing baby is a girl, that one would have been hard to part with

  • Nicol Desiree Maeso
    Nicol Desiree Maeso 2 months ago

    Do more videos on country names please!!!!

  • Jairo Gonzalez
    Jairo Gonzalez 2 months ago

    Do a Mexican name list

  • Safaa
    Safaa 2 months ago +3

    I love the Japanese name Sakura which means Cherry Blossom :( so cute

  • Tina Bejerstrand
    Tina Bejerstrand 3 months ago +1

    Hi SJ. Thank you for great content as always. I love your channel so much!! I´m swedish and I actually have a real big language-complex because i truly think all words and names sounds so much more beautiful in english than it does in swedish. Here in Sweden we have these hard vocal-sounds, for example the letters O, U and Y (and also sometimes the letters Å, Ä, Ö) is so much more harsh and more "stubby" sounding in comparison to the more rounder vocal sound you guys have in english!! Even though both me and my husband are Swedish we actually gave our children names that are really similar in both english and swedish. Julian and Ellie :-). But I have a sister who has two boys with two really swedish names: Valter and Sixten.

  • Σαπφω Κουντουρελλη

    In greece the top names are
    For girls:Maria
    For boys:Yiannis

  • Rachele Camilleri
    Rachele Camilleri 3 months ago

    Top 3 names in Malta
    Girls: 1) Emma, 2) Mia, 3) Valentina
    Boys: 1) Noah, 2) Luca, 3) Liam

  • Amazing Jack
    Amazing Jack 4 months ago +1

    Im using your names in my sims 4 hahahahhhvavaha

  • Nuna Vlogs
    Nuna Vlogs 4 months ago +2


  • A Wife In Her Youth
    A Wife In Her Youth 5 months ago

    I love that you included Brazil! ❤️ and yes haha. Maria is VERY common

  • Sigrún Arna
    Sigrún Arna 5 months ago

    I know this is an old video but I love that you mentioned Iceland, since I am from there, and live there. Love watching your baby name videos, and love so many of the names that you mention.

    • Sigrún Arna
      Sigrún Arna 5 months ago

      and just for an update, the most common names in iceland the past year has been Aron for boys and Embla and Hekla for girls, which I love. Hekla is an old name, and actually the name of an active volcano here in iceland. So very strong and powerful.

  • Gina Fourie
    Gina Fourie 5 months ago

    I find it so cool that you talked about South Africa 🇿🇦!!! I’m South African and the names that are popular at my school is: Abby, Isabella, erin, Jess, Jenna, Sarah, josh, David

  • Matilda PALMER
    Matilda PALMER 5 months ago

    I’m Australian and there are SO many Charlottes but also lots of Matildas, my name, but also our soccer team is called the Matildas, so that might have something to do with it.

    NICOWANNA 5 months ago

    Im obsessed with your channel !! Id call you the baby name fairy ! ❤️

  • Hannah Golightly
    Hannah Golightly 5 months ago

    Can you do an Arabic names video please for girls and boys?

  • vilmathealien
    vilmathealien 5 months ago

    Finland 2018:
    1. Eevi
    2. Sofia
    3. Venla
    4. Ella
    5. Aino
    6. Aada
    7. Helmi
    8. Emma
    9. Olivia
    10. Isla
    1. Eeli
    2. Elias
    3. Leo
    4. Oliver
    5. Eino
    6. Väinö
    7. Onni
    8. Leevi
    9. Niilo
    10. Noel
    Really a mix of traditional and international and some newer Finnish names.

  • Socially Awkward Fangurrl

    In Australia, I would say it’s fair to say Oliver as a top name, but I personally would go towards more of the names Ryan, Jacob and Jayden for boys, I have met two Charlottes and Two Oliver’s, but for a girl, I would say, more towards the names, Lily, Ella, Bailey (that would actually be gender neutral cos I’ve met multiple baileys of both genders) and probably Maddison or a name on the lines towards Maddison.
    But in the end, I do have to take into consideration of when the names were or are popular, but yeah, I think that’s pretty accurate.
    But,....for New Zealand, I have not met anyone, with any of those names in New Zealand. Typically in NZ or the areas I’ve been, they have more traditional names of there culture, and not really the names you said, but in the end, I will say again, it really does depend on the year and so on.

    In no way was I saying or disagree that the names on the list weren’t popular or hating on what you said, I will say again, I do believe it is because of the years and such. Love your videos btw

  • Izzys Life
    Izzys Life 6 months ago

    Rita and Maria are very common in Italy 🇮🇹

  • Madelief
    Madelief 6 months ago +2

    South Africa
    Boys: Junior
    Girls: Precious
    Boys: Hiroshi
    Girls: Nozomi
    Boys: Gabriel
    Girls: Louise
    Boys: Benjamin
    Girls: Olivia
    Boys: Liam
    Girls: Emma
    Boys: Oliver
    Girls: Charlotte
    Boys: Hugo
    Girls: Lucia
    Boys: Alexander
    Girls: Emilia
    Boys: Francesco
    Girls: Sofia
    Boys: Noah
    Girls: Sofia
    Boys: Jakob
    Girls: Sofie
    Boys: William
    Girls: Alice
    Boys: Jose
    Girls: Maria
    Middle East
    Boys: Mohammed
    Girls: Ayesha
    Boys: Jack
    Girls: Olivia
    Boys: James
    Girl: Emily

  • PunkyBrewster 54
    PunkyBrewster 54 6 months ago

    I’m am pretty sure for Ireland that the name Seamus (shay-mus) means James it is in reference to king James of Ireland

  • Lucia Fernandez
    Lucia Fernandez 6 months ago +1

    In Uruguay (where I’m from) top baby names are:
    1. Juan
    2. Thiago
    3. Santino
    1. Julieta
    2. Martina

  • Millie Sunshinie
    Millie Sunshinie 7 months ago +1

    I want to name my future daughter Lucia! But since I live in Sweden, she would be teased all December because of the Saint Lucia celebration!

  • NJ E
    NJ E 7 months ago +2

    Anna (for girls)
    Bence (for boys)

    • harshoi
      harshoi Month ago

      NJ E love bence!

    OLIVER SHIKOKOTI 7 months ago

    Kindly do swahili names i am kenya