FULL FACE Using Maybelline Makeup! (Everyday Makeup Look)

  • Published on Feb 19, 2018
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  • Monica Anselmo
    Monica Anselmo Year ago

    ooooooh...love the haircolor as wll

  • Elizabeth Gregory

    Loooove your honesty❤❤ and ur not bashing, just being honest (haha I sang the future song in my head while typing 😂😂)

  • Aslınur Akbulut
    Aslınur Akbulut Year ago

    i love this video

  • Yusra Mustafa
    Yusra Mustafa Year ago

    I’d love to see you try the Ordinary serum and coverage foundation

  • Monique Heggs
    Monique Heggs Year ago

    Or a full face of Fenty Beauty featuring their new products?? idk I just want another video

  • Monique Heggs
    Monique Heggs Year ago

    Can you do a full face of Black Radiance makeup next?

  • Monique Heggs
    Monique Heggs Year ago

    Alissa, I agree w/ you about the lipstick! I'm wearing "Believer" and its kinda sticky, but I found that when i put on cocoa butter before applying it, its not too sticky until I pop/rub my lips lol but GIRRRLLL YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!

  • Armopa Ohnair
    Armopa Ohnair Year ago

    Thank you

  • katy pegg
    katy pegg Year ago

    This video was so aesthetically beautiful

  • Tichelle Garrett
    Tichelle Garrett Year ago

    Touchable taupe is my fave lol. Definitely a go to nude.

  • fatinajeeha
    fatinajeeha Year ago

    i would like you to do a review for a full face korean beauty productssss!!!!

  • Sasha Feria
    Sasha Feria Year ago

    You should do a full face of L’Oreal next!

  • Shannon Edison
    Shannon Edison Year ago +1

    Thanks for the honesty on the lipstick. I bought it before I saw the review and I didn't like the stickiness. I am thinking of buying the foundation since I see that you recommend it. I hope they have a color for an NC 42. Thank you!!

  • Zeina Issa
    Zeina Issa Year ago

    I love love this video. It was so informative and just perfect 😍😍

  • Niosha Jenkins
    Niosha Jenkins Year ago

    I love this look thoooo! It's beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍 that lip looks great on you...

  • Kissandmakeup Beauty Channel

    I need to try the Sonia Kashuk sponge ...and of course this look is very pretty and wearable !

  • Andweá Fiewó
    Andweá Fiewó Year ago

    Full face L'Oréal Paris

  • Josie Fender
    Josie Fender Year ago

    Full face of Wet n Wild, ELF or L'Oréal

  • Özbek Eda
    Özbek Eda Year ago

    Can you do a brush collection Video? Ly❤

  • DollDiva101
    DollDiva101 Year ago

    Love your rose gold hair!

  • Courtney Tolber-Sutton

    Full face of Nyx or makeup revolution!since they just came out with their foundation sticks

  • Shay Jack
    Shay Jack Year ago

    Love it!!!

  • Gitti Hernandez
    Gitti Hernandez Year ago

    Beautiful!!! Question love what is the name of your hair color? I love it

  • bella tj
    bella tj Year ago +1

    Your giggle is adorable, Alissa!

  • Patti 1962
    Patti 1962 Year ago

    I am a new subscriber and I really like your videos. My goal this year was to find drugstore products to replace any high end products I use. So, this was the perfect video for me. I also am SO proud of how you explained your feelings about cruelty free products. Yes, I would love to go ALL cruelty free, but some of the Maybelline products are just the best!! I will keep looking though... but for now, I have to use what works and I can afford! (my son had a massive stroke at 22, so I had to retire early and take care of him. He is now 26 and married, but my hubs and I still support them... so "mom" needed to use less expensive products!!)

  • Julia Jones
    Julia Jones Year ago

    Who else is waiting for a “I followed a simplynessa15 makeup tutorial”???!!😩

  • Sandie Landero
    Sandie Landero Year ago

    I love love your videos Alissa, can you please do a wet n wild haul. I know they came out with some new highlights, and I want to see what your thoughts on their contour cream sticks, and their new eyeshadow pallets, new brushes and liquid lips. I’m fairly new to your channel so I’m sorry if you have a video out there already about this. Also what are your thoughts on the elf brow pencils?

  • Ivy Kerubo
    Ivy Kerubo Year ago

    Love the editing on this video

  • Regina Luisa
    Regina Luisa Year ago +1

    loving the hair color girl!

  • Melinda Thompson
    Melinda Thompson Year ago +2

    If you don't mind could you please do a full coverage for covergirl

  • Melinda Thompson
    Melinda Thompson Year ago +1

    I love the hair color. It's beautiful on you.💟💟💟💟

  • Kenisha Clarke
    Kenisha Clarke Year ago +1

    I love all of the info you put on the screen in addition to talking a little about it while you're applying. And you're just so cute!

  • Mélissa
    Mélissa Year ago

    Looove the hair color 😍

  • Melody Ramos
    Melody Ramos Year ago

    I would love to see a full face of wet n wild and/ Sonia Kashuk 😊

  • emma c
    emma c Year ago

    Can you PLEASE make a vid on how u do ur brows? The absolutely *slay my life*

  • Isabella Grace
    Isabella Grace Year ago

    Please do a full face of NYX makeup! xx

  • Wanda Larson
    Wanda Larson Year ago

    Beautiful look, have a fab day 😊💜😊

  • Maya Craig
    Maya Craig Year ago

    Thank you sooo much this video is very informative. Such a huge fan

  • immi's snow globe
    immi's snow globe Year ago +2

    maybelline are decent. but not great for yellow/olive undertones

  • Charlie Zena
    Charlie Zena Year ago

    full face of nars would be amazingg

  • Goldeneye Thomas
    Goldeneye Thomas Year ago

    I always enjoy listening to your opinions (big fan). How do you feel about Fashion Fair cosmetics or Black Radiance cosmetics?

  • I Am Me You Are You

    Idk if you’ve done it already, but do a cover girl one.

  • Tasneem Henderson

    Whattt brushes do you use? Like what are some good affordable brushes.

  • Gabrielle Pitt
    Gabrielle Pitt Year ago

    I am a huge fan of you. Your videos are so personable and welcoming. I would love to see you do a full face of Revlon if you haven’t already done it.

  • Krystina Davidson

    What brushes are you using?

  • Jennifer Lizama
    Jennifer Lizama Year ago

    I think your makeup looks great you look fresh and put together!

  • Georgina Bello
    Georgina Bello Year ago

    Anyone know what colour her hair is?? I want it

  • Jennifer Lizama
    Jennifer Lizama Year ago

    I love the palettes!!!

  • Fabiha H
    Fabiha H Year ago

    I prefer these over first impressions because if I'm gonna go buy a product a TVclipr I like recommends, I'd rather it be something they actually used for awhile

  • Luciana Artusi
    Luciana Artusi Year ago

    TIP for making the concealer last longer!
    If you take the sponge part off of the top you get much more product! This is how I use it, otherwise the product stays in the sponge (plus it’s not that great for hygiene).

  • Chronically Chelsey

    You are so stunning & I love the way you lay out product info & your thoughts on the side of the screen. It's such a smart way to get the correct information to us.

  • Jade King
    Jade King Year ago

    If you rip off the sponge top of the maybelline concealer it lasts longer! That thing soaks up so much product

  • HeyCaramel RN
    HeyCaramel RN Year ago

    Could you please do a review on “Box of Crayons” by the Crayon Case? Thanks ❤️

  • Art by Eri
    Art by Eri Year ago

    I love this look, very wearable and very pretty! Could you do a full face of NYX and Wet N' Wild? 😁

  • jnina913
    jnina913 Year ago

    I love your honesty!!!

  • Pavelle.k
    Pavelle.k Year ago

    girl this look is everything im so in love with it

  • Rosita starspr
    Rosita starspr Year ago

    Simple and super nice... for a daily look...Nice the ratings/prices on the side.Some Walgreens have more products than Target.Can you try Almay or Neutrogena products for those with really sensitive skin? Thanks and Hi from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

  • LoveMeg
    LoveMeg Year ago +134

    The fact that you put your own rating and all that detail about the product on the side is EVERYTHING!!

  • Moe'sLife
    Moe'sLife Year ago

    Beautiful!! Could you try physicians formula foundation and highlighter?

  • viki tz
    viki tz Year ago

    you are too cute 😍 need a ‚like‘ counter in this 😂

  • Nikki Dent
    Nikki Dent Year ago

    Same here with the liquid lip ,it was so raved about an I tried it yesterday and I thought maybe it didn't just dry down as fast but no it stayed sticky and heavy feeling

    STUDY GCSE Year ago

    You should try the la girls new foundations

    STUDY GCSE Year ago

    I loveeeee your hairrrr

  • Its Christyunna
    Its Christyunna Year ago

    Can you do a black opal makeuo tutorial.

  • Chenelle Nuqui
    Chenelle Nuqui Year ago

    i've been waiting for this!!!!!

  • maya papaya
    maya papaya Year ago

    plsss do dying your hair to match ur makeup again! That rose gold look you created last time was absolutely stunning 😍

  • Odette Givens
    Odette Givens Year ago

    Wish you could do my eyes for me....daily struggle

  • Hayley Summers
    Hayley Summers Year ago

    I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or what but that foundation separates and cracks like crazy on my skin. I want to love it but I can't ;_;

  • Xoxo Gossip girl
    Xoxo Gossip girl Year ago

    Woah i never noticed but especially in this video you look just like rihanna. soo beautiful 😍 also loved the video for a drugstore girl like me 👐👐

  • Hope V
    Hope V Year ago

    Just me that doesn't like the actual beauty blender, it's too soft for me tbh 😂

  • Hope V
    Hope V Year ago

    Wish I could buy maybelline 😭

  • elsa landeros
    elsa landeros Year ago

    You put so much thought and time into making your videos! You make sure u explain everything in detail I really appreciate that! Love your channel ❤️❤️❤️

  • Asajah Roslyn
    Asajah Roslyn Year ago

    Can you do a full face using only NYX products ?

  • Leah Brandman
    Leah Brandman Year ago


  • suiapili avi-rai
    suiapili avi-rai Year ago

    take the sponge off the concealer! it pops right off and you end up using less

  • jennifer carranza

    Do you think you could make this into a series and make more one brand videos? Including cruelty free brands? Thank you if you read this and do it! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Fatgirlriri
    Fatgirlriri Year ago

    The best substitution for the micro smooth for me is the better skin powder foundation!!! I use both powders on their own for a natural makeup look and it has a nice coverage and has a nice airbrushed finish!!! Worth a try 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • Shay Bby
    Shay Bby Year ago

    I’m loving your hair and the makeup I love their products ❤️

  • tayler dunn
    tayler dunn Year ago

    Full face of Milani would be bomb !!!!!

  • Tory Ham c
    Tory Ham c Year ago

    Alissa please please do a full face of Milani !!! Also I’m in love with this color hair on you !!💖💖💖💖

  • Mandy Wormgoor
    Mandy Wormgoor Year ago

    I LOVE your hair

  • Cyrus Uncensored
    Cyrus Uncensored Year ago

    Full Face Of Milani And Wet N Wild Please!!!😩💕

  • Miyah Bri
    Miyah Bri Year ago

    Hmmmm I might have to take a trip to harmons... Maybelline may be getting my coin

  • Akunna Ezekwem
    Akunna Ezekwem Year ago

    The fit me matte and poreless powder is so perfect in my opinion. Maybelline definitely has to sort out their brow products, their microbrow pencil literally breaks with the lightest amount of pressure. I bought one end of January and it’s already run out (mostly from breaking)

  • Coils of Love
    Coils of Love Year ago +1

    *Can you do a full face of Lancomé and a full face of Anastasia Beverly Hills??*

  • Coils of Love
    Coils of Love Year ago

    I love MAYBELLINE! You look gorgeous!!

  • Serena M
    Serena M Year ago

    You should do a full face Sonia kashuk

  • Kandirain _117
    Kandirain _117 Year ago

    Full face of:
    Wet'n' Wild
    Ruby Kisses/Kiss NY
    LA Girl
    Ulta brand (or have u done it already?)
    I guess that's it for drugstore...

  • Victoria Ocasio-Smith

    New subscriber here and gawwwddd 😍 you are stunning with and without makeup. Your makeup skills honestly blew me away, I especially am loving your eyebrows honey. Your skin is absolutely beautiful 😩🤗 it looks so smooth!

  • Sheri Jennings
    Sheri Jennings Year ago

    Could you please check out a Sally brand, COL LAB makeup?

  • isobel64
    isobel64 Year ago

    what song is that alissa

  • Your Girl Kath
    Your Girl Kath Year ago

    I'd love to see full face using L'Oreal or Wet n Wild! Preferably L'Oreal though because I feel like they're such a good brand and don't get as much hype whereas lots of people have done full face of Wet n Wild.

  • Zainab Khan
    Zainab Khan Year ago

    alissa if you haven't already definitely try the maybelline inti-matte nude line of lipsticks! it's a really good range of nudes for a lot of skin tones and the formula is creamy, pigmented and comfortable.

  • Red Le Clerc
    Red Le Clerc Year ago

    How do you blend your shades to be shaped so beautifully??? Mine are always messy

  • onjalee fm white
    onjalee fm white Year ago

    Do a ShopMissA video! They put out a ton of new stuff and I wanna see you review them soooooooo bad

  • Courtney Minor
    Courtney Minor Year ago

    Makeup Shayla city mini is my favorite

  • Sagittarius girl
    Sagittarius girl Year ago +1

    soft glam palette review 👌🏽

  • Stephanie Antonio

    The wet and wild new cosmetic, the mega glows in goddess glow & their eyebrows pencil

  • LaceyAlexa hamsters&cats

    Thank you so much for mentioning that they're not cruelty free, I just recently have been learning what that means. This look is so pretty with your hair!!

  • Natasha Gweza
    Natasha Gweza Year ago

    You should do a full face using makeup revolution 🙏🏾