• Published on Jan 3, 2018
  • Check out for 3 months free w/ 1 year pack and 49% OFF! AMAZING Indian Street Food TOUR in Punjab, India! Check out for 3 months free w/ 1 year pack and 49% OFF! It has some of the Best Street Food in INDIA, it's a TRUE curry HEAVEN! We travel in India for street food, and went on a DEEP Street Food TOUR in Amritsar PUNJAB, to try some of the most AMAZING street food around the world! The Food Ranger (Trevor James) is in India eating Street Food! This truly was an amazing STREET FOOD ADVENTURE in INDIA with AMAZING curry, breakfast, and delicious restaurants with UNIQUE Indian food recipes and Indian dinner!
    If you love eating street food around the world and street food in India, or even all over Asia, you will love the street food in Amritsar. You can find street food everywhere, where everyone seems to cook delicious Indian recipes for curry and SPICY dishes all over the street.
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    In one day, we had 7 delicious street foods all made in the PUNJAB style. I didn’t realize until after we finished eating, but we didn’t eat any meat or chicken at all! It was true vegetarian HEAVEN!
    We started out the day with an AMAZING Indian breakfast in two different Indian street food restaurants. The first was the famous Amritsar Kulcha. I’m pretty sure you can get this dish in Delhi, but here in Amritsar is the origin of this stuffed baked bread from HEAVEN. It’s stuffed with a spiced potato mix and onions. It’s sprinkled with a masala spice and then put DEEP into the Tandoori oven and baked. It’s served to you on a plate with Chole chickpea curry and onion chutney.
    The next AMAZING Breakfast we had on our street food tour was the Poori and Chole with Potato sabzi. A little similar with the chole, but the potato sabzi was nice and sweet and tangy and very UNIQUE!
    Afterwards, we took our TUK TUK around town for some more amazing street foods. We enjoyed a street corner tofu curry served with a pancake and then we went to have a sweet and sour buttermilk lassi.
    After this, we went to the LEGENDARY Kesar De Dhaba all vegetarian curry restaurant that uses PURE desi ghee. It was extremely flavourful and just a little spicy. We ordered the VEG thali and it was incredible! The paratha bread was so fluffy and covered in pure desi ghee, absolute HEAVEN! We also ate some dessert, a fruit kulfi ice cream!
    After this we went for a couple more street foods in Amritsar. We were exploring the back lanes and found an amazing mango fruit stall! It was dried and covered in a slightly spicy and sour and tangy sauce. There were a lot of flavours in this Indian recipe. It was spicy, sour, tangy, sweet, peppery, acidic, pungent, and made your mouth pucker when you ate it! Very UNIQUE!
    After this, we went for our final street food, an ICONIC street food in India, the samosa. It was stuffed with potato, cumin seeds, and spices.
    The addresses for these street food restaurants in Amritsar, India, are listed below:
    1) Breakfast Street Food Kulcha at Monu Kulcha Hut
    Gali No, 10, Loharka Road, Ranjit Vihar, N.R.I. Colony, NRI Colony, Gumtala, Amritsar, Punjab 143001, India
    2) Amazing Poori and Chole and desserts at Kanha Sweets
    Shop 1, Opposite Bijli Pehalwan Mandir, Lawrence Road, White Avenue, Amritsar
    3) Fairly OK veg curry DEEP in the back lanes of Amritsar (honestly can’t remember this address, go for the Kesar De Dhaba instead).
    4) Delicious Street Lassi at Ahuja Lassi
    Near Hindu College, Amritsar, India
    5) BEST Vegetarian Curry in the WORLD @ Kesar De Dhaba, Amritsar
    6) Amazing Mango sour and spicy dessert at Aam Papad:
    Ram lubhaya and sons
    7) Potato Samosa at Raam samosey wala
    My name is Trevor James and I'm a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that's currently living in Chengdu, Szechuan, China, eating up as much delicious . I enjoy tasting and documenting as many dishes as I can and I'm going to make videos for YOU along the way!
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    Tai Hao Le! & Travel. Eat. Repeat. MERCH AVAILABLE HERE:

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  • The Food Ranger
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    Follow me on Insta for behind the scenes:
    We had the most amazing day of eating 7 delicious street foods DEEP in Punjab, Northern India! This is definitely one of my favourite places in India. People are so friendly and food is incredible! I would love to hear from you in the comments below, let me know what you thought of the video! Thanks so much for watching! I hope you’re doing well and eating well! We also have TAI HAO LE and TRAVEL EAT REPEAT Merch available now if you want to sport some awesome t-shirts and help support our channel! Check it out here: Thanks again!

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    When it comes to Food no one can beat Amritsar and Ludhiana in Punjab

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    Punjabi food is very reach and healthy.... Thats why they are so healthy and gud looking.....lovely people of Punjab

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    The kesar da dhaba has not been recognised as a clean restaurant by the food hygiene authorities of amritsar. Just wanted to let you all know about this.

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    Tariq Hasan 10 days ago

    Hey Trevor! Punjab is actually pronounced as "Paanjaab", not "Poonjaab". :)

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    Trevor, it's pronounced pan-jaab not pun-jaab.

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    Indian food is the best food in the world
    However outside india, like Europe, American countries , Australia and many other parts of the world one can find many restaurants which are so called Indian restaurants are actually owned by Pakistanis just to attract people, they provide a fake Indian food which is not Indian food from any way , they serve the boring non vegetarian food and claim their food as indian food , most of these restaurants are in Paris and other parts of Europe
    Just be alert , the food they serve is not at all Indian.

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    I would just make a small but important correction, that is, the name of the place is "Punjab", not "Poonjab".. Like we use Puns in the sentence, similarly it's Punjab. I made this correction because I can see people getting embarrassed.
    Anyway, very refreshing video. Keep up the good work. 🔥❤

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    Khokon Mimi Khan 21 day ago

    The pronunciation is paanjaab. Spelling is Punjub.

    MOVIE MAFIA 22 days ago +2

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      Brother people in Punjab speak Punjabi language but sometimes foreigners mix Punjabi with Hindi as this man does .... Punjabi language is formed by the mixture of many languages like arbi , Hindi , Persian , Urdu and lot more .... No one knows who give shape to Punjabi language but yes as Punjab was like entering gate in India in ancient times so who ever Attack or visit India has to cross Punjab .... So as the people from different countries or place discovered Punjab they started living there as earlier Punjab was the healthiest place in world ( before 1850 something .. then politicians bring drugs 🙄) ... So those people form a single language to communicate with each other called as Punjabi ......

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