WOW! Hero Stops Tragedy Caught On Video, PewDiePie Banned, Miley Cyrus Backlash, & Chile Protests

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
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    Keanon Lowe Hailed Hero:
    PewDiePie Banned in China:
    Protests in Chile:
    Miley Cyrus Backlash:
    Opioid Companies Reach Last-Minute $261M Settlement to Avoid First Federal Opioid Trial :
    Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
    Produced by: Amanda Morones
    Art Director: Brian Borst
    Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray
    #DeFranco #PewDiePie #MileyCyrus

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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco  Month ago +1749

    I missed y'all. Also I started today on a positive story. We need to highlight more heroes.
    Parkrose 00:06 - Miley 3:37 - TIA 5:24 - Pewds 6:52 - Chile 8:23

    • DHScherocha
      DHScherocha Month ago

      @IAW Club
      Actually, I've followed and supported Phil almost since the inception of his channel and still do. I wouldn't take the time to point out this issue if I didn't care about Phil's credibility or reputation and that's exactly the point. If you had have taken the time to read my comment instead of mindlessly dismissing it as aimless criticism you would have realised this.

    • IAW Club
      IAW Club Month ago

      @DHScherocha wow another example of someone trying to tarnish a youtuber.

    • DHScherocha
      DHScherocha Month ago

      To anybody who holds Phil and Rogue Rocket to a higher standard than that of conventional or mainstream media organisations, please read on because there is a disturbing fact that only a small percentage of Phil and Rogue Rocket's audience seem to be aware of and even fewer who care.
      Right now there are regular sponsorship spots being given to Plarium and their games on the Phil DeFranco show. Plarium is a subsidiary of Aristocrat Leisure Limited, which is a gambling machine manufacturer. They are the second largest manufacturer of slot machines in the world and in 2017 they spent around $1.4 billion acquiring Plarium and Big Fish Games. In short, Phil is regularly promoting gambling companies that are currently being investigated and even facing class action lawsuits and a mountain of scrutiny for unscrupulous and grossly unethical business practices.
      If you or your team vetted that company you should have encountered a wealth of info highlighting why there are concerns raised about their dealings and products. From gameplay and pay2win algorithms modeled almost exactly like slot machines (I'll repeat this for emphasis: Plarium was acquired in 2017 by Aristocrat Leisure Limited: literally a gambling machine manufacturer that get the bulk of their revenue from half-demented retirees and gambling addicts pissing away pensions on rigged machines in dark corners of casinos), to entirely fake "gameplay" trailers which are being marketed largely at children, to the actual numbers ie. average spend per user and daily revenue from in game transactions being huge red flags about the nature of these games and how they operate.
      The fallout of their demonstrably criminal misconduct is millions of people with severe addictions that have lead to tens of thousands of cases of financial hardship and they are subject to none of the regulations that gambling operators have to be compliant with despite the games being nothing more than rebranded slot machines with a powerful social hook.
      In the same breath that you would espouse integrity and ethical business dealings as being tenets your company hold essential, you promote morally bankrupt developers of the equivalent of digital crack and you personally contribute to harm and issues with addiction for millions of often young or vulnerable users.
      It's pretty disgusting that this continues to be a thing. I ask those of you reading this who are actually informed on this problem and know of what I speak, to thumb this up or copy paste it until there's some sort of explanation or Plarium is no longer used as a sponsor. It's something they should be doing an exposé on - not taking cheques from to promote companies that exploit life-destroying addictions.
      Some links with info, some directly related and others highlighting some of the issues that are arising with these games and how they operate:

    • ON Family
      ON Family Month ago

      I knew exactly what Miley was saying. Girls say it all the time, even I have said it and its nothing bad towards gay people.

    • IAW Club
      IAW Club Month ago

      00:06 I've been putting off watching this episode. I ignored social media post. After watching the clip on instagram. I could get salty about why others and not some. Why here and Now but not then and There. It doesn't matter. It all boils down to: Looking out for each other. Basically! Be a friend. Pass a positive word to a stranger. Spread the good. What would it hurt for you to do so?

  • stecky87
    stecky87 Day ago

    Miley Cyrus is a piece of trash. Let's make the world better & stop giving her attention

  • Ava Cota
    Ava Cota Day ago

    The news and media only talk about the protesters being violent, but theres videos of the police opening markets to get people inside it and then burning it down, police shooting outside of schools, attacking children, the protests arent all violent, most are families trying to support their elders on getting their pensions, public transport being illegaly expensive leading children to not be able to get to school, women fighting for their rights (or more like, protesting agaisnt the numerous cases of r*pe and killing, also called Feminicides), theres videos of military police going agaisnt the government and protecting people from the actual police. Latin awards winner singer Mon Laferte from Chile protesting the same way as her fellow feminisnt protesters, at the Latin Grammy Awards and the backlash she got from it. President Piñeda declaring "war to chile".

  • sebastian miranda
    sebastian miranda 4 days ago +1

    Thanks for covering the Chile story. it seems nobody wanted to when it first broke out. quick follow ups: te "rubber bullets" turned out to be rubber coated with a filling made of various ferrous materials, including lead. there are a record of citizens that have lost partial or complete sight due to the mismanagement of riot police utilizing excesive force. even after a month, there are no results as to whom burned the metro stations,yet it took them days to find who threw a molotov cocktail to a police office ( general perception of the burnt metro station is that its a hoax) if you want unbiased chilean news, contact FastcheckCL on twitter or instagram.

  • Evie Elliot Gerzio
    Evie Elliot Gerzio 18 days ago

    Miley Cyrus worded that wrongfully. I believe she was talking about pan/bisexuals sometimes choosing to stay away from men because of one bad experience.
    I'm pan. I said I was gay for 3 years, because the only men I had been with had hurt me really bad. With time I realised that I was still Bi.

  • Pame M
    Pame M 20 days ago

    Hey! I came for simplynailogical, stayed because of Pewds thumbnails and I find myself watching you talking about the protests on my country, this is amazing. I knew about you and your videos, but I never thought you would be interested in this... personally, I’m not supporting this protests, they are just violence and thefts, nothing beauty about this... our subway is working again with a few closed stations, but still closing 3 hours early than usual, leaving thousands of people without a comfortable and easy access transportation... they are taking buses out of streets early too, so is imposible to transporte yourself after 10 PM without having to use Uber or a similar app... I couldn’t go to classes in more than a month now and this is my last year (already paid the whole year, no student loan needed) :/, now the institute is changing the class schedule and now I’m gonna miss my Korean lesson (that I already paid for) thanks to that change... with this “revolution” they are just hurting people of low/medium class. Rich people? They are not having any problem.... and I don’t wanna even mention the economic problem that came with this... I mean, the chicken store that is on my neighborhood just raised their prices!!! No more cheaper chicken or french fries “a luca” now they are charging me luca 400... Unbelievable....

  • Suzukas husband
    Suzukas husband 22 days ago

    Im so glad i don't use social media. So many pathetic snowflake losers. Sad. Get a life.

  • PDM ___
    PDM ___ 24 days ago

    Please continue the story, awful things have been happening, just go to Instagram and all you'll see . More than 200 people have eye injuries due to police brutality, some have even lost both eyes. And not only that, there are complaints agains police and military about rape, torture and unlawful detentions. People being taken from their homes without warrants, you can even find videos of this on instagram and facebook. I would love for you to cover more of this, since there is not only a social crisis in Chile, but a human rights one as well.

  • DJ Sha'Do Umbreon
    DJ Sha'Do Umbreon 28 days ago


  • Erica Davis
    Erica Davis Month ago

    In regards to Miley Cyrus: I’m bisexual, -and honestly, I wasn’t offended.

  • Suyin Ordenes
    Suyin Ordenes Month ago

    Oh god thank you for talking about Chile, sadly the situation here is now worse, our "president" still thinks he is at war. While we no longer have an state of emergency or military forces on the streets our people have suffer so much damages there are violations of the human rights people are getting shot in peaceful protest, been arrested for no reason or for being near a protest, girls getting shot by "pellet guns" more like 12-bore shotguns inside there schools it's just unmeasured violence by the police. No substantial change has been proposed by the government.

  • paunchy beast
    paunchy beast Month ago

    Miley Cyrus is just an example of outrage culture

  • Perseus Hawk
    Perseus Hawk Month ago +1

    Ahhh, Miley ...

  • chungus maximus
    chungus maximus Month ago

    i swear my eyes started sweating around the 3 min mark for no reason like wtf

  • Eddie V
    Eddie V Month ago

    As a certified bisexual/pansexual Miley’s comment didn’t bug me that much, it was just stupid lol. Obviously perpetuating the stereotype that being gay is a choice isn’t good but I think she just chose her wording poorly

  • Ashton LeBleu
    Ashton LeBleu Month ago

    That poor kid. Yes he could have hurt someone else but CLEARLY he intended to hurt no one but himself. Anytime when killing ones self it is the wrong way but at least this was able to change

  • Sir Trail
    Sir Trail Month ago

    Miley was just talking and I don't get offend at all and yeah I do agree alot of women actually go gay because of shit like that but those are not real gay women that's just individuals trying to fill a void a man couldn't which hurts the actual gay person

  • Logik Inc
    Logik Inc Month ago

    People are angry

    Wow how shocking

  • Jake Bradford
    Jake Bradford Month ago +1

    PewDiePie did NOT get banned, come on... look it up...

  • Caleb Garrett
    Caleb Garrett Month ago

    When is the number people not mad about something

  • animefangirl
    animefangirl Month ago

    Do you think you could talk about the protests in Lebanon please ? No one seems to be talking about it

  • Logan Oxitoxic
    Logan Oxitoxic Month ago

    Is it just me or miley’s voice is Deeeeep in blow af .........🤙🏻

  • Gabrielle Breton
    Gabrielle Breton Month ago

    This is my opinion as a bisexual, who spends the majority of her free time running a community message board on the topic of Bisexuality and the other multi-sexual identities like Pansexuality.
    One of the most pervasive myths about the multisexual identities is that we aren't really gay, we are promiscuous and we can flip a switch to "Go straight again" whenever wanted. Regardless of whomever we have as a partner we are always, always LGBTQ+. Our "gayness" is not negated by who we are dating. People have this constant assumption that we are just a serious of straight phases and gay phases and they we pick a phase to stay in all based around essentially who we are dating long-term or who we marry-thus erasing our identity and driving us all bananas. Women are essentially always seen to be "experimenting" until we inevitably find "the right man", bisexual/or multisexual men are erased by the assumption that they are actually gay, and the non-binary community is either erased completely or treated according to however the statement maker assumes their gender.

    So does a celebrity who has been credited with popularizing pansexuality in the mainstream "confirming" the exact thing we all constantly struggle against in terms of erasure on a daily basis hurt us as a community? Yeah, for the record quite a lot. Not very impressed, not very happy with it and also not particularly surprised either.
    Miley herself has actually had previous very negative impacts on the community by asserting that Bisexuality specifically excluded the trans-community to the mainstream public in a misguided attempt to define Pansexuality. Pansexuality is a specific statement referring to attraction to all genders. Bisexuality is a spectrum essentially meaning attraction to genders like and unlike my own or 2 or more genders this can be seen in multiple inter-community works such as in the flag design as explained by it's creator in the late 90's and in 1990 with the San Francisco Bay Area publication anything that moves, specifically an entry called the "Bisexual manifesto".

  • Fuzzy Panda
    Fuzzy Panda Month ago

    I'm pro china. Pro china putting dollars in my pocket. Call me china, I hate winnie the pooh, that mother fucker stole my bamboo.

  • Fuzzy Panda
    Fuzzy Panda Month ago

    So one round, just a suicide attempt. My twitter feed is full of people saying the teacher talked down a mass shooter and got him to give up on killing everyone with words. One story, but people try to make it their own.

  • Professionally Silly

    I’m apart of the letter community and I’m not offended by Miley’s comment. We have bigger issues to deal with. Idc about her joke or whatever it is. Move on y’all! Stand for causes that matter.

  • david Castillo
    david Castillo Month ago

    Who feels good after getting called a beautiful bastard

  • Kurt Lewis
    Kurt Lewis Month ago

    gay here!!! no response!!!! speech is so delicate now a days love your show Philip!!!

  • Jason Khimera
    Jason Khimera Month ago

    I'm the first to say... In general westrrners, especially Americans do not understand Chinese society and the P.R.China obviously.
    It shows.
    That said Phillip hit the nail on the head. If you or someone you like it whatever gets banned by China... So what?
    Stick to your audience and your following it fan base.
    If you subscribe to the Chinese mindset or system then sure, play nice and don't talk about controversial shit you don't know anything about with exception of bias talking points on social media....
    So yea, support Philly. Stick to your guns folks and don't worry about the Chinese money or audience.... There is a whole other 7billion people on the planet you can pander to.

  • Brimmy Burner
    Brimmy Burner Month ago


  • k77zero1
    k77zero1 Month ago

    Fucking Hero Lowe!

  • Emily Fredrickson
    Emily Fredrickson Month ago

    Dammit Phil, I didnt plan to cry today

  • insanetxartist
    insanetxartist Month ago

    Considering how much time I've had to waste over the past several years dealing with Chinese rip-offs selling my art without my permission and adding on their current rights violations: FUCK CHINA. Pisses me off to see so many people trying to appease them for the sake of profit. I would definitely consider it an honor to be banned by China.

  • Wlcom2mylife
    Wlcom2mylife Month ago

    As a bi person who is constantly asked "If you can be normal, why don't you" as a way to minimize my sexuality, Miley's statement is frustrating but not surprising. It's one of those things that people say as a way to erase the B from LGBT+

  • Lydia Wheeler
    Lydia Wheeler Month ago

    As a bisexual woman I give zero fucks about miley's comments not just concerning the joke, just period. There are a lot of issues in the LGBT community and miley's joke is completely irrelevant

  • Jasmine Torres
    Jasmine Torres Month ago

    Can we PLEASE talk about onision!

  • Aaron Sacks
    Aaron Sacks Month ago

    Do a segment about protests in Lebanon please

  • charlespk2008
    charlespk2008 Month ago

    how can china take a copyright?
    isn't that an international thing?

  • thedirty530
    thedirty530 Month ago

    What an amazing person for showing compasion in that situation....real life super hero!

  • Silver Huntress
    Silver Huntress Month ago

    Am I high, or is Chile taking after the US in terms of economics? Ugh. Good on them for protesting!
    About Miley, I kinda get where she was coming from; It was just poor execution in the form of a poorly made joke. (Coming from a non-binary pansexual)

  • Life is nice
    Life is nice Month ago

    Hopefully things look up for that kid, but like me and many others sometimes the real depression and misery doesn't start until after high school / college, it only gets worse.

  • Alyssa VanSkyock
    Alyssa VanSkyock Month ago

    Speaking as a bisexual woman, that joke was the worst. And if she could just not do that, I would appreciate it.

  • cocoChocolate
    cocoChocolate Month ago

    what Miley said in that live just hurt, there's nothing else to say other than it hurt hearing that.

  • Genta
    Genta Month ago

    I have some advice for those in the comments... don't offer your ear to friends that might be suicidal if you can't hold up to your word.
    I have been through mental system for 29 years and while a therapist is helpful; actual people in your life are way more helpful with suicidal thoughts. Don't trust the mental health depts. They treat you like a prisoner if you are admitted for suicidal thoughts.
    However more recently every single 1 of my friends and family all ignored me when I was upfront about my suicidal thoughts and blew me off. Then started telling me about their issues because in a slap to reality I am a therapist to these people and they never return the favor.
    So be genuine because all you do is push that person more to the edge and makes them never want to talk again.
    As for the suicide hotline. Its garbage. Do research on it.

  • Даниел Атанасов

    To be honest, if you start fires, break public property and/or throw it on subway lines, potentially endangering the subway passengers - then yes, you are most likely a criminal under most countries' laws.

  • Fernanda
    Fernanda Month ago

    thank you for talking about Chile, the national tv news are hiding facts, lying and only saying what the goverment want
    There's police bruttality, they are rap*ing women, killing and we don't know how many people have gone missing
    We need much international coverage! the people will not stop fighting
    Don't forget or forgive

  • eljefe1989
    eljefe1989 Month ago

    Please guys, don´t let this comment get lost.
    David Veloso Codosedo is a chilean soldier, who refused an order to repress the people, he threw his rifle to the ground and told his comanding officer that he would not be used to repress and kill his fellow humans, he enlisted to defend his country, not to be used to further the political and economic agenda of president Piñera and his many MANY family members working in the goverment.
    The military court just denied his petition.

    right now, there is evidence of many murders within the potests, corpses of protesters being thrown after getting shot, military and police officers destroying cellphones so they would not be recorded, police officers stealing stuff while the riots and looting are taking place.

  • Steven Damian
    Steven Damian Month ago

    wait a minute. she was straight. then she was gay. then she met a guy and isnt gay. Can it be possible that being gay is something you are genetically predisposed to, but it takes some kind of outside factor to activate?

  • Hank
    Hank Month ago

    Can we stop referring to riots as "protests?" Kthxbai

  • That Guy
    That Guy Month ago

    I always tell the people in my life that I love and appreciate them. I wouldn't be who I am without my friends, they are irreplaceable and I will always remind them that I'm here for them.

  • Xiellion
    Xiellion Month ago +1

    Wow, who would have thought, the gay community is offended, that's not news that's an expectation

  • [Alex]AneiDoru
    [Alex]AneiDoru Month ago

    A little late but my friend was in that school shooting, he didn't like that the video was released, Park Rose said that they denied the request for video footage but somebody sent it to the news people anyways.

  • Rose Lavender
    Rose Lavender Month ago

    THANK YOU FOR GETTING THAT FIRST STORY RIGHT. I really broke to hear it wrong so often, turning who was a victim into a potential criminal. even my friend said that that person was goand iing how wrong that was.

  • TheMorbidHobo
    TheMorbidHobo Month ago

    I feel like Miley was referring to political lesbianism, but that's just me.

  • Celeste Noelle
    Celeste Noelle Month ago

    As a bisexual/pansexual, I feel like what she meant was that she felt like she couldnt be bi anymore that she had to be fully gay bc of her experience with men.
    I'm hoping that's how she meant it anyway. because if not then yeah it's really insulting.

  • Ardo2222
    Ardo2222 Month ago

    Lmao...Miley is not woke enough. Progressives eating their own is so weird to me

  • Maddy.likedaddy
    Maddy.likedaddy Month ago

    As an LGBT person, I make jokes all the time that, out of context, misrepresent the bisexual experience. Things like, “I’m only half gay,” or, “Men are trash. Date women.” I think it’s funny but I totally understand how people could misconstrue it - especially if those people are undereducated on what it means to be bisexual or queer. It could potentially confuse someone who doesn’t already understand, and therefore, I’m pretty mindful of my audience when I make a joke like that. I think Miley knows full well that no one chooses to be gay, and she was lampshading her own recent relationship experience while trying to make her friend laugh. But not everybody on the livestream knew it was a joke. But we all hopefully learned and grew from it and now we know that people don’t chose to like who they like. Thanks Miley

  • Katame
    Katame Month ago

    Soon China will ban Honey and Honey like substances.

  • Limnetic Villains
    Limnetic Villains Month ago

    On the Chile situation... I worked out that if the average monthly salary there is around 800 US dollars, and the cost of one subway trip is about 1.50... that compared to bus and train fares in Ireland and the UK, we actually pay more to travel relative to how much we earn in this part of the world. I'm all for public protests for a better quality of life, I just think this is very interesting. I'm sure there's a lot more to it than that, but it's worth thinking about these things and cost of living in general. Wealth distribution should be part of the Governments job, it should be illegal for an individual to have a personal wealth exceeding say 20 million us/euro/pound (they are almost all worth the same now anyway). Company and company assets, and details like that should be worked out, but if this was a system put in place globally, think of all the lives you could enrich, all the public projects you could build, society would progress so much faster and be better for everyone, and the lives of the rich wouldn't change that much- oh no, they might not be able to own more than 1 mansion and a private jet, woe is them.

  • Krystal Anyara
    Krystal Anyara Month ago

    Im from Chile and I think you missed something very important: The military and the police are abusing innocent people, using fire arms with bullets that arent leatle but they still causes large amount of damage. They are aming to the head and lots of innocent people are loosing their site because of this... they are killing us and taking away our freedom, this is because we arent allowed to go out at a certain time of the day because of the “toque de queda”... the same tactic used by pinochet (the dictator who murdered and tortured people because they were “traitors”) Now they are investigating if there was a torture site in one of the closed subway stattions runned by the millitary because some people said they were tortured there. The INDH said they found some wierd things that may lead that this claims are real, but thats not all... the INDH confirmed that the millitary crucified people in “Peñalolen”. There are tons and tons of video in social media prooving how police and the millitary are abusing their power with innocent civilians. PLEASE SPREAD THIS SITUATION ALL AROUND THE WORLD, THEY ARE VIOLATING OUR HUMAN RIGHTS AND WE DONT WANT MORE PEOPLE DYING! If you want to see some of this videos you can look them up in twitter with the hashtag #estopasaenchile