Kevin Hart Catches a High Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Oct 11, 2016
  • As his history-making comedy special What Now? hits theaters, the biggest comedian in the game joins the biggest Internet wings show in the game for an extra-hot interview. Kevin Hart damn near loses his mind on the hot sauce, but that doesn't stop him from peppering in some motivational speeches, cracking jokes about DJ Khaled, and regaling Sean with some hilarious anecdotes about working at a male strip club. In Hart's own words, "We out here!"
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    Season 2
    Episode 31
    First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.
    #hotones #spicywings
    #hotones #spicywings
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  Year ago +871

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    • Serotonin MDMA
      Serotonin MDMA 3 days ago

      First We Feast get korn on there

    • Brendan Peery
      Brendan Peery Month ago

      are you aware of a channel named complex? it looks like they're hosting your content.

    • Antonio Hamboney
      Antonio Hamboney Month ago

      Yo you've gotta get Katt Williams, T.I.P. , Ice Cube, or at least Will Ferrell on here...hell maybe even Obama he's black and he's from Chicago....speaking of which where's Kanyeezy...??

    • joe nonghuloo
      joe nonghuloo Month ago

      Mmm trite g Ruth Tyr

  • Kerry Parks
    Kerry Parks 11 hours ago

    Kudos the the Heart man!

  • GoofyLeo3
    GoofyLeo3 13 hours ago

    Having your watch conspicuously out is ghetto AF.

  • rene anderson
    rene anderson 19 hours ago

    Kevin doesn't seem to address the host as much as he looks to his pals

  • J. FILL
    J. FILL Day ago

    You gotta have Vince Neil

  • xGoodOldSmurfehx

    the Lion's park is run by the Lion Whisperer
    Kevin thats not the stupidest thing you ever done, swimming with a great white shark would have been the stupidest thing tho

  • Time God
    Time God Day ago +1

    quote - puma style!

  • Time God
    Time God Day ago +1

    quote - hn?

  • Jodi Abbott
    Jodi Abbott 2 days ago

    Lol complaining about no eye contact, he did look him in they eyes. Homeboy is in pain n prolly looking for familiarity in the room to try n comfort him. Spicy ass food does things to ppl. The last thing I do while eating hot food is sit in one place n for damn sure can't concentrate. He called Sean "brother" over n over, shows hes got some sort of respect for him. He's getting high off the spice, give the man a break.

  • Maxim Perevuznik
    Maxim Perevuznik 2 days ago

    I couldn't stand these hot sauces. I have a hiccup every time i eat something really spicy

  • TheKarateGamer YT
    TheKarateGamer YT 2 days ago

    RIP Kobe Bryant

  • Pepe Official YouTube Channel

    15:37 his voice

  • Reydesel Solis
    Reydesel Solis 2 days ago

    You can tell that hot ones inspired Kevin yo do his Cold Balls Show.

  • James Lambeth
    James Lambeth 3 days ago


  • Jayden Stanley
    Jayden Stanley 3 days ago

    Idk if it’s just me or not, but seems like Sean didn’t really like him lol he seemed so annoyed and felt like he just rushed him off after lol

  • Uriah Hegwood
    Uriah Hegwood 3 days ago

    Everybody keep saying Kevin was being rude and wasn’t talking to Sean, but honestly feel like Sean was horrible!! When your sitting down with a celebrity a comedian at that you have to add some type of personality when your interviewing a comedian. Sean just kept asking Kevin questions and it didn’t seem like he was in tune with Kevin’s energy at all.

  • Sophia Marie
    Sophia Marie 3 days ago

  • GAPOWERade
    GAPOWERade 3 days ago

    @First We Feast: ... This ain't no Netflix special, you guys had a BUDGET (in weird deep voice)

    $14 billion dollars and 4 years later

    Netflix: Am I a joke to you!

  • Kane. M
    Kane. M 3 days ago

    Why do the lion pictures look so fake. And I feel like nobody went to kevin’s wedding. Weird theories right

  • RJ Rooster
    RJ Rooster 3 days ago

    He was high. Simple. Glasses at the start. Once his eyes were exposed, they were glossed over & less open even before the hot sauces started. Constantly looking away, giggling, and the hard cuts to him answering cleanly further illustrates my theory. He’s funny, but I’m getting sick of him.

  • Mr. pistachio Shelly

    Free wings

  • Irish in Oz Yeooop
    Irish in Oz Yeooop 4 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Kevin heart isint funny? And Dwayne the rock Johnson is a over rated.. two shit actors .

  • No ON
    No ON 4 days ago

    Kevin Hart drunk

    THE G5 FAMILY 5 days ago +1

    G3 Kids Food Review...//EXTREMELY FUNNY//...CHECK EM OUT!!!!

    THE G5 FAMILY 5 days ago +1

    G3 Kids Food Review...//EXTREMELY FUNNY//...CHECK EM OUT!!!!

  • Corey M
    Corey M 5 days ago

    The host looks like a combination of Caillou and slim Jesus

  • Nebur Salcido
    Nebur Salcido 5 days ago

    I thought reptilians didn’t like spicy

  • Vilde Hansen
    Vilde Hansen 5 days ago

    Im even doubting that the host eat the spicy wings..just normal wings with not the sauses..just the dab one...

  • Drakesfortune
    Drakesfortune 6 days ago +2

    It's so weird how he's not looking at Sean. It's almost like he's never been on camera before. It's so weird to be having a conversation with someone and be looking at other people the audience can't see...

  • Paraboemba
    Paraboemba 6 days ago +3

    When a comedian who has a lot of personal issues, is used to hiding behind jokes, but can't hide or run when eating hot sauce....

  • mandyforever1989
    mandyforever1989 7 days ago

    Kevin was high off his ass when he sat down. Love how they tried to make it about the wings tho.

  • DEVA
    DEVA 7 days ago

    Lol kevin dont disaappoint

  • constipated will
    constipated will 7 days ago

    damn that drowning joke was black, i mean dark

    im black chill

  • Dani Csibra
    Dani Csibra 8 days ago

    A lot of these hotter ones have concentrated chili oil in them which is evil as fuck because it sticks to your tongue, lips, throat, etc. There is no pure pepper i can't eat, and have been in contests, but some of these things are for , and made by, fucking retards.

  • Toxic Masculinity
    Toxic Masculinity 8 days ago

    The Action movie is little, just like him.

  • Reiss capone
    Reiss capone 8 days ago

    when he said what now is the finist comedic piece he has ever produced.
    us:you a damn lie Kevin hart voice

  • Mist GoCrazy
    Mist GoCrazy 8 days ago

    Now we need sean on cold as balls

  • marq doug
    marq doug 8 days ago


  • Karl Julian Sæstad-Bernardroiva

    the sunglasses bro

  • Renat Z.
    Renat Z. 9 days ago

    Only Douche bags wear sunglasses INSIDE.... so why you doing this Kevin?!

  • Жан Жумагазиев

    seems like he's drunk

  • Mojoman57
    Mojoman57 10 days ago

    10:13 is a good place. Kevin is very truthful here. It really is a game and he gets it. Good for him.

  • Shun Don
    Shun Don 10 days ago

    Yall need to get Martha Stewart and Snoop..

  • aethan wilson
    aethan wilson 11 days ago

    2020 watching here and oh boy that bald guy looks different in 3yrs like his face is like ohhuhhah

  • Martin Cz
    Martin Cz 11 days ago

    Where is he looking at?!?

  • peter rogers
    peter rogers 11 days ago

    Sunglasses in a dark room. Lol

  • censor everything
    censor everything 11 days ago +1

    He looks absolutely wrecked at the end of this lmao

  • Marcus Latansa
    Marcus Latansa 12 days ago

    Have you guys ever tried this sauce?
    Loved it !!!

  • Jimena
    Jimena 12 days ago +4

    Kevin Hart: breathes

  • Drew
    Drew 13 days ago

    Wait till he gets a bite of the shaq sause

  • Ivan Minchenkov
    Ivan Minchenkov 13 days ago

    That was so baaaaad! How disrespectful Hart was acting like a stupid clown. He wasnt talking with Sean most of the time making those stupid aweful jokes to the crowd behind the camera. I feel soo sorry about Sean smiling to Hart all of the time.
    Kevin said like he's drunk after eating another wing. And i think he actually Was drunk! There was not a single moment when Hart puts a sauce on his wings. And then he acts like a complete doushe ignoring Sean 90% of the time. It all starts with Hart wearing the sunglasses trying to hide how drunk he really is.

  • CODE 1
    CODE 1 13 days ago

    Y'all remember when coryxkenshin meet Kevin heart

  • afannie craddock
    afannie craddock 13 days ago

    Natural yogurt cucumber bit of mint will ease the burn

  • sunny jeet
    sunny jeet 14 days ago


  • Jake Linowes
    Jake Linowes 14 days ago

    this guy is a shitty ass host

  • M S.
    M S. 14 days ago

    Dang he is talking about the mental stuff at the end and here I am not studying for my quiz tomorrow

  • Subscribe Woofer
    Subscribe Woofer 14 days ago +1

    We need Tyler the Creator on this show

    IZZGAMER123 14 days ago

    As an asian who eats spicy food daily,im screaming inside "Dont touch your face! You're making it worse!"

  • Nikos Thanopoulos Sarlis
    Nikos Thanopoulos Sarlis 14 days ago +1

    Get Dave Chappelle.

  • TryMyMartini
    TryMyMartini 15 days ago

    I'm so glad they told him to stop touching his eyes. I was yelling at him from at home.