$24 Korean BBQ Vs. $346 Korean BBQ

  • Published on Dec 18, 2016
  • “It feels like I’m in a Korean drama right now."
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    Riam Kim
    Joon Hwang
    Jayden Sim
    Moses Choi
    Location Scout

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  • Derrick Bruce
    Derrick Bruce 12 hours ago

    Hot to get hungry .01

  • LoveKiller 07
    LoveKiller 07 15 hours ago

    Me: I felt so smart during this video because I knew some of the Korean words
    Also me: I only knew those words because I watch a lot of Bts memes 😂😂😂

  • Bitch Pls
    Bitch Pls Day ago +1

    That much for 23.99$? Take my money and I want to eat ASAP 😭😂

  • All things Shazz

    Also fun fact. Eating Korean bbq in Korea, you have to eat everything💀 or else you will get charge for leftovers.
    Not sure if it’s for every all you can eat spots but that was the case for the one I tried.

  • Astro Wolvez
    Astro Wolvez Day ago

    Wow this looks like it would be fun to do with friends... If only I had some.

  • Ashley Doan
    Ashley Doan Day ago

    Lol sho out to the smiths

  • Sara r
    Sara r Day ago

    Am im the only one who alredys knew all these Koreans customs ,even tho im not korean because of BTS 🤣

  • Mau rice
    Mau rice Day ago

    8:15 That's a match made in heaven

  • Harry Wood
    Harry Wood Day ago

    Why not eugene

  • Adrian Denila
    Adrian Denila 2 days ago

    awesome video but very expensive , here in the Philippines 500 pesos of korean buffet is already great!

  • Shay
    Shay 2 days ago

    4:39 im devastated

  • Sarah Liao
    Sarah Liao 2 days ago


  • Melo
    Melo 2 days ago

    Man i wish i had this in my country

  • Disha Manjunatha
    Disha Manjunatha 3 days ago

    i wanna eat korean barbeque so bad im gonna cry looking at all that food

  • Memes
    Memes 3 days ago

    Steven: "If I lose this game, camera guys driving" BOOM Toyota ad pops up.

  • just shey
    just shey 3 days ago

    Why Evan sooooo Handsomeeee !! Tell meeeeeeeeeeee 😔

  • Fidan Zavutatze
    Fidan Zavutatze 3 days ago

    can this be my job please??

  • SeanT
    SeanT 4 days ago

    who came here to see adam eat

  • BluexPlayz
    BluexPlayz 4 days ago

    Steven and Keith are bad duo cause Keith is a idiot to him but Andrew is actually a good friend

  • Long Shan Li
    Long Shan Li 4 days ago

    Well 25 percent korean

  • Long Shan Li
    Long Shan Li 4 days ago

    IM korean

  • ClapwarE Gaming
    ClapwarE Gaming 4 days ago

    Expensive restaurant doesn’t mean high quality at all.
    10:15 a fly at the upper left

  • Janet Rocha
    Janet Rocha 4 days ago

    Andrew is the reason why I watch this 😍

  • Miss Zain
    Miss Zain 4 days ago

    Adam and his shyness and barely-say-any-word-face

  • Yam Jam
    Yam Jam 5 days ago

    Dong seng is little bro ddong seng is poop life...

  • danallen36492
    danallen36492 5 days ago

    Whos paying Adam

  • Epic Potatoe Girl 2390

    5:51 I hear Steven say "Taehyung" like V from BTS Kim Taehyung

  • Will Baker
    Will Baker 6 days ago

    This was posted on my birthday

  • Nicki Reed
    Nicki Reed 6 days ago

    Adam: The Underrated Hero of WorthIt

  • Heitor Estevao
    Heitor Estevao 6 days ago

    Im from brazil and this is not BBq

  • Dizzy
    Dizzy 7 days ago

    4:40 *BOING BOING*
    I like how they're having their own little bromance up front, Adam and Evan don't even bat an eye at it.


    My name is literally evan and his name is well... EVAN!

  • Mystic Pro
    Mystic Pro 8 days ago

    When ever I go to a Korean BBQ the first side dish I eat the the mashed potatoes is SO GOOD

  • T M
    T M 8 days ago

    Evin is so hot

  • mel0dy
    mel0dy 8 days ago

    im korean and i went to every place in the video!

  • 름루
    름루 8 days ago


  • alexandra clarisse
    alexandra clarisse 8 days ago

    andrew is so tsundere xD

  • MR Random
    MR Random 9 days ago


  • Sunetra Banerjee
    Sunetra Banerjee 9 days ago

    I feel genuinely sorry for Adam.

  • avocado pcy
    avocado pcy 10 days ago

    oo-kook more like jungkook :^)

  • Rogelio Iioka
    Rogelio Iioka 10 days ago

    Look at 10:16 theres a fly on the dumpling upper left

  • Steven Wenger
    Steven Wenger 10 days ago

    Adam is a mood

  • ITMeCE
    ITMeCE 10 days ago

    Jayden WAS pretty hot..

  • Itzel Tellez
    Itzel Tellez 10 days ago

    Evan ❤️🥰

  • A-Man
    A-Man 10 days ago

    1:15 bitches

  • Kitty Kat18
    Kitty Kat18 10 days ago

    So worth it stew!!

  • the spooky bois
    the spooky bois 10 days ago +2

    i am now happy i'm no longer a vegetarian

  • Black Noon
    Black Noon 11 days ago

    I have a big di*k!

  • KayEffSee
    KayEffSee 11 days ago

    Whenever Evans Speak Korean I go UWUUUU

  • Got7AhgaseBtsArmy
    Got7AhgaseBtsArmy 11 days ago

    I would be rich if I got a dollar how many times Evan has said younger 😂

  • Martin
    Martin 12 days ago

    its just guys eating steaks

  • Alex B
    Alex B 13 days ago

    The special guest is the kind of KBBQ guide you need

  • Arelyne Delgado
    Arelyne Delgado 13 days ago

    I’m hungry ajkskd

  • tropical fruit
    tropical fruit 13 days ago


  • Omega Wolf
    Omega Wolf 14 days ago

    Andrew says give a one-handed pour is like f*ck you but immediately does a one -handed pour

  • rodrigo5670
    rodrigo5670 15 days ago

    That what was funny cover your meat with cheese lmfao and raised his eyebrows lmfao we all know what he ment hahaha

  • aVeryLazy Rock
    aVeryLazy Rock 15 days ago

    i just ate dinner and now im hungry again 😫😫

  • Emil Kingsley
    Emil Kingsley 15 days ago

    Evan adds such amazing flavour to the dynamics, it's just greaat. I think he should be added more.

  • Sa Mah
    Sa Mah 16 days ago

    Ivan is my new crush

  • : 0
    : 0 16 days ago

    So in korean bbq my 2 in a half year old little brother must cook ey...

  • ismael villalobos
    ismael villalobos 16 days ago

    My chingus!

  • Jason Kim
    Jason Kim 16 days ago

    i went to chosun galbee before its good

  • Master 2113
    Master 2113 17 days ago

    This reminds me of the time I went to Korea and had a Korean bbq like almost twice a week

  • Bloom Fire
    Bloom Fire 17 days ago

    Where’s Iron Age though?!

  • Voriot
    Voriot 17 days ago

    **DISCLAIMER: This video contains a lot of 'Oh's.**

  • nykki knapp
    nykki knapp 17 days ago

    my favorite part of every video is Adam taking his bites.

  • Sophie Lee
    Sophie Lee 17 days ago

    Is it bad that everytime I eat Korean BBQ I go to the most expensive place in this video lmao

  • Emily Rose
    Emily Rose 17 days ago +2

    Still waiting for Adam to say more than one sentence in a worth it video... haha

  • Clashing with Thunder
    Clashing with Thunder 18 days ago +1

    Ya’ll hiring?

  • 정산미 정산미
    정산미 정산미 18 days ago

    His Name was ?> Edit: What

  • ɢ3x ᴇᴛᴇʀɴᴀʟʟɪғᴇ

    Oh expensive restaurant huh? Well i just spotted a fly on the food at top right you can see a tiny black moving thing 10:16

  • I like Bees
    I like Bees 18 days ago

    Oh no no

  • HapticPlayz
    HapticPlayz 19 days ago

    \ | /
    / 🍆\

  • 곽우석
    곽우석 19 days ago

    배고프다 이거보니까

  • Adrian Pacheco
    Adrian Pacheco 19 days ago

    In the thumbnail I thought the 2 Asian dudes were the same person

  • Ayden Simpson
    Ayden Simpson 19 days ago +71

    Andrew: Do your cute thing
    Steven: *exists*
    Andrew: Aww

  • Alex Giaccone
    Alex Giaccone 19 days ago

    I love P town (Provins town)

  • Bill Taylor
    Bill Taylor 20 days ago

    Is it just me or does these 2 just get more deeply gay towards each other as this series progresses

  • Dodo Bird
    Dodo Bird 20 days ago


  • bts.trash.queen69
    bts.trash.queen69 20 days ago

    *finishes watching video to go get food from my kimchi fridge like the half korean i am*

  • sophie gonzalez
    sophie gonzalez 20 days ago

    The guy in the black shirt is very handsome and what makes it better is when he speaks Korean :,)

  • Allan
    Allan 20 days ago

    'You guys wanna do a shot?'
    'Wanna play a drinking game?'
    Evan just wanted to get wasted

  • Happy Beans
    Happy Beans 20 days ago

    Adam :-D

  • Dani Haliti
    Dani Haliti 20 days ago

    Too bad... I don’t eat pork

  • Ben Walker
    Ben Walker 21 day ago

    I want to see Evan make a video where he is the main person

  • Emily Lui
    Emily Lui 21 day ago

    Omg Steven at 4:40 so cute! 😊

  • Anthony Jun
    Anthony Jun 22 days ago

    Did any of you guys eat galbi

  • G Reeder
    G Reeder 22 days ago

    I’ve had Chilean sea bass from a high quality restaurant and let me tell you, it is the best fish or meat you’ll ever have

  • Alexia Brooks
    Alexia Brooks 22 days ago

    "Yh that can tear it all apart you never know" LMAOOOOO

  • younus siddiqui
    younus siddiqui 22 days ago

    im hungry now

  • DARK FOX moonlight
    DARK FOX moonlight 22 days ago

    I've been to the first place

  • Tofu
    Tofu 23 days ago +5

    Im half from kosovo(serbian-albanian country), half korean, but i was born& live in Switzerland🥰🥰

  • Pokémon tcg Master
    Pokémon tcg Master 23 days ago

    1:14 I thought he said chungus

  • well fuck
    well fuck 23 days ago

    Adam is so cute omg

  • Nathaniel Cha
    Nathaniel Cha 23 days ago

    I eat this all the time so Good,

  • Ash
    Ash 23 days ago

    Americans when they have to drink the pint: NOOO
    Englishmen when they have to drink the pint: YEEESS

  • Tenzin Tsetan
    Tenzin Tsetan 23 days ago

    4:51 look at the tv

  • Xiwen Ping
    Xiwen Ping 23 days ago

    Why I think Evan and Steven look soooo familiar? LOL

  • lose pilniga
    lose pilniga 24 days ago

    08:54 🤣just like you say 20% have Last name Kim, hes Last name is Kim

  • Ruma Begum
    Ruma Begum 24 days ago

    Steven: *’We have a special guest...’*
    Andrew: *’A Korean guy!’*
    Me: *’pffft 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 sudnjdudhhd’*