$24 Korean BBQ Vs. $346 Korean BBQ

  • Published on Dec 18, 2016
  • “It feels like I’m in a Korean drama right now."
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    Riam Kim
    Joon Hwang
    Jayden Sim
    Moses Choi
    Location Scout

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  • army ac
    army ac 12 hours ago

    I always wanted to try Korean bbq. Evan, you know BTS?


    I’m not Korean.

  • VenoFuj
    VenoFuj 18 hours ago

    😂😂 he don't seem like the youngest

  • Sabina Tsang
    Sabina Tsang 21 hour ago

    6:06 the contrast

  • 99ekcouper
    99ekcouper Day ago

    Love the classical music at the expensive places lol

  • Kayashi Nightcore

    Evan said 20% of koreans are last named *Kim*
    And the last place they went is Chosun Galbee..and the manager of that place is Riam *Kim*

  • Cristhian Macias
    Cristhian Macias 2 days ago

    It was refreshing having a new face in Evan who was so squinted with the dishes and culture..!

  • Jose Castro
    Jose Castro 2 days ago

    Anybody else noticed the fly landing on the food at 10:16 😂

  • J-hope bts
    J-hope bts 2 days ago

    Oo-kook more like Jung-kook 😏hello armies

  • xxxPlebacion
    xxxPlebacion 2 days ago

    "20% of korea have the last name kim" 30 seconds later... Riam Kim

  • Josephine Setiawan
    Josephine Setiawan 2 days ago


  • 레드진
    레드진 2 days ago

    가운데 서양남자분은 너무 무표정하네요... 셋다 반응도 시원찮고

  • SolitareLee
    SolitareLee 3 days ago

    I'm so fuckin hungry and I live 5 hours away from the nearest korean bbq >8|

  • neon quilt
    neon quilt 3 days ago

    Dude there was fly on the fancy resturant food dawg. Gross

  • hope tabucon
    hope tabucon 4 days ago


  • Jan Marielle
    Jan Marielle 4 days ago

    Just watching this because of Andrew

  • SharpObject
    SharpObject 4 days ago

    "Oo-kooks the meat?"
    Ba dum tss

  • Joe White
    Joe White 4 days ago

    Why do I look at this when I’m hungry?🤦🏽‍♂️

  • 48mavemiss2
    48mavemiss2 4 days ago

    Never had a good experience at a Korean Restaurant. They always look at me like why is this black person here, oh idk maybe because it’s Metro-Atlanta and I want to eat good food.

  • 64imma
    64imma 4 days ago

    I found the Korean customs and drinking games very fascinating to learn about. Normally Korean culture is rather hard for me to understand but I quite liked learning about it. Kinda wanna go to a Korean bbq place but there's none around here

  • Kailey Quintos
    Kailey Quintos 4 days ago

    damn i’m hungry

  • K Han
    K Han 4 days ago

    한국인 소리질러!!

  • thesethingsbyme C
    thesethingsbyme C 4 days ago

    I keep watching this video just to look at Evan

  • 이고윤
    이고윤 5 days ago

    It‘s to make softer taste soju. Idk it‘s true or not, but Korean doing like that bc they believe soju will softer for doing that.

  • Santiago Hernandez
    Santiago Hernandez 5 days ago

    What is Steven is he Korean

  • KelStUDiOS s
    KelStUDiOS s 5 days ago

    Didn't anyone notice at 11:27 that trick he did with the chopsticks

  • Kelvin Jeon
    Kelvin Jeon 6 days ago

    Korean food is so horribly more expensive outside of Korea that I never go to Korean restaurants in foreign countries ._.

  • S y
    S y 6 days ago

    Korean sub plz.
    더 발전할거에요.

  • asharee coombs
    asharee coombs 6 days ago

    Adam is adorable

  • Duckbob Squarepants
    Duckbob Squarepants 6 days ago

    When he said “shout out to the smiths” I was laughing so hard cause my last name is smith

  • Aundreya Garcia
    Aundreya Garcia 6 days ago

    A fly lands on the mushroom at 10:15 on the top left corner. Paying $346 and there's flies all around the food? No thanks 🙄

  • Nicole Leitch
    Nicole Leitch 7 days ago

    Steven always says he wont drink because he needs to drive and Adam always ends up driving! XD

  • 일삼삼이
    일삼삼이 7 days ago

  • 김형우
    김형우 7 days ago +57

    영국 남자 보고 온 한국인 손

  • Jacob Herrera
    Jacob Herrera 7 days ago


  • Brooke Smith
    Brooke Smith 7 days ago

    Imma smith!!!!

  • lucky days
    lucky days 7 days ago

    who's here after watching 영국남자

  • Adrianbudiman
    Adrianbudiman 7 days ago

    That fly that landed on the mushroom tho @ 10:16 ... Dayum

  • Mo Mo
    Mo Mo 7 days ago

    Wow!! Just Wow

  • Haley Park
    Haley Park 7 days ago +1

    Hello a Korean passing by👋🏻

  • Nicole Brown
    Nicole Brown 7 days ago

    Going to Korean BBQ tonight!!! So excited!

  • Elkarus
    Elkarus 7 days ago

    I need to know if there is any good Korean BBQ restaurant in Barcelona.

  • 두토리묵
    두토리묵 7 days ago

    배 꼬르륵 꼬르륵

  • 이대훈
    이대훈 7 days ago

    im korean but i have never seen and never done that drink game (6:16) there is no special drink game at korea

  • 홍승진
    홍승진 7 days ago

    게스트 영알남닮았다

  • -.- llama
    -.- llama 8 days ago

    Welcome back to get Andrew as drunk as possible lol

  • RJ Paka
    RJ Paka 8 days ago

    craving korean bbq😭

  • ZeroPlayZx
    ZeroPlayZx 8 days ago

    This is my favorite “Worth It” episode. Ever.

  • Zaire Yap
    Zaire Yap 8 days ago

    Any ARMY here?💜💜💜

  • Cosxmics '
    Cosxmics ' 8 days ago

    Jayden low-key look like he works part time at a Korean BBQ and full time Kpop idol

  • Frendy Biaktha
    Frendy Biaktha 8 days ago

    My sister is fuco

  • ilovechezbrgrs
    ilovechezbrgrs 8 days ago

    theres a fly on the mushroom in the corner lol

  • Maryel Mangubat
    Maryel Mangubat 8 days ago

    "didn't chew once" 😂 best line ever 👍

  • Toy Shaint
    Toy Shaint 9 days ago

    Ok anybody else notice the fly at 10:15???

  • Lim Jae-Beom is my spirit animal


  • Agent Awesome
    Agent Awesome 9 days ago

    Ah. I played the song in the last bbq place, it's the Prelude from the Well-Tempered Clavier by J.S. Bach, I think, or maybe it was CPE Bach

  • Leykook •
    Leykook • 9 days ago

    okay but that fairy doll commercial at 4:50 *i’m crying*

  • Komodo Nation
    Komodo Nation 9 days ago +1

    Hot cream

  • Blue_Angel
    Blue_Angel 9 days ago

    Question for other germans: are there any good korean bbq places in Germany? 🤔

  • Blue_Angel
    Blue_Angel 9 days ago

    Andrew really Loves His cheese 😂😍

  • holybangtan
    holybangtan 9 days ago +1

    Adam needs an award for watching all episodes of Andrew and Steven eating all that food without actually finishing it...

  • doobiesmoke15
    doobiesmoke15 10 days ago

    6:57 I just can't see combining East Asian food with cheese

  • fernando hernandez
    fernando hernandez 10 days ago

    fly at 10:17

  • FN Rascal
    FN Rascal 10 days ago +1

    How dare am i to look at your face

  • Lary Holmes
    Lary Holmes 10 days ago

    The vegan in me thinks nooo but the human thinks f**ck that looks delicious...😂

  • Andy Chew
    Andy Chew 10 days ago

    4:40 thank me later

  • Shiol Lee
    Shiol Lee 11 days ago

    Adam 😍😍😍

  • Royce Matthew Chua
    Royce Matthew Chua 11 days ago

    Steven is clearly drunk at the last part when evan is driving

  • Nicole Olivia
    Nicole Olivia 11 days ago

    is the price per people or theyjust summed it up?

  • Lourdes Diaz
    Lourdes Diaz 11 days ago

    7:51 Andrew is me *all the time*

  • Kenzie and Bailey
    Kenzie and Bailey 11 days ago

    Hi I'm a smith👋

  • Eddie
    Eddie 11 days ago

    poor adam

  • Jo Huynh
    Jo Huynh 11 days ago

    I’ve been to Quarters. The food was ammmmmaaaazzzinngg🤤

  • Benjamin Park
    Benjamin Park 11 days ago

    This is the best episode I’ve watched. Evan on board was the perfect compliment.

  • PLEXUS 21
    PLEXUS 21 11 days ago +1


  • Luka Bennett-Smith
    Luka Bennett-Smith 12 days ago

    im a smith

    AWS .PRODUCTIONS 12 days ago +1

    I love BuzzFeed!!!

  • taemin shinee
    taemin shinee 12 days ago

    I want more episode with evan in it! he blends the best w the boys and he's handsome ;)

  • Rizzie-chan
    Rizzie-chan 12 days ago

    I just went to OO-KOOK yesterday and they raised the price to $30 per person

  • Texting Justin
    Texting Justin 13 days ago

    Jung Un Kim?

  • Faizan Shaikh
    Faizan Shaikh 13 days ago

    I come to know the song at 8:40 because of Piano Tiles 2

  • Cloud 09
    Cloud 09 13 days ago

    i love watching these when im starving XD

  • Lish Dish
    Lish Dish 13 days ago

    I have a kimchi refrigerator and I put fruits on one side and I put kimchi on the other side

  • E983li
    E983li 13 days ago

    “Because I’m the youngest of the bunch” I swear I will rip his mouth off but the video is good

  • Isamu Walker
    Isamu Walker 14 days ago

    Adam is that guy you have to hang out with at work but would rather work alone.

  • Pac-Man Jones
    Pac-Man Jones 14 days ago

    I wish Evan was on more...he's funny

  • 💜BTS💚GOT7💜
    💜BTS💚GOT7💜 14 days ago

    And yes....this is a “crush on Jayden” video because he was my waiter at a different Korean bbq restaurant and I almost died when I saw him on this video!!! #bestdayever 😝

  • 💜BTS💚GOT7💜
    💜BTS💚GOT7💜 14 days ago

    Hook me up with Jayden’s contact info ❤️😍😘❤️

  • peacemonkey
    peacemonkey 14 days ago


  • Merlin kim
    Merlin kim 15 days ago

    hey this is me!

  • TattedCatt
    TattedCatt 15 days ago

    Andrew is like an adorable cat lol

  • BCarey1970
    BCarey1970 15 days ago

    Not a fan of Steven. He should be replaced.

  • chaimae layani
    chaimae layani 15 days ago

    lucky Adam

  • I Have 147381997281175171 Husbands

    Andrew saying bbuing bbuing is my kind of kink lmao

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 16 days ago


  • Chrissy Yung
    Chrissy Yung 16 days ago

    I just noticed Steven is using his left hand

    DULLI 16 days ago

    My mouth was literally like an ocean that looked sooooooo nice

  • Dyana Gomez
    Dyana Gomez 17 days ago

    Evan & Adam are hot

  • Margaret Garrido
    Margaret Garrido 17 days ago

    You guys should come to EGA in Springville Utah!!!!! It’s a really good Korean BBQ!

  • Amela Malik
    Amela Malik 17 days ago

    Make more 😂😂 like the cheapest and the most expensive sweets

  • Kevin Lee J
    Kevin Lee J 18 days ago +30

    What's the difference between u and other Korean bbq? We have the fresh meat we use the good quality meat. What's the difference between u and other Korean bbq? We have the fresh meat we use the good quality meat. What's the difference between u and other Korean bbq? We have the fresh meat we use the good quality meat.