I Made Mozzarella The Italian Way !

  • Published on Jun 16, 2018
  • Homemade Mozzarella can only be stretched in acidic environnement. Yet the traditional Italian recipe has no acid : Instead it makes smart use of living bacteria to get the right pH... Well, Easier said than done.
    THE only culture you'll need : amzn.to/2tdcAkb
    $50 thermometer : amzn.to/2t9lIpW
    $8 thermometer : amzn.to/2yf3TeK
    The exact brand I use is Thermoworks, but they're not on amazon.
    Animal rennet : amzn.to/2sYN2bi
    Vegetable rennet : amzn.to/2JRBuwW
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  • Karl Ng
    Karl Ng 10 days ago

    with the siphon you could have filled the tube with clean water then plug it with your finger, then unplug it to start

  • TheMontrealGirl
    TheMontrealGirl Month ago

    Hahaha ton accent anglais est fou 😂 i love it

  • MrGilRoland
    MrGilRoland Month ago

    Not gonna lie, that mozzarella has a very strange color 😂 But I give you 8/10 for the effort. Cheers from Italy.
    PS: I loved your videos about your pizza trip in Naples 👌

  • Erik Ahl
    Erik Ahl 2 months ago

    did i tell you about that time i made moonshine at school ?

  • NineEmu v2
    NineEmu v2 2 months ago

    The pen you was using is beautiful where can I buy one like it

  • Captian Morgan
    Captian Morgan 2 months ago

    8:32 and demonetized.

  • Skate 4Ever
    Skate 4Ever 3 months ago

    Buy yourself a radio mic ma boi

  • Lord Narayana
    Lord Narayana 3 months ago

    high quality raw milk is far safer then any heat treated milk available. you can leave it out of the fridge and it will just clabber into something far healthier then yogurt over 2 or 3 days. it also contains all the natural flora to make every single type of cheese, forms curds better, and adds more flavour to aged cheeses as well as preventing contamination due to the spectrum of flora rather then just adding 1 or 2 to dead milk.
    i'm currently reading "the art of natural cheese making" by david asher and it's pretty eye opening as well as a historical and political education surrounding dairy. cheese making is an obsession of mine!
    enjoying this series thanks ;) totally hooked on your channel!

  • redsnow123456
    redsnow123456 3 months ago

    I bet you cant do a Lebanese dessert called "halawat al jobn". It is from whute cheese and you can do it with Mozarella. If you managed to do it right, i will send a box gift of real authentic halawa from one of the best Lebanese pastry shops.

  • Lekha Pratap
    Lekha Pratap 3 months ago

    Subbed. Because you forgot the magnets.

  • Lekha Pratap
    Lekha Pratap 3 months ago

    So if I go to India and speak in an Indian accent, I ain’t racist.

  • Panzerotto 03
    Panzerotto 03 3 months ago

    Im italian and honestly you Made a cheese not mozzarella but anyway you Made a good job

  • Anas Yasien
    Anas Yasien 3 months ago

    hey Alex you may help by posting the recipe using writing step by step ??

  • Guido Leandri
    Guido Leandri 3 months ago

    Your yellow mozzarella is really weird. But i keep watching every of your video since your croissant preparation that i followed with a big success! You re style is unique, please continue doing it so!

  • Fariz Hakim
    Fariz Hakim 3 months ago

    "Share this on social media. On Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Whatever. Spread it like butter." even your rhymes are spot on.

  • Heidi Pham
    Heidi Pham 3 months ago

    That “salut!!” Scared me lol

  • Soul
    Soul 4 months ago

    Please, dont use so much of plastic. Care about the Planet.

  • Foxuniverso
    Foxuniverso 4 months ago

    Wait... Active yogurt? 🤔 How do you make that? I wanna make cheese, the goal is the most home made, home made pizza! 😂

  • Doc Hollowood
    Doc Hollowood 4 months ago

    Raw milk - the feds have outlawed it here in a raving desecration going after the farmers and the good people of the earth.

  • nol ebbers
    nol ebbers 4 months ago

    Most underapreciated youtuber ever

  • RasenKore
    RasenKore 4 months ago

    8:32 Aaaah...merde !

  • relionenonly
    relionenonly 4 months ago

    Alex you made me giggle when you said not in a million years am i going to and then it shows you slurping lol!

    FILIPPO VENUTS 4 months ago

    fresh hot water min: 6.35

  • Workhorse
    Workhorse 5 months ago

    8:33 Calm down Pierre Cambronne!

  • Blinky 0815
    Blinky 0815 5 months ago

    Gavin Webber, the crazy cheese man from Australia does it quite well. tvclip.biz/video/CluOhy1zu9Q/video.html
    He also did the Quick Mozzarella using citric acid.
    He makes cheese since 2009

  • EdenJoy Whole Foods
    EdenJoy Whole Foods 5 months ago

    Hi french guy...creative....i love this channel

  • Lucais is Fitz
    Lucais is Fitz 6 months ago

    5:50 "Just get inside!" he says inside

  • Kimi G
    Kimi G 6 months ago

    Can anybody tell me what brand is that pen Alex used to write the letter!???

  • Yazid
    Yazid 6 months ago

    Casey neistat style

  • Lightwing games
    Lightwing games 6 months ago +1

    1:49 you sound like an evil genius lol. "It has TWICE the fat of normal milk, and all of the Bactria I need!" MUWAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!

  • FrankyBoy
    FrankyBoy 6 months ago

    Shouldn't you be able to get unprocessed milk on a farmers market and such? I definitely can here and Austria is not really known as a culinary stronghold.

  • Ragerius The Overlord
    Ragerius The Overlord 6 months ago

    I don't understand a damn thing you say

  • Blair Davis
    Blair Davis 6 months ago

    I just want to know what kind of pen hes using lol

  • fargley001
    fargley001 7 months ago

    8:53 - the wire

  • Theevilrhino
    Theevilrhino 7 months ago

    Just found this channel and the name is absolutely amazing. Great content too!

    PAPACITO THE 69TH 7 months ago

    The saaaaaaallttttttttt!!!

  • Ignitable Virus
    Ignitable Virus 7 months ago +1

    did you just wright a letter in 2018?

  • TheRedWingsGuy
    TheRedWingsGuy 7 months ago

    I like the way he says curds

  • Pedro Camacho
    Pedro Camacho 8 months ago

    This has nothing to do with the cheese making process at all, but I need to know where you got that amazing orange coat!!!

  • Creole Natchitoches
    Creole Natchitoches 8 months ago

    11:30 "Now I'm going to leave the matzo balls in the soup for 30 min." ;)

  • Tims Revids 2
    Tims Revids 2 8 months ago

    Ha ha yo got the wire on his wall..saying what's up from Baltimore.

  • r4vis
    r4vis 8 months ago +1

    8:17 omg,, i once tried to make mozarella and i was stuck right there. Curds were kinda dry and didn't stretch.
    I'm thrilled to see the rest of the video O_O :D

  • Emily Cedeno
    Emily Cedeno 9 months ago

    I like Oaxaca cheese more than mozzarella.

  • Allan
    Allan 9 months ago

    Why not use a sous vide circulator to maintain temperatures? Put the pot in the water batch.....

  • Lorenzo Bernini
    Lorenzo Bernini 9 months ago +1


  • marco console
    marco console 9 months ago

    if you wanna make a good mozzarella you nees to buy milk from a "farmer" and follow this guide tvclip.biz/video/0He5Ir7j3DU/video.html

  • Hazel Robertson
    Hazel Robertson 9 months ago

    J'addor la mozzarella

  • Conrad Cole
    Conrad Cole 10 months ago

    de-chloronated water to suspend the culture in

  • Giorgianni Cartamancini
    Giorgianni Cartamancini 10 months ago

    Well, you can say you did a good job when Italians aren't shouting at you :P

  • fingal42
    fingal42 10 months ago

    Blessed are the cheese makers.

  • qazi asfandyar
    qazi asfandyar 10 months ago

    Brother your videos are informative and entertaining, love from Pakistan 😀

  • Øyvind Kjønli
    Øyvind Kjønli 10 months ago

    Love the channel! Thank you. Can you look into making Norwegian brown cheese? It's not really cheese, but a biproduct of cheese making.

  • D H
    D H 10 months ago

    yogurt cultures are the best! I even use yogurt to make crème fraîche!

  • Abdullah Reagan
    Abdullah Reagan 10 months ago

    Unpopular opinion : mozzarella has little to no taste and is one of the worst cheeses by far.

  • Peter Knot
    Peter Knot 10 months ago

    Go to the countryside and buy fresh milk from a farmer!

  • Sara Almagesto
    Sara Almagesto 10 months ago

    Salut Alex! Have you seen Gavin Webber's channel? He makes cheese at home and it's pretty amazing.

  • Lexikon
    Lexikon 10 months ago

    Hi Alex, félicitations for your first homemade mozzarella... Very interesting... Will see the next video to continue... By the way... Could you make Dorayaki with homemade sweet adzuki-bean paste.. I watched a famous film about making it.. In German the title is : "Kirschblüten und rote Bohnen"... Perhaps that can be a challenge for you.. 😋

  • Murkie
    Murkie 10 months ago

    The first French person who can actually talk english.

  • Jesse Cranford
    Jesse Cranford 10 months ago

    This is off topic, Alex. But I need to know what type of pen you are writing with there at 11:47

  • Rilly Jo
    Rilly Jo 10 months ago

    12:59, got the wire on the wall. Niiice

    NAMLAZ 10 months ago

    they don't ship to france :(

  • Mel Duya
    Mel Duya 10 months ago

    the idiotic way that u speak nakes me laugh hahah

  • aaaarghh02
    aaaarghh02 10 months ago

    Raw milk is NOT risky.

  • Nadia Luthfiyani
    Nadia Luthfiyani 10 months ago

    Do you ever sleep?

  • Soap
    Soap 10 months ago

    He used gloves while handling the mozzarella 😭😭😭😭

  • rob dawson
    rob dawson 10 months ago

    I wish I could get buffalo milk here... Or even Jersey milk.. but no go... Great video, BTW.

  • Matthew Moses
    Matthew Moses 10 months ago


  • LBJ
    LBJ 10 months ago

    I love the wallpaper from The Wire

  • Sofia Cavalcante
    Sofia Cavalcante 10 months ago

    I think you used too much rennet

  • Camillo Steuss
    Camillo Steuss 10 months ago

    Thank god that my practically first door neighbours are literally running a milk farm and I can get milk in any form that I need it... Btw, go try and find a farm of cows that does dairy produce and buy yourself some fresh raw milk straight out of the udder like 2 hours ago and have it be in perfect shape given that you can then decide after some experimentation and experience how and after how many hours of milk being out of the tit the microbial activity suits your desires and results in best possible texture in mozza...

    • Camillo Steuss
      Camillo Steuss 10 months ago

      i know that you are cooking the milk but still, the enzymatic reactions still happened and change the texture... so cook it when you find it to give the best result...

  • Roku Accura
    Roku Accura 10 months ago

    Also, I think your channel is terrific & I want to see you continue to do more episodes.

  • Roku Accura
    Roku Accura 10 months ago

    Alex, I noticed when you were in the park with your bicycle, you had a key around your neck with paracord.
    Please do not put paracord tied so that it does not release around your neck. If you get it caught, it could cause very serious injury. Paracord breaks at like 550lb test which is stronger than your neck.

  • Amouna Nejjar
    Amouna Nejjar 10 months ago

    Tu parles anglais ou français??hhhh mais tes plats sont fantastique!!

  • Warpsin
    Warpsin 10 months ago

    Man I can't believe I just found d this channel I like your energy and attitude man, as well as your cooking.

  • Isaac Martinez
    Isaac Martinez 10 months ago

    Hi Bob Ross

  • Craig Christensen
    Craig Christensen 10 months ago

    Fine line between genius and madness. Great video.

  • Chuck Thompson
    Chuck Thompson 10 months ago

    I just noticed your "the wire" mural, i like it. Did you work on the show?

  • Gameboygenius
    Gameboygenius 10 months ago

    11:06 "The killer Mozzarella" Hmm, trying to figure whether you said "Mozzarella d'amour" or "Mozzarella de mort"...

  • Gebruikersstation
    Gebruikersstation 10 months ago

    and who is the pianist?

  • Ionut Udrea
    Ionut Udrea 10 months ago

    You had me at Salut! Came here from Alec Steele.

  • Bruno Chamone
    Bruno Chamone 10 months ago

    Hi. Did you use only the yogurt starter or yogurt starter plus thermophilic bacteria? Thanks.

  • LeMaus
    LeMaus 10 months ago

    Make pizza with your mozzarella.

  • Ayesha Irfan
    Ayesha Irfan 10 months ago +1

    Idk how many times I replayed the part where he suddenly breaks out in French.

  • Ka Kei Yeung
    Ka Kei Yeung 10 months ago

    When will this guy explode in popularity? 687k Subscriber really doesn't do him justice...

  • James Lewis
    James Lewis 10 months ago

    I love it when he swears in Spanish

  • Rap Kong
    Rap Kong 10 months ago

    Im going to 7 eleven anyone want anything?

  • viviane haralamb
    viviane haralamb 11 months ago

    Solange te parle tolérer me to watch and see. She was wright and I subscribed. Est ce que j'entrevois des crottes de fromage pour une bonne poutine dans le processus de la fabrication de la mozarella ?

  • Hujn Hio
    Hujn Hio 11 months ago

    You suck

  • massoud999 مسعود מסעוד

    Nice kneidelech B-)

  • Alana Robertson
    Alana Robertson 11 months ago

    your hand writing is beautiful, Alex.

  • Nongnong Nur
    Nongnong Nur 11 months ago

    yes you are mad ... brilliantly dilligent ✊✊✊👍👍👍👍🤓
    ps: please have a good rest and put some under eye 👀cream🤓

  • elkwolf
    elkwolf 11 months ago

    He likes the wire!

  • Wayne Palmar
    Wayne Palmar 11 months ago

    really loving this channel now

  • choi cora
    choi cora 11 months ago


  • choi cora
    choi cora 11 months ago

    HEY J'ai vu la vidéo avec alec et HEYYY tu sais quoi je fait partit de tes 2% de fans français ou plutôt française(du coup on peut descendre a 0.5%😂) je t'adore tu peut pas savoir tu me fait delirer avec ton accent,me fascine avec ta cuisine et m'impressionne avec tes talents en constructions,je suis une vrai fan de tout ce qui a un rapport avec la construction et le fait mains et tu nourris cette passion (ta vu le jeu de mots)avec les modification que tu fait a tes ustensiles et ceux que tu cree ou les trucs chelou que tu commande BREFF je t'adore et j'espère revoir une collab avec alec et j'ai aussi mis un com en dessous de la vidéo du marteau attendrisseur biz je suis fière d'être de ta fanbase

  • C W
    C W 11 months ago

    I love your videos!!!!!! So scientific and so fun to watch!!! You put so much work into it! Thank you!!!

  • Hartwig Hansen
    Hartwig Hansen 11 months ago +2

    Why you don't use kefir as culture?
    There all mesophilic and thermophilic bacteria including to make all kind of cheese. Mozzarella including.
    But don't use the kefir from supermarket.
    You need the original kefir-fungi.
    Set up the kefir with milk 2-3 day's befor you will make any cheese and use the kefir without the fungi.
    So you can make all kind of cheese depend of the themperature from ripening.
    Never buy any culture again, no matter which.
    Take a look of the Book from David Asher:
    "The Art of Natural Cheesemaking:
    Using Traditional Methods and Natural Ingredients to Make the World's Best Cheeses"
    You will find it on Amazon.
    Happy cheesy

  • Eliot 0632
    Eliot 0632 11 months ago

    Tellement cool 😎 👌

  • 호최은
    호최은 11 months ago

    Hello? Alex. I'm a Korean. It is also a subscriber who loves your channel. Sometimes there are videos with Korean subtitles. There were only two of them. If possible .. if possible .. Please add Korean. Thank you. I will always take care of it even if it is not Korean. I do not know what you mean, I always look and always love. Thank you for taking a look at my comments. Have a nice day!

  • n3n4d5
    n3n4d5 11 months ago

    I have a funny feeling you over cooked the cheese