Kayle Champion Spotlight | Gameplay - League of Legends

  • Published on Mar 4, 2019
  • She decides who lives and dies. Witness how Kayle delivers her divine judgment.
    The Kayle champion spotlight reveals the new gameplay and visual update for League of Legends’ classic celestial warrior.
    See a preview of Kayle’s new abilities in game and how her kit leaves enemies begging for mercy. Her ultimate, Divine Judgment, unleashes a cascade of shining swords, and her new Starfire Spellblade melts foes with ranged attacks that deal fiery area of effect damage.
    Over the course of the game, Kayle ascends and transforms, increasing in power, flying on multiple wings, and becoming a rapid-fire DPS late game threat. Watch the full champion spotlight to see the Righteous become almighty.
    Kayle is on PBE now and will be live and available to play in game soon. In the meantime, check out more Kayle preview content:
    Kayle Reveal: na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/champion-kayle-morgana
    Kayle Champion Trailer: tvclip.biz/video/xyBy2J6u8Tg/video.html
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  • Rasah Sin
    Rasah Sin 18 hours ago

    aspect of justice? xD tyrael wannabe

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    Ling left the group

  • Meth
    Meth 3 days ago

    Why did only Kayle get an official champion spotlight?

  • JiSo
    JiSo 4 days ago

    I take great pride in purchasing Kayle as my first champion ever in this game.

  • Kitana Major
    Kitana Major 5 days ago

    I haven't seen a spotlight for Morgana, yet.

  • Emman Cardano
    Emman Cardano 9 days ago


  • DoBetter BeBest
    DoBetter BeBest 13 days ago

    still waiting for morgana tho.

  • Bradley Charles
    Bradley Charles 23 days ago

    is she any good???

  • Jakiś ktoś
    Jakiś ktoś Month ago

    Love u for lv six ranged rito she were too bad when she had flames on 6

  • ridiccro161
    ridiccro161 2 months ago

    nerf asu caga de chap la wea estupida por que lleges a nivel 11 y ganas

  • Dcdscdc 017
    Dcdscdc 017 2 months ago

    I know I am a noob and new to LOL but even in my standards Isn't she too OP???

  • Supremacia Montus
    Supremacia Montus 2 months ago

    Where is the old voice over tho.

  • غامض الهوية
    غامض الهوية 2 months ago

    there is no god like stop saying that brainless

  • Robert
    Robert 2 months ago

    Lol thieves

  • Ultra G15
    Ultra G15 2 months ago +1

    Butchered where you stand by the Butcher of the Sands

  • Casper Christensen
    Casper Christensen 2 months ago

    Spinach IS better, in the right amount and the right dish.

  • Lzzz 3
    Lzzz 3 2 months ago

    This new revamped is scary

  • TʜᴇAʀᴄᴛɪᴄ
    TʜᴇAʀᴄᴛɪᴄ 2 months ago +7

    Feeder Kayle: **exists**
    Feeder Yasuo: *Finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!*

    TANG WEI SHUN - 2 months ago

    Kayle should've been in bot lane, being kinda like a marksman.

  • Azrael Malak Al Maut
    Azrael Malak Al Maut 2 months ago

    Im a new player and kayle is the first hero i bought coz shes cheap

  • Guilherme Santos
    Guilherme Santos 3 months ago


  • Nikola Rajic
    Nikola Rajic 3 months ago


  • Beowulf Macbethson
    Beowulf Macbethson 3 months ago +1

    Wow, a new minion to farm stacks!

  • Simple Man
    Simple Man 3 months ago

    No one:
    Not a single soul:
    League: EXTRA THICC

  • kazuya kenzaki
    kazuya kenzaki 3 months ago

    She has great thighs

  • Skyvenomfilms
    Skyvenomfilms 3 months ago

    People joke about how kayles gold out to lv 16 but realistically its true
    I played a match where we qere losing and won just because of true damage ranged auto attacks

  • Tommy Drako
    Tommy Drako 3 months ago

    im just here for the puns

  • Lovi Ane
    Lovi Ane 3 months ago

    Does anybody noticed that Kayle is thicc?

  • Just Chopin
    Just Chopin 3 months ago


  • Jason21 is sweg
    Jason21 is sweg 4 months ago

    *Garen wants to know your location*

  • LJay Manayon
    LJay Manayon 4 months ago


  • Bolastwo
    Bolastwo 4 months ago

    That's not kayle

  • Aquanara Boa enzo
    Aquanara Boa enzo 4 months ago +1

    She need a star guardian skin

  • Fiona The Teleportal Kween

    Im not feeling her wings with this one.. It doesn’t give me the angel wings that flaps and will lift you up and soar in the sky. Instead it feels like it’s just a fragile cape wings like.

  • Parus Boghani
    Parus Boghani 4 months ago +2

    lol 3:10 I see you phreak. Always sneaking a pun in there xD

  • Skyvenomfilms
    Skyvenomfilms 5 months ago

    She is a late game power house but she'll feed jungle and top like its Thanksgiving

  • Kim Pot
    Kim Pot 5 months ago


  • J R
    J R 5 months ago

    I preferred the old kayle, this just makes her more generic.

  • Scumbag Tony
    Scumbag Tony 5 months ago +3

    I just want to say, after like 60 Kayle games in a row now, I really appreciate this rework.

  • MakeMeDinner
    MakeMeDinner 5 months ago +1

    "Kayle decides who lives and dies"
    Adc teamate *dies* : "Am i a joke to you?"

  • IamMe
    IamMe 5 months ago

    hey that is the moonlight greatsword

  • Jonah Kim
    Jonah Kim 5 months ago

    Can Soraka get a buff or something?

  • Jonino Coraza
    Jonino Coraza 5 months ago +4

    *Remember Kids **-Evelynn-* *Kayle* *Is Good For You*

  • Marinette Espartinez
    Marinette Espartinez 6 months ago

    Others at 0:24:wow dats so cool
    Me at 0:24:hey its irelia

  • Mister Hamlicrazy123
    Mister Hamlicrazy123 6 months ago

    I use to hate kayle. I like this new rework.

  • o Shego o
    o Shego o 6 months ago +1

    I'm a Kayle main 🙋

  • VisInvis
    VisInvis 6 months ago +1

    I hate that they remake champion skills, made me stop playing the game. Lost my old Urgot, Gangplank, Evelyn, Talon and more. Why ruin current champions that people fell in love with when you can just create more?

    • Chill Dash
      Chill Dash 5 months ago

      Also evelynn could’ve use a small makeover too but, really?

    • Chill Dash
      Chill Dash 5 months ago

      VisInvis I know right? I mean, okay, maybe a small makeup since the the design Is old, but, a body suit? For KAYLE?

  • Zer0wl
    Zer0wl 6 months ago

    "take your crusade..." DEUS VULT INFIDEL intensifies

    THE FACELESS 6 months ago +6


  • kuqi
    kuqi 6 months ago


  • Mattheo Louis
    Mattheo Louis 6 months ago

    Morgana Champion Spotlight

  • Seelena Artemis Gaia
    Seelena Artemis Gaia 6 months ago

    When will you make a Morgana Champion Spotlight,
    Because you made a Kayle Spotlight, when will you make a Morgana one

  • Never Gonnatell
    Never Gonnatell 6 months ago

    Champ is more trash than it was before.

  • Rory Dixon
    Rory Dixon 6 months ago +1

    Has a Kayle main coming back to leauge this is gonna be difficult

  • Light
    Light 6 months ago

    Kayle should be rescales to match the proper size. 2019, Riot still use the same body size LOL. Shameful displayed for degenerate.

  • Ťākâ_ -śÿańnē
    Ťākâ_ -śÿańnē 6 months ago

    Please add lol to play store :'(

  • Kumara Velu
    Kumara Velu 6 months ago +1

    What is the name of this game in Google play store??

  • c o s m i c ø r b i t
    c o s m i c ø r b i t 6 months ago

    What about morgana?

  • Simon K.
    Simon K. 6 months ago

    why do they have to ruin all ogs....

  • Andre Klinge
    Andre Klinge 6 months ago +1

    More armor less spandex.