Kayle Champion Spotlight | Gameplay - League of Legends

  • Published on Mar 4, 2019
  • She decides who lives and dies. Witness how Kayle delivers her divine judgment.
    The Kayle champion spotlight reveals the new gameplay and visual update for League of Legends’ classic celestial warrior.
    See a preview of Kayle’s new abilities in game and how her kit leaves enemies begging for mercy. Her ultimate, Divine Judgment, unleashes a cascade of shining swords, and her new Starfire Spellblade melts foes with ranged attacks that deal fiery area of effect damage.
    Over the course of the game, Kayle ascends and transforms, increasing in power, flying on multiple wings, and becoming a rapid-fire DPS late game threat. Watch the full champion spotlight to see the Righteous become almighty.
    Kayle is on PBE now and will be live and available to play in game soon. In the meantime, check out more Kayle preview content:
    Kayle Reveal: na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/champion-kayle-morgana
    Kayle Champion Trailer: tvclip.biz/video/xyBy2J6u8Tg/video.html
    Seen the champion spotlight and ready for more? Check out other League content, like the K/DA music video and the AWAKEN animation, featuring champions like Akali, Ahri, Evelynn, Kai’Sa, Jhin, Camille, Draven, Riven, Irelia, Sion, Karma, Yasuo, Kennen, and more:
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Comments • 3 382

  • Kumara Velu
    Kumara Velu 6 hours ago

    What is the name of this game in Google play store??

  • c o s m i c ø r b i t

    What about morgana?

  • Simon K.
    Simon K. 2 days ago

    why do they have to ruin all ogs....

  • Andre Klinge
    Andre Klinge 3 days ago

    More armor less spandex.

  • artificial l
    artificial l 3 days ago

    shes cool but shes reminds me of like of s mixture of furia from paladins, freya from smite. pls dont attack me i love her

  • Kulfyr3
    Kulfyr3 7 days ago

    How does she jump over them at 2:56?

  • Austin Powers
    Austin Powers 8 days ago +1

    Should I main Kayle or quin

    • dragon force
      dragon force 2 days ago

      +Austin Powers kayle only good for late game i find her trashy its like lee syndrome over and over again

    • Austin Powers
      Austin Powers 3 days ago

      +dragon force why

    • dragon force
      dragon force 3 days ago


  • Austin Powers
    Austin Powers 8 days ago +1

    Kayle looks so cool now

  • AP-YI
    AP-YI 9 days ago +3

    Kayle is like yasuo..
    Ally Kayle - 0/9 *don't worry we got the late*

  • Electro Thunderz
    Electro Thunderz 9 days ago

    In 3:05 They Should Have Added The Terrible Pun Of Get The Kill To Get The Kayla Am I Right???

  • The Fandom Channel
    The Fandom Channel 10 days ago

    Wow. Make her armor more feminine now.

  • i am aborted
    i am aborted 12 days ago +1

    this is like aateox before his major rework. feast or famine

  • kill3r Gamer245
    kill3r Gamer245 12 days ago

    Wow... another way my name can be spelled... My name is kael 😂

  • Arrngrim1
    Arrngrim1 14 days ago


  • Νίκος Βουράκης

    Revert akali

  • DUnkstER
    DUnkstER 16 days ago

    Rito nerf lvl 16 kayle

  • Curtis Tackie
    Curtis Tackie 18 days ago

    Kale is better than spinach

  • Skorpi00007
    Skorpi00007 18 days ago

    I play 3v3 mainly and i had to check this video out because every game there is a kayle in my team or enemy team they go 0/5 early game but lategame they kill the entire enemy team carrying the game. This meme is too close to true

  • OneVeigarShot
    OneVeigarShot 20 days ago

    I want a new skin for Veigar!

  • jj W
    jj W 21 day ago +1

    When will the new champion spotlight come out for Morganna?

  • Trey
    Trey 21 day ago

    Out **scale**.. I got it. Balance, judgement, ..scales. Ugh.

  • Mr. Never Wrong
    Mr. Never Wrong 21 day ago


  • Tifrea Adelin
    Tifrea Adelin 22 days ago

    well... now she got a better Garen ult... good stuff Rito :(

  • I am not Senpai
    I am not Senpai 23 days ago

    Seeing these comments i guess I’m the only one who mains kayle and actually would beg her to use R on me 🥰. Ughh kayle just stab that beautiful blade through my heart

  • minimillar14
    minimillar14 25 days ago

    This game is a waste of time, it is special to addict its users, its publicity proves it: aimed at the minor public by attracting them in a way that is better to read or if they can play entertaining games.

  • alex mercer
    alex mercer 25 days ago

    stupid champion fkng stupid champion go and fix her insane atack speed and dmg

  • BOB Marley
    BOB Marley 25 days ago

    Literally no point of playing nasus or tryndamere

    • BOB Marley
      BOB Marley Day ago

      Nate River the thing is. Even playing with decent macro those two champions become extremely useless in high elo. Theres just way too many ways to counter their gameplay

    • Nate River
      Nate River Day ago

      If you have decent macro, those 2 champs are insane.

  • stephenmsf
    stephenmsf 25 days ago

    Can we just talk about how incredibly sexualized the Kayle rework is? Like we went from full plate armor to a skin-tight suit

  • Daniel Bendiksen
    Daniel Bendiksen 27 days ago

    The damage in this video is far from accurate, in my games she aa three time and os my whole team

  • Katie Fagan
    Katie Fagan 29 days ago

    Kayle and Morgana were literally both some of the first champions I ever learned to play (before I even knew they're lore connected as sisters). Now they both just got huge reworks.
    Idk how to feel anymore :(
    Edit: And I started playing in the Second season forever years ago! I have the Judgement Kayle skin to prove it :(

    • VidsOf2Friends
      VidsOf2Friends 28 days ago

      Morgana "huge rework".
      Wow her ulti got a speedup and she has a different look

  • Grégory Z.
    Grégory Z. Month ago

    Those thighs and hips!!!

  • Menchie Roque
    Menchie Roque Month ago +1

    I Hope Riot Will Rework Sona And Make Her As A Mage

  • Chrisanity
    Chrisanity Month ago +1

    did the HoT heroes applied to LoL for employment?

  • Angelo Tristan Landicho

    Did you See the invisible blue when they are fighting in herald?

  • D.O.D Easy Fit
    D.O.D Easy Fit Month ago

    vayne can't even beat kayle 1vs1 in late game... wtf please nerf kayle -_-

  • Mid Lane Only
    Mid Lane Only Month ago

    Spinach is better than Kayle? new champ confirmed.

    • Everss Games
      Everss Games 29 days ago

      xD spinach is a vegetable, because he said kayle is good for you, but spinach is better for kids

    • Everss Games
      Everss Games 29 days ago

      who is spinach?

  • Anton103
    Anton103 Month ago

    3:08 I see what you did there

  • RetroDogo
    RetroDogo Month ago +1

    3:19 blue buff bug

  • Wesley McJunkin
    Wesley McJunkin Month ago

    Phreak's outsKAYLE line was great.

  • Χρήστος Τριανταφύλλου

    More like the aspect of true damage

  • Demi K
    Demi K Month ago

    rito : we make new rework of kyle.. now u can go from silver to diamond in 1 week enjoy our balanced kayle 70k dmg in 30 min

  • Kevin Wang
    Kevin Wang Month ago

    Best Remake Ever

  • Dominic Valentin
    Dominic Valentin Month ago

    I wish they did this with every character its really helpfull

  • Darshan Bhambhani
    Darshan Bhambhani Month ago

    So where is morgana spotlight?

  • Blueberry 585
    Blueberry 585 Month ago +1

    the ult is slightly same as neeko

  • miguel pare
    miguel pare Month ago


  • philippe cardinal
    philippe cardinal Month ago

    She seams op

  • shadowpod13
    shadowpod13 Month ago

    Try her in the jungle as a "farm to 6" jungler. Sort of like Yi. That would make your farming phase a lot safer.

    IMPERIALX YT Month ago

    I am impress and I hate so much you cant play these game on a Phone because its the most used tool now days.

  • Peo0pl3 GA5
    Peo0pl3 GA5 Month ago

    i would love to play lol but problem is their are too many character. will take me atleast 2 month just to get used to all my enemy and my team champions abilities in order to be helpful :(

    • Yaowei Liang
      Yaowei Liang 25 days ago

      its more like, learn 1 champion (character) and dodge as many projectile as you can.

  • James
    James Month ago

    Kayle looks like shes going to be a late game nightmare
    Kayle early game "we got the late game guys" 0'20'0
    Kayle late game "all enemy champions have left the game" 35'20'33

  • Im 1nsane
    Im 1nsane Month ago

    what happen riot games you delete my comment because truth hurts?
    and you don't even understand I wrote the comment not for hate of your game
    but because I love this game and I want to see it again real league of legends

  • Lilian Holguin
    Lilian Holguin Month ago +1

    No hablo inglés por eso no entendí nada

  • Daniel Trusca
    Daniel Trusca Month ago +1

    So kayle is basicaly thanos with all 6 infinity stones?

  • imymejubilee
    imymejubilee Month ago +1

    Why I love League, it's so much more substance and depth to the fighting.

  • Word Word Words
    Word Word Words Month ago

    Who thought giving aoe true damage waves was a good idea

  • LAOK242
    LAOK242 Month ago

    I love how Kyle in the splash art has plated armor on her chest but in game its just some skin tight lycra, Rito really wants get on the good side of the R34 crowd. Also I'm not even surprised anymore at the generic doll face but the helmet is a really big miss, good thing that goes away as the game progresses, that alone is worth leveling.

    Anyway, looks aside it actually seems like they just moved stuff around her kit and directed her more towards one role that I allready used her for, so this might not be as bad as expected. Guess I'll update the client and give a go.

  • Alecksander VanDal
    Alecksander VanDal Month ago

    mu online

  • local inquisitor
    local inquisitor Month ago

    bu buuut where is her amror

  • Marcos Silva
    Marcos Silva Month ago

    Lol e muito bugado um bug atrás do outro meu deus nao aguento mais até moba e melhor e tem menos bugs

  • hendon ixasedron
    hendon ixasedron Month ago

    many of you say that the champion spotlights have become more lackluster as of late, but if you really look closely, it is exactly the same.
    -breakdown of abilities, check
    -phreak's god awful outplays, check
    -specta-kayle-r puns, check
    -tons of damage.

    huh I guess it was never that great to begin with

  • StevenJr. That other weird guy

    *please don't nerf kayle rito, she's already weak in early game*

  • Nightrider 21
    Nightrider 21 Month ago

    Good rework

  • Snoufi '-'
    Snoufi '-' Month ago +1

    worst reworke i have ever seen, 100% useless af

  • Trevor AngELo StryderZ

    Now, give us Star Guardian Morgana & Dark Star Kayle.

  • iWin3AloT - Kiri
    iWin3AloT - Kiri Month ago

    Imagine the sephiroth memes

  • Feeluck
    Feeluck Month ago +1

    still not a fan of those reworked kayle/morgana wings. especially morgana's wings look like a dead chicken and no way near the actual cool wings in the login screen.....
    so she only get her actual feels-like-kayle ranged attack mode on level 11? like. when you've already lost the game, due to a lack of range?

  • Ultimatum Pro2
    Ultimatum Pro2 Month ago +4

    Ahh i see they are still changing old characters 😒 good thing i quit after the shen rework nerf... i mean buff””

  • Yi Master
    Yi Master Month ago

    Looking forward to a song with lyrics for Master Yi! From fans of Master Yi!

  • LeftyLunatic
    LeftyLunatic Month ago

    Sorry but if this is kayle's rework than bring back cass's old passive back. Roit said cass's old passive was too stong because she got a power spike every stack mark what makes Kayle's passive any different?

  • Aaryan xll
    Aaryan xll Month ago +2

    I can already see the nerfs. Attack range lowered so Kayle has to be closer in fights and same with the waves lol. Mark my words

  • Panda Pie
    Panda Pie Month ago

    So helmetless kayle skin loses its value now?

    • Vladix Ice
      Vladix Ice Month ago

      new skin called transcendent kayle is the replacement

  • William Angell
    William Angell Month ago

    Haven't played league in ~2months, thanks for putting the nail in the coffin.

  • IAm NoOne
    IAm NoOne Month ago

    A whole new level of inting I guess?

  • Electro Thunderz
    Electro Thunderz Month ago

    The Jokes Are Getting Worse

  • Arnt
    Arnt Month ago

    I delet this game. Just **** riot

  • xDavemon #1 Pyke NA
    xDavemon #1 Pyke NA Month ago +143

    Kayle thinks she's above everyone else because she can fly or something, I'm not sure man, she's just sassy..

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago

    Phreak youre a god!

  • Zander Chen
    Zander Chen Month ago

    But I am a simple man
    I see *teemo die*
    I click like

  • Zander Chen
    Zander Chen Month ago

    I am not a complex man
    *I see teemo die*
    I click like

  • Zander Chen
    Zander Chen Month ago

    Isn't it a sin for women to wear pants.. Due 22.5 so morrigan is actually the righteous one and Kayle is the sinner

  • Rylai Lina
    Rylai Lina Month ago

    should you play her on bot lane and have zilean support ? hmmmmmmmmmmmm........

  • David Flello
    David Flello Month ago

    "Kayle is good for you.................... Spinach is better!"

  • ming liu
    ming liu Month ago

    Please take chinensan

  • ming liu
    ming liu Month ago


  • Ben Meulink
    Ben Meulink Month ago

    3:10 Kayle yourself

  • MadLove isReal
    MadLove isReal Month ago

    so they're not going to release morgana's spotlight? why?

  • Black Water
    Black Water Month ago


  • Chaosghostrider666
    Chaosghostrider666 Month ago

    The worst rework.

  • It's a person Omg
    It's a person Omg Month ago

    Riot. Thanks for making a character that made me smash my keyboard when I started in season 6 and making her ready to shove NOT 1 BUT 2 SWORD UP MY AAAAA

  • Zach Cline
    Zach Cline Month ago

    community: we dont want or less of damage true damage and %hp damage
    Riot: hold my beer

  • Raider Z
    Raider Z Month ago

    Slaps gold in *Ravenous Hydra*

  • Joey Leeuwen
    Joey Leeuwen Month ago

    i sincerely hate what they did to this champion

  • Mikleo Amane
    Mikleo Amane Month ago

    Am I the only one who think it's unfair that they reworked Kayle and didn't do anything to Morgana but update her spalsh art and particles. I mean yes she works and has nothing wrong with her, but the thing is, I think she deserve to be spiced up a bit more.

  • Owl Lm
    Owl Lm Month ago

    I Love this type of games

  • Help Skarner and Warwick pls

    Ty for the skarner buff.

  • deena dayalan
    deena dayalan Month ago +8

    So far almost half of league champions got erased and reworked. This should be technically renamed as league if legends 2.

  • Marcus Sarmiento
    Marcus Sarmiento Month ago

    Kayle + Zillian combo

  • Scott Hart
    Scott Hart Month ago

    Kale > Spinach

  • The Fibrillator
    The Fibrillator Month ago

    I think Rito's goto for making champs more interesting is just give them explosions. Like invincibility wasn't interesting enough, it had to invincibility with EXPLOSIONS!