Eric Andre Turns Into Tay Zonday While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Aug 4, 2016
  • On the Eric Andre Show, comedian Eric Andre takes the format of late-night TV shows and flips it on its head, turning his set into a gonzo celebrity dystopia full of vermin and vomit. So, needless to say, we were curious to see what he'd make of our ridiculous interview format, where each question is accompanied by an increasingly spicy chicken wing. His take on the experience: "This is a nightmare, dude."
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  • Ken Sherman
    Ken Sherman Day ago


  • Jon Costello
    Jon Costello Day ago

    I've never seen Sean rendered speechless before, that was a fucking beautiful transition into lunacy.

  • Jon Costello
    Jon Costello Day ago

    "I'm gonna fuckin' eat out your camera operators.
    ... You hear that??
    *BOYS?????????* "

  • spaghetios _
    spaghetios _ Day ago

    Petition to name their next sauce "bucket of shit" 15:37

  • Syxx66
    Syxx66 Day ago

    C'mon Eric. Transgender is not an adverb.

  • matt nelson
    matt nelson Day ago


  • Sean Gold
    Sean Gold Day ago

    I love Blair's mega death.

  • I am Bear
    I am Bear Day ago

    You have anymore milk

  • Bluemilk92
    Bluemilk92 Day ago

    Eric Andre flippin' the script. Low key avoiding interrogation by interviewing our host instead.

  • Shin Kintsurugi
    Shin Kintsurugi Day ago

    Gordon Ramsay: This program is not normal. Have you ever killed anybody?!
    Sean Evans: We haven't heard from Coolio in a while...

  • Masterchief56068

    17:13 you can see the fear in Sean's eyes...I don't blame him Eric Andre scares the shit out of me

  • Rainbow Cheese94


  • Dylan [Smith]
    Dylan [Smith] Day ago

    Why is it that when I put Donald Trump in the Wu-Tang generator I get President Agent Orange? Is someone messing with the system?

  • Dylan [Smith]
    Dylan [Smith] 2 days ago

    I don't know if Eric is seriously getting angry that people make jokes online that could be seen as serious or if he's just joshing. Because if he is serious then he's a major hypocrite. He doesn't understand the internet. Celebrities have power on the internet, but only when they don't piss off the people. Eric, don't try to reply to all of these jokers. They are as nihilistic as you. Internet humour is very unique. Maybe even more crazy than your humour.

  • Dylan [Smith]
    Dylan [Smith] 2 days ago

    My Wu Tang name is Intellectual Observer. I don't know what that means.

  • RK35
    RK35 2 days ago

    Lou Ferigno

  • mellowdrips
    mellowdrips 2 days ago

    He's cool guy

  • mellowdrips
    mellowdrips 2 days ago

    This shit is painful to watch

  • Clayton The Omni-One

    "I'll see you in hell Coolio"

  • Declan MacKinnon
    Declan MacKinnon 2 days ago

    Where is the ranch

    XSPENCERX 2 days ago

    11:24 - 11:58

  • Hot Coldman
    Hot Coldman 2 days ago

    I think he went insane at the end

  • Lalo Landa
    Lalo Landa 2 days ago

    Singing is the best catharsis out there.

  • Hasitat
    Hasitat 2 days ago

    I didn't know I liked Eric Andre until I saw this

  • joshua Henry
    joshua Henry 2 days ago

    They fucked up the order of the sauces at 8:49

  • Otelo Contreras
    Otelo Contreras 2 days ago

    should have played "hot chicken, tell me what your missin, kissin on a man while im workin in the kitchen"

  • Helen Souris
    Helen Souris 2 days ago


  • Everybody has left the chat

    I’m half fucking asleep and then I wake up to, “TANASHE WHERE YOU AT”

  • Hands Down
    Hands Down 3 days ago

    99.6% of the dislikes are from the LGBTQ community, for Eric's unaired joke.

  • Jimbo Learner
    Jimbo Learner 3 days ago

    Eric- I hit her up on the DMs she didn't write back.
    Sean- What did you say?
    Eric- Y'know the classics I wanna get you pregnant

  • JJ Dryer
    JJ Dryer 3 days ago

    “ that’s all you got liquid rage?!?!?” As he’s crying lol, flavor country, lol this one is good

  • retarded animation
    retarded animation 3 days ago

    Crazies man on the show

  • Zahid Tabassum
    Zahid Tabassum 3 days ago +1

    from 16:51, his "Is that all you've got, liquid rage?!" is HILARIOUS AF; sounds like being defiant and crying at the same time, lol!

  • Salem Martell
    Salem Martell 3 days ago

    I love how Eric actually eats the wings and not just take a tiny peck from it like a lot of them do. He’s also hilarious 😂 this is my favourite one!

  • RobustPickle
    RobustPickle 3 days ago

    "You need to respect the hot sauce."

  • sir dude
    sir dude 3 days ago

    man this guy is funny asf. I clicked cause of the "tay zonday" title so glad I watched chocolate rain ages ago

  • To have and have not

    Piping hot monkey toilet.

  • Anguirus2012
    Anguirus2012 3 days ago

    FUNNIEST one yet!

  • roronoa Zoro
    roronoa Zoro 3 days ago +1

    18:43 he called it, don trump won lol

  • Daniel Ripley
    Daniel Ripley 3 days ago +1

    18:29 the sound he makes

  • saša
    saša 3 days ago

    in FWF you can see that all those "popular" folks are just pathetic, boring, low class actors.

  • Moto Mav
    Moto Mav 4 days ago

    Greatest quote ever "I feel like a bucket of shit" XD rolling

  • Kieran Fowler
    Kieran Fowler 4 days ago

    He was a one hit wonder .... don't you dare

  • Marque Aguilar
    Marque Aguilar 4 days ago

    U know what this show should put ryan crouser he olimpic old medalist of shotput 2016

  • IrishKisame007
    IrishKisame007 4 days ago


  • ssjTeXas
    ssjTeXas 4 days ago

    it's like p90x for your tongue hahahaha

  • buddyroach
    buddyroach 4 days ago

    cambodia death camp. im dying.

  • buddyroach
    buddyroach 4 days ago

    his wu tang name is actually Thunderous Ninja. Donald Glover however is Childish Gambino.

  • buddyroach
    buddyroach 4 days ago

    that intro tho. "thats the selling point. BUURRRRP". that 'not giving a fuck' personna. fuck yeah dude. legalize ranch and investigate 311, bitch.

  • James M1079
    James M1079 4 days ago

    Chocolate rain! Must cost a lot to drankadee! Lool

  • deegan727
    deegan727 4 days ago

    The last few minutes was like watching a never ending train wreck with lots of fatalities.

  • Paul Heckman
    Paul Heckman 4 days ago

    "I went to college in Bangkok" haha

  • Hunter Whaley
    Hunter Whaley 5 days ago

    I meditate
    I jog
    I eat salad

  • M Cárdenas
    M Cárdenas 5 days ago

    Seans face when Eric starts smashing shit into his head is priceless. Amusement+concern+a bit of fear.

  • Liam Robinson
    Liam Robinson 5 days ago

    I love how you hear people behind the set reacting when he smashed shit over his head

  • Andre Tucker
    Andre Tucker 5 days ago

    "im in the K hole dude"

  • Alysah Butler
    Alysah Butler 5 days ago

    This was the funniest one, idc 🤣

  • Big Daddy Dee
    Big Daddy Dee 5 days ago

    My name is : Petsy Samurai wtf?



  • John Beaver Benitez
    John Beaver Benitez 5 days ago

    Ahahaha fvcking nuts

  • Wyatt L
    Wyatt L 5 days ago

    12:20 i fucking DIED

  • Axiom Exodus
    Axiom Exodus 5 days ago +1

    that glass and plate didn’t seem like glass or a plate.

  • stefan choir
    stefan choir 5 days ago

    Interview dr. steve brule next plz.

  • Lee Jones
    Lee Jones 5 days ago

    famous people don't respond to praise on the internet.

  • Isabelle Alice
    Isabelle Alice 6 days ago

    absolute favorite video on this channel, subbed just because you got Eric fucking Andre to eat hot wings and talk shit

  • TheWonderSquid
    TheWonderSquid 6 days ago

    I love the random “Jeremy spoke in....” Pearl Jam reference there

  • J
    J 6 days ago +1

    I found him pretty annoying tbh

  • tatito rodriguez
    tatito rodriguez 6 days ago +11

    16:39 dont know what he was trying to say but this killed me.

    • Juan Mercado
      Juan Mercado 3 days ago +1

      tatito rodriguez haha, i think it’s “more human than human” by rob zombie.

  • Beerus The god of destruction

    So no one gonna talk about what he said at 1:55

  • Parker Hollingsed
    Parker Hollingsed 6 days ago +4

    He’s kinda like Trevor from gta in real life 😂

  • TopFlightSecurity415

    "the classics...i wanna get you pregnant" lmao!!!

  • Mahin Mazid
    Mahin Mazid 7 days ago +1

    according to my research(this vid) pain 100% has weed in it

  • Doodle Bob
    Doodle Bob 7 days ago

    2:05 LMAO

  • The Milk Man
    The Milk Man 7 days ago

    Was some of this interview cut out?

  • Shaun Goin
    Shaun Goin 7 days ago

    So I put my name in the Wu Tang name generator, my name was Foolish Commander

  • Alberto2341
    Alberto2341 7 days ago +171

    Cambodia Deathcamp? Sounds like a good hot sauce name.

  • Eddie King
    Eddie King 7 days ago

    Chocolate rain!!

  • Brandon Umagat
    Brandon Umagat 7 days ago

    They should of had some ranch for Eric instead of milk.

  • MichaelMikeyMike 1999

    15:45 it’s like a commercial for mega death staring Eric Andrea

  • Whedah Mcfartch
    Whedah Mcfartch 7 days ago

    He's a tool

  • Daniel Hadley
    Daniel Hadley 7 days ago

    you should do regular people i got sum stories to tell and eat all dem shits

  • v_Keii
    v_Keii 7 days ago +3

    “You only you only live once once” wise words from a wise man.

  • fuck off
    fuck off 7 days ago +2

    "ChOColAtE RAiN"
    *smashes glass of skull*

  • stroock6394
    stroock6394 7 days ago

    3:42 I highly lol from that verse

  • Hybrid child preda zero door

    Was he singing Jeremy?

  • youtubesucks
    youtubesucks 7 days ago

    Still the best one

  • MrThatblueguy
    MrThatblueguy 7 days ago

    Back when 550k was the hottest, not it's like 2million, and this one is "just" the third to last one

  • letsstartapeaceriot
    letsstartapeaceriot 7 days ago

    You guys changed the into

  • GalaticTurtle21
    GalaticTurtle21 8 days ago

    Waka flocks is vegan

  • Templar Knight
    Templar Knight 8 days ago

    High Key wanted him to smash that glass full of milk in his face

  • Solidude Hermit
    Solidude Hermit 8 days ago

    Funniest guest I've seen

  • The18x18x
    The18x18x 8 days ago


  • J 17z
    J 17z 8 days ago

    Why is this so funny

  • AceyCamui
    AceyCamui 8 days ago +2

    "I'll see you in hell, Coolio" lmao

  • Matthew Zigrang
    Matthew Zigrang 8 days ago +1

    I feel bad for anyone in the room with Eric while the cameras are on.

  • wilson crespo
    wilson crespo 8 days ago +1

    “Chocolate rain! Must cost a lot for dry cleaning” lmfaoo

  • radical adequacy
    radical adequacy 8 days ago +5

    eric andre show us your enlarged clitoris and then we'll let you make trans jokes

  • adam bryant
    adam bryant 8 days ago

    Cambodia death camp 🤣🤣🤣🤣