Eric Andre Turns Into Tay Zonday While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Aug 4, 2016
  • On the Eric Andre Show, comedian Eric Andre takes the format of late-night TV shows and flips it on its head, turning his set into a gonzo celebrity dystopia full of vermin and vomit. So, needless to say, we were curious to see what he'd make of our ridiculous interview format, where each question is accompanied by an increasingly spicy chicken wing. His take on the experience: "This is a nightmare, dude."
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Comments • 12 155

  • cody butts
    cody butts 2 hours ago

    Best episode by far

  • Nick Blazer
    Nick Blazer 17 hours ago

    When ur so broken u start singing Pearl Jam 😂

  • Green BYOB
    Green BYOB 19 hours ago

    You absolutely don't have to give the internet what they want. Imagine what kind've fuck'bucket that'd be.

  • Rachel Marie
    Rachel Marie 20 hours ago

    Wow the ending was crazy lmfao

  • Hector Sanchez
    Hector Sanchez 23 hours ago


  • Paulo Dominguez
    Paulo Dominguez Day ago

    I just love how Sean suffers every time Eric breaks a fucking dish

  • Paulo Dominguez
    Paulo Dominguez Day ago

    "I'll see you in hell Coolio"

  • StitchedinMack
    StitchedinMack Day ago

    Holy hell the sauce must be hot enough to overcome physical pain

  • Pinocchio The Lie God

    Aye aye aye

  • StitchedinMack
    StitchedinMack Day ago

    I wouldn’t mind having Eric’s kids. Just sayin’, not gonna lie I’d fender bender his flower if he wasn’t shallow. Fr

    HELLASTORM // Day ago


  • Viktor ros
    Viktor ros Day ago

    i think Eric andre has the worst table manners of all time

  • DeadButton
    DeadButton Day ago

    Sauce so hot it turned him retarded

  • Accaillia Carter

    16:40 What the actual fuck??? 😂😂😂 What the hell does he say??

  • Willz __
    Willz __ Day ago

    Now it's only fair that Eric puts this guy on his show, BIRD UP!!
    "The music industry is kind of dead" Ain't that the truth.

  • HeyySouL
    HeyySouL 2 days ago +1

    Welcome to Hot Ones where the wings are cold, the milk is warm and the water is tap.

  • Mason
    Mason 2 days ago

    I like the Hulk Hogan at the end 😆

  • Arlis Grajeda
    Arlis Grajeda 2 days ago

    This episode actually made me laugh 😆
    “I feel like a bucket of shit .”
    I felt that.

  • Ben Yob
    Ben Yob 2 days ago

    “..I’m a father was a semen....R.I.P.”

  • Dev Cow
    Dev Cow 2 days ago

    Eric Andre is like one of the most unstable people in the entire world. And I respect that.

  • Milly Borkovic
    Milly Borkovic 3 days ago +3

    “You only YOLO once” = you only you only live once once 😂 love this guy.

  • Mark Price
    Mark Price 3 days ago

    Trump is president and America is great again after Obummer

  • Pickle Von CrunchnMunch

    and the Donald is now likely to win a second presidency

  • skins4thewin
    skins4thewin 3 days ago +1

    I like how he's not whining, jumping around or freaking out. He's just taking the pain, just chill as hell as he just sits within the suffering. That's the mark of a tough dude. He's in some serious shit but he's just straight up taking it like a champ.

  • Jorge Flores
    Jorge Flores 3 days ago +3

    "Its like P90X for your tongue"

  • Ian Guerrero
    Ian Guerrero 3 days ago +4

    You should really have Tyler the creator on this show


    let me in let me in!!!!

  • agasalhador de croquete

    i went to college in bankok😂😂😂😂

    WRINKLY LIPS 4 days ago


  • Lilsikas
    Lilsikas 4 days ago

    Its either you invite a guest on the show that knows nothing about whats going on, or knows everything and wants to amp up the awkwardness. Theres no in between

  • A Boy Is Noone
    A Boy Is Noone 4 days ago

    "I'm gonna fucking k-hole dude" lmao im done

    PA¥TRONE_NGE 4 days ago

    Thumbs Up if you agree Naurdwar on Hot Ones would be AMAZING!

  • SaneCrazy Gaming
    SaneCrazy Gaming 4 days ago

    Jeremy spoke in, class today

  • outdawazoo 21
    outdawazoo 21 4 days ago

    the best hot ones

  • 78proto
    78proto 5 days ago

    Whatever I was drinking at 17:07 got spat EVERYWHERE!!!!

  • Jack Tejada
    Jack Tejada 5 days ago

    "Cambodia Death Camp"

  • Andrew Asistio
    Andrew Asistio 5 days ago

    i want lance reddick on this show

  • YFNik
    YFNik 5 days ago

    "I don't even eat mild taco Bell sauce" 😂😂😂🤣 I'm dead

  • ICToaN
    ICToaN 5 days ago

    17:06 That liquid rage hit him hard... In the fucking forehead.

  • Caden Luke
    Caden Luke 6 days ago

    Get deontay wilder on the show.

    URETHRAxFRANKLIN 6 days ago

    Eric is a dic

    LKT LOTTO 6 days ago

    17:31 anyone wanna explain why Sean was talking about Tina Fay when Eric Andre said Tay Zonday?

  • Popcorn Colonel
    Popcorn Colonel 6 days ago

    I would totally do the transgender shit thing

  • Mike
    Mike 6 days ago

    I've got to go watch the Coolie episode now. Why does Eric Andre have little breasts?

  • CHad-ANthony Jarrett

    I won't lie he made me feel the pain lol

  • Core Master
    Core Master 6 days ago

    Mega death sauce, so good you can taste it with your balls

  • celavi djole
    celavi djole 7 days ago

    men i wanna see him fucking drunk XD

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith 7 days ago +1

    @4:39 childish Gambino got his name from the Wu Tang Clan name generator, however, i believe it originates from Berserk. If you're a fan of the manga Berserk, you know that child Guts' caretaker's name is Gambino. In a particular scene, he is being very rough on child Guts, and one of the guys in the merc band says to Gambino, "dont be so childish, Gambino!"

  • alexandra Iltanen
    alexandra Iltanen 7 days ago

    "Cambodia death camp"

  • Thor
    Thor 7 days ago

    Yeah boy...trump 2020....suck a dick you liberal pieces of shit🖕🖕🖕

  • Apathetic Millennial

    Eric cheated with the plate breaking tryin to transfer pain else where lmao.

  • Mohammed Ahmed
    Mohammed Ahmed 7 days ago

    Eric Andre telling you to turn it down a couple of notches is the equivalent of Satan saying that's a little too evil.

  • Patrick DiSandro
    Patrick DiSandro 7 days ago

    Had one of those headache moments where you recognize something, but can't name it....
    The kinda 'sad' music playing near the end while he was falling apart, I knew it wasn't the exact song I was thinking, but I couldn't even remember the song I was thinking.
    Fucking pokemon. Lavender town. The song sounds like some piano version of it. Almost.
    Givin me a headache.

  • Lazy Chunyang
    Lazy Chunyang 7 days ago

    See you in hell coolio

  • Lucas DeGenna
    Lucas DeGenna 7 days ago

    I love how he makes him feel awkward even not on his show

  • xx xx
    xx xx 7 days ago

    Lol singing jeremy by pearl jam

  • JRWT
    JRWT 7 days ago +2

    Caillou and J Cole eating hot wings. (2032 CE.)

    FURIOUSAGE 7 days ago

    Oh shit, for the wu tang clan name generator gave me Thunderous Pupil

  • Cassandra Dominguez
    Cassandra Dominguez 7 days ago

    "I go to therapy... *nom nom*... I eat salad" lmfao

  • the chloroform man
    the chloroform man 7 days ago

    Imagine filthy frank and eric andre doing a collab.

  • Jakelt 97
    Jakelt 97 8 days ago +1

    For Eric Andre to say there’s some lunatics out there is beyond me lmao

  • a Marquez
    a Marquez 8 days ago

    That was definitely one of my favorites.

  • Baxter Burns
    Baxter Burns 8 days ago +1

    Why have I not seen this until now 😂😂😂

  • Artofficial
    Artofficial 8 days ago

    I made a stinky doodie while watching this.

  • Seth Organs
    Seth Organs 8 days ago

    He's a clever Jew, I'll give him that. He's a clever black Jew; he's a Cleblew.

  • Janky Doc
    Janky Doc 8 days ago

    You ran face first into this one.

  • Julio Ez
    Julio Ez 8 days ago +1

    11:42 yoooooooo he forgot to say no homo

  • Briana Tolosa
    Briana Tolosa 9 days ago

    “You only YOLO once” 😭

  • PFSonny
    PFSonny 9 days ago

    see’s hot sauce, LET ME INNNNN

  • Charlie Silver
    Charlie Silver 9 days ago

    That was sugar glass right? There's no way Eric is *that* crazy.

    • rocko6alex
      rocko6alex 8 days ago

      I don't think you know who Eric Andre is.

  • InEdA Diknow
    InEdA Diknow 9 days ago

    All those wings are dry?

  • Ghost_Boy086
    Ghost_Boy086 9 days ago

    This guy has a show? Wow...Eric....yeah...garbage...

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez 9 days ago

    9:32 lol

  • ChillBro Braggins
    ChillBro Braggins 10 days ago

    Sean: "number 9 is called 357..."
    Eric, interrupting:"Oh YeAh, cAnt wAiT!"

  • rollership
    rollership 10 days ago +1

    "I've been leeeeegally advised"

  • Jaideep Gill
    Jaideep Gill 10 days ago

    "ill vacuum this shit in my dick hole"- eric andre

  • Jesse Hernandez
    Jesse Hernandez 10 days ago

    Eric Andre is a nut that dude is so f****** hilarious

  • Zedd
    Zedd 11 days ago

    Best episode ever!

  • Morgan McKay
    Morgan McKay 11 days ago


  • Pcuccs123
    Pcuccs123 11 days ago

    Eric Andre is such a cool down to earth guy

  • Molly SiqFuq
    Molly SiqFuq 11 days ago

    I'd let Eric Andre vomit all over me and then *I'D* eat it up

  • RemU
    RemU 11 days ago +3

    Eric: “I don’t need milk”
    Milk: “let me in, LET ME INNNNNN!”

  • Maybelater
    Maybelater 11 days ago

    Hes so witty I love him

  • patricia taylor
    patricia taylor 12 days ago +2

    This man is insane lmao. He was probably annoying af as a teen.

  • βυгƝ
    βυгƝ 13 days ago +1

    "Cheers, fuck off"

  • Destroygary Funky
    Destroygary Funky 13 days ago

    I didn't know who Andre was before seeing this video. He needs more therapy.

  • Joshua Wiseman
    Joshua Wiseman 13 days ago

    Let me in! Let me innnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

  • It's Kayla
    It's Kayla 13 days ago

    Eric Andre is that senior that goes up to freshman and hugs and dances and curses at teachers. everyone loves him but no one knows what to expect

  • I am a boi
    I am a boi 13 days ago

    Huge likes
    Me: let me in, LET ME IIIIIINNN

  • Alekos Dermetzis
    Alekos Dermetzis 13 days ago

    Sean Evans has diarrhea 100% of his time bc of this show 😂

  • Chinchilla Fuzz
    Chinchilla Fuzz 13 days ago +1

    I'm gonna eat out your camera operators, you hear that? BOYS? 😭😭😭😭

  • Starbird X
    Starbird X 13 days ago

    Yo is eric wearing a doctor strange sling ring??

  • James Bolger
    James Bolger 13 days ago +1

    This video wants me to not end my life

  • Pillow Head
    Pillow Head 14 days ago


  • P
    P 14 days ago

    Lmao I would pay to be on both of their shows

  • Mans
    Mans 14 days ago +1

    The look of regret after breaking the pitcher over his head makes me cry.

  • Caelan Habala
    Caelan Habala 14 days ago

    Eric’s mouth: **closed**
    Pain 100%: LET ME INNNNN!!!

  • Peepo Pie
    Peepo Pie 14 days ago


  • scurus11scurus
    scurus11scurus 14 days ago +1


  • bruce wayne
    bruce wayne 14 days ago

    and that was... not funny ... strange