SO WEIRD: Free standing golf putter!

  • Published on Aug 20, 2019
  • SO WEIRD: Self standing golf putter!
    In this video Rick Shiels PGA golf professional reviews the S7K stand alone putter.
    Rick heads out to The Worsley Park Marriott Golf and country club to see just how this weird putter works and if it can help him to roll in more putts.
    Most golfers on the PGA Tour and European Tour will use Titleist Scotty Cameron putters (like Tiger Woods did to win his majors), TaylorMade Golf Putters it Odyssey Golf Putters. Is this S7K the future and will it change golf?
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    I will also help you lower your score by chipping better by stopping you duff and thin chips, pitch the ball closer and also create backspin. Also I will provide you help to putt better and hole more putts!
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Comments • 634

  • Rick Shiels Golf
    Rick Shiels Golf  Month ago +59

    What putter do you use?
    PS #RickVsPete is happening this week!!!!!!

    • dkgolfnut
      dkgolfnut 13 days ago

      Scotty Squareback

    • Bill McKee
      Bill McKee 16 days ago

      Ping B-60, had it 20 years and gone through three grips!

    • Caleb Motter
      Caleb Motter 25 days ago

      Odyssey Red Ball with a SuperStroke Pistol GT 2.0 Grip. Love it!!

    • Blaufisch
      Blaufisch 26 days ago

      Rick Shiels Golf
      Cleveland Huntington Beach #2

  • Mike Barron
    Mike Barron 4 days ago

    Rick what's in your bag right now?

  • XanderNotAlex
    XanderNotAlex 5 days ago

    You should do a review of the Moon Wood next

  • John Conley
    John Conley 6 days ago

    of course I buy it and my first day out it's windy and it fell over a lot but it was very windy. When it did stand up it definitely helped me align and I hit it where I wanted to initially. my reads weren't the best but it went where "I" wanted it to. It does not feel like a bowling ball on the nd of a bamboo stick. It is very well weighted and my speed was the best ever. I love it.

  • andrew harris
    andrew harris 11 days ago


  • Bill McKee
    Bill McKee 16 days ago

    Not impressed.

  • filmprojectsforpractice

    Best clickbait in golf!

    4PITTS1BURGH2 19 days ago +2

    Rick is this the same putter John Schmolts used on the AM tour in the US?

  • BrunsNick
    BrunsNick 20 days ago

    I bought this after this review and I gotta say I’m impressed. This will keep you lined up!

  • Alan attack
    Alan attack 21 day ago

    I can see my mates now........"Ya cheatin bastard!"

  • SaucyNoscope
    SaucyNoscope 21 day ago

    How does it work on a bigger slope

  • Sean Dalton
    Sean Dalton 21 day ago

    so you have not see bloodline putters? this idea is derived from them just a hell of alot cheaper haha

  • Lazy-Assed Wanderer
    Lazy-Assed Wanderer 22 days ago

    You could do a funny magic trick with your friends on the golf course sort of like a magic trick or challenge your friends to see if they can make their putter stand up on it's own but little do they know it's easy for you to do.

  • Paul Houghton
    Paul Houghton 23 days ago

    Taylormade Monza Rossa Spider

  • Lawzio
    Lawzio 24 days ago

    Here is another miracle club to try out! 😂

  • Jordan Beally
    Jordan Beally 24 days ago

    Hey Rick. Have you heard of the Nissan Pro Pilot. Like to see that video! Keep up the great work.

  • Tony Griff
    Tony Griff 25 days ago

    I remember Mizuno doing a putter that did that about 20 years ago - I also remember it having a graphite shaft - It actually was quite a nice putter.

  • Anna Freyne
    Anna Freyne 26 days ago

    rick will you please test golfclubs from

  • William Schmidt
    William Schmidt 26 days ago

    Bridgestone did this a long time ago.

  • Adam Ziemanis
    Adam Ziemanis 27 days ago

    I have a ping doc17 I pull out once in a while. It will stand on its own with a slight downslope

  • Elie Anquetil
    Elie Anquetil 27 days ago

    It exists since at least 1995.

  • Dan Channer
    Dan Channer 27 days ago +1

    Progen did a putter like this 20 years ago. It will be interesting to see if it breaks golf rules if you line it up and then walk away from it.

  • Kevin
    Kevin 27 days ago +1

    Ive got a challenge for you. 1v1 challenge but you can only use "as seen on tv" clubs (i.e xe1, square strike, vixa, autopilot driver)

  • Jacob Kristensen
    Jacob Kristensen 27 days ago

    Dont you think it is going to be illegal?

  • Ruan Mells
    Ruan Mells 27 days ago

    PLease tell us what tracer app or accessories you use?

  • Stephen Martin
    Stephen Martin 27 days ago

    Over thinking your stroke in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

  • Jason Gordienko
    Jason Gordienko 27 days ago +8

    Does no one remember the Bridgestone true balance putter? This is not new

  • Nisse :/
    Nisse :/ 27 days ago

    Whats in the bag

  • justinredman
    justinredman 27 days ago +2

    Ping Sigma 2 Anser. Love it!

  • dillon staveley
    dillon staveley 28 days ago +3

    Can you please do some reviews on the golf clubs (M6, P760 etc) sold on They are all very cheap and I would love to know if they are real or not as have heard many different things!

  • Randall Herman DVM
    Randall Herman DVM 28 days ago

    I have been using the S7K this summer. I hated it at first but over time it has grown on me and
    I think I have never putted better. The weight of the head takes some getting used to.
    I will on occasion use it to stand alone and check my alignment - but not often. Even if you align it correctly you still need to get used to the heavy head.

  • Kevin Grif
    Kevin Grif 28 days ago +2

    Hey love the vids keep it up! Favorite golf channel. Vid idea...I'd love to see a video for best cheap golf sets to buy for the "Poor golfer".. lol. Thanks!

  • Ryan Chulor
    Ryan Chulor 28 days ago +1

    I just broke my nose yesterday during a competition. I won though so it was worth it 🤣🤣🤣

    Now I need to go to the hospital bye.

  • slowburner1
    slowburner1 28 days ago

    It's conforming.

  • Rune Frederiksen
    Rune Frederiksen 28 days ago +1

    Hey Rick, how about trying out the ezeegolf love to see you trying that out in a video.

  • James Gick
    James Gick 28 days ago

    had a customer want one of these regripped today since it was worn out and it lost its 'stand alone technology'.

  • Zachary Wiener
    Zachary Wiener 28 days ago

    Didn’t ping make one that stands by itself?

  • Samuel Cunningham
    Samuel Cunningham 29 days ago

    That has to be one heavy putter

  • Spencer K
    Spencer K 29 days ago +1

    If my buddies bring this on the course I'm knocking it over everytime

  • RJ’s Car Music Jr.
    RJ’s Car Music Jr. 29 days ago +2

    do some top golf and try to get a perfect score

  • Bill Lanham
    Bill Lanham 29 days ago

    Does it still stand up on a sloping green?

  • Rob D
    Rob D 29 days ago +1

    you need to review the c3i i love your reviews of the gimmicky/high handicapper clubs.

  • Richard Wales
    Richard Wales 29 days ago

    Predicting a play-off on the 19th. Yes it will be that close. Good luck Richard. I have a few old putters but my best is an old PGF brass. To me it has more feel.

  • William Jones
    William Jones 29 days ago

    Rick just for science you've gotta do a Top Flite XL 3000 golf ball test on the simulator. It'd be cool to see what exactly it does to the numbers, even though most people know what the qualitative results will be.

  • john iavni
    john iavni 29 days ago +1

    i was wondering when somebody will come up with something that makes slow play even slower 🤔 good job!

  • Ed in NM
    Ed in NM 29 days ago

    Maybe 20 or more years ago here in the US there were infomercials selling the "Stand Up Putter" which did the same thing as this one. Basketball great Julius Irving was the pitch man in the commercials.

  • Phelix Kelevra
    Phelix Kelevra 29 days ago

    Weirdly, my friends putter also stands on it's own... As he impales it into the green after missing yet another putt, making it a triple bogey after making GIR....

  • John Musachia
    John Musachia 29 days ago

    Check out the Bridgestone true balance putter.

  • Dan Hartman
    Dan Hartman 29 days ago

    How steep of slope will it stand on?

  • doubleutubefan5
    doubleutubefan5 29 days ago

    The kids at the local mini putt won't be able to touch my windmill over the water fall game

  • Tom Collett
    Tom Collett 29 days ago +2

    Rick, fancy doing a review of some Vice golf balls? Interested to see how they compare to Pro V1's and other top end balls!

  • Mark Turriff
    Mark Turriff 29 days ago

    Try this instead:

  • Aaron Melbourne
    Aaron Melbourne 29 days ago

    Whats with the gimmicky club reviews?

  • B Cruz
    B Cruz 29 days ago

    nothing new...was used on TOUR in the 80's.

  • Andy Adams
    Andy Adams 29 days ago

    Rick i watched your videos from a couple of years back on how to stop slicing your driver. All i can say is THANK YOU, its worked a treat. Thanks again Rick x

  • madcat105
    madcat105 29 days ago

    Foam looks like what they use on fishing rods, and if that can withstand salt water and the abuse, im sure it would be ok on the putter

  • Kevin R
    Kevin R 29 days ago

    Try using the line on the ball

  • Sven Henig Media
    Sven Henig Media 29 days ago

    Besides the smaller head that putter is a 100% Copy of the Spicy Putter from Germany: - The bigger Head of the Spicy Putter - Model 3 (!) - means more stability in the wind. I used that putter for more than 3 years and had no problems with the grip. If I made a "impossible" putt on first hole in a tournament the question of people playing with me was: "Is that putter legal?"

  • Isaac DeHaven
    Isaac DeHaven 29 days ago

    Rick are these things legal?

  • Ol Hornytoad
    Ol Hornytoad 29 days ago

    I live in the US. Watch the golf channel all the time. Never seen a commercial for it. Did see John Smolts use it once on tv. This is the second time ever seeing it. Thanks Rick, keep up the good work. Love your vids.