• Published on Mar 27, 2018
    Lizzy Sharer unboxes and opens huge egg surprise in today's Easter vlog! Then she tests out fun best toys for Easter, She plays with Giant Surprise Egg Opening and does a surprise prank on Carter Sharer This is similar to Ryan ToysReview, rclbeauty101, troom troom, and collins key and Toys AndMe but with an extreme twist of a funny DIY Surprise video on Carter Sharer and Stephen Sharer. This is a great kids video for surprise eggs fans! Great Kids Video for Children who loves playing with toy!
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    This video is only for entertainment purposes. Do not attempt to recreate any of the acts in this video, as they may be dangerous if not done correctly, and could result in serious injury. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.
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  • Kyle's Toys & Games
    Kyle's Toys & Games Year ago +429

    Those are really big eggs! You are so cool Lizzy!

    • Brittney Hargrave
      Brittney Hargrave Month ago

      Autum 🦄 🐴🐎

    • Ben Neville
      Ben Neville Month ago

      Kyle's Toys & Games szssdssxsHi this is cool please cool please then is cool no man is lead you and me you are you please you you you you you you you you youwdssdxxxdffgrfffffddrssssssssvv. L. V. Luv. V. Kyle,sd

    • Ben Neville
      Ben Neville Month ago

      Kyle's Toys & Games wcasd I love it I can’t say because I really love you because because I love you because I love you because you’re too love you to the day to day to day okay bye bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye

    • Melanie Chen
      Melanie Chen Month ago

      Cristian Caps ails .

    • Tristen Talbot
      Tristen Talbot Month ago

      Kyle's Toys & Games you cool😎

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    A desk

  • Pink Channel Unicorns
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    Book shelfs

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    blue and red

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    Pink egg

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    get a painting of you and milli

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    Hi kylo191 pz

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    I love your show I Watch your videos every day after school

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    I want some of the commercials because I haven’t get one from you before because I want to get one except me and I’m sad you couldn’t wants one of your March I want to hoodie it’s nice it’s really nice I like the hoodie the best but make a smaller side like medium size make it six years old OK because I’m 60 years old do not make like a big years old because I cannot I will never forget it I want to squeeze died and I was so so big girl fall down in it don’t make a big one we get a medium one or six years old by and I’m following you on Instagram I am following you and I love you so much I just want you and your emoji have a give me

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    The sun logo

  • Tiffany Holt
    Tiffany Holt 7 days ago

    Paint your walls then put on your walls love carter or something like that

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    Maria Rivera 9 days ago

    decorate your bedroom wall with pink and blue flowers

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    #Milli shere
    Milli Squad 💕❤️❤️❤️💕

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    Sally and Sushi 9 days ago

    Millie is adorable

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  • Dover Rarity
    Dover Rarity 10 days ago

    You should NEVER take cookies out early, because the eggs might not be cooked, and you could have given them food poisoning!

  • David Glidewell
    David Glidewell 11 days ago

    I love yo Lizzy

  • Camila Porras
    Camila Porras 12 days ago

    for your room put in a bean bag chair and rugs blue pink they also sell at target cotton candy pillows

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    Do the share the love logo

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    Add some decales and chair and desk

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    Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I want to try and get a 100 gift card PLEASEEEEEE CAN you put me in. So I can try and win.

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    #egg I think a smaller egg in it

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    Another egg

  • Glenda Delgado
    Glenda Delgado 15 days ago

    Paint butterflys on your wall.

  • Roy Arvy Sarno
    Roy Arvy Sarno 17 days ago

    Wow 😮 the egg are sooooo huge maybe it’s 10 pound’s

  • 2 DanTDM
    2 DanTDM 17 days ago

    liz add a tv you can watch your vid in there!

  • Roller Carl Gameplays
    Roller Carl Gameplays 20 days ago

    Add white color to your room

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    you can put tv in your room

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    Maybe you can put pink and blue stickers on your walls.

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    You were going to mak cookies

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    Hawaiian theme or pineapples

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    Put Jello inside of the eggs

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    Milli is adorable 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    Surprise Stephen

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    Mill is cute

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    Wow those are really big eggs I 💖 your videos so much

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    Are you a friend of jojo siwa

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    My fav color is pink and blue

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    Paint black flowers on the wall

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    Take a pitcher of the sharer family and milly and otter

  • Lindsey Abercrombie
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    you could paint the lights blue and pink.

  • Dafne Romeo
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    Maybe you should do like cotton candy pineapples with gold designs for your room plus I adore you Lizz and Carter you guys make a cute couple

  • Alexandra Potts
    Alexandra Potts Month ago

    milli is cute

  • Alexandra Potts
    Alexandra Potts Month ago

    those eggs are pretty and so are you lizz

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  • Robert Risley
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    Your so cool❤❤

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    put a puppy in the egg and give it to carter

  • Autumn Willoughby
    Autumn Willoughby Month ago

    I wish I could see you right now !!!!!!!!!!
    Lizzy Lizzy Always love Lizzy's vids!!!l!

  • Autumn Willoughby
    Autumn Willoughby Month ago

    Hi Lizzy!!!! I looooooooooooooooooove your vids.

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    you are cool 🍩🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟 i Love you verry much

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    You rock 👑

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    I think you should get a blue lamp with pink lites

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    Sorry I meant Stephen

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    Lizzie I dare you to ask Carter if you don’t watch is Ryan’s toys review and yeah😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Done first comment

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