Chinese Street Food INSANE BBQ Tour in Sichuan, China - SZECHUAN SAUCE BBQ Lamb + Sichuan BBQ Rabbit

  • Published on Dec 9, 2018
  • Check out for 3 months free w/ 1 year pack and 49% OFF! INSANE Chinese Street Food BBQ Tour in Sichuan, China! We found the ORIGINAL SZECHUAN SAUCE, the true chili oil! In this Chinese street food BBQ tour, we're visiting 3 delicious Chinese BBQ restaurants in Chengdu, China, trying out a WHOLE Roast Lamb, some amazing Chinese Sichuan BBQ Rabbit, and some amazing BBQ Sichuan Lamb Kebabs!
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    In this Chinese Street Food BBQ Tour, we're exploring the DEEP back restaurants of Chengdu, China and taking you to experience the AMAZING Szechuan Barbecue restaurants and the sauce and spice that is slathered onto everything you eat here.
    If you love spicy Barbeque, you're going to love this video, cause first up, we're going to enjoy a whole bbq lamb, Sichuan style. This bbq lamb is approximately 60-90 days old and is quite enough for 2 - 4 people to eat entirely. It was covered in a thick chili sauce aka SZECHUAN Sauce and tons of chili, salt, cumin, and sichuan peppercorn. The flavour was out of this world! One of the best BBQ lamb you can eat anywhere around the world! The bbq ribs were a little small I must admit, but the rest of the meat was delicious. Watching the rotating meat was so much fun. Much different from your regular grilling meat restaurant.
    We watched the whole process of cooking the baby lamb. First, it was put to bbq over the coals. After about 30 minutes, they rubbed a spicy chili oil all over it to change the colour darker red. After that, they took it off briefly and covered it in a Sichuan sesame oil. This was the first coat. After roasting on the BBQ coals for another hour or so, it was taken off and covered in a THICK Sichuan chili oil. This is where a lot of the fragrance and spice comes from. The true SZECHUAN SAUCE! It was covered in a spicy cumin chili combo and then served!
    We finished the whole lamb, and then the next day, I continued alone on the Chinese street food BBQ tour. I found a famous joint in Chengdu serving a chengdu traditional food, Sichuan spicy rabbit. Here, 60 day old rabbits are slathered in a spicy chili oil and a similar spice mix, except they are pulled apart with pliers and also covered in a lot of ground peanuts and MSG. Whether you can accept MSG is up to you, but here on the streets, it's used almost everywhere, and I am fine with that.
    After that amazing Sichuan BBQ rabbit, I tried another specialty of Chengdu from the same Chinese street food restaurant, Sichuan rabbit head. Actually it was a very similar flavour, just slightly less cumin scented and spicy. Not bad.
    To finish up the BBQ tour, I went to a local Muslim Chinese halal food restaurant serving Halal Chinese BBQ Kebabs. Here, the kebabs were covered in a ton of cumin and chili and Sichuan peppercorn and also served with the kaobing, bbq flatbread also covered in a similar spice mix. It was an amazing combo!
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    In the next video, we're going for even more street food around the world!
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    What an AMAZING and FULL ON BBQ Tour this was! First, we’re going for a WHOLE BBQ LAMB with my buddy Austin (Subscribe to his channel here:, and then, we’re going for BBQ RABBIT, SICHUAN STYLE! After that, we’re going for even more Sichuan BBQ! I hope you enjoy the vid! Make sure to watch all the way until the end because each BBQ joint is worth visiting and watching! The full addresses are on my Chengdu food tour guide blog post here: I hope you enjoy the video! Thanks so much for watching and being a part of the Foodrangin’ community!

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      Hey Trevor james how are you brother. If you ever come to Iraq or considering in coming your very welcome to do so its extremely safe. I do live in Canada but in Iraq at the moment. I can take you on very good flavoured food and tours in Baghdad Iraq. Let me know if your interested.

    • Beamrz Mercedez
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      Hey Trevor James how are you brother. Just wanting to let you know if you ever come to Iraq, I can take you around for some really good flavoured foods and tours in Baghdad. Im in iraq for while till I head back to Canada. Let me know if your interested in coming. Your safe Iraq is extremely safe wherever yu go.

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  • Sammy Sammy
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    Are you sure it’s lamb not dogs??

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