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  • Published on Mar 22, 2014

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  • DCVertigo
    DCVertigo 12 hours ago

    Robbie was right, they made the place cold and clinical like a snobby place, a tidy up sure but they went too far

  • shahub5
    shahub5 22 hours ago

    Did Gordon just lick a crystal ball?

  • Thomas Bolland
    Thomas Bolland Day ago

    no one:
    Gordon: *unbelievable*

  • DarkZtorm
    DarkZtorm Day ago

    I can only say one thing about this episode.
    Lisa is a lazy stupid bitch, the only good thing with this is she are showing her true colors. Dump the stupid bitch, what i want to tell the guy. I hate people who has no shame when they obvious act bad.
    Avoid lazy bitches as her.

  • Vlora Haliti
    Vlora Haliti 2 days ago

    When Gordon licked that ball, I lost it 😂😂

  • Diego Farfan
    Diego Farfan 2 days ago

    lo que me caga es que es comida desperdiciada

  • Chicen
    Chicen 2 days ago

    Cmon guys, Marc doesn’t have it THAT bad. Lisa’s boyfriend lets him stay up until TEN on the switch...

  • iKonik_King32
    iKonik_King32 2 days ago

    He licked the crystal ball 😂

  • Io Me
    Io Me 3 days ago

    Lisa è una merda di donna!

  • Ben's Views
    Ben's Views 3 days ago

    Maybe Lisa is banging her own brother?

  • Ben's Views
    Ben's Views 3 days ago

    It's funny re watching this after all these years? that they LIVE RIGHT NEXT TO A BEACH???side.

  • Yaos
    Yaos 3 days ago

    When I go to a medium I always taste the crystal ball as well 16:12

  • Denis Corlotean
    Denis Corlotean 4 days ago

    anyone know if they still open ?

  • Rucha Shinde
    Rucha Shinde 4 days ago

    F I had a guy who said I want to b with you whole life I will right away kiss him hard

  • Rucha Shinde
    Rucha Shinde 4 days ago

    Wait what Ramsay licked dat crystal ball😂😂😂😂

  • Tiger EXO
    Tiger EXO 4 days ago

    Lisa is just a freerider

  • Tiger EXO
    Tiger EXO 4 days ago

    Chefs also have responsibility of reducing food waste. by cooking edible food.

  • D K
    D K 4 days ago

    the scene with the crystal ball reminded me of jack sparrow😂

  • The King Of Thieves Ganondorf

    I feel.that lisa is cheating on marc he dosent need her in his life

  • Myriel Shoots
    Myriel Shoots 4 days ago

    Anyone else feeling some type of way everytime Gordon says „darlin“?
    Just me? Okay.

  • Zavi Zaoldyek
    Zavi Zaoldyek 5 days ago

    yeah in the end lisa helped- but only because buisness was she showed ,in bad times she does not have her husbands back-- what a wife

  • SureSShuffle
    SureSShuffle 5 days ago

    Scones are *****

  • Matt
    Matt 5 days ago

    Scones are delicious

  • Steve Cox
    Steve Cox 5 days ago

    She has already left that marriage.

  • sagar arora
    sagar arora 5 days ago

    Marc is the best person on Kitchen Nightmares.

  • Jay Morano
    Jay Morano 5 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay licked the crystal ball

  • Joash Sajji
    Joash Sajji 5 days ago

    Is it just me or does Gordon say what a bitch towards the end 😂😂

  • Justin London Uk
    Justin London Uk 6 days ago

    Lisa brother defo in drugs

  • Justin London Uk
    Justin London Uk 6 days ago

    Lisa don't love you Marc. She cheating

  • Mr. Spokesman
    Mr. Spokesman 6 days ago

    I had once a GF like this... beautiful eyes and those red hair... so beautiful they were.... but she acted like this woman. selfish bitch....

  • chainsawdude71
    chainsawdude71 6 days ago

    Bet they are divorced now

  • Devarsh Bhatt
    Devarsh Bhatt 6 days ago

    Lisa is just being bitch there

  • xxDrain
    xxDrain 6 days ago

    22:13 Jesse walking into the cartel meth lab:

  • Norman Tran
    Norman Tran 6 days ago

    Everyone on the comment say Lisa is cheating. Yet they wont want to admit they want to F her too. I will admit I'm no better.

  • Jimli
    Jimli 7 days ago

    Am i watching kitchen nightmares or relationship nightmares xD. Cant tell

  • Vamshi Krishna
    Vamshi Krishna 7 days ago

    If Marc had met Samantha first, with no Lisa & no Robby in his life, I guess he could've been very happy with his life and the hotel would've been open till this day. God, i wanted to smack that ungrateful shit, Robby.

  • Vamshi Krishna
    Vamshi Krishna 7 days ago +2

    How was it so hard for Marc to realise that Lisa is cheating on him, when literally thousands of these comments from people right away pointed it out. It's not that 5-10 random people, but almost 95% of all those who watched the episode till the end, understood that Lisa is plain bad and totally exploited poor Marc. But, sad thing is that Marc seem too good and didn't see any thing wrong with Lisa.

  • Craig L
    Craig L 7 days ago

    Get me the hull out of here. What a beach 😂😂😂

  • Sree Sankar
    Sree Sankar 8 days ago

    Lisa shouldve been named Karen.

  • GilesMan5000
    GilesMan5000 8 days ago

    Fuck, man. Everyone loves that guy apart from Lisa. 24:00 says it all, when he comes back into the kitchen. All the staff look at him like their big brother's just been broken on the wheel. Aaand Lisa goes on her phone.

  • Ewane Raissa
    Ewane Raissa 8 days ago

    Gordon is always so nice to the servers
    He really SHOULD wear gloves😖😖😖😖😖

  • Alejandro Gutierrez
    Alejandro Gutierrez 8 days ago

    16:14 my boi licked the glass ball

  • 7thSmurf
    7thSmurf 9 days ago

    and Gordon is touching it !! with his BARE HANDS.. eewwww

  • Hiba Miraj
    Hiba Miraj 9 days ago

    I just wanna know they don’t fucking taste the food or what

  • Black fyre
    Black fyre 9 days ago

    Comment section in 2 seconds -
    Lisa is a cheating bitch
    Marc is awsome
    Ramsay licks the crystal ball

  • Eryk
    Eryk 9 days ago +1

    The worst part is if he divorces Lisa, she's gonna take half of everything even tho she ain't doing a god damn thing! Watch who you marry lads!

  • Zi Xuan Lim
    Zi Xuan Lim 9 days ago +1

    I feel so sad for the guy, he seems like such a great guy with such a lousy wife. Yet he’s still putting up with her how many guys can do that... he’s just so precious

    • General.E.Shady
      General.E.Shady Day ago

      I know how he feels unfortunately. 13yrs of similar thing. Walked in on her cheating on me. But I lost everything... Sigh.

  • ukdocescher2
    ukdocescher2 9 days ago

    the fatzo dont see that his blond bitch and her brother are gold diggers, and poor gold diggers. "he got me" as she was the prize. She is a pussy that he fucks, nothing more, find a professional, cheapest, more beautiful

  • Isakessia Andrade
    Isakessia Andrade 10 days ago


  • maik baumann
    maik baumann 10 days ago

    Barefoot Bobs closed in December 2016

  • Zoe Johnson
    Zoe Johnson 10 days ago

    Sooo, Lisa was cheating, and her brother was stealing money from the bar? Also Marc should be with Jessica. She cares about him more than his damn wife.

  • Galvaxatron
    Galvaxatron 10 days ago

    I love most Gordon Ramsey shows but this is way too over-produced.
    Basically Gordon Ramsey for people with ADHD.

  • prekreich
    prekreich 11 days ago

    Huge cunt detected

  • Matilde Johansen
    Matilde Johansen 11 days ago

    what kinda tarot spread is that???????

  • Tae Tae Ate My Potato
    Tae Tae Ate My Potato 11 days ago

    *if his wife really love him, she would suffer the same as him and try to work out even tho it's difficult*

    REE KID 11 days ago

    gordon: hi how are you?
    girl: i'm jessica

  • Will Barney
    Will Barney 12 days ago +1

    shes got another fella on the go shame her husband seems legit

  • Ian Grimard
    Ian Grimard 12 days ago

    Why the fuck did Ramsay lick that crystal ball haha wtf

  • Fee Nok
    Fee Nok 12 days ago

    That waiter... Yum

  • Ban Sinar
    Ban Sinar 12 days ago

    Yall are lucky LEARNING by Gordon