ADAM: Episode 1

  • Published on Jun 20, 2016
  • Watch the new Unity demo, Book of the Dead:
    "Adam" is an award-winning real-time-rendered short film, written and directed by Veselin Efremov, and created by the Unity Demo team. It runs at 1440p on a GeForce GTX980.
    Learn more about the creation of "Adam", download the assets and the real-time version, and find complete credits list:
    Watch the next episodes, written and directed by Neill Blomkamp, and created by Oats Studios:
    Adam Episode 2: The Mirror:
    Adam Episode 3: The Prophet:
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  • zura geimer
    zura geimer 14 hours ago

    what name film

  • vBDKv
    vBDKv 15 hours ago

    Unity is still using way too many resources for simple things. In return, your power bill will sky rocket because these guys cant make a proper engine.

  • Julian Honore
    Julian Honore Day ago

    Still waiting for this feature length investment. If anything liek this came out 5-10 years ago peoples dicks would explode. If I woke up this way Id just got to the custom shop. id be stoked. Get me one of those thigns from the "Lust" scene in Seven.

  • seidy rodrigues valdes

    Este juego ya salio?
    Como es o cuando sale
    Españoles aqiiii🥰

  • osvaldo ramos
    osvaldo ramos Day ago

    Fantastico, y mucha genialidad.

  • elvis odhiambo
    elvis odhiambo Day ago

    Wait this a movie

  • elvis odhiambo
    elvis odhiambo Day ago

    Wait this a movie

  • Brian
    Brian Day ago

    Shroud of the Avatar uses Unity...too bad it doesn't look like this!

  • Valaha
    Valaha 2 days ago

    what the fuck, where is other subtitles? English? Magyar? etca?

  • Yona B
    Yona B 2 days ago


  • Robin Hicks
    Robin Hicks 3 days ago

    7k dislikes. ignorant pieces of sh1t s. something like this will happen in the far future. and you all don't even see it coming.

  • J.R. Vasquez
    J.R. Vasquez 3 days ago +1

    Absolutely beautiful work. Bravo to everyone involved!

    MADDFAC3 4 days ago

    Why would the robot be breathing. The breatimg sounds are confusing...

  • Andrew Rafael
    Andrew Rafael 4 days ago

    Un robot que respira :v

  • Kisa
    Kisa 4 days ago

    2:22 on the right two robots pass through each other :0


    Why heavy breathing throughout the entire movie, while they(robots) have no nose or mouth to breathe???

    KATE DAVIS 5 days ago +1

    This is right up there on the best way to spend six minutes. I'm so impressed it really is amazing.

  • Aleksandr Dubenko
    Aleksandr Dubenko 5 days ago

    Тут нужен перевод ?или это незачем?

  • Ed florence Enderes
    Ed florence Enderes 5 days ago


  • Esaú Nogueira Amancio

    There should be no dislike option on this video.

  • aventure hero
    aventure hero 6 days ago

    What is this actually? An short film or a game screen cut out ? Tq

  • Priestley Ceolin
    Priestley Ceolin 6 days ago

    the molds are all make in the unity or blender?

  • 男性20代
    男性20代 6 days ago


  • george kampanos
    george kampanos 6 days ago


  • 2 2
    2 2 7 days ago

    What the heck what ? Who? Where ? What ? huh

  • Roberth Frank
    Roberth Frank 7 days ago

    es como la de karate kid la de de kobra kai?????ala ve.. asi m siento de repente con mi cuerpo

  • C. Kessel
    C. Kessel 7 days ago

    They are breathing...

  • Gordon Connors III
    Gordon Connors III 8 days ago +1

    Superbly Dope! An imaginative creative piece of sci-fi cinematography. Visually stunning.

  • Vadim Nazarenko
    Vadim Nazarenko 8 days ago

    Such projects and demos inspiring me to continue with game development and not to give up...

  • Vsxyte
    Vsxyte 9 days ago +9

    Seen this a year ago I’ve been searching this for a loong timee

  • bipola telly
    bipola telly 9 days ago

    Brilliant.... Fantastic....
    but I know what you're doing....

  • LooseGoose
    LooseGoose 9 days ago

    the scene where the guards are on the sides while they walk reminds me of avatar

  • 톰제리
    톰제리 10 days ago


  • Michael Herrmann
    Michael Herrmann 10 days ago +5

    Don't know exactly what I just watched BUT it was definitely definitely WELL made!

  • Wolf Reacciones
    Wolf Reacciones 10 days ago

    Que cancion mas monotona.

  • _W_T_F _
    _W_T_F _ 11 days ago +1

    So the robots are humans but with just there consciousness transfer to a body of robots I guess or maybe robots with articial consciousness

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  • CROblazer420
    CROblazer420 13 days ago


  • Bogumila Mieczkowski
    Bogumila Mieczkowski 14 days ago


  • Mauricio Torres
    Mauricio Torres 14 days ago

    I can feel the downgrade

  • Rayasti Soraya
    Rayasti Soraya 14 days ago


  • Rayasti Soraya
    Rayasti Soraya 14 days ago


  • Lē Pįčølįīø
    Lē Pįčølįīø 15 days ago +1

    Só conheço a unity do click jogos kkkkkkkkk

  • Ripley LB426
    Ripley LB426 16 days ago

    WTF..... that's it....🤔👎

  • wayne ben
    wayne ben 18 days ago

    But how is a robot breathing?

  • Wofi
    Wofi 18 days ago

    Netflix show pliz xdd

  • Quang Nguyễn
    Quang Nguyễn 18 days ago

    Please, tell me the name of this film. Thanks.

  • Jamar N
    Jamar N 19 days ago

    Film naon ieu euy?

  • Heise Maycry
    Heise Maycry 20 days ago

    I love this😍😍😍

  • Heise Maycry
    Heise Maycry 20 days ago

    Plessz movie..😗😃

  • Farnich Karim
    Farnich Karim 20 days ago +5

    صلوا على الحبيب محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم و على آله و صحبه اجمعين

  • Vita Firesoul
    Vita Firesoul 20 days ago

    Okay. I think the plot is like this:
    Central character is a robot with an uploaded human's mind. Just look at scene, when he looking at his arm and reflection. He is surprised that he is a robot. And there are many robots like him. These robots are kept in slavery. But then a two savior-robots are coming. Those guards are scared by these's appearance, so they going to hide in fortress. There are two robot saviors. One is overpowered "mage" (so this is why guards are scared), who releases robot-slaves from imprisonment. And the other is shooter, bodyguard of "mage". After that slaves are following to "mage", like he is messiah.

  • na2ng _jahud't
    na2ng _jahud't 21 day ago


  • Neno Santos
    Neno Santos 22 days ago

    Kd a parte 4 mano kkkk

  • Rusli Anto
    Rusli Anto 22 days ago

    robots but there is a breath sound, meaning having lungs like humans

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  • Jhow Primeiro
    Jhow Primeiro 23 days ago

    Máquina respira...? 🤔

  • vandal55 M
    vandal55 M 23 days ago


  • Pace'Dever Waay
    Pace'Dever Waay 23 days ago

    So amazing , i love every single scene this short movie.. great job 👌👌

  • Aries Galaxy
    Aries Galaxy 23 days ago

    Ra karo kust dis tuber bokker dolli mong?

  • Reezz '
    Reezz ' 24 days ago

    Como que un robot respira xd

  • Maruf Maruf zero
    Maruf Maruf zero 24 days ago

    i dont know what is the film this?

    BELLAIR 24 days ago


  • xd pyrae
    xd pyrae 24 days ago

    sometimes i wonder what this would look like if it was rendered and animated with today's technology

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  • Leonardo Jordao
    Leonardo Jordao 24 days ago


  • helly hallo
    helly hallo 24 days ago

    why do you breathe? why does your pc need a fan? it could be a cooling system, so if i could develop a robot then it should be humanized as good as it gets. that scares the people out of it.

  • Ninh Hải
    Ninh Hải 24 days ago

    Thằng nào người VN bước vào và cho t biết tên film cái

  • Иваныч
    Иваныч 24 days ago

    Что за Адам?

  • Ram Moreno
    Ram Moreno 25 days ago

    This looks like a ripoff of the bible but with robots

  • badass t-rex
    badass t-rex 25 days ago

    If its a movie u got my money & time

  • VoidKevy _YT
    VoidKevy _YT 25 days ago

    Idk wtf this is but this shi Dope asf.

  • Grigori Nikolaenco
    Grigori Nikolaenco 25 days ago

    Начало очень интригующие!!!
    Но не пойму что дальше...... можно надумать себе что угодно

  • Ade Rama
    Ade Rama 25 days ago

    Let's make this game with microtransaction and a litte bit downgrade. "EA"

  • anel saputra
    anel saputra 25 days ago

    jiraiya..its that you...???

  • Ahmad Fatah
    Ahmad Fatah 25 days ago


  • Valentine Vell
    Valentine Vell 25 days ago

    Th fuk did the robot make a breathing sound.

  • dan moholea
    dan moholea 25 days ago +9

    why does he need to breave so heavily....he is a robot,,,,,,no human parts no blood just electricity!!!!

    • dan moholea
      dan moholea 24 days ago

      +Explicit Stoner watch the next episodes ....ull get it!

    • Explicit Stoner
      Explicit Stoner 24 days ago

      How did you know that

  • Abdi Nazar
    Abdi Nazar 25 days ago

    Apapulak robok bernafas ...anjriiiit

  • ReachingBeyond Skies
    ReachingBeyond Skies 25 days ago

    Damn this should definitely be a game

  • Project November
    Project November 25 days ago

    Why are they breathing 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Carlos Diaz
    Carlos Diaz 25 days ago


  • David Huynh
    David Huynh 26 days ago

    yall realize the government wants this to be reality and they are progressing fast?

  • valdr22
    valdr22 26 days ago

    What is this

  • Huy Binh Do
    Huy Binh Do 26 days ago

    What the film?

  • Ermete Filho
    Ermete Filho 26 days ago

    Franz Kafka total

  • sloppy toppy
    sloppy toppy 26 days ago


  • Dark Venomm
    Dark Venomm 26 days ago


  • Chris Freely
    Chris Freely 26 days ago

    As soon as I heard the ROBOT gasping for air and in pain I knew this was going to be stupid.

  • Stephen Oe
    Stephen Oe 26 days ago


    SSSEREGA 26 days ago

    where's the movie itself? it's been 2 years since the trailer!!!

  • Moon Lalune
    Moon Lalune 26 days ago

    Is this based on the psp game? Rengoku?

  • Александр козленко

    Что это было?

  • MR.3a free
    MR.3a free 26 days ago


  • Egi Prayoga
    Egi Prayoga 26 days ago


  • doesnt matter
    doesnt matter 26 days ago

    If only you had this option in high school. At least you wouldn't be alone. All the other brainwashed religious whores. Even teachers could debate, berate you

  • yuhas tv
    yuhas tv 26 days ago


  • Billy Fauzi
    Billy Fauzi 26 days ago

    A samurai always cool looking

  • santosh baral
    santosh baral 26 days ago +1

    Lado jasto xa