• Published on May 22, 2019
  • I'm pregnant again on NETFLIX! My comedy special cums out on NETFLIX on JUNE 4TH. Go watch it.
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • SophiaCamille Vlogs
    SophiaCamille Vlogs Hour ago +1

    the wiggg thoooo

  • Betty Estep
    Betty Estep Hour ago

    I want to see your baby face

  • Zachary Wrightsman
    Zachary Wrightsman 3 hours ago


  • Victoria Judd
    Victoria Judd 4 hours ago

    Miranda: why won't you show you baby what's your real name collen

  • NightDriller Z
    NightDriller Z 4 hours ago +1

    U lying because no won would fuck u

  • Puppy power 2009
    Puppy power 2009 4 hours ago

    My baby brother is born June 4

  • Hanan Fayad
    Hanan Fayad 8 hours ago

    Your the meanest mom

  • Hanan Fayad
    Hanan Fayad 8 hours ago

    Let us see he's face

  • Breda Forsythe
    Breda Forsythe 8 hours ago


  • Hanna Przybyła
    Hanna Przybyła 8 hours ago


  • Eden Quinton
    Eden Quinton 12 hours ago +1


  • Yrrdnb Ebdbdb
    Yrrdnb Ebdbdb 14 hours ago

    We're gonna see ted Bundy cool

  • Pa Doh
    Pa Doh 15 hours ago


  • Joana Hio in
    Joana Hio in 17 hours ago

    Gets some responsebylity

  • Vee Beardy
    Vee Beardy 17 hours ago

    You are ugly

  • Lexi Gacha
    Lexi Gacha 19 hours ago

    Wow how rude to Flynn. That's just nasty. Like what kinda mother are you?

  • Kay Mizer
    Kay Mizer 23 hours ago


  • tutorials with Natalie silva

    You are mean

  • Persais White
    Persais White 23 hours ago

    I live in ponemah

  • Persais White
    Persais White 23 hours ago


  • Hi there smith
    Hi there smith Day ago

    I will take him

  • Evelyn Salgado
    Evelyn Salgado Day ago +1

  • Glenda Brown
    Glenda Brown Day ago

    do not be mean

  • chrystal hyre
    chrystal hyre Day ago +1

    this is how much pepole want to see the baby face

  • Armina Thomas
    Armina Thomas Day ago

    Who's baby is that?????????

  • desil keushgerian

    I love you I really really REALLY love you Miranda Sings😘😘😘😘😘

  • Ya_local_Latina
    Ya_local_Latina Day ago +1

    I wish I was marandas daughter

    Like if u agree 1 like= every kid maranda has

  • Mememanboi123 Memesq

    Don't frickin suck on my shoulder u cannibal

  • Mememanboi123 Memesq

    Flynn: mom wat is this Porrrnnnnn

    Miranda in the background: he is a mirfanda

  • Mitchell Ryan-Osler

    That is not ok

  • Leighton Gansheimer

    I didn't know

  • Korrin Widmer
    Korrin Widmer Day ago

    Why wont you show your baby's face

  • keviena Dixon
    keviena Dixon Day ago

    1:56 - 2:02 omg my did that make me laugh so much lolol😂😂😂😂 I love miranda❤

  • Kemberly Adame
    Kemberly Adame 2 days ago +1


  • Maria Inês Madeira
    Maria Inês Madeira 2 days ago +1

    babys are veryyyyyyyy cutes!! i love you miranda sings, and i loved the Netflix show you did:"miranda sing live-your welcome" the show is ansome!!!!

  • Maria Inês Madeira
    Maria Inês Madeira 2 days ago +1

    ohhh my good i'm ancious for baby!!!!

  • Anthony Beasley
    Anthony Beasley 2 days ago

    Why can't we see his face

  • Jalyn Martin
    Jalyn Martin 2 days ago

    I want to see him

  • Kirsty Duncan
    Kirsty Duncan 2 days ago

    Miranda why are you so mean to Flynn

  • Raven diablle
    Raven diablle 2 days ago +1

    She so mean to the baby 😦

  • Amanda Briana Guzman-Saldana

    My daughter was born December 10th 2009

  • Amanda Briana Guzman-Saldana

    Don't give away your baby but i hope you find a good home for him

  • Nora Gonzalas
    Nora Gonzalas 2 days ago

    you the best

  • Luna Wolfie
    Luna Wolfie 2 days ago

    10 years later
    Flynn:mom do you love me
    Miranda:no I’m recording stop being a clout chaser my gosh such a brat.

  • Glenda Peterson
    Glenda Peterson 2 days ago

    I wanna see your real face and baby face

  • Julia Daley
    Julia Daley 2 days ago

    Poor Flynn 😅

  • Nylah Yarrell
    Nylah Yarrell 2 days ago

    so mean

  • Nylah Yarrell
    Nylah Yarrell 2 days ago

    you are a bad mom and Im 9

  • mick lewis
    mick lewis 3 days ago

    Y are u blocking his face ?

  • fightme fightme
    fightme fightme 3 days ago

    On june 4th it was my birthday lol

  • Aiden Berggren
    Aiden Berggren 3 days ago

    i don't care about you at all

  • Keyana Ousley
    Keyana Ousley 3 days ago

    What does your baby look like

  • Tristan Pierro
    Tristan Pierro 3 days ago

    That thing is a baby

  • Alex Johnsolo
    Alex Johnsolo 3 days ago

    Crack show

  • Blue wolf yt Gacha
    Blue wolf yt Gacha 3 days ago +1

    Marinda when u arr little u also are bald

  • Blue wolf yt Gacha
    Blue wolf yt Gacha 3 days ago +1

    Why dont u put the baby in adoption if u dont want the babu

  • Manas Sabhnani
    Manas Sabhnani 3 days ago +1

    2:04 I'm gonna get millions of subscribers because I exposed you.
    Shade sis. 😂

  • 다프네Arts
    다프네Arts 3 days ago +2

    *Miranda: This Baby is so ANNOYING!*

    Flynn: (I love you Mama)

  • Lamar w
    Lamar w 3 days ago

    Can i have the baby

  • Paris-Chan Gacha
    Paris-Chan Gacha 3 days ago

    Can u pls show his face :(

  • Brenda Amaro
    Brenda Amaro 3 days ago

    You came out in the movie recet relph bracks the internet

  • sleepy. snoopy
    sleepy. snoopy 4 days ago

    11 years later:

    Flynn: Mom.... what the hell is this?

    Colleen: Uhhhh....

  • Tamika Murry
    Tamika Murry 4 days ago

    Hey thats your son now stop being mean

  • Angel Rudolph
    Angel Rudolph 4 days ago

    why r u mean to ur baby not cool girl
    not cool

  • Ashlee Springer
    Ashlee Springer 4 days ago

    you just hate every thing thats not you

  • Ashlee Springer
    Ashlee Springer 4 days ago

    miaranda sings how old is your baby

  • Faze - DSP
    Faze - DSP 4 days ago

    You care about you. Tube and your baby that’s a puppet

  • Faze - DSP
    Faze - DSP 4 days ago

    Fatty magot

  • Amália Cardoso
    Amália Cardoso 4 days ago

    Me: Wow! Flynn has a lot of hair!
    Miranda: SNATCH YO WEAVE

  • mtty love
    mtty love 4 days ago

    Please show he's face

  • Sofia Ramirez Velasquez

    Miranda : Get tickets to my life tour if you want to win this
    Me : the baby or the pans that the baby is wearing 😕

  • HayNo Games
    HayNo Games 4 days ago

    Dude it’s a baby you don’t do that

  • cookie girl yay
    cookie girl yay 4 days ago

    Can I see the baby

  • Chase Gramiak
    Chase Gramiak 4 days ago

    Good video 😁

  • Pepperrr
    Pepperrr 4 days ago +1

    Baby:*Looks at camra*
    Miranda:*Covers face* OMG STOP!!
    Baby:*makes cardi b face* SO U WANT ME DEAD?!

  • TD K
    TD K 4 days ago

    I rly think haters back off was ahead of its time. I had no idea who you were till the Netflix special and then i discovered your show with my wife and we absolutely loved it! Any chance it will come back?!?!

  • Reyna Venzor
    Reyna Venzor 4 days ago

    Bad mom😉

  • Love d green So we can

    Can I have the baby I'm 20 years old the picture was like June the pictures like a long time ago but I'm 20 I would like a baby please

  • Gd_ Godmarc
    Gd_ Godmarc 4 days ago

    I feel so bad for that baby

  • Famay Mohamed
    Famay Mohamed 5 days ago

    He's very cute it your baby take him right and don't say anything to mean it your baby and u gave birth to him or her okay srry but it your baby 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Xavier Weesemat
    Xavier Weesemat 5 days ago

    I will have your baby my name is Luna I am a girl I am on my borthrers I pad

  • Devon Williams
    Devon Williams 5 days ago

    Good hair

  • Rose Hamill
    Rose Hamill 5 days ago +1

    I feel sorry for this poor child think about when he's older and watches the video for himself I know this is a sketch and I love her videos but she seems to always be pissed off at him again I know it's a comedy sketch

  • ja ro'
    ja ro' 5 days ago

    Love you so much

  • Eva and Jessica show


  • Jamie Perry
    Jamie Perry 5 days ago +1

    The baby is sooooo cute

  • jimmy l
    jimmy l 5 days ago

    It’s just a fucking baby you fucking stupid lipstick and I will come over to your house and will fucking Kill You you fucking stupid fucking bitch asshole I will fucking Kill You now!

  • Jr Rivas
    Jr Rivas 5 days ago

    My birthday is on June 26th

    • Jr Rivas
      Jr Rivas 5 days ago

      I'm using my dad's tablet

  • LukEisNotOk
    LukEisNotOk 5 days ago

    I tought the baby had become a beatle for a second

  • Coffee Eats food
    Coffee Eats food 5 days ago

    So it’s fake? Or you actually prego

  • gatcha_weirdo patato

    And dont get ride of that cutie

  • gatcha_weirdo patato

    Hes a baby what do u expect one day she gonna drop him from holding him like that

  • Zavien Terry
    Zavien Terry 5 days ago

    He looks and sounds so cute

  • Carter Andrus
    Carter Andrus 5 days ago

    Read her bio for the video it says it cums out

  • Katara Bell
    Katara Bell 5 days ago

    I'll take him

  • Lana Mer
    Lana Mer 5 days ago

    I like the pun in the description

  • madison harressey
    madison harressey 5 days ago

    Wait how come she’s not allowing his face to be shown?

  • Alivia buson
    Alivia buson 5 days ago


  • dontra Chancellor
    dontra Chancellor 5 days ago

    Can my sister get a the other baby

  • Chance Carlin
    Chance Carlin 5 days ago +1