The Ultimate Nacho Showdown with Brad Leone and Sean Evans | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Nov 21, 2017
  • When it comes to the culinary arts, nachos are the perfect blank canvas for creativity in the kitchen. But who can stack the tastier plate of tortilla chips, cheese, and toppings-Sean Evans or Bon Appétit's Brad Leone? Stepping into the nacho-battle terror-dome (otherwise known as the Bon Appetit test kitchen), Sean goes head-to-head with another TVclip food legend. As the host of Bon App’s “It’s Alive,” Brad is used to getting wild with his ingredients. But will home-court advantage be any match for Sean’s Chicago-inspired platter? Find out when Bon Appétit Deputy Editor Andrew Knowlton issues his final verdict.
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  • Travis K.
    Travis K. 15 hours ago +1

    Sean, by don't you do these versus segments anymore?

  • Otices Patterson
    Otices Patterson 2 days ago

    Ok but I’m absolutely in love with Brad... ughhhh

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca 3 days ago

    Brad wins. I'm from Chicago, this isn't how we like nachos Sean.

  • elton john oyog
    elton john oyog 3 days ago

    I f****** want vinny to edit this. I WANT THE WOURDER!

  • help me please
    help me please 3 days ago +1

    they could have picked ANYONE to judge. get fan favourite claire, or super taster chris. instead they get the guy who's that picky about his food?

  • help me please
    help me please 3 days ago +2

    Sean: check this out! *proceeds to do the move that would contribute to his loss*

    • help me please
      help me please 3 days ago +1

      @Rodsa Ghosh tbh me too

    • Rodsa Ghosh
      Rodsa Ghosh 3 days ago +1

      @help me please same. Also I've never ate any of those so I can't tell if they go together or not but I felt low key revolting when he put the giardiniara in the hot cheese sauce.

    • help me please
      help me please 3 days ago +1

      @Rodsa Ghosh i felt kinda bad for brad :") he tried being supportive but his culinary school brain must have been screaming at him

    • help me please
      help me please 3 days ago +1

      @Rodsa Ghosh and those "many flavours" are strange,, and generally dont belong on nachos,,

    • Rodsa Ghosh
      Rodsa Ghosh 3 days ago +1

      Brad tried looking excited but he knew that was a bad idea. I feel bad for whoever eats Sean's nachos. Imagine getting a bed of many flavors on the first layer and then you're left with layers and layers of dry chips

  • Kobura
    Kobura 5 days ago

    Who the hell is their judge, dude doesn't like relish or black olives wtf

  • cheetah2thedeath
    cheetah2thedeath 8 days ago

    Sean is always just high af lmaoo

  • Adam nottelling
    Adam nottelling 10 days ago

    I'm from chicago and i've never seen/heard of Italian beef, relish, or jardinera on any nachos ever.

  • C Masc
    C Masc 12 days ago

    Sean’s was a casserole not nachos. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Stefan Zubal
    Stefan Zubal 12 days ago

    these two together is magic...more please

  • David Ta
    David Ta 12 days ago

    nachos.. such a simple dish, but it still needs to be done right

  • Ben Wang
    Ben Wang 13 days ago

    they got a guy who hates olives and cotija cheese to judge nachos?

  • undone bunion
    undone bunion 14 days ago

    Look at these two racists culturally appropriating and exploiting Mexican culture. Report for hurtful content.

  • Fiction Addiction
    Fiction Addiction 14 days ago

    I'm not even a big nacho person but damn it, I want nachos now

  • William Beveridge
    William Beveridge 15 days ago

    Worst slow roll of all time.

  • Noelle Irina
    Noelle Irina 15 days ago

    Maybe find someone who's not picky to judge next time

  • pele7208
    pele7208 17 days ago

    "So, it's grade-school T-ball versus the New York Yankees."

  • r jessica vasquez
    r jessica vasquez 17 days ago


  • ilbv5
    ilbv5 18 days ago +1

    Brad is a gift to humanity

  • Swirly Kalen
    Swirly Kalen 18 days ago +14

    I'm so high, I thought Brad & Shaun were working together the whole time. 😂

    DXL CYPHER 19 days ago

    "A little"

  • akiba1972
    akiba1972 20 days ago

    Hey if you wanna nod at the chi then it'll be 773 to you sir 312 is only a quarter of the city thanks though oh and a little sidenote: we do nacho cheese here not queso

  • Scott Telford
    Scott Telford 21 day ago

    Wow, the look on Seans he was stabbed in the gut! Better luck next time!

  • B
    B 21 day ago

    Oh great. Now I have to make nachos today

  • Max Poirot
    Max Poirot 21 day ago

    Did Sean make Nach-icag-os?

  • CragScrambler
    CragScrambler 21 day ago +3

    Me; Pack of Doritoes, nacho cheese sauce, spicy jalapeno salsa, pepperoni and jack cheese on top, grill 60 seconds.

  • Sean Phillips
    Sean Phillips 21 day ago

    Anything with brad is gold.

  • Nyasha Ndemera
    Nyasha Ndemera 22 days ago

    Sean is deffo high as a mother fuker

  • phullyloadid07
    phullyloadid07 22 days ago +4

    “Let me give it a go” -Brad chops it anyway lol

  • Bob Ripkey
    Bob Ripkey 23 days ago

    Sean you gotta learn how to cook. Those nachos are a disaster

  • No Dotcom
    No Dotcom 23 days ago

    I'm sorry but...I love Brad Leone! Those nachos looked so yum, Sean what were you thinking with all that?? However, Sean's would be a masterpiece at 3 a.m. drunk lol.

  • joe castro
    joe castro 24 days ago

    Chicago and nachos should never be in the same sentence again

  • Lilyyy yyy
    Lilyyy yyy 25 days ago

    Brad is so cute

  • David Oyama
    David Oyama 26 days ago

    That was some great looking Nachos ! Thanks !

  • Roz illa
    Roz illa 26 days ago

    I just realized that I watched this whole thing with a big, stupid smile on my face. - Sean-lover from Chicago

  • Constance Cushman
    Constance Cushman 27 days ago

    Sean broke

  • T Morgan
    T Morgan 27 days ago

    Don't care what they look like. . . If you had stopped with just cheese sauce (with gardineire) and the italian beef it would have been great . . . Cheese, beef and chips. Simpler is sometimes better - like with hot sauces.

  • Trevor
    Trevor 28 days ago

    Cilantro killed the TVclip star!

  • Kam R
    Kam R 28 days ago

    4:43 SAVAGE!

  • Bastardson OfJefferson

    Go Brad! Burn sum sheet!

  • Zaire Johnson
    Zaire Johnson Month ago

    Do it your way... just not hope sean did it. He has to be high

  • Aaron S
    Aaron S Month ago +1

    Sorry what is that word he used? 'Wouder' I think he said? That some sort of fancy wine? Pls anyone explain.

  • bird
    bird Month ago

    They really fucking roasted seans nachos and dragged em through hell lmao they were so damn mean from the start about them

  • TheWolfMachine OnXboxOne


  • alberto thornton
    alberto thornton Month ago

    7:07 Chris just vigorously whisking something 😂😂

  • mmalove98
    mmalove98 Month ago

    Sean’s shocked face makes him look like a thumb

  • Erik
    Erik Month ago

    Im not a fan of this Sean fellow. Brad, amazing as always.

  • L S
    L S Month ago +1

    Wtf how do you hate cotija

  • hazard1024
    hazard1024 Month ago +1

    I was on board till brad put sour cream on it, and i was on board till Sean put relish on his :(

  • Evelyn Trejo
    Evelyn Trejo Month ago

    why does sean always wear a jacket when cooking...maybe hes got some embarrassing tattoos

  • cameron charles
    cameron charles Month ago

    Who the fuck puts carrots on nachos bruh.

    OMGWTFLOL Month ago

    Do you call it a bone fire or a bonfire? No difference here. It's not pronounced Bone Appetit.
    Cauliflower on nachos? Thanks for making me barf.

    • Cyrus Harding
      Cyrus Harding Month ago

      no my dude they're saying Bone Apple Tea, not Bon Appetit lol...

  • Logan Huntley
    Logan Huntley Month ago

    Sean pours chopped tomatoes over his nachos
    “Is that broccoli!?”

  • teonna weakfall
    teonna weakfall Month ago +1

    The judge guy is a ass

  • Danny Bowden
    Danny Bowden Month ago

    Both had too many ingredients. Nachos are simple, no more than 5 or 6 ingredients. And for me, jalapenos slices are a must. But Brad wins.

  • S van der Heijden
    S van der Heijden Month ago


  • david ramirez
    david ramirez Month ago

    Did they stop selling the fiery chipotle sauce online?

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Month ago

    More like Andrew Noone.

  • she ldon
    she ldon Month ago

    So many broken chips

  • Jonathan Andrighetti
    Jonathan Andrighetti Month ago +1

    Sean got fucked up so bad at the end feels bad

  • Mike D
    Mike D 2 months ago +6

    Am I the only person that hates the dry, topping-less bottom chips? Layer your nachos my dudes

  • Fidel Guevara
    Fidel Guevara 2 months ago +2

    8:19 im fuckng dying lmaaaooooooooooo HIS FACE! he's genuinely shook

  • zach stevens
    zach stevens 2 months ago +1

    Whose nachos are these?

    Nachos...I'll see myself out.

  • \_oungin Shoes
    \_oungin Shoes 2 months ago


  • palalabu
    palalabu 2 months ago +114

    tfw brad said wourder but there's no wourder caption on screen

  • Tewodros Wondimu
    Tewodros Wondimu 2 months ago

    My day just keeps getting better and better

  • Stingy Viking
    Stingy Viking 2 months ago

    Little bit of wourder

  • Kameron Waddell
    Kameron Waddell 2 months ago

    Best plate of nachos is chips, refried beans, jack cheese, carne asada or chicken, pico de gaillo, guacamole, and crema.

  • Aisha
    Aisha 2 months ago +1

    The intro music raises my blood pressure it gets me so hyped lol

  • jennifer2406091
    jennifer2406091 2 months ago

    Wearing a jacket in the kitchen and making nachos, seriously?

  • Shinjuku kuku
    Shinjuku kuku 2 months ago

    Sean stopped working....

  • Joe David
    Joe David 3 months ago

    thank god it was brad
    i understud the babish episode but this makes me happy

  • Psiberzerker
    Psiberzerker 3 months ago

    Deep dish Italian beef nachos was a good call. I have to try that.

  • Ivan Ooze
    Ivan Ooze 3 months ago

    as a texas i look at this and say wtf

  • The Big Kahuna
    The Big Kahuna 3 months ago

    My boys together A DREAM COME TRUE YEEESSS

  • pinkgalah
    pinkgalah 3 months ago

    Can you make some normal nachos? I cant make all of that shit just for nachos. It would take me a week to make all of that!

  • ShowtimeThaRaptor
    ShowtimeThaRaptor 3 months ago

    Sean nachos so disappointed in

  • Jan Balaga
    Jan Balaga 3 months ago

    sean's reaction make a good meme.

  • Will
    Will 3 months ago


  • Michael Collins
    Michael Collins 3 months ago

    Damn, Pewdiepie be everywhere

  • Kim Reuwer
    Kim Reuwer 3 months ago

    Who wouldn’t want that bean recipe? Yum

  • J East
    J East 3 months ago

    They let Mexicans down with these nachos lol how can you mess up chips, beans, cheese, sour cream, meat, & chile

  • Anna munson
    Anna munson 3 months ago

    321 321 321 is best

  • Graciela Berrios-Silva
    Graciela Berrios-Silva 3 months ago


  • catherine walls
    catherine walls 3 months ago

    Your facial expression it’s like he took your toys away so funny pure gold

  • Satan of Today
    Satan of Today 3 months ago

    my boy sean got served!!

  • Michael Brice
    Michael Brice 3 months ago

    Damn that guy is fucked up lol

  • Sheer Tan
    Sheer Tan 3 months ago


  • Nothing but FunStuff
    Nothing but FunStuff 3 months ago

    Can't be a judge if you hate any type of food thats a big no no, you should be in good terms with every food. . .

  • Michael Babcock
    Michael Babcock 3 months ago

    I love to bake my nachos in the pan before the first dressing with cheese, it really helps I find.

  • Jack HAMMER
    Jack HAMMER 3 months ago

    seans looked like a casserole. Carrots? really Sean? lol

  • slimsalamander
    slimsalamander 3 months ago

    Carrots, celery, and cauliflower on nachos?, thanks. xD

  • Coffee Sandwich
    Coffee Sandwich 3 months ago

    I’m with brad

  • Christopher Wilson
    Christopher Wilson 3 months ago

    Sean got Slow Rolled.Lol

  • Bolensgoldrush
    Bolensgoldrush 3 months ago

    1) wtf sean why you got carrots and broccoli in your "nachos"
    2) why did they get a picky eater as a judge

  • sara carpenter
    sara carpenter 3 months ago

    sean straight up looked like jenna marbles’ dogs at 8:24

  • PhilSNight
    PhilSNight 3 months ago

    Sean's being high as fuck definitely shined through on this one

  • Anya Winkelman V
    Anya Winkelman V 3 months ago

    I feel like sean's persona only works in a hot ones/interview type of setting. The way he interacts with people when not interviewing them is.... Interesting....