The Ultimate Nacho Showdown with Brad Leone and Sean Evans | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Nov 21, 2017
  • When it comes to the culinary arts, nachos are the perfect blank canvas for creativity in the kitchen. But who can stack the tastier plate of tortilla chips, cheese, and toppings-Sean Evans or Bon Appétit's Brad Leone? Stepping into the nacho-battle terror-dome (otherwise known as the Bon Appetit test kitchen), Sean goes head-to-head with another TVclip food legend. As the host of Bon App’s “It’s Alive,” Brad is used to getting wild with his ingredients. But will home-court advantage be any match for Sean’s Chicago-inspired platter? Find out when Bon Appétit Deputy Editor Andrew Knowlton issues his final verdict.
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Comments • 1 731

  • Robert Jensen
    Robert Jensen 20 hours ago

    Sean on his breast day couldn't take on old Brad Leone on his wurst. No contest.
    Gotta get Vinnie in here! "Hey, whats better than us, Vinnie?"

  • spicy MILK
    spicy MILK 23 hours ago


  • Merv Watson
    Merv Watson 2 days ago

    That ultra wide lens kind of triggered me. Its like someone fucked up but they couldn't reshoot.

  • BioYuGi
    BioYuGi 2 days ago

    Has Sean won any of these?

  • Do I have to put a name?

    Who the fuck is this judge that hates relish and black olives? Is he five?

  • Task Aydeetwo
    Task Aydeetwo 2 days ago

    Poor Sean!! He looked devastated!!

  • Flyguy257
    Flyguy257 3 days ago

    Lol brad look like fuck this guy

  • Decriminalize Darwinism

    Brad makes Nachos like I do.

  • hannah
    hannah 4 days ago

    that judge sucked

  • Dan Bellamy
    Dan Bellamy 6 days ago

    that guy shoudn’t be in the middle.. he’s leaning towards Sean and make Brad lose the spotlight..

  • Dan Bellamy
    Dan Bellamy 6 days ago

    i’m questioning the chemistry on this vid... but on BA featuring Sean, it looks fine...

  • oyvey
    oyvey 6 days ago

    Sean Evans sucks, brad is cool.

  • Flavia Chiappini
    Flavia Chiappini 6 days ago

    hit 'em with the wuhrder brad

  • Quang Hưng Trần
    Quang Hưng Trần 6 days ago

    You better stay out of this, its nacho showdown

  • Grand Daddy Purple W

    What the fuck is that guy doing to the veggies. He can barely cut

  • curtislee
    curtislee 10 days ago

    Brad wins every challenge

  • Willaporte
    Willaporte 11 days ago

    Just like a Chicagoan to try and pass off a casserole as something it's not

  • The9toe
    The9toe 13 days ago

    Where is Vinny?

  • Emmett Battle
    Emmett Battle 14 days ago

    BRAD AND SEAN! BRUH THATS THE DREAM TEAM RIGHT THERE! but j have to say, my mans brad beat your ass sean.

  • Cam
    Cam 14 days ago

    Sean is so clueless.

  • Alex Vazquez
    Alex Vazquez 14 days ago


  • victor pinsur
    victor pinsur 15 days ago

    Sean is becoming more of an absolute unit every day

  • Gabriela Estikle
    Gabriela Estikle 17 days ago

    Brad team!

  • Zeb H.
    Zeb H. 17 days ago

    WA - TER ... NOT WARTEUR... WA ... T... ER

  • TheMaloney
    TheMaloney 17 days ago

    What’s “warter ”?

  • Elizabeth Avila
    Elizabeth Avila 19 days ago


  • Clint Rapisora
    Clint Rapisora 20 days ago

    Sean's reaction. 😂

  • Acermon Olsen
    Acermon Olsen 21 day ago

    No closeups, booo!

  • Vivian Vennicia
    Vivian Vennicia 21 day ago

    Kinda bummed Sean lost. He should have just made the nachos so spicy the judge would never forget them.

  • sideshowfrost
    sideshowfrost 21 day ago

    "Wourder" failing to appear on the screen when Brad said it showed me how conditioned I've been by Vincenzo

  • YellowJelloXD
    YellowJelloXD 23 days ago

    aw poor sean was heartbroken hahaha

  • kevinsmellls
    kevinsmellls 23 days ago

    Sean you boring ass egg head man how’d you think you could possibly win this

  • The Walker Dead
    The Walker Dead 29 days ago

    Brad is natural... Sean is Cringy

  • Anders Hansen
    Anders Hansen 29 days ago

    That judge was cold blooded!

  • Bavarian Steel
    Bavarian Steel Month ago

    Its kinda obvious isnt it? Dont drain nachos in a sauce or they will become soggy.

  • carcistan
    carcistan Month ago +1

    Brad and Sean, together at last! Where’s Vincenzo? :(

  • Devower
    Devower Month ago +1

    Sean you would never make nachos like this for yourself at home, wtf is that mess?

  • Gunnar
    Gunnar Month ago +1

    8:00 Top 10 anime betrayals

  • Ian Robinson
    Ian Robinson Month ago +1

    1:23 "WOURDER"

  • Athena Ku
    Athena Ku Month ago

    I only watched two episodes of sean in the wild 😂 guy can’t cook .. lmao his taste buds are terminated by now . But that’s okay , lmao stick to hot ones baby 😂❤️

  • bigbowlowrong
    bigbowlowrong Month ago

    wait who the fuck puts CARROTS in nachos?!
    Brad wins, no contest

  • James Payne
    James Payne Month ago +3

    sean's mannerisms are cringe worthy. kind of a tool

  • jay pride
    jay pride Month ago

    Bard is a manager

  • John Tambascio
    John Tambascio Month ago


  • Saixah
    Saixah Month ago +1

    no Sean. this is not chicago.

  • dominic harkin
    dominic harkin Month ago

    Xd all the shows ive watched so far sean has lost, XD poor guy

  • Ross Holt
    Ross Holt Month ago

    'Even shitty nachos are good nachos'
    I don't think I've ever related to a statement like i did to that.

  • JumahP
    JumahP Month ago

    Too much heat, lol

  • Tony Gray
    Tony Gray Month ago


  • Mariel Quevedo
    Mariel Quevedo Month ago

    That other guy...🤭🤢🤮 pickles and carrots and cauliflower on nachos... just stop it.

  • Mario Proz
    Mario Proz Month ago

    what a shitty judge

  • Samantha Torres
    Samantha Torres Month ago

    I actually didn't find out who won because of how much I disliked the judge. I turned it off.

  • k8g8s8
    k8g8s8 Month ago

    This guy-

  • Ironhead 67
    Ironhead 67 Month ago

    How tf did I miss this when it came out?!

  • KZ
    KZ Month ago


  • Patrick Donahue
    Patrick Donahue Month ago


  • Matt Roop
    Matt Roop Month ago

    Seans speech pattern makes me so uncomfortable

  • Fidel Guevara
    Fidel Guevara Month ago

    LMAO Sean's reaction was fucking gold 😂😂😂. He looks like a thumb 😭.

  • JAZZ
    JAZZ Month ago

    Sean :'(

  • Grace Hong
    Grace Hong Month ago

    "Makes fermented"

  • Megan Tewalt
    Megan Tewalt 2 months ago

    I want to know what happened to brad’s left thumb

  • themza912
    themza912 2 months ago

    dude sean needs to speak faster. killing me with that slow ass delivery. and on top of that, my man brad won hands down.

  • Cheyenne K
    Cheyenne K 2 months ago

    I honestly dont even know if I want to finish this episode.. after seeing how Sean started his nachos off at 4:04. So much wasted potential

  • Dann Khalid Isidro
    Dann Khalid Isidro 2 months ago

    That intro! Please tell me what it was..

  • HippoButtSecks
    HippoButtSecks 2 months ago +1

    Vinchenzo would've had a field day editing this! Just not as fun without the It's Alive edits

  • Zack Tyler
    Zack Tyler 2 months ago

    I propose this: nobody in this video made good nachos.

  • Justin Johnston
    Justin Johnston 2 months ago

    Judge is a douchebag.

  • Kathleen McCauley
    Kathleen McCauley 2 months ago

    brad's flavor profile, in general, is way more up my alley, plus he did his due diligence with layering- YOU CANT MAKE THE CHIPS UNDERNEATH SUFFER. but, sean's nachos had a good melt and moisture content. brad's looked a lil dry~
    both of them should give me the nachos

  • jmcosmos
    jmcosmos 2 months ago

    Both of those are such corrupt, untrue, messes that have nothing to do with what nachos are--and I express that view as someone who has eaten O.G. nachos in the Mexican border town restaurant where they were invented during WWII.
    You wanna know what nachos are _really_ about, read this.

  • izzie davison
    izzie davison 2 months ago +4

    Sean’s nachos look genuinely disgusting. Like a dump load of cat food on a pile of chips with some vegetables in a cheese sauce. No layers. No spice. No nicey nice.

  • Aaron Zull
    Aaron Zull 2 months ago

    Brad is a manager??!?

  • MFJoneser
    MFJoneser 2 months ago

    Hey BA fire knowlton

  • Colin French
    Colin French 2 months ago

    I say this as nice as possible, sean has no idea what he’s doing in the kitchen

  • Saransh Kumar
    Saransh Kumar 2 months ago +1

    Brad talks like Rick (from Rick and Morty)...

  • BigDH28
    BigDH28 2 months ago +8

    Not even a challenge here! Brads nachos could of been served on the floor and they would of won! lol... really Sean... relish... 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Brian M
    Brian M 2 months ago

    Sean did not know what he was doing with those nachos lol it was over once he put cauliflower and carrots into his ***queso (not kayso, wtf?) I'm gonna have to copy that layering that Brad did with his on my own nachos. Now I want nachos. Great.

  • Hi my name's Catrina
    Hi my name's Catrina 2 months ago

    That ending though

  • Ben Gallaty
    Ben Gallaty 2 months ago

    Why people from Chicago got make everything into a casserole? Bro, you literally put it in a casserole dish.

  • You know nothing about me or my work

    That shoulder was smashing the living pork out of those ham hocks. I'm rock hard right now. 1:20

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte 2 months ago

    I miss vinny’s editing :(

  • Vespalady13
    Vespalady13 2 months ago

    dude that reaction was great

  • Melanie Otárola Gaucherand


  • StockPorts Finest
    StockPorts Finest 2 months ago

    Sean has so many "little winks" at Chicago he must look like he's having a fucking stroke.

  • snowyalice
    snowyalice 2 months ago

    Dream episode is Sean, Brad and Babby!

  • Farva
    Farva 2 months ago

    That response at the end xDDDD

  • Bob Lob
    Bob Lob 3 months ago

    Damn that judge was an asshole

  • Clinton Shank
    Clinton Shank 3 months ago

    The jacket!!!! Why the fu&.!ng jacket just take it off ypur not cold

  • laavanya ramakanth
    laavanya ramakanth 3 months ago

    Sean and Brad? Now this is a collab to treasure

  • 11219tt
    11219tt 3 months ago

    He Vinnie, it’s “wourder.”

  • Zain Fathurrahman.
    Zain Fathurrahman. 3 months ago

    8:23 *why are we still here, just to suffer*

  • D H
    D H 3 months ago

    Want a challenge? Watch this on an empty stomach!

  • Clint Whatley
    Clint Whatley 3 months ago

    Yankees.... lol

  • SoundwaveLoo2
    SoundwaveLoo2 3 months ago

    I make microwave nachos

  • James Cox
    James Cox 3 months ago

    Sean just died. R.I.P

  • Evan Carney
    Evan Carney 3 months ago

    Sean is so outclassed in this episode

  • Michael Illes
    Michael Illes 3 months ago

    Sean always sounds like he’s presenting in front of a class for the first time.

  • Logan Huntley
    Logan Huntley 3 months ago

    I have never once heard of nachos that were baked. In fact every single time I’ve ever had REAL nachos, they were served in a plastic tray with boiling hot processed cheese sauce drizzled over top from a pump.

    This is facetious of course, though I’ve sadly never had baked nachos

  • Elizabeth Tarver
    Elizabeth Tarver 3 months ago

    Sean is so extra 😑 he's always so nervous and scripted it's annoying 😪 I think I'm in love with Brad though. Mmmm

  • David Ruise
    David Ruise 3 months ago

    Damn, that judge could suck one. That wasn’t called for yo

  • DrMario Pepper
    DrMario Pepper 3 months ago

    Carrots in cheese sauce no ty