The Ultimate Nacho Showdown with Brad Leone and Sean Evans | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Nov 21, 2017
  • When it comes to the culinary arts, nachos are the perfect blank canvas for creativity in the kitchen. But who can stack the tastier plate of tortilla chips, cheese, and toppings-Sean Evans or Bon Appétit's Brad Leone? Stepping into the nacho-battle terror-dome (otherwise known as the Bon Appetit test kitchen), Sean goes head-to-head with another TVclip food legend. As the host of Bon App’s “It’s Alive,” Brad is used to getting wild with his ingredients. But will home-court advantage be any match for Sean’s Chicago-inspired platter? Find out when Bon Appétit Deputy Editor Andrew Knowlton issues his final verdict.
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  • Shinjuku kuku
    Shinjuku kuku Hour ago

    Sean stopped working....

  • Joe David
    Joe David 3 days ago

    thank god it was brad
    i understud the babish episode but this makes me happy

  • Psiberzerker
    Psiberzerker 4 days ago

    Deep dish Italian beef nachos was a good call. I have to try that.

  • Ivan Ooze
    Ivan Ooze 4 days ago

    as a texas i look at this and say wtf

  • The Big Kahuna
    The Big Kahuna 5 days ago

    My boys together A DREAM COME TRUE YEEESSS

  • pinkgalah
    pinkgalah 6 days ago

    Can you make some normal nachos? I cant make all of that shit just for nachos. It would take me a week to make all of that!

  • ShowtimeThaRaptor
    ShowtimeThaRaptor 7 days ago

    Sean nachos so disappointed in

  • Jan Balaga
    Jan Balaga 7 days ago

    sean's reaction make a good meme.

  • Will
    Will 7 days ago


  • Michael Collins
    Michael Collins 7 days ago

    Damn, Pewdiepie be everywhere

  • Kim Reuwer
    Kim Reuwer 8 days ago

    Who wouldn’t want that bean recipe? Yum

  • J East
    J East 9 days ago

    They let Mexicans down with these nachos lol how can you mess up chips, beans, cheese, sour cream, meat, & chile

  • Anna munson
    Anna munson 9 days ago

    321 321 321 is best

  • Graciela Berrios-Silva


  • catherine walls
    catherine walls 14 days ago

    Your facial expression it’s like he took your toys away so funny pure gold

  • Mateo de la Piedra
    Mateo de la Piedra 14 days ago

    my boy sean got served!!

  • Michael Brice
    Michael Brice 15 days ago

    Damn that guy is fucked up lol

  • Sheer Tan
    Sheer Tan 16 days ago


  • Mind Power
    Mind Power 16 days ago

    Can't be a judge if you hate any type of food thats a big no no, you should be in good terms with every food. . .

  • Michael Babcock
    Michael Babcock 18 days ago

    I love to bake my nachos in the pan before the first dressing with cheese, it really helps I find.

  • Jack HAMMER
    Jack HAMMER 20 days ago

    seans looked like a casserole. Carrots? really Sean? lol

  • slimsalamander
    slimsalamander 20 days ago

    Carrots, celery, and cauliflower on nachos?, thanks. xD

  • Coffee Sandwich
    Coffee Sandwich 20 days ago

    I’m with brad

  • Christopher Wilson
    Christopher Wilson 22 days ago

    Sean got Slow Rolled.Lol

  • Bolensgoldrush
    Bolensgoldrush 23 days ago

    1) wtf sean why you got carrots and broccoli in your "nachos"
    2) why did they get a picky eater as a judge

  • sara carpenter
    sara carpenter 25 days ago

    sean straight up looked like jenna marbles’ dogs at 8:24

  • PhilSNight
    PhilSNight 25 days ago

    Sean's being high as fuck definitely shined through on this one

  • Anya Winkelman V
    Anya Winkelman V 25 days ago

    I feel like sean's persona only works in a hot ones/interview type of setting. The way he interacts with people when not interviewing them is.... Interesting....

  • Riya Suresh
    Riya Suresh 27 days ago

    "Every week Brad does the impossible, he makes fermenting sexy" Damn RIGHT he does

  • cypherusuh
    cypherusuh 27 days ago

    what does the "wourder" thing brad said?
    on BA, they adds subtitle, but here, im not sure what he means

  • Jak tell
    Jak tell 27 days ago

    This nigga Andrew Knowlton like boohoo there's some Olive's

  • Ryan Povilaitis
    Ryan Povilaitis 27 days ago

    All this hate on Sean is crazy. You have Peter Piper on the other side there who found a drunk pig on his way home from picking his peck of peppers and stuffed it between two layers of chips and then threw pickled crap all over it. Come back to the midwest Sean, you are appreciated here.

  • 289pinto
    289pinto Month ago

    What's up with the pork porking shot at 1:21 get some

  • f3elmyswagga
    f3elmyswagga Month ago

    😆😅😂🤣😭 BROOO!!!! This episode is so hilarious. The amount of shade thrown, lmaoooo.

  • Adrian D
    Adrian D Month ago +1

    Sean wasted so many excellent ingredients by burying the flavors.
    Typical Chicago culinary.

  • Con 562
    Con 562 Month ago

    Casa Garcia Nachos from Pico Rivera are the best.

    Also who puts black olives in nachos 🤮

  • Victor Gerginski
    Victor Gerginski Month ago

    It is not putting everything on then puts everything on.

  • Victor Gerginski
    Victor Gerginski Month ago

    everything is cool, just this the chips, they are horrible :D

  • Jeremy Walker
    Jeremy Walker Month ago

    Ending is like a kick in the dick

  • G O
    G O Month ago

    kinda missed vince and his editing skills, but loved the video anyways Brad's personality shines through

  • Mikel Taylor
    Mikel Taylor Month ago

    You had me at "Sean in the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen"

  • Wade Mathias
    Wade Mathias Month ago

    The defeat in his eyes was extremely real

  • James V
    James V Month ago

    Further proof Chicago food is terrible and New Yorkers win again in the taste bud department.

  • Ish Casey
    Ish Casey Month ago

    Awesome episode!!!!
    Sean and Brad work so well together! Where’s Vinny at, though, haha 🤣

  • Meera patel
    Meera patel Month ago

    Wauder subtitles for that ??? Seriously editor ??

  • Mo n
    Mo n Month ago

    Sean is so brave🤣

  • whitemother of four

    Holy shit. seans face at the end i didnt know whether to laugh for an hour straight or cry out of empathy

  • SweetTooth
    SweetTooth Month ago

    Soup sandwich 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • StovePipe Battleaxe

    Sean sprinkled RAW onions on his nachos. I'm just speechless...and contemplating never watching another First We Feast video ever again.

  • NotSoSneaky
    NotSoSneaky Month ago

    Sean, dude, seriously? What did you do here? This made me question so much.

  • drew Mow
    drew Mow Month ago

    Test kitchen touchy feely judge. Not cool bon appetit

    DRATERDIPUTS Month ago

    8:39 *Top 10 Anime Betrayals*

  • DoRaMi
    DoRaMi Month ago

    Please, for the love of all that is good in the world, someone please tell me what the song is at 4:51! I heard it in one of the Hot Ones episodes and asked on that video but got no response, here goes the second attempt! Thank you in advance if you reply with the answer!

  • Nicholas Mayfield
    Nicholas Mayfield Month ago

    My personal favorite is to put chips on the side. So you don't have to deal with soggy chips.

  • Willow Waltemire
    Willow Waltemire Month ago


  • Willow Waltemire
    Willow Waltemire Month ago

    Poor Sean

  • What's The Frequency

    Sean's looks disgusting.

  • celifacejones
    celifacejones Month ago

    Brad is so fkn attractive. Jesus

  • Koningsbakkæ
    Koningsbakkæ Month ago

    No garlic, no Allicin, no two part epoxy...

  • patdonovan85
    patdonovan85 Month ago

    Sean has no business being in a kitchen. Hahaha

  • Nesper
    Nesper Month ago

    Sean is a dumbass and a bad cook

  • Nik Easy
    Nik Easy Month ago

    I just put some cheese and salsa on my nachos, this shit is kinda extra

  • Danny DoRito
    Danny DoRito Month ago

    Is brad really big or is Sean just short?

  • C M
    C M Month ago

    It's not Nachos Sean.

  • Chesticles Newyork
    Chesticles Newyork Month ago

    two of my three crushes

  • F Mar.
    F Mar. Month ago

    I've never seen Sean Evans so fucking annoying...I typically don't mind this fucker, but damn this guy is annoying as fuck.

  • Jian Jin
    Jian Jin 2 months ago

    anybody know the opening jingle thoo?

  • James Iyer
    James Iyer 2 months ago

    No avocado, no cilantro, and I'm with Brad

  • Rachel Daggett
    Rachel Daggett 2 months ago

    I would not want Sean's nacos. Layer please!

  • Sylvan jenaer
    Sylvan jenaer 2 months ago

    this is fucking dope x

  • Muhammad Durrani
    Muhammad Durrani 2 months ago


  • Rob Jensen
    Rob Jensen 2 months ago

    Sean on his breast day couldn't take on old Brad Leone on his wurst. No contest.
    Gotta get Vinnie in here! "Hey, whats better than us, Vinnie?"

  • spicy MILK
    spicy MILK 2 months ago


  • Merv Watson
    Merv Watson 2 months ago

    That ultra wide lens kind of triggered me. Its like someone fucked up but they couldn't reshoot.

  • BioYuGi
    BioYuGi 2 months ago

    Has Sean won any of these?

  • Do I have to put a name?

    Who the fuck is this judge that hates relish and black olives? Is he five?

  • Task Aydeetwo
    Task Aydeetwo 2 months ago

    Poor Sean!! He looked devastated!!

  • Flyguy257
    Flyguy257 2 months ago

    Lol brad look like fuck this guy

  • hannah
    hannah 2 months ago

    that judge sucked

  • Da n
    Da n 2 months ago

    that guy shoudn’t be in the middle.. he’s leaning towards Sean and make Brad lose the spotlight..

  • Da n
    Da n 2 months ago

    i’m questioning the chemistry on this vid... but on BA featuring Sean, it looks fine...

  • oyvey
    oyvey 2 months ago

    Sean Evans sucks, brad is cool.

  • Flavia Chiappini
    Flavia Chiappini 2 months ago

    hit 'em with the wuhrder brad

  • complex pumas
    complex pumas 2 months ago

    You better stay out of this, its nacho showdown

  • BMW W.
    BMW W. 2 months ago

    What the fuck is that guy doing to the veggies. He can barely cut

  • curtislee
    curtislee 2 months ago

    Brad wins every challenge

  • Willaporte
    Willaporte 2 months ago

    Just like a Chicagoan to try and pass off a casserole as something it's not

  • The9toe
    The9toe 2 months ago

    Where is Vinny?

  • Emmett Battle
    Emmett Battle 2 months ago

    BRAD AND SEAN! BRUH THATS THE DREAM TEAM RIGHT THERE! but j have to say, my mans brad beat your ass sean.

  • Cam
    Cam 2 months ago

    Sean is so clueless.

  • Alex Vazquez
    Alex Vazquez 2 months ago


  • victor pinsur
    victor pinsur 2 months ago

    Sean is becoming more of an absolute unit every day

  • Gabriela Estikle
    Gabriela Estikle 2 months ago

    Brad team!

  • Zeb H.
    Zeb H. 2 months ago

    WA - TER ... NOT WARTEUR... WA ... T... ER

  • TheMaloney
    TheMaloney 2 months ago

    What’s “warter ”?

  • Elizabeth Avila
    Elizabeth Avila 2 months ago


  • Clint Rapisora
    Clint Rapisora 2 months ago

    Sean's reaction. 😂

  • Acermon Olsen
    Acermon Olsen 2 months ago

    No closeups, booo!

  • Vivian Vennicia
    Vivian Vennicia 2 months ago

    Kinda bummed Sean lost. He should have just made the nachos so spicy the judge would never forget them.