I 1v1'd This Weird Girl's Ex-Boyfriend for her Phone Number... HE RAGED!

  • Published on Apr 16, 2019
  • To BE Continuted...
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  • christina soto
    christina soto 6 days ago

    When your a BOT

  • Jaime Sanchez
    Jaime Sanchez 7 days ago

    I suck but he's trash like he should be in a DUMP YARD

  • Ghxst Beast
    Ghxst Beast 12 days ago

    Why. He. Is saying. N word
    When. He is mexican or white

  • Im Cooknn
    Im Cooknn 13 days ago


  • Youngheem1253 The goat

    Could we play Fortnite I play on Xbox and I’m super good with 500 wons

  • Kenyai Allen
    Kenyai Allen 15 days ago

    "Aye Stupid" -P2istheName

  • m_umix
    m_umix 16 days ago

    P2 number:(559)911-THOT

  • Dashieboi
    Dashieboi 17 days ago

    Doesn’t matter how unorganized this 1v1 was still would have clapped this retard

  • Divine Nwokenaka
    Divine Nwokenaka 17 days ago +1

    His not even black like if u don't take ur fat ass ugly boy

  • Divine Nwokenaka
    Divine Nwokenaka 17 days ago +1

    Why is he saying nigga

  • greasy lemon
    greasy lemon 18 days ago

    Anyone else think fe4rless 1v1 p2

    ITYOURBOIKEVIN :D 19 days ago

    It’s not call AIMBOT it’s call AIMASSIST

  • DrvppyTypical
    DrvppyTypical 19 days ago +1

    P2 lemme. 1v1 him I’ll send you the footage

    • Chad Loveall
      Chad Loveall 19 days ago

      DrvppyTypical sameeee I would beat tf outta him

  • Draken Play's
    Draken Play's 20 days ago

    Bro if u fly me to LA I'll fuck him up hw cant be saying nigga fuck that

  • Dorian Mahone
    Dorian Mahone 21 day ago

    High key ill merk you

  • Will Rest
    Will Rest 21 day ago

    He does not have an N word pass

  • Harrel Evangelista
    Harrel Evangelista 24 days ago

    P2 why waste your time with a retarded bot

  • Terianna Kingston
    Terianna Kingston 26 days ago +1

    add me ufo_terry2036

  • Myko Loko007
    Myko Loko007 26 days ago +1

    7:02 P2: " Are u retarded?!?!" Me:
    " No, he's just high."

  • Flame Fushion
    Flame Fushion 27 days ago +2

    Where is hack lord and hack God there so funny

  • Mighty Jail881
    Mighty Jail881 27 days ago

    Idc about the video 1v1 me later

  • Fortnite King
    Fortnite King 27 days ago

    He's not black stop saying nigga

  • Fortnite King
    Fortnite King 27 days ago +1

    Let's play together

  • Fire Flames
    Fire Flames 28 days ago

    Naww he just hating p2 do what u do💯💯

  • Ralph V Gallegos
    Ralph V Gallegos 28 days ago

    she lowkey sound fat

  • Aqua Nii
    Aqua Nii 28 days ago

    He sounds like a redneck

  • DeaT Hgod
    DeaT Hgod 28 days ago

    if ur trash this is how to 1v1 someone

  • RGKing121
    RGKing121 29 days ago

    How many times did p2 say “bro” or “brah” in this video

  • NoLimit Kanye
    NoLimit Kanye 29 days ago +2

    P2 my guy ima huge fan and all but I bet u can’t beat me. I play on Xbox. HMU if u want smoke🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Smokey 420
    Smokey 420 Month ago

    Bro p2 is ass like if you agree

    ANTHONY'S WORLD Month ago

    Can he stop saying nigga for once

  • Dragons Light
    Dragons Light Month ago

    I will destroy you in Fortnite

  • Lil Butthole Butthole Jr

    My username is SORRY txt

  • Lil Butthole Butthole Jr

    Don’t 1v1 him 1v1 me dog

  • yousef mohammad
    yousef mohammad Month ago +1


  • kbju
    kbju Month ago

    he must be weak he put so much force into the push

  • Firing Guns
    Firing Guns Month ago

    The only reason why he’s talking is because he can’t get an actual girl

  • Just Me
    Just Me Month ago

    Her ex is stupid and a f****** b**** 1like for p2

  • Caramel Ramos
    Caramel Ramos Month ago

    Hey stupid listen to me lol

  • TJ-TV
    TJ-TV Month ago +4

    Damn he lost and he put it On his life 9:33 and he gave p2 a fake number 🤦🏾‍♂️🤭 like if he going to hell

  • Lama Go crazy
    Lama Go crazy Month ago

    This guy don't know how to 1v1

  • noob 3
    noob 3 Month ago +1

    you not black of mixed stop saying nigga on god

  • Brandon dizon_1211270

    11:30 how a bot runs

  • Ryan Robertson
    Ryan Robertson Month ago

    Big lose shiny queen overlords and a chocolate bunny for shiny 2018 over Queen overlord is more rare and it way better

  • Comic
    Comic Month ago

    neither one of them are good 😭

  • Dripxbean dripxclan

    P2 he is trash your better

    VIIX CLAN Month ago

    Yo p2 I play on Xbox 1v1 me yosefzilla

  • David Florent Jr
    David Florent Jr Month ago

    Fuck him

  • Corey Etheridge
    Corey Etheridge Month ago

    Ask her for a number on fortnight

  • Mya Jones
    Mya Jones Month ago +1

    iPhone mya dani

  • Zyro_Drako AM
    Zyro_Drako AM Month ago

    P2: START

  • Esperanza Pacheco
    Esperanza Pacheco Month ago

    that faty the one that says nigga block him and its so funny

  • Boyz 843
    Boyz 843 Month ago

    Lets all clap that p3 made the game

  • Crazy Dragon962
    Crazy Dragon962 Month ago

    Yo p2 just box him like it’s getting annoying that how your letting him say that he’s gonna pull up

  • jamarre barber
    jamarre barber Month ago

    Tatiana is a hoe

  • Lildiegoxxx Velasquez

    1v1 me username is aka_cripflakes69

  • Lildiegoxxx Velasquez

    1 v1

  • FaZe _JoJo
    FaZe _JoJo Month ago

    Aye yo p2 her ex has a problem

  • Gerald Rodriguez
    Gerald Rodriguez Month ago

    Fallow me on insta fallow you back gerald_spam2 insta

  • OBS_Clan
    OBS_Clan Month ago

    1v1 me p2isthename but no trash talking or not anything againsest you but i just wanna for fun im trying to grow my youtube

  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson Month ago

    To be honest p2s building is garbage but his shooting accuracy is really good

  • Clutch Almighty6
    Clutch Almighty6 Month ago +1

    Beat that nigga p2

  • Clutch Almighty6
    Clutch Almighty6 Month ago +1

    P2 its good that nigga jelous

  • Dragonlover400Gaming


  • Lachlan Th gamer
    Lachlan Th gamer Month ago +1

    Fuck that dood calling you nigga

  • Jay weeps
    Jay weeps Month ago

    canyou 1v1 me plz

  • FaZe Nero
    FaZe Nero Month ago

    Bro I'm an xbox one player and I build better than him not u p2 your good

  • Benny Taylor
    Benny Taylor Month ago

    😂😂 you said aye STUPID 🤠

  • kingleo ghost
    kingleo ghost Month ago

    Gj p2 im your number 1 fan

  • Lawy FN btw 40
    Lawy FN btw 40 Month ago +1

    Only Eu layers can like

  • RIP Ghost YT
    RIP Ghost YT Month ago

    Y’all are both bots

  • Itsyogurljbird ___
    Itsyogurljbird ___ Month ago

    This to sad to watch

  • melfig1979
    melfig1979 Month ago

    can you add me p2 plz my name is PointedRacer477

    THE VIPER Month ago

    Nice t shirt p2

  • LTK_Tox1cPlayz
    LTK_Tox1cPlayz Month ago

    Y cuz saying nigga

  • wbergie
    wbergie Month ago

    Why are you holding a banana in the intro? is it symbolizing what u gave her? 😏

  • Vats Vuzion
    Vats Vuzion Month ago

    P2 where’s the 2k content I love p2 but I miss the 2k that’s when I subbed back in 17 bro I get 18 was trash but please make a comeback in 20

  • Lil Bamm
    Lil Bamm Month ago

    add me bot gso-shawn

  • Lil Bamm
    Lil Bamm Month ago

    i love watching your vids but u suck i’ll smack u

  • Nbayoungboy 1231
    Nbayoungboy 1231 Month ago

    He wines so much on my mama

  • Dballer 720
    Dballer 720 Month ago

    That bitch nigga mad

  • Chancelyn McCoy
    Chancelyn McCoy Month ago

    This is how many times he says wassup and nigga (racist nigg)

  • Kelondre David
    Kelondre David Month ago


  • Dylan Plays
    Dylan Plays Month ago

    He annoying

  • Mia Gomez
    Mia Gomez Month ago

    P2 can u plzzzz friend me i play on ps4- Goofdogg75

  • Zeron Lewis
    Zeron Lewis Month ago


  • Pun Funicus og
    Pun Funicus og Month ago

    Can I 1v1 you

  • Jaelyn World
    Jaelyn World Month ago

    Wtf is wrong wit that dude bro 🤦🏽‍♀️.

  • Scoutvid
    Scoutvid Month ago

    It a little kid in a mans body

  • Scoutvid
    Scoutvid Month ago

    You had her phone number already because she sent you a pic of herself oh her channel so this video fake even tho it's good not a hate comment just wanted to expose

  • SeaDwarf Xz
    SeaDwarf Xz Month ago

    He ant know how to 1v1

  • SeaDwarf Xz
    SeaDwarf Xz Month ago

    The ex is so retarted

  • Progamer 726648
    Progamer 726648 Month ago +1

    I went to a las Vegas trip

  • Jayden Lopez
    Jayden Lopez Month ago +1

    No lie her ex won because he didn't clarify the rules, btw her ex is funny 🤣

  • felice palacious
    felice palacious Month ago

    Y he saying nigga if he white thats racist

  • Captain Red
    Captain Red Month ago

    P2 is ass

  • Ricky Isaac Jr.
    Ricky Isaac Jr. Month ago

    bro p2 im letting you know i will fuck him up im your biggest fan i watch all your videos and if you need me to beat his ass sorry for cursing i will

  • The Grizzley Family


  • Maung Gaming
    Maung Gaming Month ago

    I was watching u since u had 526k

  • Littledale 3rd
    Littledale 3rd Month ago

    Got To Get That #